Striking orange staircase

When you first see Lima, PeruCasa BlancaHouse, one thing will Stand out from the crowd. It has a striking orange staircase! ArchitectsMartin DulantoSangalliDesigned this gorgeous modern house with bold structural features that can be seen from the outside.

The house has three floors——basement, first floor and Balcony——Spiral stairs connect them all together. Its bright tones have a smooth surface that connects effortlessly to different floors. FamilyThe decorations, walls and walls are mostly neutral, but some oranges are adorned from the beginning to the end. Although this is a bit unconventional for interior decoration, it really creates an amazing look.

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Decorate the room with large artwork

Dinosaur DesignsLouise OlsenandStephen Ormandy Living in Sydney, Australia, their living room has a gallery-style wall and small art works beside large oil paintings.

this Yellow and grey oil paintings from Indian artistsSuhas Shilker, it was placed above a mid-century cabinet in this two-bedroom apartment in San Francisco.

London interior designerJessica VedelDesigned this black and white Paris apartment, With classic architectural details and modern furniture, the abstract painting above the fireplace sets the tone for the bright and open living room.

Crisp StreetApartment is made by Mim DesignDesigned, living room neutral modern decoration with bold and soft colors Beautiful abstract painting.

A vibrant oil painting hangs on Christopher Elliott DesignDesignedTemplestoweThe house’s restaurant adds anger to white walls and wooden tones.

in the artistMiranda Skoczekin Melbourne apartments, by Rhys LeeThe design of the candy-colored oil painting is on the sofa.

Tina Seidenfaden BusckandPernille HornhaverConceived apartment has a concept gallery that mimics the actual apartment and makes art Products and furniture coexist. Almost all-white restaurants have a major highlight, and a striped artwork with pink, orange and black hangs on the wall.

Nina HolstDesigned white living room with black tones and a monochrome square oil painting.

Illustrator and Artistic DirectorNynne RosenvingeThe home decor has an eclectic mix and his own colorful artwork.

This Berlin apartment is designed to avoid any plants, but is full of personal collections of oil paintings and drawings, collected by landscape architects living here.

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The artist spent a year creating a mysterious natural sculpture in the woods.

In the depths of the forests of southern France, artistsSpencer BylesThe forest has turned into a mysterious fairyland through a series of spectacular organic sculptures. BylesIt took a year to immerse in Woodland to complete this ambitious project. Surrounded by flora and fauna, the sculptor uses only cables and nature as well as the materials found to create his amazingly large-scale artwork.

root Byles said that many people are in the woods I met his sculpture. Seeing the landscape of these towering woven structures and entangled branches, the audience may wonder whether the mysterious device is assembled by hand or supernatural forces are left in the forest.

Bylesworks with The short-lived nature depends on how long the material can be kept. The sculptor says,The temporary nature of my sculpture is my experience and understanding The important part. I feel that my sculpture is really finished when nature and materials gradually merge. At this time, when it becomes a part of nature again, it is missing part of me.

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Mirror with secret key holder

Teun FleskensDesigned a mirror called Egg, can be easily hung at your entrance so you can quickly organize yourself before you go out. This mirror is developed for RiZZ, which is also used to match The Cabinet——A key holder hidden behind it.

The Cabine made by Corian, is also the same egg shape, can be placed behind the mirror perfect Disguised. When it hangs on the hook, you can The EggSkip aside to get your key.
The Egg
Mirrors are made of cedar and teak in white and coal grey.

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Marble Ways Collection Gives Waste Wood a New Life

In the marble processing laboratory, huge circular blades are used to cut stones on large wooden slats. At the same time, repeated cutting creates a powdered marble dust that covers the aged wood slats. As more and more marbles were made, the boards were replaced with new ones. These richly textured woods are not wasted,alcarolispassMarble WaysThe collection gives them a new life.

Transparent resin coating helps to maintain a unique texture, laser-cut steel and simple connections are added to the wood slats In the middle, the created table conforms to the original theme of the material. Therefore, these textured desktops carry a rich history of human work.

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The loft in Milan, Italy was remodeled

used to be a small dental clinic, this is located in Milan, Italy60square meter(645square feet)The attic is+R PiuerreTransformed into a two-storey apartment . The high ceiling allows for a second floor design with a large closet in the office and bedroom.

The only enclosed space between the living room and the kitchen serves as the service area for the house. The blue-gray on the wall made the white steel staircase active. The load-bearing portion of the stairs is hidden to keep it light.
Folded stairs take up very little space and provide separation between the office and the bedroom.
Design range from warm woody elements to smooth shiny surfaces, giving each space depth and texture .
Customized kitchen with white cabinets and a sunny yellow cabinet countertop that extends to a lower cabinet that can serve as a bench. A simple table can be moved to provide a variety of functions.
The side of the bedroom has a polycarbonate panel wall that allows light to pass through the skylight Arrive in the kitchen.
In the corridor downstairs, they used a series of horizontal mirrors to reflect light and bring it to the air. More illusions.

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Ghent Festival of Lights

As part of the Ghent City Light Festival, from now on2Month1Day, artistKlaus Obermaier正Showcase a dance room, this is an interactive projection mapping and sound device that makes people The house can be twisted according to their movement. Standing in front of the projected display, visitors can swing or swing their arms back and forth, and as the body moves, the exterior of the building changes. Visitors can collapse the building or simulate the look and sound of the wind.

This will be the third lighting festival in Ghent, Belgium. ObermaierJust this year44One ​​of the different lighting artists, in the past few years, the Festival of Lights has welcomed more than one million visitors. The British Guardian previously listed the Ghent Festival as one of the top ten lighting festivals in Europe.

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Constance Guisset introduced two new designs ——LoopLights and Flamingo Table

Loop light is FabbianDesigned is a circular chandelier that looks as if it is spinning in the air. The glass shade looks like UFO or jellyfish, seemingly floating in the air, evoking a funny and fun feeling
Table is La RedouteDesigned, full of surprises and functionality. With a wooden table top, the table is simple but functional, and the rear drawers hide the cable. You can also move the document compartment to suit your needs.

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NOVA OBIECTA’s latest series: CREATION

Paris Design StudioNova Obiectaknown for its simple lines and sleek form, they have launched their latest collectionCREATION. With pure geometry and abstraction, these pieces can be placed on their own or together to create a cohesive collection.

Seven separate triangle components Formed togetherFlu (C). The top is made of translucent acrylic so one can clearly see its individual elements.

Elev (A)is a sharp armchair made of translucent acrylic Made of stainless steel. Merino wool felt pads can help prevent the chair from being too cold.

Varia (T)is a laser-cut chair with separate slats created An optical illusion. Light passing through the chair leads to a changing chair appearance.

Asce (N)is a translucent hexagonal table made of steel and acrylic. Each piece is perfectly assembled with the help of sub-millimeter manufacturing.

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Amazing frozen bubbles like glassware

Every winter, when the temperature drops to 0 below, Washington PhotographerAngela KellyStarting to take advantage of the cold weather and Blow out the bubbles to make beautiful ice crystals. She took photos for the “Life in Bubbles” series, and the beautiful snowballs and Christmas tree decorations look just like glass, and the effect is amazing.

KellyUsing homemade soap solution,Syrup and water create bubbles. Although some of the smaller bubbles smashed on the ground after freezing in midair, the other crystals retained the original shape. No bubble looks the same ,Everyone has a different pattern. Use elegant swirls and scallops,Feather etching, snowflake design decoration,These crystal spheres look so pleasing on a cold winter day.

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