Obama will visit nine countries in the three continents of Europe, Europe and Asia

Data Map: US President Barack Obama. China News Service issued a photo of Deyongjian

China News Service February 13th According to US media reports on the 13th, in the coming months, US President Barack Obama will no longer appear in Washington as usual. . In February, March and April this year, Obama will visit nine countries and will first visit Mexico next week.

The nine countries that Obama will visit include Mexico, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines.

He will travel to Mexico next week, visit Europe in March, and visit Asia in April.

Obama will travel to California this Friday (14th) to inspect the drought-stricken Central Valley, and in the “Sunnylands”, Rancho Miran Annaberg The manor met with King Abdullah II of Jordan. As the midterm elections approach, Obama’s travel within the United States is expected to increase.

These trips give Obama a chance to stay away from Washington and the US Congress —— this is what he looks forward to every time he leaves the Washington Ring Road —— even a short trip to the suburbs of Maryland .

These trips gave Obama an opportunity to promote US interests overseas, rehabilitate relations with other countries, and meet with Pope Francis when he visited Italy.

Obama’s meeting with Pope Francis in Italy may be of the utmost concern. Although Obama’s health care bill faces legal challenges from Catholic organizations, Obama has praised the Pope’s efforts to emphasize the plight of the poor and concerns about income inequality.

During his visit, Obama may also mention a series of foreign policy issues, including the Iranian nuclear program and the Syrian crisis.

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Ministry of Foreign Affairs: China expresses serious concern about Japan’s possession of weapons-grade nuclear materials

China News Service, Beijing, February 17 (Yu Zhanxi Wang Yifei) Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on the 17th that China expressed serious concern about Japan’s possession of weapons-grade nuclear materials. The party did not return weapons-grade nuclear materials to the countries concerned for explanation.

According to reports, starting from the 2010 Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, the US government asked Japan to return 331 kilograms of weapons-grade plutonium provided to Japan during the Cold War. The batch is now in the Atomic Energy Development Agency and is capable of producing 40 to 50 nuclear weapons. Japan has been forced to compromise under repeated US demands, and Mei Xi reached an agreement before the Dutch Nuclear Security Summit in March this year. According to another report, about 44 tons of reactor-grade plutonium was also stored.

In response to a reporter’s question on the matter, Hua Chunying said that China has always attached great importance to the potential dangers of nuclear proliferation risks and nuclear material safety issues to regional security, and expressed serious concern about Japan’s possession of weapons-grade nuclear materials. .

Hua Chunying said that China believes that Japan, as a party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, should strictly abide by the international obligations of nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear safety. The Guidelines for the Management of Bismuth Materials issued by the International Atomic Energy Agency require countries to balance the supply and demand of nuclear materials as much as possible.

She said that at present, Japan stores a large amount of nuclear materials in its territory, including weapons-grade nuclear materials. One is related to the safety of nuclear materials and the risk of nuclear non-proliferation; the other is the serious imbalance between supply and demand.

& ldquo;The International Atomic Energy Agency requires countries to balance supply and demand. I think this is obvious. Nuclear materials only have a balance between supply and demand. There is no hidden danger in the peaceful use of nuclear energy. & rdquo; Hua Chunying pointed out.

Hua Chunying said that Japan has not returned its stored weapons-grade nuclear materials to the countries concerned for a long time, which has aroused the concern of the international community. The Chinese side is also very concerned about this and hopes that the Japanese side will explain this.

& ldquo; We urge Japan to comply with its nuclear non-proliferation obligations and to return the weapons-grade nuclear materials as soon as possible in a responsible manner towards international security. We also urge Japan to take practical measures to explain to the international community how Japan intends to resolve the serious imbalance between supply and demand of nuclear materials in its territory as soon as possible in accordance with the requirements of the International Atomic Energy Agency. & rdquo; Hua Chunying stressed.

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Chinese people go to Saipan to give birth to a wave of worry

Original title: US media: 70% of newborns in Saipan come from China

The mother of a certain month in China. (Image courtesy of the network)

The room in Saipan’s Moon Center is waiting for a mother.

Newborn carts prepared by the Saipan Moon Center.

Going to the US to give birth to a child said that pregnant women on Saipan are not free to move. It is not the best place to go to the United States.

Yesterday, some American media revealed that On the US Saipan, more than 70% of the newborn babies are Chinese mothers & quot; For a time, it was a hot topic about going to the United States.

Our reporter visited the relevant intermediary and Chinese mothers who are going through this stage yesterday to understand the true status of this gray area ——“ crouching out, no different from thieves; .


Women’s paradise for pregnant women, such as “thiefs”,

according to US media It is reported that there is a wave of baby boomers from the US territory of Saipan, which is “the most recent” in China. Different from the past, it is said that 70% of this baby boom is brought by Chinese mothers.

In recent years, due to many objective factors such as air, water quality, food safety and educational concepts, and the increase in income of mainland residents, the birth of a foreign baby has become a new choice for many couples. Saipan is only 4 hours away from China compared to the United States, and the visa-on-arrival policy allows visitors to stay in the area for 45 days without a visa, so they are more likely to be pregnant. Welcome.

“We don’t advocate going to Saipan because pregnant women can’t go out there during the day. As everyone knows, Saipan is a holiday resort. You have a big belly. When you look at the motive, you are not simply a vacation. The immigration officer seizes the immediate repatriation. Mr. Lin, who has been engaged in the business of the United States for a long time, told reporters that he is waiting for production in Saipan. Expectant mothers, if they want to go out, they can only have nights. “It’s no different from the thief.”

The reporter yesterday “always pregnant, consider going to the United States and children” because of an unannounced visit to a well-known domestic “to the United States production” intermediary. The person in charge, Mr. Hong, warmly received and claimed that his child was born in the United States two months ago.

Visa officer:

“I don’t want to be in the US;

“Your wife is just happy, this time is the best for going to the United States to be a child.” Lao Hong introduced that it is not advisable to move more than three months after pregnancy, “but you can do all the work in these three months.” The beauty procedure, when she stabilizes, she can leave, no delay.

Speaking of the specific details, Lao Hong said that he even suggested to go to San Francisco, “The laws of the US cities are different. Los Angeles is only allowed to stay for up to 2 months, but in San Francisco, it can stay up to 6”. Month”.

In response to the visa officer’s inquiry, Lao Hong said that after paying, they have someone to guide and ensure that the customer passes the visa and the post-landing inspection. “It is very simple, you just have to hold an attitude &mdash ;— I am very reluctant to have children born in the United States ……”

Quasi-mother monologue:

“ I finally got to the end of the rd

and these are not far away, choose to leave their loved ones, face the “most special moment in life”, my mother, what do you think? ?

The reporter contacted a prospective mother, Xiao Zheng, who is currently working in New York. She revealed that her expected date of birth is approaching, and “to finally get to the end”. According to her introduction, her numberA child was born in the country, because the family’s economic conditions are better, so the second child chose to be born in the United States, “mainly want to let children enjoy high-quality American education. Of course, the treatment of immigrants for the whole family after adulthood is also more attractive to me.

Unlike other mothers who are through intermediaries, Xiao Zheng is completely “self-help”, completing all aspects of going to the United States, and the cost is more than half cheaper than through the intermediary.

What is even more surprising is that Xiao Zheng and his husband, when they were asked by the visa officer, said that they simply said, “It’s going to the United States and children”, “, we will book the hospitals and families. The assets are directly shown to him, and the visa will be passed later.


170,000 US passports

A reporter of the company pretended that the pregnant woman went to a travel agency in Beijing to consult, and the travel agency staff peddled to the travel package that the child could be born in the United States. Agents sell Saipan as a five-star resort, saying the package includes high-end accommodation and top medical services. The entire product starts at 27,000 US dollars (about 164,000 yuan), promises to apply for social insurance cards, birth certificates, and more importantly, a US passport that can immediately bring identity to the baby.

According to US law, babies born in Saipan are legally a US citizen. Saipan is part of the Northern Mariana Islands of the United States and is a US territory with a four-hour flight distance from China. Because it can stay for up to 45 days without a visa, Saipan is highly sought after by tourists.

Later, the undercover reporter of the ABC heard that even if there was no travel agency, it would not be difficult to travel to Saipan to fly to Saipan. A few hours after arrival, the local network agent recruited business from reporters.

Undercover reporters quickly met with the agency, and the agency promised that they would provide sea view rooms, cooking and laundry services. The reporter also saw that some customers who have already lived there are preparing items such as baby bathtubs and carts.

“To block this vulnerability 

Although this is not illegal, it has attracted a lot of criticism. “When they grow up, they can apply to bring their families to the United States,” said Iowa Rep. Steve · Kim said, “This makes me feel that we have opened the door in the Northern Mariana Islands. Find a way to block this vulnerability. ” (灵犀)文/图 The reporter He Hanzhen (except signature)

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NHK internal vigilance management committee members’ right-wing remarks demanded that they pay attention to their words and deeds

China News Service, February 13th According to the Kyodo News Agency, the NHK Management Committee held a regular meeting on the 12th, in view of the publication of the support speech by the Honda Tree in the Tokyo Governor’s election, and the author’s praise for Japan’s self-defense The right-wing activist Hasegawa Sanchiko, a public opinion turmoil caused by two management committees, agreed to follow the work guidelines in the future and maintain a measure of action.

It is reported that the chairman of the post-conference interview, Kenichi Hamada, disclosed the above news.

The analysis believes that it is rare for the NHK Management Committee to discuss the issue of words and deeds.

At the meeting, Bai Tian said in his speech at the election speech: “Although I think there is no problem with the actions carried out according to the personal creed, but others (other candidates) are described as & rsquo; waste & rsquo; Not desirable. & rdquo;

Hasegawa explained that “reports” confuse the two different dimensions of the real political, social, and Japanese spiritual history. ” Other members have expressed that “need to avoid being questioned by outsiders”, “not just as long as you don’t break the law, you can speak casually”.

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Four people were killed in a village in northwestern Tunisia

Xinhuanet Tunisia, February 16th A village in the province of Jiandubai in northwestern Tunisia was attacked by unidentified armed men on the 16th, killing four people.

The Tunisian official news agency quoted police reports that four armed men set up road cards on a secondary road in the early morning, and four National Guards gendarmerie were ambushed after receiving the report to the scene. The bomb was killed and a military policeman was injured. The armed men also fired a civilian car, killing a policeman and a civilian in the car.

After the incident, armed men fled to the surrounding areas, and the police deployed a large number of police forces in the area to search for criminals.

There are currently no organizations claiming to have created an attack.

Tunisia adopted a new constitution at the beginning of this year to form a transitional government, which is an important step in the democratic process, but terrorist attacks still occur from time to time.

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FIFA President: Brazil’s World Cup has sold more than 9 million tickets. It has been very successful.

ChinaNet February 17 According to Brazil’s “Sao Paulo Page” website reported on February 14, recently FIFA President Joseph Blatter said in an exclusive interview via e-mail that the Brazil World Cup has been a success because More than nine million tickets have been sold to date.

He is convinced that some of the parades that may have taken place during the World Cup will not affect the safety during the game. “We can see from the past Confederations Cup that such a security system is very effective. Although there were some minor injuries, the game was not affected. The fans and the football team are getting along very well, and the atmosphere in the stadium is even more wonderful. & rdquo;

For President Blatter, because the World Cup basically reached the “FIFA standard”, these protesters took to the streets to raise the standards of schools and hospitals, which also indicated that the host The party is excellent.

“ I am not sure if this is a negative assessment of FIFA. But I believe the masses should be aware that we have been working hard to do our best. & rdquo; He admitted.

Blatter also said that his relationship with the Brazilian government is very good. Just recently he had a constructive conversation with Brazilian President Dir Mara Saif in Zurich, where FIFA headquarters is located. He very much agrees that the whole world is anxious about being very concerned about the World Cup, because everyone has great expectations for this World Cup. “Brazil is a football kingdom, and I fully believe that it will still be a great host this time. ”

“ There is nothing particularly worrying about. Aldo Rebello told me that Curitiba Stadium is now well organized. I have already mentioned that the number of World Cup tickets sold this time has broken records. This will be a very great World Cup. ”

When asked which national team is most likely to win, Chairman Blatter humorously said he was not a prophet.

After being asked about Messi and C Ronaldo who is the best player, he said: “As you know, this year’s major media coaches are more optimistic about C Ronaldo, but I like it the most. The player is Stefano. ”

Responsible Editor: Ge Peng

Russian Foreign Minister: European “revolutionary export” Ukrainian attempt is difficult

Data Map: On February 6, protests in Kiev, Ukraine continued, and the opposition marched in front of the parliament with shields and sticks.

China News Service, February 13th According to Russian media reports on the 13th, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov said that what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya shows that external forces want to decide for Ukrainians The future of the country will not succeed.

In an article written to the newspaper, Lavrov said that the obvious consequences of external interventions are Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. At present, the cloud of terrorism and the lack of the rule of law envelopes these places.

Lavrov said that there is no reason to believe that Europe’s “revolutionary exports” can lead to more positive results.

He believes that whether in the West or in the East, attempts to determine the direction of development for Ukraine will in any case end in failure due to Ukrainian views.

Ukrainian opposition supporters said that Russia is involved in Ukrainian affairs and hinders its development in the West. Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Foreign Minister have repeatedly denied these allegations. Lavrov also warned the EU and the United States not to intervene in the Ukrainian political crisis.

After the Ukrainian government announced the suspension of the European integration process in November 2013, the country began to erupt. On January 19, Kiev protested against clashes between demonstrators and law enforcement officials, resulting in three deaths.

On January 28th, Ukrainian President Yanukovych accepted the resignation of the Prime Minister and the government, and the government will continue to perform its duties until the formation of the new government. On February 12, Ukrainian Supreme Rada Speaker Rebak said in a meeting with the NATO parliamentary delegation that Ukrainian President Yanukovych agreed to establish a coalition government.

Responsible Editor: Zhou Xu

Manila City Councillors intend to go to Hong Kong again to communicate hostage incident apology

China News Service, Manila, February 18 (Reporter Zhang Ming) Hong Kong, a member of the Manila City Philippine capital, revealed on the 18th that he plans to travel to Hong Kong again in the near future to apologize for the hostage incident in Mayor Estrada of Manila. The matter communicated with the Hong Kong side.

On August 23, 2010, a bus carrying Hong Kong tourists was hijacked in downtown Manila. In the Philippine police raid, eight Hong Kong tourists died and seven others were injured. The Philippine government has refused to apologize for this matter for more than three years. In October last year, the Manila City Council passed a special resolution authorizing Mayor Estrada to officially apologize for the hostage incident on behalf of the Manila City Government. After that, Hong Yingzhong served as the Mayor of Manila and went to Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Security Bureau. The hostages of the deceased family and the injured representatives met.

Hong Yingzhong said in an interview with the China News Agency on the 18th that Manila’s Mayor Estrada would like to go to Hong Kong to apologize for the hostage incident and sent him to go to Hong Kong for a discussion again, “if Speaking well, Estrada can apologize to Hong Kong at any time. All the apologies and compensation measures prepared before will continue.

At the time of the Manila hostage incident in 2010, Hong Yingzhong was also a member of the city council. He admits that everyone can see from the TV the performance of the Philippine government (in the rescue process) & ldquo; relatively bad, rdquo; now the mayor of Manila (Estrada) also thinks we are wrong Apologize & rdquo;. The mayor of Estrada believes that this happened in Manila, so the Manila City Government apologized.

Hong Yingzhong stressed that the Manila City Government’s apology “very sincere”, 38 city councilors unanimously agreed to pass a resolution authorizing the former president and current Mayor of Manila, Estrada, to go to Hong Kong. The hostages of the deceased family members and the injured apologized, “not just write a (apology) letter”.

Hong Yingzhong also revealed that the Manila City Council has passed a local law to set the annual solar calendar August 23 and the lunar calendar July 14 as commemorative days to hold events to commemorate the Manila hostages.

The Mayor of Manila, Estrada, stressed in an interview with a reporter from China News Service last year that he apologized to Hong Kong for “very serious” and hoped to show the people to Hong Kong. Attitude & quot; to restore good relations between Manila and Hong Kong. In addition to a formal apology, Estrada also plans to raise 10 million to 20 million Hong Kong dollars in compensation for victims and their families. (End)

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American soldiers laughing and posing in front of the fallen soldiers coffin, angering family members (figure)

American soldiers screaming in front of the fallen soldiers coffin and angering their families (Figure)

The dozens of US soldiers took photos with the empty coffin covering the American flag, and the photos caused dissatisfaction.

China News Service February 20th According to foreign media reports, a group of soldiers in Wisconsin, USA, recently took photos with the empty coffin covered with the American flag, and made funny moves in front of the coffin. Suddenly, the families of the fallen soldiers expressed strong dissatisfaction.

According to reports, the photos that were exposed were posted on a photo sharing site by a Wisconsin National Guard female soldier. In the photo, more than a dozen National Guard soldiers took a group photo with an empty coffin covering the American flag. Some of these men and women soldiers smiled and smiled, and some made funny moves, and some even had a “V” glyph victory gesture.

After the photo was released, it caused a sudden public outcry in the United States. Although there are no remains of fallen soldiers in the coffin, the families of the fallen soldiers expressed their dissatisfaction and thought that this was not appropriate.

Currently, a female soldier who posted photos online has been suspended. The National Guard has taken steps to protect the safety of this female soldier because she was “threaten by death” after she sent the photo.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

The Korean government condemns Japan’s provocation of “Dokdo” and denies the history of aggression

Local time February 22, 2013, Seoul, South Korea, a man stabbed his stomach with a knife to protest against Japan’s “Bamboo Island Day” event. Shimane Prefecture, Japan held the 8th “Zhudao Day” commemoration event in Songjiang City on February 22nd. This is the first time that a senior Japanese government official has participated in the event, which immediately triggered a strong rebound in South Korea. Image source: Oriental IC copyright works please do not reprint

China News Service February 23rd According to the Yonhap News Agency, the South Korean government published on the 22nd entitled “Japan’s root cause of provocation of Dokdo and avoiding comfort women” The same statement of “,” condemned Japan’s “Day of Bamboo Island Day” (Japan and South Korea disputed islands, South Korea called Dokdo, Japan called Bamboo Island) held in Shimane Prefecture on the same day. The statement said that Japan has intensified its efforts to evade the issue of comfort women and provoked Dokdo, which means that Japan denies the history of aggression against the Korean peninsula during World War II.

The statement stated that the Japanese Chief Cabinet Officer requested a re-investigation of the testimony of the comfort women two days ago. On the same day, the Japanese government sent another high-level person to participate in the so-called “Bamboo Island Day” activities after last year, and the territory of South Korea was unwarranted. In 1905, when Japan invaded the peninsula, it forced the invasion of Dokdo into its territory on the grounds of “the island of no-owner”, but now claims that Dokdo has been Japan’s territory since ancient times. The two arguments contradict each other. Many Japanese documents also clearly prove that “Dokdo” is not a Japanese territory.

The statement pointed out that Japan used the excuse of forcibly recruiting young women and giving them endless pains, but now attempts to deny this anti-human crime. The Japanese government admitted to the forced recruitment, transfer and management of comfort women in the “Heye Talk”. The UN Human Rights Commission passed the relevant reports in 1996 and 1998, stating that the comfort women system is based on violence, abduction, and compulsory sexual slavery. After the United States passed the comfort women resolution in the House of Representatives in 2007, the issue of comfort women was included in the 2014 fiscal year appropriation bill in 2014, urging the Japanese government to apologize.

The statement said that the Japanese government ignored the harsh condemnation of the international community and denied the historical truth. This attitude reflects the naked attitude of the Japanese government that intends to deny the history of imperialist aggression, attempt to rewrite history and embark on the path of revisionism. The Japanese government, with the banner of “positive pacifism”, is eager to expand its military power, raising concerns in the international community. Public opinion in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia criticized its “collective amnesia”, “destructively denying history”, “the revival of nationalism”.

The statement also said that if the Japanese leadership continues to distort and deny history, South Korea will work with the international community and Japanese conscience groups to show Japan’s historical revisionist behavior. I hope that Japan will get out of the way as soon as possible, not trying to cover up and beautify the mistakes of the imperialist period, but to establish a correct view of history and become a responsible member of the international community.

The South Korean government will summon an official of the Japanese Embassy in South Korea today or tomorrow to protest and convey relevant positions on issues such as “Dokdo”. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will also open the English version of Dokdo’s homepage and video as soon as possible to increase the promotion of “Dokdo”.

On the 22nd, the Shimane Prefecture Government of Japan held the “Bamboo Island Day” event, emphasizing that Japan has sovereignty over “Dokdo” and the Japanese government sent the Cabinet Government Officer Kameoka Kemin to participate. activity. On the 21st, the Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yu Yiwei, said that he should respond to the “hee Talk” and “mdash;— comfort women’s testimony. “Neuye talk” is a statement issued by the then Chief Cabinet Secretary of Japan, Yohei Kono, in 1993, acknowledging that the Japanese army had strongly convinced the comfort women and apologized.

Responsible Editor: Qi Yuhan