EU positively evaluates Nanjing “Zhang Wanghui”

China News Service, Brussels, February 11th, local time, February 11th, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Vice-Chairman of the European Commission Catherine · Ashton issued a statement through his spokesperson, positively evaluating the meeting in Nanjing “Zhang Wanghui”.

Ashton pointed out in the statement that she expressed her warm welcome to the person in charge of cross-strait affairs in Nanjing. Nanjing “Zhang Wanghui” shows that since the cross-strait relations process since 2008, mutual trust has reached a certain level, and personnel exchanges, practical cooperation and economic exchanges have become more frequent.

Ashton looks forward to continued active action on both sides of the strait to further develop cross-strait relations in a peaceful manner.

On the afternoon of February 11, Beijing time, Zhang Zhijun, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, and Wang Yuqi, head of the Taiwanese mainland committee, met in Nanjing. This is the first formal meeting and exchange of views between the heads of the cross-strait affairs departments of the mainland and Taiwan.

The European media gave high attention to Nanjing “ Zhang Wanghui. The European mainstream media websites such as the BBC, Radio France International, and the Financial Times have all reported on Nanjing “Zhang Wanghui” in the first place. Most European media pointed out that this time Nanjing “Zhang Wanghui” has important historical significance.

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Ireland’s minimum wage is expected to exceed €10 per hour in 2020

China News Service, July 18, according to the European Network, quoted by the European Union News Agency, recently, at the Irish Trade Union Congress in Dublin, Irish Prime Minister Varadeka said that the national minimum wage in 2020 may exceed what he said A psychological mark of 10 euros per hour.

Currently, the minimum wage for adults in Ireland is 9.80 euros per hour. The Irish Low Salary Committee recommends that the minimum wage in 2020 should be raised by about 30 euro cents per hour. Under this proposal, there will be 120,000 workers benefiting from it.

It is reported that the Irish Low Salary Committee was established in 2015 by the United Party and the Labor Party and the government to provide ministers with advice on the appropriate amount of the national minimum wage. It consists of an independent president appointed by the government and representatives elected by trade unions, employers and campaign groups.

The Workers’ Party will hold a meeting of thinkers with Kim Jong-un as the center

Data Map: According to the report of the Korean Central News Agency on January 12, Kim Jong-un, the top leader of the DPRK, inspected the logistics of the 534th Army Command of the Korean People’s Army.

China News Service, February 10th According to the Korean Central News Agency, the 8th Workers’ Meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea will be held in Pyongyang in late February. The report said that the conference will further consolidate the unity and unity of the political ideology of the Korean Workers’ Party with Kim Jong-un as the sole center.

According to reports, North Korea’s top leader Kim Jong-un will preside over the meeting of thinkers, which will launch a political and ideological offensive against the Korean military and civilians to invest in the struggle to create a boom in North Korea.

According to reports, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the late Joseph’s supreme leader Kim Jong Il’s announcement of the Golden Age of the Whole Society, the Korean Workers’ Party Workers’ Conference is expected to work for North Korea. The party’s ideological construction lays the foundation, and will set off a whirlwind of ideological warfare and propaganda, in order to further consolidate the political and ideological positions of the Korean revolution and win the victory of the construction of the Korean state in advance.

The Central Committee said that the meeting was an event worthy of a book in the history of the Workers’ Party in the history of the Korean Workers’ Party, which insisted on the subject’s theory of thought and from the victory to victory.

It is reported that cadres working in the field of ideological work of the Workers’ Party of Korea will participate in this conference.

The conference will also summarize the achievements and experiences gained in the struggle to achieve the golden age of the whole society, and discuss the requirements of the historical period of inheriting the revolutionary cause.

The report said that the 8th Workers’ Conference of the Workers’ Party of Korea will further consolidate the unity and unity of the political ideology of the Korean Revolutionary Army with Kim Jong-un as the sole center. (End)

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Japan’s Kanto coastal area has a snow cover of 21 cm. Call for safe travel.

The snow in Japan's Kanto coastal area reaches 21 cm and calls for safe travel

Snowfall on the morning of the 11th made the snow in the Kanto region deeper in Japan., February 11th According to Japanese media reports, on the morning of the 11th local time, heavy snow fell in the Kanto region of Japan, and the snow in Chiba Prefecture has reached 21 centimeters. Japan will continue to be cold on the 11th, and the Meteorological Agency reminds people to pay attention to road freezing and other conditions when they travel.

The Japan Meteorological Agency revealed that the cold weather in the Kanto region and the low air pressure in the southern part of the state were centered on the coastal areas of the Kanto region, and heavy snow fell again on the morning of the 11th.

According to previous reports, on February 9, the snow in Chiba City reached 33 centimeters, and the snow fell to 11 centimeters in the early hours of the 11th, but the snowfall in the morning caused the snow to rise to 21 centimeters.

On the morning of the 11th, the lowest temperature in the southeastern part of Japan was 2 degrees lower than in previous years. The afternoon will continue to be cold, and the maximum temperature during the day is 2 to 6 degrees lower than in previous years.

On February 8th and 9th, the largest snowfall in history was ushered in the wide area of ​​Kanto. At 11:00 am local time on the 11th, the snow in Maebashi City is about 9 cm, the city of Mito is about 7 cm, and the snow in the downtown area of ​​Tokyo is about 3 cm.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reminded the public that due to the snowy weather and the cold weather, it is necessary to pay attention to the freezing and slipping of the road surface to prevent falls.

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舛添 wants to win the election of Governor of Tokyo, Koizumi or break with Abe

Japanese media: 舛添 wants to win a choice of Tokyo Governor Koizumi or break with Abe

Hosokawa held a press conference after the defeat, and regretted that the anti-nuclear power policy failed to penetrate. However, it indicated that it will continue its political activities.

China News Service, February 10th, Japan’s former Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare, Tim Timo, won the vote of the voters in the Governor’s election in Tokyo on the 9th, and was elected as the new governor of Tokyo, and his campaign The former prime minister, Hosokawa Hiroshi, announced his defeat. Japan News Network published an analysis article on the 10th, saying that the most injured of Hosokawa’s defeat was not Hosokawa’s own, but the former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, who was fully assisted by Hosokawa.

In the article analysis, in 2006, after serving as the Japanese prime minister for five and a half years, Koizumi began to get tired of the struggle for rights. When he resigned, he appointed Abe to replace himself, so Abe had his first experience as prime minister. Therefore, Abe has always followed Koizumi as “political elder”.

However, in October 2013, in a speech, Koizumi suddenly criticized Abe’s aggressive nuclear power policy and believed that Japan had built more than 50 nuclear reactors without a nuclear fuel treatment plant. To repeat the tragedy of the Fukushima nuclear leak, this is the greatest irresponsibility for future generations and the future of the country. Therefore, it advocates the abolition of nuclear power and realizes “Japan Zero Nuclear Power”.

The article said that Abe had been jealous for a long time and finally chose to openly refute. Abe’s rebuttal to Koizumi’s remarks on the TV show was “irresponsible” and the two fell out.

In this election, Koizumi fully supported Hosokawa and held high the banner of anti-nuclear power, hoping to win the support of voters. However, Abe started the national machine to help him, and Hiroshi is 76 years old. The anti-nuclear slogan failed to impress the hearts of the Tokyo voters. As a result, he wanted to choose the campaign concept of “people’s livelihood priority, disaster prevention as the top”. Convince Tokyo voters.

The article believes that Hosokawa’s defeat has made it possible for the Prime Minister’s face to be lost, and therefore decided to completely break the relationship between Koizumi and Abe. In the face of the popularity of Abe, will Koizumi have any backhand power? It seems to be a bit overhanging.

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Canadian motel gas leak 46 people poisoned

Xinhua News Agency, Ottawa, July 9 (Reporter Li Baodong) A gas leak occurred in a supermarket in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on the morning of the 9th, causing 46 people to have carbon monoxide poisoning, 15 of whom were in critical condition.

According to Canadian media reports, on the morning of the same day, local firefighters received an alarm call and rushed to a motel in Winnipeg to evacuate 46 people who were poisoned by carbon monoxide poisoning to the hospital for treatment. At present, 15 people are in critical condition.

After the incident, the local gas company urgently cut off the gas supply to the hotel and took ventilation measures on site. Alex & Sdot, head of the fire department in Winnipeg; Forrest said it was a serious accident.

Currently, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation.

Flooding in India: At least 45 people were killed and 6.93 million people were affected July 16th, according to the Central News Agency, recently, the Himalayas caused floods due to heavy rains and flowed into the northeastern provinces of northern India, Biha and Assam. In severe flooding, at least 45 people lost their lives and 6.93 million people were affected.

According to the Indian Meteorological Administration, the rainfall in the past 10 days in the above-mentioned areas accounted for 40% of the total rainfall in India during the rainy season in 2019; it is expected that the rainy season will be the northeastern part of India and the province of Biha in the next five days. Rainstorms will cause the floods to worsen.

The floods caused by heavy rains and floods in neighboring countries have caused flooding of thousands of villages in India, killing at least 45 people and affecting 6.93 million people.

Iran says it has successfully tested long-range missiles.

Original title: Iran claims that successful testing of long-range missiles can deter the anti-missile system

In September 2013, Tehran, Iran, a card carrying a missile.

According to foreign media reports, Iran announced on February 10 that on the eve of the 35th anniversary of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the country successfully tested two missiles, one of which was a long-range missile.

Iranian Defense Minister Hussein Degehan said: “Iran successfully tested a new generation of ballistic missiles with debris warheads, and a & ldquo;bina & rsquo; (Bina) Ground-to-ground laser guided missiles. ”

Degehan said that the new ballistic missiles can “avoid the anti-missile system and can cause great damage”. And “Binner” laser-guided missiles can be launched from the ground or in the air to destroy ground armored tanks and bridge facilities.

The report did not mention technical parameters such as missile range and the specific time and place of the test.

Iran’s missile problem has always been one of the concerns of the West, because Iranian missiles can strike Israel. Last week, US nuclear talk representative Sherman said that the Iranian ballistic missile project will be one of the topics for the negotiation of a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue. However, the Iranian side said that defense affairs is the red line of Iran and Iran will not negotiate on this. (Liu Shidong)

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Japan’s current account surplus is low, and officials expect the trade surplus to expand

China News Service, February 10, according to the Kyodo News Agency, Japan’s Chief Executive Officer Yu Yiwei said at a press conference on the morning of the 10th that the current account surplus in 2013 was a record low: “Overall The steady state of the overseas economy has become increasingly apparent. It is expected that exports will pick up in the context of the depreciation of the yen. & rdquo;

Zhai Yiwei pointed out that the reason for the record high in the trade deficit in 2013 was the increase in the import of thermal power fuels due to the shutdown of nuclear power plants. He analyzed that despite the depreciation of the yen, Japanese companies did not cut the transaction price overseas, so exports showed a weak trend.

It is reported that on February 10, the initial balance of payments for 2013 announced by the Ministry of Finance of Japan showed that the current account surplus reflecting the transactions of goods, services and investments between Japan and overseas was 3,606.1 billion yen. (about RMB 195.4 billion), a record low since the comparable data in 1985.

The main reason is that exports are weak due to the depreciation of the yen, and the scale of imports of energy resources has increased. In addition, the high trade deficit in the same year also affected the data.

The current account surplus has fallen for three consecutive years since the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. The 2012 annual surplus was 4,823.7 billion yen, a 22-year low, and further reduced by 31.5% in 2013.

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Foreign media: The demise of the US Ambassador to the DPRK

Original title: Foreign media: The resignation of the ambassador to the US ambassador to the DPRK to discuss the disappointment of the United States and the United States

Foreign media: the resignation of the US Ambassador to the DPRK裴俊浩 plans to be disappointed

Data Map : American Jun Junhao, who was detained by North Korea.

North Korea revoked a visit to North Korea by the US special envoy to discuss the release of the detained American 裴俊浩, the US State Department expressed “deep disappointment”. At the same time, American civil rights figure Jesse · Jackson asked to go to North Korea to discuss the matter of Qi Junhao.

According to Agence France-Presse, US officials said that North Korea withdrew its US special envoy to visit North Korea to discuss the release of Jun Junhao. At the same time, civil rights figure Jesse · Jackson requested to go to the DPRK.

The US State Department did not disclose the reasons for North Korea’s withdrawal of the visit, but the Associated Press quoted spokesman Psaki as saying that the US called on North Korea to immediately release Jun Junhao and said that the United States will continue to actively work on this.

Earlier media reports said that the US Department of State’s North Korean Human Rights Envoy Robert · Kim will first visit North Korea on February 10 to discuss the release of Korean-Americans, Jun Junhao.

In early November 2012, Korean-Americans Jun Junhao was arrested after entering North Korea as a guide. In April 2013, Yan Junhao was sentenced to 15 years of reeducation through the North Korean Supreme Referee.

In October 2013, Yan Junhao entered the hospital for treatment due to his poor health. In January of this year, Yan Junhao held a press conference in the North Korean capital Pyongyang, acknowledging that he was not detained by North Korea for no reason and committed “serious crimes” against North Korea. He also said that he hopes to be released soon.

裴俊浩 also mentioned that during the DPRK, “the North Korean government did not have any inappropriate human rights practices and gave me a lot of humanitarian assistance”. He said that he has been receiving humanitarian treatment for five months in the hospital.

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