12 people died in a flood in Jordan

On the 9th of this month, a storm-induced flood swept through various parts of Jordan. Local roads, buildings, tourist attractions, etc. were damaged to varying degrees, and 12 people have been killed so far.

It can be seen from the picture that the flood is coming, and the mud and water are everywhere, and the roads, farmland and houses are flooded. Local residents said that this is the biggest flood in the country in the past decade, and some areas have a water depth of 4 meters.

The Millennium City has been evacuated by 4,000 tourists in the floods

The ancient city of Petra is located in southern Jordan and is one of Jordan’s most prestigious monuments. It was recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985. . After the flood, the ancient city of Petra was seriously damaged and forced to close. Nearly 4,000 tourists were forced to evacuate.

Foreign tourists Lafayette尔⋅ Dorado: At that time, I saw the police on the street, yelling and yelling, “Run, run, run above”. At that time, we all visited the temple. After hearing the shouts, we immediately ran to a higher place. Only then did we find the original dry river, and suddenly there was a huge flood with many rattans and stones. In just three to four minutes, the streets were all drowned.

A long drought in a stormy canyon encounters a mountain torrent

According to Jordanian media reports, due to the lack of vegetation and soil desertification on the local surface, it is easy to form a destructive force due to the sudden drop of heavy rain in a short period of time. Floods; coupled with Jordan’s multi-canyon terrain, mountain torrents and landslides are prone to occur.

Just about 25 kilometers southwest of the capital, Amman, on the 25th of last month. In the area of ​​Main Springs, torrential floods caused heavy rains, resulting in 21 deaths including 13 students and dozens of injuries.


  中新网11月11日电 综合外媒消息,当地时间10日,美国加州洛杉矶郡警方消息称,南加州再发现两名火灾遇难者遗体,至此,加州此次山火的遇难人数已上升到至少11人。









  当地时间11月9日下午,美国加利福尼亚州南部文图拉郡(Ventura County)等地熊熊山火已延烧逾万英亩,浓烟遮天蔽日。中新社发 日瓦戈 摄




  马里布以明星的海滩豪宅闻名,金•卡戴珊和Lady Gaga等名人也都不得不逃离他们的家。梅尔⋅吉布森、茱莉亚⋅罗伯茨,凯特琳⋅詹纳、柯特妮⋅考克斯、以及帕特里克⋅邓普西等人的宅邸都在疏散区域之内。

  此外,派拉蒙牧场(Paramount Ranch)的“西部城镇”也被烧毁,这里是很多电影的取景地。







India’s ISRO launches its launch mission again. The same rocket will carry out future manned missions.

[Global Network Comprehensive Report] According to the “India Times” reported on November 14, the Indian Space Research Organization used the geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle “GSLV-MkIII” on November 14 to successfully send another communication satellite. track. This means that the GSLV-MkIII rocket has achieved a key success. The rocket will undertake two important tasks in the next four years. First, launch India “Monthly Ship No. 2” detector, second, realize manned space mission .

At 5 pm that day, the rocket took off from the Savage • Davan Space Center on Sri Ligoda Island. About 17 minutes later, the Rockets placed the GSAT-29 satellite as scheduled. In the geosynchronous transfer orbit (GTO).

K Sivan, chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization, said: “With this successful launch mission, we have completed the GSLV MkIII’s development flight & rsquo; work. & rdquo; He also said that the rocket’s first “d mission flight” will be in January 2019, when it will take “Moon Ship No. 2” rdquo; In addition, the rocket will carry out the task of sending people to space in the future.

Before the first manned mission in December 2021, it will conduct another unmanned flight.

Drive through the “mountain fire hell” California couple escape with 4 children in the fire

China News Service, November 15th According to the US “Qiao Bao” network report, on the 14th local time, wildfires in northern California are still spreading. A couple with four children managed to escape from the fire and drove through the “Hell”.

Information: The California mountain fire is raging, and the current death toll is 59.

When the fire approached, Daniel and Michelle, residents of California Paradise Town, put their 8 year olds, 7 years old, 2 years old and 1 year old into the car to escape. Also carried with the car, there is a plush toy and a blanket. Wildfires burned around their houses, and it took them about two hours to escape from Paradise Town.

Michelle said that children have been very scared during the escape process and asked a variety of questions. And the weather is hot and even breathing is very difficult.

The number of deaths in the collapse of the French Marseille building has risen to 6 and many people are still buried.

China News Service, November 8th According to the “French Overseas Chinese News” reported on the 7th, the death toll caused by the collapse of the French Marseille building has risen to 6 people, including 4 males and 2 females, and 5 to 8 People are buried.

Marseille rescuers have been deployed in place and have used high-tech equipment such as endoscopes to save lives that may survive in the rubble.

On November 5, local time, a building in Marseille, France collapsed.

On the 5th, a building collapse occurred in downtown Marseille. The manager of the Liautard company responsible for the construction of the building said: “This building was well maintained and was completed by 11 people without any problems. ”

Chinese Embassy in India reminds: Chinese citizens avoid entering India from Nepal

Original question: Embassy in India reminds Chinese citizens to avoid entering India from Nepal.

Xinhua News Agency, New Delhi, November 9th The Chinese Embassy in India issued an announcement on its official website on the 8th to remind Chinese citizens Avoid entering India’s borders from Nepal.

The announcement said that in recent days, several cases of Chinese citizens who did not have an Indian visa from Nepal to India and were illegally detained or even charged by the Indian side were reported.

The Chinese Embassy in India reminds Chinese citizens that when engaging in tourism, business and other activities in the border areas of India and Nepal, it is important to pay attention to the Indian border mark and not to enter the territory of India due to personal negligence. Legal consequences.

The smell is too special! 2 tons of durian were “embarked off the plane” by the same passengers

[Global Network Reporter Zuo Tian] Durian was once again rejected!

According to the US Newsweek report on November 7, the plan Two tons of durians transported from Jakarta, Indonesia to Mingjilu Province, were rushed to the plane.

“Newsweek” said that durian is the world’s most stinky fruit, and some Asians call it “the king of fruits”, but it smells like sewers and rotten onions.

Things are like this:

On the 5th, a passenger flight in Slivi Jaya, Indonesia, took on the task of airlifting two tons of durian.

But because the smell of durian is too much, “special”, many passengers complained, and almost hit the crew members.

A baby in India was taken away by a monkey: death from a whole body injury, only 12 days after birth

The past ten years Agra has been plagued by monkey attacks. (“Hindustan Times”)

Overseas Network November 14th Local time on the 12th, a mother in Agra, India, given a 12-day baby feeding, the monkeys haunted, from the mother’s knees The baby was taken away and then fled, causing the baby to be injured and told to die after being taken to the hospital.

Comprehensive media reports such as the Hindustan Times reported that the mother Niha was feeding the child around 8 pm that day, but the monkeys were haunted and rushed to the baby, taking the baby away from Niha’s knee. After climbing up the wall and jumping to the roof, the baby was crumbling in his arms, and the monkey had disappeared when the mother Niha reacted.

After rediscovering the monkey, Niha and his local neighbor tried to lure the monkey with food. When the neighbor wanted to catch it, the monkey bit the baby’s neck and firmly grasped it. His body, after many twists and turns, all the people saved the baby. A relative said that after the rescue, the baby was found to have been completely injured and was immediately taken to a nearby hospital. After arriving at the hospital, the doctor announced that he had died.

Singapore university students lie flatly "save funeral" Professor: Learn to face death

Site map (Source: Straits Times)

Overseas Network November 11th Recently, Singapore Nanyang Technological University students are lying on the campus collectively for themselves. Funeral”. The event was initiated by a psychology professor at the school to provide students with a better experience of “death” and face death.

According to a report by Malaysia’s China Daily on the 11th, last month, Nanyang Technological University of Singapore conducted an activity to “make a funeral for itself”. The event was initiated by the school’s psychology assistant professor Andy & Sdot; He (Dr & Sdot; Andy Ho) for 13 weeks.

The venue of the event is located in the foyer of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of Nanyang Technological University. Walking through the entrance hall, it seems to be trapped in a white ocean. The ground is neatly arranged in a row of 38 bodies with white cloth. The main body and eulogy are placed on the side.

Site map (Source: Straits Times)

The funeral simulation process is a “drill-through experience” that lasts 30 minutes each time. The students who participated in the school simply laid a layer of cloth in front of the entrance hall of the Humanities College. They assumed that they were lying on the ground in death, and then let the people around them cover the white cloth that symbolizes death and listen to them quietly. “Deletion” is the sadness and eulogy of the people around you.

Professor He, who initiated this experience, believes that in traditional Asian society, the problem of death seems to be “taboo” and is often not mentioned. Professor He hopes that through this activity, students will bring their own learning and sentiments back to their families or communities, conduct discussions about death with their loved ones, and help those who have lost loved ones.

Professor He also said that in some respects, “simulating death” can more intuitively feel and participate in this topic from the spiritual level, which is impossible to obtain in daily learning. Therefore, this simulation will be written into the participants’ syllabus.

The construction site of the US Embassy in Mexico collapsed and caused 1 death and 6 injuries.

Original title<;The collapse of the construction site of the US Embassy in Mexico caused many casualties

Source: AFP

Overseas network December 4, according to the Russian satellite news agency quoted Televisa TV reported The scaffolding at the construction site of the US Embassy in Mexico has collapsed and has caused one death and six injuries.

It is reported that Mexican police, fire and Red Cross personnel have arrived at the scene. Two of the injured have been taken to hospital for treatment. (Overseas network Zhang Ni)