The US will report that the minimum hourly wage increase will reduce employment by 500,000 people.

China News Service, February 19th According to US media reports, US President Barack Obama and the Democrats are preparing to raise the minimum hourly wage to $10.1, which will benefit the nation’s 16.5 million low-paid workers. The US Congressional Budget Office issued a report on the 18th that the plan will cause 500,000 jobs to disappear.

According to the report, raising the minimum hourly wage will increase the income of 16.5 million workers in the United States, while nearly 900,000 household incomes will allow them to cross the federal poverty line. But the report also cited the negative effects of raising hourly wages, including the work of 500,000 low hourly wages.

According to reports, after the report was published, the Republican Party immediately criticized Obama’s plan to raise the minimum wage. House Speaker Bona said that although it is helpful for some people, forcing a raise in the minimum wage will incur a real cost, including a reduction in the number of workers. When unemployment is the biggest worry for Americans, the focus should be on creating jobs for those most in need, rather than undermining employment.

Analysts at the Congressional Budget Office say that the new unemployment estimate is only an approximate number, and the actual impact may be very slight, but it may also increase unemployment by up to one million.

Increasing the minimum wage seems to be a key part of President Obama’s second term: just a few hours before the report was published, Obama reiterated his claim in a public speech in the Maryland suburbs.

The White House immediately responded to the employment report. Jason Furman, chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisers, said the report of the Congressional Budget Office did not reflect the consensus of economists. Economists said that raising the minimum wage had little or no impact on employment.

According to Furman, the report actually confirms another unanimous view: raising the minimum wage will reduce poverty and increase income for low- and middle-income families. But he acknowledged that there are different views on the employment impact between the White House and the Congressional Budget Office.

The Democratic-controlled Senate is preparing to debate Obama’s proposal to raise the minimum wage from the current hourly salary of $7.25 to $10.10 in 2016. But the House of Representatives controlled by the Republican Party strongly opposes Obama’s proposal, and the hopes of the relevant bills are embarrassing.

Responsible Editor: Liu Yang

The EU said the Ukrainian government and the opposition may reach an interim agreement on the 21st.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed his shock at the recourse to weapons in the conflict. China News Service issued a photo of Li Yang

China News Service February 21, according to foreign reports, the EU senior diplomat said on the 21st, the EU expects the Ukrainian government and the opposition will reach today (21st) “today” The Temporary Agreement aims to end the most serious bloody conflict since the country’s independence.

The diplomat said that the EU expects the two sides to reach a temporary agreement today. The agreement will include some constitutional amendments, holding presidential and parliamentary elections in advance, but the exact date is not yet fixed.

According to foreign reports, Ukrainian officials have already indicated that they have reached a preliminary settlement agreement with the opposition to stop the internal conflict, but then the French foreign minister said that the agreement between the Ukrainian government and the opposition has not yet been “finally determined”; Polish officials said that negotiations on this agreement were repeated at noon on the 21st local time.

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

Carbon monoxide leak in a restaurant in New York, causing 1 death and 28 people to be sent to hospital for emergency treatment

China News Service, New York, February 23 (Reporter Yu Lin) A fatal carbon monoxide leak occurred on the 22nd night of a large shopping mall in Long Island, New York. The official released a message on the 23rd that the poisoning accident resulted in one person being poisoned, including 28 police, emergency personnel and staff of the restaurant were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. The cause of the accident is under investigation.

The accident occurred approximately 35 miles from New York City, in a large shopping mall near Huntington Station in Long Island, New York. According to news released by local police on the 23rd, the accident occurred on the evening of the 22nd, when a woman fainted in the basement of the restaurant. Police and emergency personnel rushed to the restaurant to save people after receiving reports.

The local police said that when the police and rescuers arrived at the scene, they felt dizzy and disgusted and suspected that a carbon monoxide leak had occurred. The police immediately evacuated the restaurant staff and found an unconscious restaurant manager in the basement, 55-year-old Steven · Nielsen, but was sent to the hospital and declared dead.

The official said that the woman who had initially fainted was sent to Huntington Hospital for treatment and has not received any reports. Another 27 poisoned persons were sent to nearby hospitals, including restaurant staff, as well as four emergency workers and three police officers, who are currently not in danger.

The local police said that the carbon monoxide leak may only occur in the basement of the seafood restaurant, but due to caution, neighboring businesses were also evacuated. Investigators are currently investigating whether the carbon monoxide leak is due to the heating system in the basement.

It is reported that there are more than 80 stores in this large shopping mall in Long Island, New York, including the famous Bloomingdale Department Store, Rhodes & Taylors Department Store and Macy’s. By the morning of the 23rd, the restaurant had not opened yet, but the mall was open for business.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Yang

The smuggling ship passed through China to control the sea area and was inspected by naval guns.

Original title: Smuggling ship passes through China to control the sea area and is under inspection by naval gun artillery deterrence

A smuggling ship is passing through my control of the sea. After receiving the report, the plan was immediately launched, and the land, sea, air, sea police and local public security forces dispatched troops to cooperate with the customs to arrest. After 8 hours of close cooperation, I finally found the goal. Under the powerful deterrent of naval guns, the smuggling ship was forced to undergo inspection.

This scene happened in the Yellow Sea waters of China. Opened the map of China, the foreigner’s mountain island in the north-central part of the Yellow Sea, together with more than 100 island reefs, is like a chain that provides a barrier to the Liaodong Peninsula. In the deepest part of the archipelago, there is the Ocean Island, which is known as the first whistle of the Yellow Sea.

In order to protect this blue land, the naval North Sea Fleet’s base hunting submarine brigade and the 8 armed police units on the island built a “six-link” mechanism, which has participated in more than 30 military exercises. And major test guarantees and other tasks, jointly discovered and disposed of more than 30 dangerous situations, investigated and dealt with more than 50 illegal cross-border violations, arrested more than 200 criminals and offenders, and improved the control of “Blue Country” and “out of one”. The new path of double-win, win-win, and Fudao strong soldiers has become a deep-integrated development of the military and civilians.

At the beginning of 2008, the political commissar of the North Sea Fleet Base Hunting Submarine Brigade, Sui Shumin, called for the island to take the road of integration of military and civilian development. He proposed to lead the brigade, the Army Haiphong Corps, the Air Force Radar Station, the Marine Police Detachment and the Ocean Township Government and other eight units, set up the coastal defense joint command group, signed the island joint logistics joint cooperation agreement, and established important information connectivity, major Activity linkage, joint incidents, joint case-sponsored cases, all-island policing and security construction, etc., “six-link” mechanism, the integration of military and military from habits to normal, will “information islands” Into the “North Pearl” rdquo;.

Zhao Chenglin, a military doctor who has worked on the island for 24 years, is deeply impressed by the changes after the establishment of the “Six Joints” mechanism. He said that in the past, they had to pay more for the wounded and spent more time. Nowadays, it takes at least one hour to send the wounded to the island, and the wounded can be treated in time. This is the benefit of the joint incident mechanism.

In the past two years, the brigade has used the advantages of the military units of the islands to establish an educational collaboration zone to realize the sharing of educational resources. The officers and men have vividly referred to the educational model as “Joint Classroom”. Nowadays, the collaborative zone has established a series of systems such as discussion and discussion, exchange evaluation, feedback notification, inspection and assessment, reward and punishment incentives, etc., forming an overall education plan, simultaneous implementation of activities, complementary resources, timely information exchange, and exchange of experience and learning. Political education pattern.

"Marriage" is not only these, but also in the logistics, equipment and management, and other integration mechanisms. On the island, the soldiers often take the boat to take off the island; the township government fully protects the electricity; in the case of windy weather, the island’s non-staple food supply is interrupted, and the Nanyang agricultural and sideline production base takes the initiative to supply vegetables. Encouragingly, the township government has set aside 80,000 yuan each year to set up the “Aiwu Fund” to reward the officers and men who won the rankings.

On the island, a word “link” is displayed everywhere. In the Spring Festival the year before, the island suffered a cold current, and the temperature plummeted to minus 20 degrees Celsius. On this day, the boiler suddenly failed, and the officers and men were wearing coats in the bedroom. Xue Zhenjiang, the base equipment minister and then the captain of the team, immediately called the eight units that signed the “six-link” mechanism. At the moment, the heating boiler failure message spread throughout the island.

When discussing countermeasures, entrepreneur Wang Jun came to the door. It turned out that when he heard that the boiler of the unit was broken, he did not say anything and immediately unloaded the boiler of the farm. This time, the soldiers did not freeze, but the sea cucumber seedlings were frozen one-fifth and lost millions of dollars.

“You die so many seedlings, don’t you feel bad?” In the face of everyone’s concern, this native fisherman’s entrepreneur has only said a simple sentence: “On the island We are all family members, saying that we can’t let our family freeze!”

Three years ago, the ocean island encountered “Little Dragon Tide”, the sea water flowed back like boiling water, in critical condition, To ensure the safety of the farm, nearby farmers must strengthen the floating fishing nets before the advent of the “Little Dragon Tide”. The time is tight and the number of people is small, but they can’t help the township government.

Randomly passed the joint defense office, and assigned tasks to four units including the sea, land, air, and sea police. More than 100 officers and men were dispatched to carry out heavy rain and rushed to the front line to help production. Finally, at the “Little Dragon Tide” Before the arrival, complete the task of floating fishing net reinforcement.

Resources move from the market to the battlefield, and the integration extends from the rear to the front. In the face of the demand for military equipment transformation and construction, the brigade passed the “six-link” mechanism to achieve the “three forces united” regularization training. The leader of the team, Liang Chunhui, said: “Together resources to enhance combat effectiveness is the connotation of deep integration between the military and the civilians. In particular, we have established a normalization mechanism for the joint training of the three armed forces, and have firmly established the foundation of < lian & rsquo; and cracked the & ldquo; joint & rsquo; The puzzle has achieved the goal of < joint& rsquo;. ”

Each year the brigade conducts joint theoretical and professional training, inviting the Navy,The Air Force’s instructors gave lectures on the tasks, actions, and air-conditioning warnings in the anti-air strike operations of the brothers’ islands. At the same time, they assigned excellent commanding officers to teach the professional skills of the brothers. The islands and the sea police in the training and warfare laws regularly. Conduct exchanges and research to improve the effectiveness of coordinated operations.

“ Since the establishment of the < Six Link & rsquo; mechanism, the detachment has helped a lot. The submarine squad has provided us with the right to use the terminal. The hull has any faults to help repair, and the professional backbone is also sent every year. The officers and men gave lectures and carried out night school training on ship expertise. Last year, the mechanical and electrical profession took the first place in the sea police corps. “The Chief of Staff of the Marine Police, Xin Hongfa, said that we have more islands, regularly participate in sea exercises, maintain the security of the jurisdiction, and the joint training mechanism is better. (Reporter Xi Fengyu correspondent Mi Jinguo Li Ding)

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

A student in Malaysia met 7 people for rescue. 3 people died and 5 people were missing.

China News Service, Kuala Lumpur, February 21st, a student from Johor, Malaysia, met on the 21st, 7 people were rescued, 8 people were not in the top, the authorities have found the bodies of 3 of them, and the remaining 5 people are already fierce. .

12 middle school students 趁 Johor State’s official holiday on the 21st, accompanied by a rush to the Mahe River. One of them suddenly asked for help in the river. Seven students struggled to escape into the river and rescued them. At the same time, it was lost by the undercurrent.

As of press time, the search and rescue team has found three bodies in the lower reaches of the Mahe River. The search and rescuers said that other missing persons are also afraid of being fierce.

The security experts here said that in the past few days, the climate has been hot and students have to go into the water. The first thing to know about the riverbed is to have an adult to be on the scene. If the situation requires an alarm, it is not easy to save the water (end). p>

Responsible Editor: Wu Yuanchun

Australian missionaries were detained by North Korea or reported by local guides

China News Service, February 20th According to foreign media reports on the 20th, an Australian missionary’s wife said on the 19th that her husband was arrested during his missionary work in North Korea.

According to reports, the 75-year-old missionary named John · Schott, who was briefed on a hotel in Pyongyang on the 16th, was arrested. His family said in a statement that Short arrived in Pyongyang on the 15th.

& ldquo;He was carrying some Korean materials at the time, which may be the reason for his arrest. His wife Karen said in an interview. She said that she was informed of the arrest of SCHOTT from her companion who went to North Korea with Schott. It is reported that the companion has left North Korea on the 18th.

Karen said he was shocked when he learned that his husband had been arrested. But she said that she believes that SCHOTT can be released, “I believe that in the right time, things will turn, he will be released.”

According to the companions who traveled to North Korea with Short, they claimed that they arrived at the second day of the DPRK and caught the attention of the authorities when they went to a temple. The person said that SCHOTT had left a religious booklet in the temple, which was reported to the security department by a local tour guide.

After that, local security officials found some Korean religious brochures in the room of the Short Hotel.

According to reports, the Australian Foreign Ministry said that they have some understanding of this situation. Since the Australian Government has no diplomatic relations with North Korea, it is currently handling the matter through its consulate in Seoul and the Swedish Embassy in North Korea.

Previously, in early November 2012, Korean-American Yan Junhao was arrested after entering North Korea as a tour guide. In April 2013, Yan Junhao was sentenced to 15 years of reeducation through the North Korean Supreme Referee.

Foreign media reported on the 10th of this month that North Korea revoked an invitation to the US special envoy to visit North Korea to discuss the release of the detained American Jun Junhao. The US State Department expressed “deep disappointment”.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Iran’s largest lake shrinks by 80% in ten years, and it will soon disappear

The largest lake in Iran will shrink 80% in ten years and it will disappear quickly

The picture shows a satellite photo of Lake Urumie.

China News Service, February 20th According to foreign media reports on the 19th, Iran’s largest lake, Lake Urumie, has shrunk dramatically in recent years, and it is likely to disappear rapidly. Iranian President Rohani has previously stated that the rescue of Lake Urumie is one of the government’s top priorities.

It is reported that Lake Urumie in Iran was once the third largest saltwater lake in the world, with an area of ​​thousands of square kilometers. But over the past decade, Lake Urumie has shrunk year by year due to climate change, increased water use in farms and damage to rivers, which is 80% smaller than in the past. Experts worry that Lake Ulumiye will soon disappear if it is not stepped up.

After Iran’s President Rohani took office last year, he announced that he would “save Urumier Lake” as the top priority of the new cabinet and form a group research method. The methods proposed by the group include: artificial rain to increase lake water; reducing farmland area; persuading farmers to replant crops with less water use; and prohibiting the extraction of groundwater.

But the report pointed out that Iranian experts have evaluated various methods of salvation a few years ago, but they are quite pessimistic about the future of Lake Ulumiye. Others believe that in the future, after the lake has dried up, an ecological park can be built in the area.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Philippine Immigration Service refuses entry of Chinese privately to apply for visa extension

China News Service February 22, according to the Philippine “Business Daily” reported that the Philippine Immigration Director Mi Shun issued an order yesterday (21st), refused to approve the approval of an approved travel agency, and Chinese citizens admitted to the Philippines privately apply Visa extension or change of entry status.

Mishun’s Immigration Office Act No. 2014-009, which lists the authorized residence rules for Chinese citizens who are admitted to the Philippines under the guarantee of an approved travel agency.

The full text of the action order is as follows:

To follow the instructions issued by the Department of Justice to the Immigration Department on January 22 this year (LML-L22A14-175):

“For Chinese citizens who are admitted to the Philippines under the guarantee of an accredited travel agency, without the consent of the travel agent, or by the visa stamp of their passport, the passport holder is an approved travel agency guarantee. For Chinese citizens, the Immigration Department should not approve visa exemptions or visa renewals for passports. ”

The Immigration Department implements the following rules and guidelines:

1. Chinese citizens who are admitted to the Philippines under the guarantee of an approved travel agency, or their visa stamps alongside their passports The holder of the passport is a Chinese citizen sponsored by an approved travel agency:

a. The visa exemption or extension of the temporary visitor (visitor) should not be valid without the consent of the travel agency Duration of stay;

b. You should not be allowed to change your status.

2. After the order is issued, the above-mentioned Chinese citizens who apply for a valid stay renewal or change their entry status without the consent of their travel agent will be immediately vetoed and they will be ordered Leave the Philippines before its effective stay expires.

All previous releases, if they conflict with each other, are hereby revoked and/or modified.

This order should take effect immediately.

Strictly observe.

Responsible Editor: Zhao Yanlong

After the ANA flight took off, there was smoke in the cabin and forced to land in an emergency.

China News Service February 20th According to the Japanese “Asahi Shimbun” report, around 9:50 am local time on the 20th, the ANA flight from Akita Airport to Haneda Airport, due to smoke in the cabin, the flight Had to return to Akita Airport.

It is reported that the ANA flight made an emergency landing at Akita Airport at around 10:11 local time. ANA said that about 150 passengers on board were safe and sound.

According to the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and ANA, the flight took off at 9:45 am local time and found smoke after about 5 minutes. The detailed reasons are currently under investigation.

Responsible Editor: Zhang Xiaofang

Georgia participates in EU military operations Send troops to the Central African Republic

ChinaNet February 23 According to the Russian Communist Youth League Pravda website reported on February 22, the Georgian parliament supports the government’s participation in EU military operations. The Georgian armed forces will depart to the Central African Republic within six months.

On Friday, the Georgian parliament agreed to send troops to the Central African Republic with overwhelming votes. This decision was supported by 106 representatives and only one objected.

National Security Council Secretary Irina said before the vote: “This is the first time that Georgia has had the opportunity to participate in a peacekeeping operation hosted by the European Union. This means that Georgia is not only a safe consumer, but also capable of contributing to international security. & rdquo;

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), the President proposed to the parliamentarians to send troops to the Central African Republic to participate in the EU action.

To date, there are 1,600 French soldiers and thousands of African peacekeepers in the Central African Republic. France will send troops to the Central African Republic again on the basis of the follow-up situation.

In March last year, the anti-government armed group Seleka occupied the capital of the strategically important Central African Republic, Bangui. The leaders of the China-Africa Rebel Alliance “Serika”, the self-styled president, suspended the constitution and dissolved the parliament, and dissolved the government in September. During this period, hundreds of people died as a result of the conflict between Christianity and Muslims. (Internship Compilation: Xu Yan)

Responsible Editor: Qi Hanhan