There have been many incidents of lost passports in Singapore recently., July 14th According to the website of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, the summer vacation in 2019 has arrived, and Chinese citizens have entered the peak period of overseas travel. The Chinese Embassy in Singapore reminds Chinese tourists to enjoy the beauty, taste and relax in Singapore while not neglecting safety and civilization issues, paying particular attention to the following:

Screenshot from the website of the Chinese Embassy in Singapore

Pay attention to the entry requirements. Before entering the country, please make sure that the visa information is correct and consistent with the passport; ensure that the purpose of the entry is consistent with the type of visa, and prepare the hotel-order, return ticket and other materials related to the itinerary in advance for the immigration office to check; Relevant regulations, avoid carrying prohibited items (such as chewing gum, electronic cigarettes, endangered wildlife and their products, obscene pornographic publications and videos, pirated publications); keep passports and other documents, especially after filling in the immigration card on the plane. Keep your passport. In the near future, many passports have been lost, causing the entry of the parties to be blocked. If you bring cigarettes into the country, please declare and pay taxes to the Singapore Customs. Otherwise, you may be fined. If you bring more than 20,000 SGD in cash, you need to declare it to the customs.

Second, pay attention to wading safety. Singapore is hot all year round, hotels usually have swimming pools, and there are beaches and water recreation facilities in the scenic area. In recent years, there have been many incidents of casualties caused by Chinese tourists accidentally drowning in the hotel swimming pool. Remind everyone to carefully read the safety instructions at the edge of the pool or on the shore before entering the water. It is strictly forbidden to drink water after drinking. Do not swim in places and time where swimming is prohibited. When participating in a wading tourism project, you must choose a qualified tourism institution and personnel to listen to. Professional guidance; when swimming at the beach, choose a zone where lifeguards are on duty, and must not cross the cordon, swimming in unfamiliar waters or at night.

A chemical accident occurred in a biological company in New Zealand. Fire and military presence

China News Service, July 12, according to foreign media reports, a New Zealand-based biotechnology company said on the 12th that the company’s factory in South Dunedin had a chemical accident, emergency services and the military have turn up.

The report said that the accident occurred with Blis Technologies. According to the company, the staff found that the contents of the container had deteriorated and contacted the emergency department to dispose of and destroy the chemicals.

The police blocked several nearby streets and issued a statement saying that the fire, emergency services and New Zealand Defence Forces are responding to the incident. The police added that the blockade may last until the morning.

Singapore Chinese textbooks are popular overseas and are recognized by Southeast Asia and the United States.

Singapore Chinese textbooks are popular overseas in Southeast Asia and the United States

Chen Li (left) and Lin Yuling: Singapore Chinese textbooks have the potential to enter more Chinese markets (photo by Zheng Mingda)

According to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao”, Singapore’s mathematics textbooks have been widely recognized around the world. In recent years, local Chinese textbooks have also been used by schools in more countries and regions. In addition to the pioneering Indonesian market, some American schools now use Singapore’s elementary school Chinese textbooks.

Marshall Cavendish is currently the only publisher of local primary and secondary school textbooks. Lin Yuling, general manager of the Asia-language publishing and publishing director of Mingchuang Education, said in an interview that after the 32-year ban on Chinese education in Indonesia in 2000, local Chinese textbooks gradually entered the local market. With the rise of China and the upsurge of learning Chinese in many areas, Singapore’s Chinese textbooks are now being promoted to schools in the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and the United States. Not only that, Mingchuang Education also sells Chinese textbooks in Singapore to international schools in China, Hong Kong and Macau.

In addition to Chinese textbooks, local Tamil textbooks have recently been successfully exported to the United States.

Content is easy to understand for overseas Chinese or non-Chinese.

Lin Yuling said that local native textbooks are popular in foreign countries for several reasons, among which One of them is that Singapore teaches its mother tongue in a second language. The content of the primary school textbook is plain and easy to understand, and is more in line with the learning needs of the third or fourth generation Chinese or non-Chinese who grow in these areas. “In addition, the content of the Singapore textbook is lively and vivid. It is based on learning the language and is very suitable for students who study the second language. & rdquo;

As the economic value of Chinese language is increasingly bullish, more people of different ages are interested in learning Chinese. Now Chinese B for local middle school students and special textbooks for non-Chinese middle school students are also available in foreign countries. market.

Lin Yuling said: “The market for Chinese B has more potential. Students in many countries are different from us. They do not use the Chinese environment. They learn from the beginning, so the mother tongue B is more suitable for them. . ”

A fire broke out near Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan, causing 1 death and 4 injuries.

A fire broke out near Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan, causing 1 death and 4 injuries

The picture when the fire broke out., February 11th, according to Japanese media reports, about 5:30 am local time on the 11th, local area, near the wooden two-story house in Chiyoda, Taito, Tokyo, Japan, began to catch fire, leading to Tokyo Ueno Park Eight buildings in the nearby residential area were burnt down, an 80-year-old man was killed and four others were injured.

It is reported that the Tokyo Fire Department dispatched 38 vehicles, including fire-fighting vehicles, and the fire was controlled within about two and a half hours. A total of 8 residential buildings and apartments were burnt down and the fire spread over 360 square meters.

In this fire, an 80-year-old man living in an apartment on the 3rd floor was burnt because he could not escape in time. After being rescued by firefighters and sent to the hospital, the hospital confirmed that it had died.

In addition, four residents in their 50s and 70s escaped from the outdoors and were slightly injured as a result of smog. They are currently receiving treatment.

The fire scene is located in the residential area on the north side of Ueno Park. The Japanese Police Department and the Tokyo Fire Department are investigating the fire.

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Kim Jong-un attended the North Korean Agricultural Sector Conference and called for continued efforts (Photos)

People’s Network 2 On the 10th of the month, according to the latest news of the “Labor Daily” of the DPRK, a few days ago, the first secretary of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the first chairman of the National Defense Commission, and the Supreme Commander of the People’s Army, Kim Jong-un, took a group photo with the participants of the North Korean National Agricultural Division.

Kim Jong-un waved to the participants of the conference and encouraged them to stick to the outpost of the agricultural front.

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Three people died in a car explosion in the Turkish border area

Xinhua News Agency, Ankara, July 5 (Reporter Shi Chun, Qin Yanyang) A car bombing occurred in the Leiyhanle district of Hatay Province on the southern border of southern Turkey on the 5th, killing three Syrians and injuring one.

According to local media reports, the explosion occurred about 750 meters from the Reyhanle District Government Building. The TV screen showed a huge smoke and flame rising from the car.

After the incident, the police immediately evacuated local residents and took security measures on the main streets and entrances and exits nearby.

Turkish President Erdogan told the media after the incident that according to preliminary indications, this may be a terrorist attack, “Obviously, the explosion was caused by a bomb placed inside the car” ; The specific reasons are still under investigation.

A fire broke out in the Russian market in Oyrkutsk. No one is currently injured.

Original title: No fire casualties in the fire in the Russian market in Oyrkutsk

Xinhuanet Vladivostok February 10 (Reporter Zhu Yushu) China in Russia On the 10th, the Consul General of Irkutsk, Guo Zhijun, confirmed to Xinhua News Agency that a Chinese market in the center of Irkutsk, Russia, had a fire on the night of the 9th. There were no casualties.

Guo Zhijun said that the fire occurred in a region where Chinese businessmen were concentrated. The coffee house opened by a Kyrgyz people was caused by inadvertent use of gas. Three Chinese merchants, including a lingerie store, were affected. And two warehouses. There is no news that the Chinese are injured in the fire, but the loss is still unclear.

The Russian News Agency also reported on the 10th that the Chinese market in the center of Irkutsk, Sofia · Perovskaya Street (commonly known as the Shanghai market) local time at 19:40 on the 9th A fire broke out and the area of ​​fire was 250 square meters. A spokesperson for the Irkutsk State Emergency Bureau said no one was injured in the fire.

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Alaska experienced a rare high temperature Arctic Circle residents umbrella, sunscreen

Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska, USA, reached a temperature of 32 degrees Celsius on the 4th, the highest in 50 years.

The Arctic Circle spans Alaska. Local residents wear woolen jackets and knit hats in the summer of last year. They have to apply sunscreen and parasols this year.

Some meteorologists believe that Alaska was unusually hot this summer, partly affected by the ridge of high pressure and on the other hand by climate change.

[High temperature record]

The Associated Press reported on the 5th that Anchorage and other central and southern Alaska cities have higher temperatures for five consecutive weeks. In the same period of the previous year, Anchorage broke the temperature on the 4th and kept a record of 50 years.

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen vows to maintain social stability

Original title: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen vows to maintain social stability

International Online News: According to Xinhua News Agency, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said in the capital of Phnom Penh on the 10th that no individual or organization is allowed to create social unrest. The government will resolutely safeguard national peace and stability.

Hun Sen said that although the opposition party has refused to join the parliament after the Cambodian general election in 2013, the institutions such as the Congress, the government, and the Constitutional Council are functioning normally, and the lives and work of the people are not affected. He stressed that the peace and stability of the country are hard-won. At present, all areas of Cambodia maintain normal development and must not allow any individual or organization to “kib” the country and the people.

Cambodia held a parliamentary election on July 28 last year. The official results announced by the Cambodian National Election Commission on September 8 showed that the People’s Party won 68 of the 123 seats in the National Assembly and the National Salvation Party won 55 seats. The new Cambodian parliament was held on September 23, and Hun Sen was re-elected as prime minister in the new government. However, the National Salvation Party refused to accept this result. On the grounds of serious violations of the election, it asked for an independent investigation committee to investigate and boycott and refuse to join the new Congress.

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Yellen will be the first report after the chairman of the Federal Reserve, the policy is concerned

Yellen will be the first to report the policy after being the chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Data Map: New Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen.

China News Service February 11th According to foreign media reports on the 11th, the new Fed Chair Yellen will attend the congressional hearing, respectively, to the US Senate and the House of Representatives to make a semi-annual report of the Federal Reserve, expounding policy stance . This will be the first report since Yellen took office.

On the 11th, Yellen will attend the hearing of the US House of Representatives Financial Services Committee, and on the 13th, she will attend the hearing of the Senate Banking Committee.

In the report, Yellen will make public comments on monetary policy and economic issues for the first time as the chairman of the Federal Reserve. Investors are concerned about whether she will inherit the policies of her predecessor Bernanke, and also hope to find clues about whether Yellen is worried about the turmoil in the US economy and the stock market.

The report said that Yellen might elaborate on the overall message that the Fed will retain all possible options and make decisions based on economic development.

In March, Yellen will host the first Fed meeting since taking office and will hold the first press conference.

Janet &middot, 67, was born in New York. He received his Ph.D. in economics from Yale University in 1971. He taught at the University of California at Berkeley and is a well-respected economist. From 1997 to 1999, he served as Chairman of the US President’s Council of Economic Advisers. In October 2010, he was sworn in as the vice chairman of the Federal Reserve Board.

In October 2013, US President Barack Obama officially nominated Yellen to serve as the Fed chairman after Bernanke stepped down. On January 6 this year, the Yellen nominee was approved by the Senate. On February 3, Yellen was officially sworn in as the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board to take over the · Bernanke became the first female president of the Fed in the 100-year history for a four-year term.

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