Can the flooring industry grasp the coming of the four major opportunities?

In the past 30 years of reform and development, not only has it created a substantial increase in material wealth, but it has also had an extremely important impact on the consumption patterns of Chinese people, bringing huge growth opportunities to the Chinese flooring market.

After more than 20 years of rapid development in China’s flooring industry, after entering 2012, the growth rate has begun to slow down, especially in the residential industry, with a negative growth of around 5% in the first nine months, but commercial real estate is Showing a growth rate of 7%, many flooring brands are really exclaiming the market crisis. At this time, some flooring brands are attacking against the trend, expecting to occupy future growth opportunities.

Many entrepreneurs in China have long been accustomed to follow the trend of growth, lacking the courage and courage to attack against the trend. The floor market of China’s 1.3 billion people is far less than that of the US and Europe. The market for flooring products in the US market is several times larger than that of the Chinese market. The reason is that in addition to the decisive factors of consumers themselves, the construction and consumption of market channels Guiding is also extremely important.

First, the adjustment of the floor consumption structure to create more market opportunities

In recent years, with the rise of consumer groups represented by the 80s, the consumption structure of the entire floor market A radical change is taking place. Personalization, serialization, colorization, and art are about to influence the consumption thinking of this group. They are no longer obsessed with foreign flooring brands, but more value the matching of flooring products with their demand value, combined with the government’s 70/90 policy and the reality of their spending power, small space housing has become the mainstream of society. How to achieve greater personal value in a limited floor space is the focus and key to their pursuit. The recent patriotic enthusiasm is an important opportunity for the national flooring brand to push its own value. Floor brands must boldly speak their own Chinese figure. China is no longer synonymous with low-cost. This, the flooring industry must dare to the clothing industry. Learning, many domestic clothing brands have far more value than imported brands, this is the power of the brand, the new 80-post consumers are willing to pay more attention to the domestic flooring brand, this is the opportunity of the flooring market.

Second, the rise of the national flooring brand forced the foreign brand channel to sink

We are not difficult to find in the market, the previous foreign brands have to lower their body to meet the needs of Chinese consumers . All of this stems from the advancement of domestic flooring brands and even changes the rules of the game. In the past, foreign flooring brands have won red dot awards, and domestic flooring brands are constantly refreshing miracles. It is precisely because of the domestic efforts of flooring brands represented by nature, TATA, etc., it has created the power of sinking foreign flooring brand channels, and also provides consumers with greater benefits.

Third, the huge business opportunities provided by China’s rapid urbanization

China’s urbanization rate is several times that of Western countries. After more than 30 years of hard work, China’s urbanization level has reached More than 50%, but the overall level of urbanization and the developed countries still have a large gap. And this is precisely the opportunity for Chinese flooring brands. The urbanization of China’s vast rural areas bears the brunt of the urbanization of housing. They need a highly cost-effective flooring brand. This is the opportunity for domestic flooring brands. Rural urbanization requires most of the products to be too costly and quality. Reliable, good after-sales service, these elements are often the strength of the domestic flooring brand. Therefore, the flooring brand should seize the opportunity of urbanization and reduce the market opportunities of foreign flooring brands in this range, thus establishing a good reputation and reputation.

Fourth, the rise of China’s DIY market is about to come

The reason why the US market is several times larger than the Chinese flooring market, it is derived from his DIY market, far more developed than China. The root cause is that Chinese consumers still regard flooring products as a durable product rather than a consumable.

With the rise of consumption in the post-80s and post-90s groups, they regard the flooring products more as an opportunity to reflect their self-worth, and begin to incorporate more personal elements into the floor decoration. This will bring more opportunities for the DIY market. At present, China’s floor DIY market is still in its infancy, but it has already shown its vitality and vitality, which is why the fast-moving home improvement is the reason. As long as China’s DIY market reaches half of the US, the overall market size has at least doubled, and this is gradually becoming a reality due to the rise of the post-80s.

Although the Chinese flooring market is affected by the housing control measures, it still maintains a growth trend, but the domestic long-term accustomed to high growth, the slightly lower growth feels the market is affected. With the development of real estate development, whether it is the real estate or the flooring industry, in the next few years, there will be a great opportunity for retaliatory growth, and all this depends on whether the flooring brand can achieve its own brand through disadvantages. The expansion of the channel and the development of the channel, only to find the floor brand of the contrarian opportunity, in order to gain greater market share in the future market retaliatory growth opportunities, thus winning the leading opportunity to win.

Release date: 2015/4/27 9:10:25

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