Can all-aluminum PK solid wood, zero-formaldehyde all-aluminum furniture lead the trend?

All aluminum furniture is zero formaldehyde and has better scalability and strength than wood furniture, but for domestic For the public, the concept of using traditional wooden furniture is still ingrained. Therefore, at this stage, all aluminum furniture manufacturers mostly use wood grain transfer to imitate the appearance of wooden furniture, but all aluminum furniture should not be limited to imitating the appearance of wooden furniture, and should play its own characteristics.

Current status of the home market

From the market point of view, traditional wooden furniture is still the mainstream, and all-aluminum furniture only occupies a small part of the market, there are several reasons. All-aluminum furniture is a new word in the country, and traditional wooden furniture is deeply rooted in the public. There is still a long way to go before the public can accept all-aluminum furniture and choose all-aluminum furniture.

The development of the domestic all-aluminum furniture industry is still in its infancy. The technology is not very mature compared with foreign countries. There are problems such as cumbersome production process and incomplete detail processing. There are also problems with the development route. Many manufacturers’ products use aluminum-like wood furniture, which can not play the characteristics of all-aluminum furniture. All-aluminum furniture should take its own modern, simple road and play its own all-aluminum characteristics.

All-aluminum furniture is made by a series of processes such as extrusion, bending, etc. It also detects the defects of the board through advanced technology. The material consumer does not have to worry, and the current aluminum alloy material can Withstands a high temperature of 200 degrees and has a service life of up to 50 years. At the time of purchase, consumers will be relieved and relieved of too much trouble.

The outlook for all-aluminum homes is considerable

The current areas and products of all-aluminum furniture: civil furniture; education office; sports and medical.

Civil furniture: wardrobe, cabinet, dining table, cabinet, anti-static floor, decoration, bed, wine cabinet, bathroom, coffee table, TV cabinet, bookshelf, aquarium, etc.;

Education office: family student tables and chairs, school tables and chairs, centralized office partitions, desks, large and small conference room tables and chairs, park seats, etc.;

Sports and medical care: crutches, first aid kits, stretchers, wheelchairs, etc. Sun room, all-aluminum house, etc.

All-aluminum furniture has better scalability than traditional furniture. Material determines strength and strength determines availability. Many traditional furniture can’t be done, or the utility is not particularly ideal. All-aluminum furniture can be very competent. Because the furniture is more functional and practical, the advantages of all-aluminum furniture will play a more important role in the future development. obvious.

From the development trend of the whole furniture, the furniture industry will definitely develop towards smart furniture. Or the future furniture industry is the world of smart furniture. Many industries or industries related to building materials and building parts are in the process of drafting and formulating the industry or the industry. The 13th Five-Year Plan, which starts with the industry planning of smart furniture. At the earliest, the preparation is the most complete and the attention is the highest.

All-aluminum PK solid wood, zero formaldehyde wins

Most of the traditional furniture uses wood, which is dominated by all-aluminum furniture in terms of reserves and ease of processing. Secondly, the natural growth of wood and inevitably cause many defects. Such as:

1 natural defects. Such as knots, oblique textures, and defects due to growth stress or natural damage. The part of the branches contained in the trunk or main branch wood is called the knot, and can be divided into dead knots and joints according to the degree of continuous birth; according to the material of the knot, it can be divided into sound knots and decay festivals. The oblique texture of the log is often referred to as a twist, and the sawn timber is called a twill.

2 Defects in biological damage. There are mainly decay, discoloration and insects.

3 Defects caused by drying and machining. Defects such as dry cracking, warping, and slashing damage reduce the value of wood use, and aluminum is produced in blocks that are not inevitable as the wood grows.

The most important point is that all-aluminum furniture has no formaldehyde! The price of solid wood furniture on the market is generally high. Many people are driven by the interests, shoddy, or simply pretending to be advertised as solid wood furniture. But the final consumer bought the furniture of solid wood frame, joinery board, multi-layer board, imitation wood, veneer, and even high-density fiberboard. These synthetic panels use materials such as formaldehyde, benzene, and benzene-based adhesives in the production process. They can remain for 3-15 years, which is extremely harmful to the human body. The release problem is also a difficult problem after people wear them at home.

Because of the different processes, all-aluminum furniture is made of plug-in, welding, screws, etc. It is not used for fixing adhesives, and it is a large extruded material, and it is not used as much as splicing wood. Adhesives don’t have to worry about formaldehyde at all. Then, all aluminum furniture does not use formaldehyde-containing materials at all? The answer is no, some aluminum furniture is glued on the European-style carving treatment. However, the formaldehyde carried in this part is insignificant compared to the artificial board.

In terms of strength, due to the characteristics of aluminum, the strength is much larger than that of wood, completely solving the problem of cracking deformation, adapting to various environmental temperature expansion coefficients is small, with fire, insect proof, long-term blisters do not rot And so on. The wooden furniture is always damaged, the surface is scratched and damaged, the wood paint is peeled off, the paint is broken, and the aluminum alloy material is not easily deformed, and it is durable and non-deformable.

All aluminum homes are not mainstream, but they also account for half of the country.

Because smart furniture involves the Internet, information industry, manufacturing, construction, real estate, home appliances, and other fields, In the 13th Five-Year Plan, there are different strategic positioning and content proposals. The reason why smart furniture is concerned by many industries in the “13th Five-Year Plan” is that this emerging industry is in line with the world development trend and its broad prospect of embracing the Internet; on the other hand, it is the consumption of this emerging industry. Markets and space have been favored by major industries.

From the point of view of mechanical smart furniture, aluminum is light in weight and strong in strength, and the pressure on the machine is smaller. After repeated mechanical activities, the damage may be much smaller than that of wooden furniture. From the point of view of electronic smart furniture, the all-aluminum home has a cavity, which can be better expanded. The process of making smart furniture with wooden furniture is more complicated, and the cost is increased invisibly.

From the current product direction of all-aluminum furniture manufacturers, most manufacturers are transferring all-aluminum furniture wood grain, imitating the appearance of traditional wooden furniture. The author believes that this point can not play the advantages of all-aluminum furniture aluminum, traditional furniture in order to reflect the modern sense of the furniture will add aluminum alloy elements, enhance the modern sense. Why do all-aluminum furniture go back and put it into wooden furniture? Even if the aluminum furniture is not like wooden furniture, it is impossible to have many characteristics of wooden furniture.

Therefore, all-aluminum furniture is not as good as its own characteristics, forming its own furniture concept and design style, and taking its own path. Compared with traditional wooden furniture, all-aluminum furniture has better strength and better performance. The most important point is environmental protection and formaldehyde-free. The national policy of energy conservation and environmental protection is conducive to the development of the all-aluminum furniture industry.

All-aluminum furniture has to break the public’s dependence on wooden furniture, and there is still a long way to go before the public accepts and chooses. All-aluminum furniture is in the same league. The development direction of all-aluminum furniture should not be limited to imitating the shape of traditional wooden furniture. It should play its own characteristics, take its own modern and technological sense, and walk out of its own under the concept of smart furniture. the way.

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