California’s strongest mountain fire continues to wreak havoc: many star homes are destroyed Some people accuse climate change

[Global Network Reporter Zhang Feiyang] The California mountain fire has spread rapidly. At present, 31 people have been killed and 228 people have disappeared. According to a report by CNN on the 12th, many star houses including Miley · Cyrus, Neil · Yang, Gerard · Butler are also in the fire. It was burned.

The famous American actor Gerald &middot, who starred in the movie “Spartan 300 Warriors”; Gerard Butler was burned in the fire at his home in Malibu. He posted a photo of the home burnt on Twitter and thanked the firefighters in the tweet.

(Gerard · Butler Twitter screenshot)

Singer Robin · RobinThicke made a statement on Instagram, thanking firefighters and volunteers who risked their lives to save their homes.

(Robin &middot ;Sic Instagram screenshot)

singer Miley · MileyCyrus said in his tweet that his own “ Family and pets were spared from the fire and thanked the firefighters for their help. In the latter tweet, she also called on people to help those affected by the fire.

(Melly · Sellers Twitter screenshot)

And singer Neil · Yang (NeilYoung) wrote on his official website that he “had lost a home in the previous California fire and now lost another”. And in the article condemned the impact of climate change on the fire.

According to reports, there are currently three mountain fires that are raging in California, Woolseyfire, Hillfire and Campfire. As of Sunday night local time, Woolsey Mountain Fire has killed two people, burned more than 80,000 acres of land and destroyed 179 buildings. The bonfire caused 29 deaths and about 228 people were missing.

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