California limits for volatile organic compounds

The regulations in Southern California are now limiting VOC colorants and requirements for certain specialty coatings. Colorants are an important new focus in updating the VOC limits of SCAQMD.
More stringent emission limits for colorants and specialty coatings have been in force in Southern California. The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD), which stipulates policies in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside County, will begin to implement certain building and industrial maintenance coatings for low VOC limits.

Previously unregulated colorants now have a VOC limit of 50 grams per liter (grams per liter). Although colorants are added at the factory or sold at the construction site without restrictions, the rules stipulate that color can be added at the point of sale, which can increase the VOC content in the final product even when low or zero VOC base coatings are used. The primer, sealant, and VOC limit in the primer layer are kept at 100 g/L and will not be reduced as has been proposed, however, the lower limit is for several professional coatings, including concrete surface retarders, fire retardant coatings. , and glue coating settings. In addition, a larger coating sold at a container ratio of 2 fluid ounces must include a label on the VOC content.
Although the regulation applies only to four Southern California counties, the standard may bring future regulatory change models elsewhere in the United States.

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