By the "drink" era to the era of net water purifier to become a sunrise industry

[ is ] air pollution, water pollution problems have become increasingly severe, people have also begun to pay attention, for people to be able to drink a glass of healthy water is an urgent need.

According to the data indicate that China has nearly 25.5% of people drinking water quality is poor, there are 28 million people are drinking water hardness is high, there are 50 million people are drinking high fluoride water quality. Misplacing chaos industrial wastewater discharge increased problems, serious pollution of natural water and groundwater, leading to unclean drinking water of the population continues to grow, this series has become a problem of the rise of water purifier industry opportunities.

clean water than bottled water is safer

a lot of families with drinking water companies, many of bottled water, bottled water and therefore occupy the mainstream market, the data showed that nearly few years, the bottled water industry’s growth rate of 40% to 50%. However, due to the lower threshold of the bottled water industry needs, there is a lot of flooding the market with fake black bottle of water, resulting in people began to bottled water hygiene and safety concerns.

as well as some bottled water production date, many users continue to be consumed in drinking water than the production date Shihai, a great impact on the body. The user is not using drinking fountains for regular cleaning, which is very likely a large number of residual bacteria harmful substances, even though the water quality of bottled water are no problem, flows through such dirty drinking can also cause secondary pollution, drinking is also bad for your health.

all kinds of problems for bottled water, home appliance industry veterans who are said that “water purifier safer than bottled water.”

to install water purification machines, rest assured security

do not trust tap water to drink, but bottled water and there are health risks, then how are we to do?

Here I recommend using a water purifier, there are many families and businesses are to use the water purifier, and many are based on the lease.


water purifier believe I do not have a detailed explanation, its biggest advantage is to purify water, people drink safe and healthy water.

Low cost

The cost of using the water purifier is more inexpensive than the use of bottled water, the water purifier used by the user will find in the use of bottled water, if all aspects of life, each months down will be spending a small fortune, thePerennial drinking bottled water costs more cost-effective than water purifier.

In addition we mentioned earlier, many users are using the model lease, lease water purifier certainly be cheaper than buying, and when the water purifier problems, rental businesses can immediately come forward to solve, no warranty the term. This is undoubtedly also save a lot of money, a lower cost.

water purifier show explosive growth trend

sales in 2013 to the year 2104 the water treatment industry were 7.2 billion yuan, 12.1 billion yuan, while in 2015 it reached sales 19.2 billion in fast-growing year by year, in which the proportion of drinking continues to decrease, the share of sales ratio is only 10%, so it can be seen domestic water appliance is being used by “drink” Time to “net” era. Our water purifier industry will become a sunrise industry, rapidly growing.

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