Business media join hands with Huaihua to seek a great future in the southwest

In the midst of the wave of business, how do small and medium-sized enterprises with painful points look for breakthroughs in transformation, and take advantage of the situation to turn into a butterfly To achieve brand upgrade?

On the historical node that has risen from the edge of development to the growth pole, how do small and medium-sized cities in the central region seize the opportunity to win the regional economy and take off?

This is a long-awaited exchange, a lively and pragmatic matchup

After the success of the business lecture hall, on October 13th, the business community walked into the Huaihua event to usher in a busy and compact day. .

Zhou Zhonghua, President of Business Media Group, Shi Zehua, Executive Director of Zhengwei Group, a Fortune 500 company, He Shiguang, Vice President of Guangyuyuan Chinese Medicine, and Chi Bin, Chairman of Guofa Holding Group, led by dozens of business leaders A member of the Business Leaders Club and Hunan entrepreneurs visited the Huaihua Economic Development Zone and the High-tech Zone to inspect the enterprises and projects, and interact with the Huaihua political and business community to face-to-face talks, dock the project funds, shape the Huaihua brand, and help attract investment.

Huaihuasu has <;滇黔 portal, & ldquo; all Chu throat, is the economy of the east and the west of China Strategic location for cooperation and exchange. With the development of an important pole in the nuclear triode of Hunan, Huaihua is committed to building a new growth pole that radiates southwest and docks into Chengdu-Chongqing urban agglomeration and the Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail economic belt and Zhang Jihuai’s fine eco-cultural tourism economic belt.

The industry leads the city’s dreams, and it’s arrogant. From the edge of development to the growth zone, Huaihua’s economic development has ushered in a historic strategic opportunity. Known for its transportation and ecology, this city is deeply breathing the city, surging with the investment boom and industrial dreams, and accelerating economic development, but also facing the lag of industrial development, insufficient innovation vitality, weak regional brands and difficulties in transforming private enterprises. .

After careful planning, jointly organized by the Huaihua Municipal Government and the Business Media Group, the business community has entered the Huaihua activities, and local SMEs are eagerly awaiting this new marketing and new thinking. “ Timely rain.

Wulingshan Modern Business Logistics City accelerates forward

Station into the key project of Huaihua Economic Development Zone —— Wulingshan Modern Business Logistics City. The project covers an area of ​​2,500 mu, with a total investment of over 10 billion yuan. It will jointly introduce Alibaba, Chuanhua Logistics and China Yiwu Small Commodity City to jointly build and operate. The project is composed of a comprehensive trading market, a modern logistics park and an e-commerce trading base.

On the project site, the tower is towering, and the excavator has a long arm and a hot scene. In the future, the international trade landmark park in the western region will be built here to enhance the economic radiation and the agglomeration of Huaihua’s 21 million people in the surrounding areas of the five provinces.

Many entrepreneurs in the delegation have expressed interest and investment intentions for the location advantages, industrial planning, and future prospects presented by the Trade City. They said that they will further investigate and negotiate and determine the investment direction.

Huaihua High-tech Zone Enters Qianyiyuan

Huaihua High-tech Zone is a cluster of high-tech industries in southwestern Hunan and Wulingshan District. The industrial cluster led by biomedicine, deep processing of agricultural products and modern equipment manufacturing has taken initial shape. At present, it is striving to create a national high-tech zone and enter the 100 billion park.

The second stop of the Business Leaders Club went to the Huaihua High-tech Zone for a field trip and visited Zhengqing Pharmaceutical, a national key leading enterprise in Huaihua Agricultural Industrialization. He learned about Zhengqing Fengtongning, Yuxingcao Injection and Ganoderma Lucidum. The leading products of Zhengqing, such as oral liquid, watched the advanced Zhengqing synthetic agent production line and strict standardized production process in the monitoring room.

Another high-tech company, Juntai New Materials Technology’s control hall is busy, the company through the transformation of the production of textile cellulose, from the previous few years, “mud monsters are becoming the industry leader. Shi Weihua, executive director of Zhengwei Group, He Shiguang, vice president of Guangyuyuan Chinese Medicine, and other business people, exchanged information with enterprises from time to time.

The Economic Development Zone and the High-tech Zone are important targets for promoting the economic development of Huaihua. Through field visits, entrepreneurs have further felt the investment environment and industrial direction of Huaihua.

Economic and trade talks between Huaihua and the business community to establish deep and long-term cooperation

That afternoon, “ The business big coffee went into the Huaihua exchange and docking symposium held in the conference room of the Huaihua Municipal Government Standing Committee. Zhao Yingyun, deputy secretary of the Huaihua Municipal Party Committee and mayor, attended the meeting with the responsible persons of the relevant functional departments and the principals and enterprises of the county and city governments, Huaihua High-tech Zone and Huaihua Economic Development Zone.

Mayor Zhao first introduced the main advantages of Huaihua. Huaihua Qingshan green water, outstanding ecological advantages, obvious transportation advantages, rich and colorful culture, not only can breathe deeply, but also a place to rely on feelings to realize their dreams. At present, Huaihua is positioned as a “two-zone” in Hunan, with strategic resources, strategic opportunities and strategic grasp. This piece of hot land has great potential for development and can play a major role in the long-term goal.

Mayor Zhao also said that the entrepreneurs who came to visit this time are an important force to promote the development of Huaihua in the future. Business entrepreneurs are very welcome to invest in Huaihua, and to form specific cooperation projects and opportunities. The Huaihua Municipal Government will adhere to a pragmatic and efficient attitude and closely connect to create a good investment for entrepreneurs.Environment, cooperation and win-win.

Subsequently, business and business people communicated frankly at the meeting. He Shiguang, vice president of Guangyuyuan Chinese Medicine, said that this trip made him feel a lot. Huaihua is an important producer of Chinese herbal medicines such as Fuxi. He proposed the idea of ​​building a flagship national medical museum in Huaihua, excavating local Chinese herbal medicine resources, and training Chinese medicine practitioners to form a traditional Chinese medicine sect to inherit the benefits of public health.

Zhou Zhonghua, President of the Business Media Group, introduced the way of business development. “Use life to do content,” “There is a business world where there is a businessman.” In the past 23 years, the most important time for the business community has been to pay attention to the development of China’s SMEs. In the process, many platforms have been set up, and many resources have been gathered to help and support a batch of Chinese SMEs from the local to the country. At present, the business media is moving from a media company to a platform company with media attributes to serve entrepreneurs from three dimensions: information, resources and capital. In this Huaihua, the business media will use its own large platform resources and channels to help promote the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Chi Bin, Chairman of Hongda Group and Chairman of Guofa Holding Group, said in his speech that Guofa’s main investment areas include education, ecological agriculture, bio-environmental protection, industrial real estate, internet and high-tech. Create an influential ecosystem model of the entire industry chain. As a Hunan entrepreneur, he is confident to cooperate in Huaihua to select quality projects.

Shi Weihua, executive director of Zhengwei Group, put forward a constructive opinion with high gold content on the industrial chain building, strengthening the complementarity of the industrial chain, introducing financial leverage, counseling funds, docking the international and domestic markets, and improving the development level of Huaihua. .

Subsequently, the executive director of the Hunan Association of Foreign Chambers of Commerce and the chairman of Xianglian Holdings, He Guohui, and other entrepreneurs elaborated their investment intentions at the meeting and exchanged ideas with the project units.

“To use more advanced concepts to do a good job in attracting investment, the next step in the city is to carry out in-depth docking, form a practical and institutional cooperation mechanism with the business media, create a new model, and open up a new situation. Mayor Zhao Yingyun said that the scale and form of investment promotion is rare in Huaihua. It is expected that the business community will further develop its advantages in large-scale platforms and cooperate with Huaihua in all aspects to promote regional economic development.

Feeling the wisdom of the big coffee

On the evening of the 13th, the Huaihua entrepreneurs who are still trying to do so, invited the president of the business media Zhou Zhonghua, the executive director of Zhengwei Group, Shi Zehua, and the chairman of Guofa Holdings Chi Bin and other big coffees conducted face-to-face discussions and answered questions for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

“The company’s output value is over 100 million. How to establish the next strategy, whether to enter the capital market? In the past two years of rapid development, product sales are now growing slowly, and the marketing model is going to change? “The subsidiaries are developing rapidly, how is the enterprise structure set up?

Huaihua private entrepreneurs facing difficulties in transformation and upgrading have thrown out One by one. As a commercial combatant and strategist, Shi Zehua and Zhou Zhonghua gave high-quality answers from the aspects of equity reform, marketing model, program design, sales model, and strategic thinking, and expressed their willingness to help some enterprises.

The exchange continued until nearly 12 o’clock, and Huaihua entrepreneurs still refused to leave. “The reminder of Shi Zonghe and Zhou Zong, for us to raise the top, to open the fog for the future direction of the company. I certainly can’t sleep tonight. The person in charge of Tengsheng Camellia Oil is very excited.

Guo Hua, director of the Enterprise Management Data Analysis Office of the Big Data Collaborative Innovation Center of Southern University, praised the business wisdom of the big coffees. “The history and the total share of Zhou’s share, full of dry goods, unique and brilliant, this How much money is spent in any classroom, which also highlights the support of the business media for Huaihua SMEs.

On the 14th, the business big business line ended happily in the beautiful reunion of the unique Lijiang River. This behavior will continue in the Huaihua business community to bring new thinking, new models, new trends. The business media will continue to pay attention to Huaihua, build an interconnected platform, gather more business intelligence, resources, and industrial funds, join hands with the southwest to grow new poles, and seek common development.

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