Business is war water purification agents not to win strategic thinking

[ is ] “strategic thinking seek overall, dialectical thinking worries difficult to systems thinking cohesion to the bottom line of thinking borders, innovative thinking and increase vitality,” Art of War says, “Ming Xiu large, stealing a march “, more surprise move. These strategic thinking, business plan hinges on the road, for the who is undoubtedly worth learning, doing business as if to fight, not to win, is the best policy. Down of the market advantage over your competitors, then why not, this should be the water purification agents of choice for the development of strategic policy. Is to go the high road, high road or the low road, water purification agents were first on the industry to do a thoroughly understand after, then go to the selected brands.

As we all know, compared to Western Europe and developed countries, China’s water industry started late, but in 2016 the domestic water purification industry has made development a “blowout” type, water purification popular rise in the domestic industry, many of my friends have seen the dividends water industry, and I want to get involved grab a piece of the United States. But faced with the vagaries of the shopping mall, there are a lot of people hesitate, not to act rashly, also do not know the water industry in 2017 was not a good choice.

exactly 2017 entry in water purification agent is not a get rich carve machine do? Choose to invest in 2017 to be sure, can not lose. Of course, that’s not lose, to see if you feel thoroughly this huge water purification market, to see whether this is still in the early stages of development but riddled with industry, whether a clear understanding of industry trends, are clear to serve as the fundamental nature of how drastic if awakened from a plan to break, something about that water purification agents, and today just like to share some.

1, how the water purifier market prospects proxy

how the market prospects of water purifiers? Water industry over the next decade, is a value of over 50,000 million gold, Europe and Japan and South Korea have more than 80% penetration rate, China developed areas north of Guangzhou less than 10% year on year in 2016, domestic demand in 2017 will rise 37%, we can see, water purification agent market prospects are very spectacular.

2, water purification agents how to profit

water purifier industry is a service-oriented business vertical development, with regard to manufacturers, agentsThe best choice for business accessories, supplies, machine manufacturers have their own production, so that in case of quality assurance to keep costs to a minimum, in the same configuration, the company’s products is definitely lower than those who are not their own production outsourcing accessories . At the same time with their own complete production line, we are able to ensure that their agents get real prices, the only way to reach a very large profit margins.

3, water purification agents how much money to invest

can see the current channel water purification industry investment model is divided into municipalities, provincial capitals, prefecture-level cities, county and township market area, and most of them are regional exclusive system, based on the size of the investment to be Acting regional.

4. There are no geographical restrictions proxy

water purification agents are no restrictions, as long as you want.

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