British police chasing suspects, two bicycle passersby were killed and killed

British police chasing suspects and two bicycle passers-by are killed and killed

China Net February 16th According to the British “Guardian” website reported on February 14, during the police pursuit, two innocent riders were killed by vehicles driven by suspects . The two victims were the father of a five-year-old Chris and the father of two children John · Morand. They died in the violent impact of the black BMW convertible. Witnesses at the scene said that the BMW had turned around in a collision. At present, the driver has been arrested. A friend of Chris said: “He is really a good person, everyone wants to have a friend like him. ”

The police said that the two deceased were from Telhurst and Reading, not far from Parry. Although the Perry of the Thames was also severely affected by the floods, the two bikers were on the mountain where they were not affected by the flood. The police said in the statement: “The police have realized that a black BMW convertible is related to the incident. The BMW traveled on the A329 road and then collided with two riders. & rdquo; It also added: “At the time, the police car in the vicinity did not collide with any vehicles. ” The 31-year-old BMW driver was slightly injured and was taken to the hospital. At present, he has recovered and is discharged from the hospital, but he has been arrested and detained by the police for his death from dangerous driving. The A329 section of the road was blocked overnight because the police needed to check the crime scene. Due to a fatal incident in police operations, the case has been submitted to the Independent Police Complaints Commission in accordance with procedures. Thames Police Assistant Director Richard · Bennett said: “Our investigation is still in progress and it is difficult to give further explanation. ”

Chris’s 30-year-old friend Aidan · Clayton said: “Chris often said that he would die under his bicycle, and this is his love for bicycles! No one of his family and friends can imagine that he would leave in the way he expected. We will miss him and miss him often. We will talk about him often, and the memories with him will often come to our minds. Everyone wants to have such a friend. “Morland’s mother-in-law Jenny identified a bunch of red and white flowers at the scene.” She told the Associated Press: “My daughter and children are very sad.” ”

A nearby resident said that he saw a flash outside the house and then saw two bodies on the side of the road. He said: “I heard that the police were hunting. The car rolled over and then stopped outside. I didn’t do anything because the police were already there. ” Parish Chairman Rick · Jones said: “Reading is nearby, like this area, there are often car crimes. I know that cars are stolen and the police are chasing them. The road to the incident was to allow the car to drive fast. It is shocking to have such a thing happen. This should be a very quiet village. ” A spokesperson for the Independent Police Complaints Commission said: “We have sent people to the scene to investigate, and we are now evaluating. Our people are investigating the environment at the time and will determine the extent to which the Independent Police Complaints Commission is involved. & rdquo; (Internship Compilation: Wang Lei)

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