Breaking the traditional pension model Red Rui Lebang leads the new trend of innovation and pension

According to data from the Ministry of Civil Affairs, as of the end of 2016, there were 230 million elderly people aged 60 and over in the country, accounting for 16.7% of the total population. Among them, 150 million people aged 65 and over, accounting for 10.8% of the total population. China has now entered an era of highly concentrated population ageing. How to make the elderly have a peaceful old age has become a topic that the state and society pay more attention to. As the leader of China’s health industry, Hongrui Group actively responds to the national policy, and adheres to the principle of “sincerely keeping the good, recycling love and trust”, and strives to exert its unique advantages, promote the health project for all, and strive to create a new model of old-age care. , constantly for the construction of “Healthy China to help refuel, has been highly recognized by the community.

In 2013, the State Council executive meeting called for strengthening the capacity building of aged care services; stratifying and providing old-age services; and innovative aged care services Mode; effectively strengthen rural old-age services; promote the development of medical integration, and explore a new model of cooperation between medical institutions and old-age institutions.

In order to implement a series of national health pension policies, Hongrui Group has broken the traditional pension model and made full use of it. With its own advantages and resources, it has gradually established a three-in-one service platform for community health service centers, chain health pharmacies, and community care service centers to provide a comfortable and elderly environment for the elderly.

“Old and old, as a company dedicated to the health of middle-aged and elderly people, since its establishment more than ten years ago, Hongrui Group has continuously explored and innovated, from the life course of the middle-aged and elderly people, daily life. Habits, the specific situation of the body to think about problems, the establishment of a diversified service approach, while providing quality services for the middle-aged and elderly people, but also brought a series of pollution-free green health products to protect the physical and mental health of the middle-aged and elderly population.

As the population ages, the World Health Organization proposes new standards for the division of middle-aged and older people. The standard refers to people under the age of 44 as young people, and 45 and above are collectively referred to as middle-aged and elderly people. Among the people who are entering middle-aged and older people, the material life of most people has been basically satisfied, so they pay more attention to their own physical health and the fulfillment and satisfaction of spiritual life. While paying attention to the health of middle-aged and elderly people, Hongrui Group has also turned its attention to the spiritual construction of middle-aged and elderly people, introduced high-end equipment and professional talents from countries with developed old-age industries, and formally proposed an innovative model of combining medical care and investment. Hongrui Yiyang Pension Service Center.

In order to enrich the entertainment and cultural activities of the elderly in the old-age care institutions, Hongrui Group also combines the interests of the elderly and In the physical condition of the elderly, a series of entertainment items such as chess room and finger exercises are set up inside the service center for the elderly to entertain; in order to allow the elderly to enjoy a balanced nutritional mix, in the daily diet, Hongrui Group also targets The nutritional diet of the elderly group has hired a number of nutritionists to develop appropriate health recipes for the elderly. According to the preferences of the elderly, the nutrients needed by the elderly can be reasonably matched to make the elderly safe and healthy.

In addition to full service in food health and spiritual construction, Hongrui Group also actively responds to the state “medical” The combination of raising the call, in-depth understanding and taking into account the medical problems of the elderly, specifically for the Yiyang old-age service center to seek cooperation with the hospitals to protect the health of the elderly and ensure the safety of the elderly. It is understood that Hongrui Yiyang Pension Service Center has cooperated with Jiulongpo District People’s Hospital, Chongqing Yuxi Hospital, Yangjiaping Street Community Health Service Center (Zhujiang Hospital) and other hospitals.

In the future, Hongrui will thoroughly implement the policy of combining medical care and keeping up with the pace of the party and the country. Accelerate the construction of medical integration, organically integrate the old-age care institutions and medical institutions, and promote the steady development of a healthy and aging society, so that the new innovative pension model will bloom throughout the country.

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