Bread lights on display at Tokyo Design Week

A neat design that caught our eye at Tokyo Design Week. The bakery Pampshade uses bread as a lampshade combination – a bread light. It all started in 2006, when Morita Yukiko (Yukiko Morita), a teenage young man, has a part-time job at a bakery. It was there that she discovered the passion of her bread and yeast.

She said: “I love bread.” The bread is lovely, I want to show it in my room and stare at it. Morita studied at the Art School in 2008, but after she graduated, she once again began to pay attention to her efforts at Pampshade. Now, at Tokyo Design Week, she exhibited a series of lights made of bread and then covered with a layer of resin. Ingredients for her creation, Morita said: “bread flour, salt, yeast, LED, battery” and some other secret ingredients, she will not share.

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