Brazil’s Grand Lapa site completed

The Da Lapa site in Brazil has been completed and covers an area of ​​approximately 7,000 square meters. This site includes a shopping center, an educational and cultural protection agency, a greening plaza and a historic building ruins of the city ( Big Lapa Electric Car Factory). These building blocks come together to contain everything from the past, the present and the humanities, as if they are about the relationship between humans, history and society.

The construction of Miguel Dell has a clear structure with two expanded tree covers. A newly added shrub: the interior of the project itself, running along a wide platform, and other promenades parallel to the railway. Pedestrians’ existing flows are incorporated into the reorganization: the railway line to the entrance to the boulevard, the station and market, and the other to the square.
Local plans and programs are not uniform in terrain, and the user attendance environment is located in the lower and upper operating environments.蜿蜒 Curved walls, both retaining and utilizing existing trees, create an exclusive operating department with a bare courtyard.
Internally, special attention is paid to lighting and comfort. Regarding the two platforms, we chose the diffuse reflection and indirect use of natural light. The horizontal moving plate allows the sun to illuminate the square and the vertical structure is metal. The arched structure of light metal looks more space-like and the forces below are more even.

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