Brazil Dunas Arena officially completed

In 2014, the “Olympic Stadium” in Brazil has just completed, covering an area of ​​about 42,000 square meters. The design of the arena is extremely special. The walls and the roof are integrated. The 20 petal-like building modules are integrated into one. The semi-circle replaces the roof and the wall. From the height, it is high and low, and it looks like a sand dune. This design allows the arena to be ventilated smoothly.

The roof and walls of this unique petal module are constructed of steel trusses and the outer layer is covered with aluminum. Insulation and sound insulation. Inside, they are coated with a layer of PVC pre-stressed film. The part incorporates a translucent polycarbonate that transmits light.
The Arena’s Command and Control Center security team is able to monitor the facial recognition capabilities of images recorded by cameras on the exterior and interior areas of the ground 200. The integration of the PA system with the stadium’s two 64-square-meter screens allows the information and game statistics to be clearly displayed to the crowd. The lighting system on the stage uses 306 floodlights, uniform, consistent visibility, shadow elimination and easy-to-use Full HD TV broadcasting technology.
There are four types of seats, different from the depths of the blue depth: the general public, hospitality, VIP and administrative VIP. In addition, 521 seats are reserved for the disabled. The arena can access the floors through the elevator.
The roof in this area is also designed to collect rainwater. The water collected in the sink is directed to the nine reservoirs. Therefore, 3000 cubic meters of water can be caught to meet toilet flushing and watering.
Fans watch the games and events at the stadium and will notice the comfort and safety of the new standards. There are a total of 21 entrance ramps reaching each of the four stadiums, except that the elevators are directly connected to the indoor parking lot. The stadium also has four lounges for 1,000 people, 25 food and beverage kiosks, and 30 restrooms.

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