BRACE/AGENT workshop examines cybersecurity for businesses

On Wednesday, Sept. 10, the city of Cypress held a joint BRACE and AGENT Program workshop at the Cypress Community Center. The event featured an in depth discussion of cybersecurity and how to protect business accounts and assets from cybercriminals. The keynote speakers were Jim Vaughn from iDiscovery Solutions and Gordon Calhoun, a partner with the law firm of Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard and Smith. The Small Business Administration (SBA) partnered with the city of Cypress to sponsor the workshop and Sylvia Gutierrez with the SBA acted as the moderator for the discussion.The city’s BRACE Program promotes the principals of Business Retention, Attraction, Creation and Expansion for Cypress’ larger businesses. The AGENT Program, which stands for Assist, Grow, Educate, Network and Thrive, provides support for the City’s medium sized companies and businesses. The workshop provided both business groups with valuable information concerning the tools and methods available to effectively safeguard sensitive digital information and to respond to data breaches.For additional information regarding the BRACE and AGENT Programs and other City services for the business community, or for information on how to relocate your business to the City of Cypress, please contact Cypress Redevelopment Project Manager Steve Clarke at 714-229-6728.

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