Belfort Furniture Company donates seedlings

Belfort Furniture purchased 35,000 seedlings and donated it to schools in Virginia. Since the establishment of the Virginia Department of Forestry in 2007, Belfort Furniture has been supporting the work of the Forestry Department and actively participating in the greening and environmental protection business. Over the years, Belfort Furniture has donated a total of 265,000 seedlings to Virginia schools and other public sectors to help clean the air, protect our rivers and improve the quality of life for all Virginians.
Senior forest protector Terry said: “Belfort Furniture is deeply concerned about the environment and is a role model for other companies. The company donated a tree seedling, and the trees that were lost every year were returned to the tree. Trees absorb carbon dioxide, reduce air pollution, and block the sun in summer. ”
Michael &middot, President and CEO of Belfort Furniture, said: “Belfort Furniture is proud to work with the Virginia Department of Forestry to plant trees, which we give back to the community.” Every kind of tree can reduce carbon dioxide, reduce air pollution, and protect our homes. ”

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