Before the virtual fire of “shared home” is blown up, I will pour cold water first.

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I think the bubble of the sharing economy has broken down. I didn’t expect to have signs of burning in the home field recently. Recently, there has been a shared home business “to get a nearly ten million dollar financing from the Real Estate Fund and Qingliu Capital. Prior to this, similar to its model, “I announced at home that I have received more than 100 million A2 rounds of financing, including many well-known investment institutions today, capital, Jinshajiang Venture Capital and other institutions have come to bet.

Congratulations on financing and receiving new models, we should also reflect on whether this business model can be continuously verified. The logic of this business model is based on building a house and buying furniture. People’s affairs, dazzling SKUs, complex processes, poor experience, and long-term deep in the high price of the pit, long-term users suffer and suffer, so through the behavior of the door to graft the consumer scene, thus reaching a deal.

For example, User A bought a set of sofas on a shared home platform and expressed his willingness to share it on the platform for other users to experience. User B also wants to buy a set of the same model as User A. The sofa can be reserved for the user A home experience. After the experience, the user B confirms the order, and the user A can get a 5% commission. Of course, the material of the story has the product cost performance brought by the supply chain advantage.

If this business model is operational, you need to ponder two questions: First, why should I open the door to a stranger? Second, why should I enter a stranger’s door? Is the question of trust. If you don’t have strong management and strong trust base, it’s not as simple as saving some money or earning 5 points commission.

For furniture brands, the shared home platform is counted as a new channel. The profit margin of the platform lies in the fact that the bargaining power of upstream supply chain manufacturers and the increase in price are sold to consumers. Just a little bit out. Even so, the final net profit is still very thin, because the platform needs to bear the operating costs, after the layer of cost deduction, there is very little left.

Moreover, one question that needs to be considered is how big it can be in the future. It is hard to say that from the operational data that all parties have learned, this market is obviously not so optimistic. At the previous event, my founder Zhao Qiming said that the current sales business has covered 161 cities, and 21 cities including Nanjing, Wuhan, Beijing, Hangzhou and Xiamen have opened the services of living families. In 2017, the platform completed 28 million yuan. The amount of the transaction. “My family claims to have a single-month GMV of 14 million and a customer price of 20,000. The amount of the company corresponding to this data is still limited. When the platform is small and there is an attempt to squeeze the upstream, it cannot bring actual supply to the supply chain. Revenue, then the interest of the partner will inevitably disappear.

However, in addition to a single C-side family scene, the value of public spaces (eg, hotel lobby, airport, cafe, etc.) is clearly higher than that of C-side users, so you can start from this aspect. But it is not so easy to move on.

To some extent, the retail business of furniture has little to do with policy, but grafting consumer trust and openness, especially business models involving privacy, will face several major market tests, capital investment After this project, I have to bite my teeth to express my approval, and I have to brag about these projects. As an ordinary consumer, you can also ask yourself how high the acceptance of similar models is. The bubble of sharing economy is Many industries have been broken. Is it the turn to share the home industry this time? I will assume that this is a virtual fire, first pour a cold water to destroy it.

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