Beach House on the Mediterranean Coast

In the Mediterranean coast of Alicante, Spain, LauraOrtín Architecture has designed a new space for the top of a typical original beachfront villa in the area. They took a unique approach and created a prominent modern facade that stood out from the block.

The sloping light blue roof line extends to the sky.

Some new designs include a terrace on one side of the house and a loft that leads to the roof terrace on the other side.

Inside, they chose affordable materials to reduce costs, so the surface is quite simple. Unprocessed plywood covers the upper wall and attic space, while the main floor uses white lacquer. The terrazzo floor adds texture and decorative elements to the interior.

The upper part of the structure is offset, so the view of the attic can be guaranteed.

The bedroom is kept to a minimum and spends most of the time on the terrace.

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