Bathroom wall decoration

   Blue is the popular color of home decoration, often used in the bathroom, because it is the symbol of water. In addition, blue is a very calm and relaxing color, and the bathroom is the first place to be used. I’m sure everyone will see a lot of blue in the bathroom. If you want to add blue at home, here are some inspirations for you.

  Wall decoration is the first place to add fun to the space, as is the bathroom. First, make sure you want the blue color – the sea blue is more classic and suitable for any style, but some people think it is a bit dark. A touch of light blue tones creates a relaxed feel and is especially cool for coastal windy bathrooms. Bright turquoise and blue accents make the space more vivid. If you want a bathroom that changes more, you might prefer Midnight Blue. Walls can be decorated with tiles, wallpapers and various panels, everything here depends on the style and look you want. But be careful not to overdo it – you don’t need to use walls of the same color and material. Do a focal wall or a shower or a sink wall with this feature.

  ▲ The blue panel on the sink wall adds a sophisticated, stylish look that looks very modern and cool

  ▲ Matte midnight blue wall and white glossy tile wall create a bold contrast

  ▲ The blue tile wall in the shower area is a stylish This way, you can highlight your home’s shower area

  ▲ The matte sea blue panel on the sink wall brings a bold and masculine feel to this modern bathroom

  ▲ Gorgeous matte midnight blue tiled wall and matching sink create a stylish look

  ▲ Fantastic large glossy veneer tiles form an expression in the bathtub area, creating a Moroccan style

  ▲ Gorgeous blue agate wallpaper, adding to the bathroom or dressing room Trends, creating a bold look

  ▲ Light blue wood veneer and matching painted walls, suitable for rustic bathrooms

  ▲ Light blue on the wall Bricks and matching wire stools with white to create a relaxed atmosphere

  ▲ Square navy blue tiles and white grout highlighting the alcove shower space

  ▲ Light blue walls and cream-coloured tiles decorate to create a subtle and refined look

  ▲ Wall Light blue tiles accented with mirrors and hanging bathroom cabinets

  furniture and bathroom collocation

  if you don’t want to make a fundamental Change, try the look and blue bathroom cabinet you want – you can even DIY one, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money, when you are tired, just change a little. Highlight brass, silver or copper to make it look more elegant. Blue baths and sinks are also popular, provided you like it, but don’t use it in front of the blue wall – it looks boring.

  ▲ Blue bathroom cabinets and brass fixtures create a chic and refined feel in the bathroom

 &emsp ▲ A blue bathroom cabinet with basket and a marble countertop for the coastal farmhouse bathroom

  ▲ light blue walls and silver turquoise bathtub, Your bathroom brings a chic and striking appearance

  ▲ Blue bathroom cabinet with molding and brass fixtures to add color to the space

  ▲ Powder blue double-decker bathroom cabinet, silver touch, creating a romantic seaside atmosphere in the bathroom

  ▲ Green The turquoise glass sink and matching bathroom cabinets and tiled shower wall are a good color expression

  ▲ Large modern light blue triple bathroom cabinet with silver Handle and large mirror for coastal style

  ▲ Sea blue geometric bathroom cabinet with copper elements is a bold idea for modern or art deco bathrooms

  ▲ matte side Tiffany blue sink is a good choice

  ▲ The blue bathroom cabinet with brass is the stylish choice for any bathroom, adding brass fixtures to match it

  ▲ Chic sea blue bathroom vanity with ring-shaped brass adds an elegant feel to the bathroom

 &emsp ;▲ Retro light blue lion claw bathtub can be the basis of a refined bathroom

  ▲ The chic geometric navy blue bathroom cabinet feels great with brass.
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