Concrete Home Design created an innovative light

Concrete Home Design created an innovative light. Ideeal chandeliers and table lamps explore the unique characteristics of concrete, making them look chic and stylish. The simple design is modern industrial with clean lines and smooth corners.
Concrete can be lightweight, although this seems unusual. In addition, it can look very light if shaped in a specific way. The Andes lights have a smooth and refined design that makes them create a sense of weightlessness.
Small and versatile, the Nomad table lamp combines the strength of concrete with the exquisite beauty of antique Edison bulbs. The result is a warm and very pleasant accessory that looks great on the desk and bedside table.
This light has a sturdy and compact concrete base shaped like a cube that uses an old Edison bulb as illumination. This is a handmade product, which means that each one is different and unique and has its own flaws.

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List of furniture at the 2016 Cologne International Furniture Fair

Nina ChoThe curved chair looks like a classic of the future. Large pieces of purple felt are very subtle, like petals or leaves gently falling on the basic elements of a smooth triangle.

Marcus MarschallBenderBar high stools are designed to save resources and are easy to produce. Berlin’s industrial-style seating brings an avant-garde modern style to the high stools.

InterfaceThe table uses corrugated fiberglass to emphasize this light translucent material in an unusual way. The corresponding woodcarving tray on the table provides a portable surface for the cup and teapot, and the adjacent corrugated surface provides an ideal space for books, keys and mobile phones.

Now is the Royal College of Art in London.
Lena Plaschke
Work ShiftCreates a simple and clean space for standing work. The vertical desk has adjustable plexiglass lights to give you plenty of illumination.

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Villiers offers a bunch of exquisite but also casual and informal floor lamps

Villiers offers a bunch of exquisite but also casual and informal floor lamps, such as this one. The design is based on form contrast, material, structure, and even color, and the lamp is designed to meet a large number of settings. Decor and space type.
Wood and metal have complementary properties, and the quality of both materials is emphasized by Deuce floor lamps, bringing elegance and versatility. The design combines metal, wood veneer and fabric. The cylindrical lampshade of the Snowdrop lamp is much larger than the circular base and has a symmetrical and balanced appearance. The base of the lamp is made of wood.
Feather is a unique floor lamp that is so special and unusual. The lights are decorated with exotic lighting and come in a variety of interesting colors.

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Furniture house on wheels

Ochre Barnis a farmhouse-style holiday home,Carl Turnercreated for yourself and his friends. The furniture in the home is made of oriented strand board, and a particularly interesting one is a daybed. This is a piece of furniture that can be placed in different places where users can sit and enjoy the scenery, the sun or chat with others. The installation of the wheel turns this piece into a moving piece of furniture.

Play PlayCollection is De Steyl And RRThe studio cooperated to launch. It includes storage cabinets, wardrobes, and some with wheels. They all offer different storage solutions and attractive colorful designs. Their design is inspired by the traditional painting techniques of South Africa. Due to their uniqueness, these works can be adapted to a variety of decorations and styles.

The bed is a large piece of furniture that takes up a lot of space. Due to the shape, the bed is difficult to move to different locations, which limits the possibilities of our interior design. If the bed has wheels, things will be much simpler. But finding such furniture in the store is not easy, so you can DIY yourself.

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Scandinavian living room country style decoration

Do you have a rustic decor, one or two pieces of rustic wood furniture is a great way to stay neutral. You can buy a piece of furniture, even DIYone, it will definitely complement your Scandinavian Navia decoration.

Gallery Wall It is a clear Scandinavian decoration. Choose photos or prints in black, white, and neutral tones. Add one or two gold-plated frames and you will create a great gallery wall.
If you like to change photos, I suggest you use a photo ledge instead of a gallery wall. This allows you to easily replace the photo frame and even add dishes and plants.
When you want to build a Scandinavian living room, you can never have too many pillows. Choose gray, black and white, you can have any pattern to grab your eye.

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360 degree apartment in Brazil

São Paulo, Brazil360 ̊The apartment belongs to a lawyer who hires an architectDiegoRevolloRepair layout and redesign yourself Like the space. The biggest renovation was in the kitchen, where Italian tiles not only covered the floor but also extended to the walls and ceiling.

The kitchen is partially opened to the main living area, making the space appear bigger and brighter. Gray shades appear throughout the room, with warm wood and metal, and a variety of textures.
Revollodesigned Chinese-style cabinets Hanging between the kitchen and the dining room. It acts as a display case for light to pass through.
The balcony is added and designed as an extension of the living room, no need Change the look of the building.
The balcony floor uses the same tiles as the kitchen, connecting the space together .

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Modern house made up of two concrete structures

Close to 10,000 square feet, this Israeli house is made up of two concrete rectangular structures with a “T” form. The house was designed by de Lange studio and is surrounded by lush greenery. The landscape plays a key role in the design, helping to connect the interior and exterior.
The project uses minimalist design and materials, including natural stone, exposed concrete and aluminum, for interior and exterior use. The homeowner is an avid art collector, so the interior materials and colors remain simple, making art a focal point.
Large natural slate with concrete slabs and white walls for a clean contemporary look. The architectural details of the home are black, helping to create a cohesive design element. The layout is divided into two sections, one for public areas (entrance, living room, dining room, and kitchen area) and one for private residences and offices. The private area has a lower ceiling for a more comfortable feel, while the public area has a greater proportion of height and width.

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Minimalist residence in Montreal, Canada

IN 2 is a minimalist home located in Montreal, Canada. Customers love contemporary art, drama, music and dance, as well as digital art, video and installations. Therefore, the architect wanted to create a home building installation by incorporating an innovative experiment.
Architects created a combination of visual breakthroughs and sharp contrasts to create tension and scale in space. As the architects describe, black and white produce optical oscillations between reality and abstraction.
The resulting graphical environment creates a participatory and fun experience that softens the icy and contemporary architecture. The space was replaced by beautiful illusion effects, making customers very happy.

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A loft in the Los Angeles art district has been refurbished

Marmol Radziner recently refurbished a 2,000 square foot warehouse loft in the Los Angeles City Arts District. The homeowner hopes that this is a single apartment that is both simple and sophisticated, where he can entertain guests and the result is a spacious home with comfortable grey and black tones. The layout was reorganized to create four new spaces by removing unnecessary walls. The living room was raised and covered with a gray oak herringbone floor. The rest of the attic retains the original original concrete floor.
Two antique lounge chairs, a bench, an ottoman and a large sofa create a comfortable living room. The restaurant has a large black walnut wood table with a steel base and a black leather chair. The kitchen is equipped with a custom black cabinet to help define a new open layout. The back panel behind the sink contrasts with the white subway tiles.

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New works by Milan Design Week 2017

Sabine Marcelis and Danish tile maker Made a Mano brought the table made of glazed lava, which seems to float above a glass structure.
The American-born London jeweler Jacqueline Rabun designed the Trinity of Boxes, three egg-shaped containers made of sturdy brass.
Rising Sun is a product of the collaboration between the architect Isabelle Stanislas and the copper cookware brand Mauviel. This piece combines the ancient rituals of the Japanese tea ceremony with the essential service carts of the 1970s.
The Wabi-Sabi tea kit was designed by the Italian designer Pietro Russo and is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass.

This design is designed to help you break the habit. AirplaneMode Vessel is designed by San Francisco creative agency Branch and California studio Concrete Works to provide a signal barrier for your phone to cover its voice.
Worshipful wardrobes bring the status of clothes and accessories to the level of museum exhibits, celebrating the ritual of wearing clothes every morning. Its design is inspired by the British Fauvism Church.
London furniture and product designer Karen Chekerdjian used a square, a triangle and a circle to create a table inspired by Zen Sengai’s cosmic painting.

Each church needs a baptismal plate, designed by TinoSeubert, hand-carved with solid wood.

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