Mexican holiday villa

This holiday villa in Tulum, Mexico belongs to a New York fashion designer and consists of three independent studios. Studio ArquitectosDesign, every corner of the villa has unexpected surprises. Through a combination of texture and color, the interior is filled with a tropical feel.

“T”forms appear in various parts of the design——The shape of the whole villa is one“T”.
The owner’s garden uses polished cement, which is surrounded by local vegetation.
Three units use different colors, green is the first The main color of the first floor apartment, blue is the color of the other unit, the upper studio is red and gold.
Each unit has a tropical feel and is also modern.

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Cool outdoor shower

If you want some simple showers, you can refer to this residence in Saint Tropez, France. The outdoor shower is partially hidden behind this wooden screen, which fits perfectly into one side of the house and looks like it really belongs to it.
Banyan Treehouse is located in the Nichols Gorge in Los Angeles, and the outdoor shower is used as an extension of the concrete staircase. When you go upstairs, the shower is just on the right.
We really like the outdoor shower area of ​​this Japanese weekend house. The best thing is privacy. The area is not directly facing the exterior, but is very open and airy, like a small inner courtyard.
Stone is a good material for outdoor showers. The actual design of this shower is very simple. It is completely open to the garden, but it does not seem to lack privacy.

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Beautiful landscape of Wales

This is an award-winning design from MillerKendrick Architects to celebrate the beautiful landscape of Wales. The lodge was built using local materials and has a shell that is covered with recycled wood. It looks like a stone from a distance, similar to a cave. The interior is warm and very comfortable. You can rent this place to live if you want to spend some time away from the busy city.
The advantage of the ARK cabin is that it is not subject to any specific location restrictions. It is an active house that can be moved to any desired location, which means you can put the hut on the mountain in winter or bring it close to the lake or forest in the summer. The design is simple and modern with a dark outer casing and full height windows.

New Zealand offers a lot of landscapes and views. A great way to enjoy the beauty and relaxation is to rent one of the cabins. They are called PurePods and are made of steel and glass. They are surrounded by nature and provide all the facilities needed.

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Cardboard furniture COMPACT furniture

Launched in 2009, COMPACT furniture is still a uniquely fun design with a simple but fun assembly method. Made from 100% recycled polypropylene, these cardboard furniture is extremely durable and environmentally friendly. Made from recycled materials, this sustainable product can be completely recycled.
COMPACT is packaged with five flatbed accessories that make it portable and easy to transport when you need to move it. In addition, its disassembly form saves storage space.
COMPACT furniture is very easy to assemble, just plug them together and finish.

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Shou Japanese cedar banned home Schwartz and architecture

Located in Silicon Valley,Shou Sugi BanThe house is a project to transform existing modern homes. The person in charge of the project is Schwartz and Architecture, inspired by the surrounding scenery and textures, such as boulders, bark and leaves.
A newly added two-layer structure covers traditional Japanese cedar wood.
The original home is at 1999 completed in the year. 2005A year, a swimming pool and other outdoor spaces were added. Then at 2009year, Schwartz and ArchitectureStarting internal transformation until 2015Completed only in the year.
The new structure is a new guest suite, located upstairs, below Is a family room.
The new family room has floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to see the surrounding green landscape.
Open A floating staircase connects the family room to the guest suite.
Natural texture is an important part of the transformation, and I hope to connect the house to the natural environment.

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Old train station becomes a rentable Belgian holiday home

Some projects turn old abandoned structures into something else, bringing new life and new meaning to them. There is one such project in Belgium where you can find a charming rentable holiday home.

The house used to be a very small train station. But this did not prevent the architect from turning it into a fascinating one to accommodate 9 People’s holiday home.
Because it used to be a functional railway station, it is not surprising that there are real railroad tracks. The trolley on the railroad provides a fun activity for the kids.
Remodeling shows a very comfortable and Welcome house. A combination of blue stone, metal, wood and concrete is used throughout the house to give the house an eclectic look, between country, industry and modern.
The building has two floors. On the first floor you can find a small living room, a dining room and an open Kitchen and bar. Three bedrooms and private bathroom are also here. The interior space is connected to a large outdoor terrace and a BBQ area.A metal fireplaceUpstairs is to bring yourself The living room of the kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom and a balcony. The small window ensures privacy and a comfortable atmosphere.
Those who wish to rent a house can also enjoy a large garden with a pizza oven and enough space for two children and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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Neck hammock to relieve neck pain

Neck pain is a common problem, thanks to the neck hammock, you can consider solving this problem. This simple and portable device brings you the miracle of cervical traction, releasing muscle tension in just 10 minutes a day.

Designed by Dr. Steve Sudell, the physiotherapist understands that neck pain is one of the most frustrating injuries we have suffered time and time again. Sudell wants to create a long-term, economically friendly product, so at the end of the day, it brings comfort.

If you have frequent neck pain, it is difficult to solve this problem with non-medication, and the drug seems to only relieve pain. This is why the neck hammock is simple and effective, all you have to do is lie down and relax.

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New furniture design from KIMXGENSAPA

Design StudioKIMXGENSAPA brings two new designs, and the design has interesting sources of inspiration.

Ursulais a table/desk. The table seems to have a standard design, but close up like a Disney character, you will be able to see its true curves and forms, inspired by the sea witch “The Little Mermaid”.

DarwinBookcase inspired by Charles · Darwin’s Theory of Human Evolution. The bookshelves are made up of raised structures that are used as dividers and reading bookshelves.

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Toronto home wrapped in weathering steel

HeathdaleThe residence is located in Toronto and has a sturdy exterior with a weathered steel and a back facing the canyon. By TACT DesignDesign,3200square feet‘s customized single-family home has significant appeal while providing owners with more privacy.
on the other hand, three The floor is designed with an expansive window that provides uninterrupted views of the canyon. The first floor easily extends into the backyard landscape.
Streamlined kitchen and restaurant People feel bigger and can see the natural landscape outside through the window.
A carved wooden staircase is located in the center of the house and leads to a three-story study and balcony.

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Geometric bookshelf with visual illusions

French designer Sam Baron designed a three-story shelf for the JCP, creating a visual illusion with its geometry and mirror. Perflect cabinets are made up of thin, black metal structures and steel mirror panels inspired by the “gravure of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance” and the depth of their research.

Asymmetric cabinets use a slanted mirror panel to reflect any reflection you choose to display. The back and sides of the shelf also provide a unique perspective that is usually not visible on a typical shelf.

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