GAN launches outdoor series

Although GAN is known for its playful rugs and modular seating options, it is expanding as they introduce the outdoor collection for the first time, hoping to bring indoor comfort to the outdoors. Designed by PatriciaUrquiola, the Garden Layers collection is inspired by visits to India and traditional Mughal culture and architecture. The garden and terrace she saw suddenly started the idea. The result was a series of carpets, mats, pillows, cushions, and Indian beds and side tables that had just been released.

The modular components are designed to be moved to create the ultimate outdoor living room, and the bed provides extra comfort to lift off the ground. The side table brings another piece of furniture that allows users to place drinks or books. Existing pillows, mattresses and carpets can be incorporated into the mixture to complete the appearance.

The bed (single or double bed) and dining table are made of powder-coated aluminum and are available in three colours – grey, green and terracotta – for the bed. select.

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A curved concrete house built in a triangular corner

Each piece of land and every house design has its own challenges, and each building studio has its own way to overcome them. Sometimes a difficult place is actually a blessing of disguise. For example, this awesome concrete house designed by J.E.FT architectural studio is a perfect example. The house was completed in 2016 and is located in Faqra, Lebanon. It is located in the corner of a triangle, inspiring its curvature and unique geometry.

In addition to the unusual shape, the house features a range of outdoor spaces for specific seasons and weather conditions. On the first floor there is a spring terrace with an autumn deck, winter patio and summer pool area. This ensures that the house can be enjoyed all year round. To achieve this goal, the architect also ensures that the design includes special elements such as curved windows and custom dining tables, while mimicking the shape of the house.

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Minimalist series

Dépaysement is a minimalist collection created by Brooklyn designer Vonnegut/Kraft and Slow and Steady Winsthe Race.

The series features Weft Design, a new technology for creating custom textiles where users can upload designs and edit designs, which can then be ordered on demand.

The Vonnegut/Kraft jacquard fabric consists of two benches, two footstools and a screen. The series is designed to respond to the color and geometry of the interior cushions.

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A simple concrete house with three staggered structures

This concrete house is located in a comprehensive forest area of ​​Argentina, serving as a home and studio, making full use of the landscape and terrain. As always, architects must overcome many challenges. One of them is related to the fact that the site has a 2 meter slope. The architect proposed the idea of ​​constructing three interlaced structures with a height difference of approximately 45 cm. The organization of this space allows the house to respond to the terrain in a practical and simultaneously beautiful manner.

The east side of the house is exposed to the street with almost no controllable openings, while the north side allows the living space to extend outdoors, with a large covered terrace. The entrance is located in the center of the floor plan. The interior space is defined by hollow brick partitions, and the main materials used throughout the house are concrete and glass. Polished concrete floors ensure a smooth and continuous interior design, and elements such as concrete kitchen counters maintain a clean and beautiful feel throughout the space.

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NASA-inspired series

Design studio Azmy Anything is headquartered in London, and founder Adam Azmy, with his fascination with space travel innovation, designed a five-piece collection inspired by NASA and space exploration. The SpaceBetween Space collection includes two transcendental storage furniture with a clever way to open and close them. The remaining three are three spheres, which are perfectly carved wooden spheres.

Drinks cabinets pay tribute to Lunar Rover’s innovative tires, which have similar chevron patterns. All that is needed is a simple touch, the door can slide down easily, and the cabinet rises.

Record cabinets store vinyl records behind their solar-inspired doors, which have four different ways to open them.

Moon spheres are made of sturdy wood with a steam-curved walnut frame and LED lights. The engraved crater is based on a photo map of NASA’s lunar surface.

The Mini Moon sphere is located on a sturdy walnut base with inlaid LED lights.

The Jupiter sphere consists of four different locally sourced British woods with brass spindles hanging from a steam-curved walnut frame.

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A series inspired by traditional palm architecture

Dubai artist Aljoud Lootah designed a series of furniture and lamps electroplated with copper and rose gold. Inspired by traditional palm architecture, the AlAreesh collection is often used as a summer house in the United Arab Emirates, with walls cracking and creating ventilation. These structures are made from rope-dried palm leaves as a way to reduce sunlight and wind. Like these traditional structures, each part of the series contains vertical lines that play against the surrounding light as it passes through the opening and bounces off the surface.

The AlAreesh collection includes screens, stools, coffee tables and lamps.

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IKEA launches GRATULERA Vintage collection to celebrate its 75th anniversary

This year IKEA celebrates its 75th anniversary and commemorates this special moment, they will revisit the archives and bring back some of the most popular works. GRATULERA is a retro limited edition hand-selected collection that allows you to enjoy the Swedish giant and its budget-friendly products. They divided the series into three periods—the 50-60s, the 70-80s, and the 90-00s, which will be launched on three different dates in 2018. Every period is very different, but you will see IKEA experience more than seven years of business operations.

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Hotel with modern decor

The Radisson Hotel Stockholm Strand was recently refurbished by the Swedish architectural studio Wingårdhs, adding a new dimension to interior design. The modern look appeals to all design enthusiasts.

Wingårdhs’ mission is to update the hotel’s 170 rooms, lobby, meeting rooms, new restaurants and bars. The main priority of the renovation was to create a warm, inviting atmosphere that highlighted the new features and original details of the legendary hotel, which was originally opened in 1912 to complement this year’s Olympics.

The custom color designed for the hotel is grey and complements other neutral and natural materials such as stone, wood, leather and metal throughout the interior. The shades of grey also provide a neutral background, giving all modern furniture and fixtures their own moments. Design enthusiasts will be able to discover classic designs such as FLOS’s 2097 chandelier and Fritz Hansen’s swan chair. Young artists and designers are commissioned by the local company Young Art to produce photography, paintings and other works of art for use in halls, event venues, rooms and restaurants.

In the room, the bright white sheets on the bed contrast with the warm wood and dark tones, giving you a visual alert to rest. The other bright colours in the room are windows that are painted white.

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Compact 35m2 apartment

Although this apartment in the San Cecilia community in São Paulo may be only 35 square meters (about 376 square feet), it is equipped with everything you might need without feeling too much. The apartment is a collaboration between Juliana Matalon and Carol Dantas of EstúdioEla Arquitetura, who designed a beautiful and practical space for a young couple.

The apartment was completely remodeled to accommodate social couples inviting friends to come and entertain. Although small, the interior is super functional and there are plenty of places to sit and rest.

Because the apartment is on the smaller side, the architect uses glass elements to separate without closing the space. The glass fills the natural light and feels bright and airy.

Storage is highly utilized and blends into the often overlooked vertical space.

In order to bring cohesion to the apartment, they used neutral tones in all separate areas.

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Colored carved table lamp

Prague-based PreciosaLighting clarifies the ancient belief in color healing capabilities through a series of Art Deco carved table lamps designed in collaboration with the Spanish studio MUT.

Each lamp consists of a large colored glass piece and a set of curved glass tubes. A neon tube hidden in the center cooperates with the LED light at the bottom of the glass tube to create an emotional boost.

These lights were built in the oldest Czech Republic region of Bohemia and are known for their unparalleled glass manufacturing capabilities. Craftsmen, guided by the modernist direction of the Spanish studio MUT, used their traditional chandeliers and crystal jewelry manufacturing techniques to create graphical representations of these lamps.

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