2018 Most Influential Brand Design Company Rankings

In 2018, the end of the game came to an end, and there were many eye-catching things in the design industry. It was a year of progress for the entire industry. At the end of the year, take a look at the top five companies in the design industry that are most influential in 2018.

TOP 1靳Liu Gao Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

靳Li Gao Design KL&K DESIGN is an internationally renowned design consultancy company, Dr. Qiang Qiang and Mr. Liu Xiaokang Mr. Gao Shaokang is a partnership. The company leads the Chinese brand design with an international perspective and local experience, combining culture and commerce.

Reluctant Design Award

The Responsible Design Award for the 2018 Global Chinese Design Competition is dedicated A major event in the development of the design industry. The competition is dedicated to promoting the development of Chinese art design education with international advanced design and creative ideas and original and local design works. It is committed to inspiring and guiding the design thinking and ideas of college students with high standards of participation. To recruit talents for the entire design industry, and to shoulder the responsibility of the development of the design industry, we will make every effort to make it admire.

TOP 2 Guge Dynasty Brand Design Consultant Co., Ltd.

Guge Dynasty is a professional enterprise brand image original customization, CSTP original brand industry model creation, forward-looking development The laboratory is designed and researched in one. In the past 10 years, Guge Dynasty has always adhered to the original spirit and professional attitude, with the core of Chinese Millennium culture as the core of the brand, creative interpretation of corporate brand.

Panda Cover Bowl

The Guge Dynasty focused on design in 2018, with multiple The brand has cooperated to make packaging design for the new products of Arowana rice, and to empower the Peach Blossom Water Squid brand, and cooperate with Liao Tianlang, the founder of the fire marks and firewood brand, to design the panda cover bowl. Not only strive to make progress in brand design, but also delve into the design of Wenchuang, and put forward a unique design concept for Wenchuang Design, to make a contribution to the design industry.

TOP 3 Hangzhou Heatwave Industrial Product Design Co., Ltd.

 Hot Wave Design is one of the most international, most creative and influential design companies. Active and innovative design and strict management have made “Hot Wave Design” have won a good reputation in the same industry. “Dry Wave Design has established in-depth cooperation with companies from different fields and backgrounds. After years of efforts, it is moving towards first-class design services and consulting companies with its own advantages and characteristics.

Travel Hangers

Heat Wave with Portable Folding Hangers, Hand-Drawn Vegetable Chopper Won the 2018 Taiwan Golden Dot Design Award, which was named by the media as “the top design award in the global Chinese market,” the Golden Horse Award in the design world. Although it is two small products, it has given the product a great value through design empowerment, demonstrating the strength of the heat wave design.

TOP 4 Panhu Packaging Design Lab

Pan Hu and his 12 small partners, Pan Hu Packaging Design Lab, assist customers in conceptual innovation and original design The commercial retail market has created billions of net worth, confirming the capabilities of the laboratory.

UN Year of the Dog Stamp

2018 is the year of the 18th year of the dog, the United Nations this year The stamp for the Year of the Dog was designed by Pan Hu, the chief designer of Pan Hu Packaging Design Lab. The United Nations stamps are created by artists from all over the world. Its circulation is very small compared to Chinese stamps. It usually does not exceed 50,000 editions. It is a precious stamp with special significance.

TOP 5 Shanghai Huahua Marketing Consulting Co., Ltd.

Huahehua is a unique strategic marketing brand consulting company in China. Since its founding 13 years ago, it has continued to create a series of original works for the Chinese market. Brand marketing success stories. Huahehua is “Super Symbol is the core of Huahua and China’s method of doing top-level design for the brand, creating a unique strategy and creative service of corporate strategy, product strategy, brand strategy.

List of 10 well-known marketing planners for the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening up

2018 It is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. For this reason, the well-known marketing planning company of China’s 40th anniversary of reform and opening up was selected. It took three months to form this list. The list was selected by Huahua Marketing Consulting Company, Suoxiang Marketing Planning Group, and Shenzhen Adoption Marketing. Planning 10 outstanding marketing planning companies, this list is highly recognized by the industry insiders. Everyone thinks that all the evaluation data of this selection is fully quantified and the evaluation rules are completely unified. It is the most authoritative and fairest selection in the marketing industry in the past decade.

2018 is coming to an end. In the last month, reviewing this year, there are so many design companies that are focused on the design field to lead the industry. Looking ahead to 2019, the industry development is bound to become more prosperous. Thanks to the talents in each industry for making a huge contribution to the entire industry.

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Chengdu Mobile signed and Zhongxing, the Western Zhigu data center officially launched

Today (January 18, 2018), China Mobile Communications Group Sichuan Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch (hereinafter referred to as Chengdu Mobile), and Chengdu Hezhongxing Technology Co., Ltd. cooperated with Wuhou West Zhigu Data Center to build and operate The signing ceremony was held in China Mobile Sichuan Co., Ltd. After the project is put into production, large Internet application companies, large-scale Internet of Things application companies and related government and enterprises will be introduced.

In the era of information explosion, more and more users want to get a faster experience of mobile internet, whether it is video pictures, mobile payment, location services, remote scheduling, mobile music, social activities, mobile games, etc. Rich and colorful mobile Internet applications, as well as smart government, smart medical, intelligent transportation, digital urban management, smart education and other government and service applications, are inseparable from the support of high-speed data centers. At the same time, big data and cloud computing are profoundly changing the various fields of society. All of these network devices, links, exchanges, and the operation, calculation, and storage of big data require a large number of data center rooms. At this time, it is very necessary and feasible to build a high-efficiency, low-energy, and environmentally-friendly data center in the region. The mobile western Zhigu data center was born in Wuhou District, Chengdu.

West Zhigu is located at the northern end of Chengdu Wuhou Industrial Park, on the outside of the Third Ring Road in Chengdu. It is connected to the freight avenue of Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport. It covers an area of ​​750 mu, with a total construction area of ​​over 1 million square meters and a total investment of nearly 3.3 billion yuan. The park is adjacent to the 1200-acre Southwest Logistics Center, about 5 kilometers from Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, about 5 kilometers from the West Railway Station, and about 6 kilometers from the South Railway Station. The logistics is cheap and the traffic is convenient. In addition, the 55-mu comprehensive supporting service facilities planned by the park will provide talented apartments, business hotels, exhibitions, banks, law firms, accounting firms, catering, supermarkets, fitness, leisure and entertainment related services for the enterprises. Investors realize the convenience of all modern life while achieving exclusive use of office space. Up to now, there are 89 enterprises that have built industrial production bases in the park, 51 have been put into operation, and there are about 30,000 employees in the park. Many well-known brands and high-quality enterprises have settled in the park. A group of Fortune 500 companies such as Emerson, DuPont and Taiwan Lianqiang, as well as Sichuan Dazhisheng, Digital China and Rainbow Group, which have important influence in China, have settled in the park.

Data Center Interior

This West The signing ceremony of Zhigu Data Center was highly valued by relevant leaders of Wuhou District and relevant leaders of China Mobile Sichuan Chengdu Branch. They believe that the completion of the construction of the data center of the Wuhou Zhigu Park will greatly contribute to the development of the industry in Wuhou District and even Chengdu, and help the construction of the wisdom Wuhou and the wisdom of Chengdu!

It is understood that the other party in this contract —— and Zhongxing Company belong to a large IDC service cluster. The cluster focuses on data center operation, construction and network access for 16 years; accumulated operational data centers up to 20; investment and construction machine data centers 4; 2017 consultation and construction data centers 2; IDC data center business nationwide 50 Node resource. The cluster is designed to provide Internet companies with secure and worry-free data services. The business segment covers T3+ five-star data center construction, operation, and lifecycle maintenance; high-defense, multi-line, CDN acceleration and other value-added services; secure public cloud, Private cloud (government cloud), hybrid cloud construction, etc., is the first batch of ISP\IDC service providers in China.

Pre-communication survey site map

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The green development of home building materials industry, “innovation and change” is the key

Image from “123rf.com.cn

Review In 2017, the changes in the building materials industry were gratifying, and the development of green building materials has also reached a new level. In this regard, some insiders pointed out that today’s green building materials market is not as hot as it was a few years ago, the market cake is not easy to eat, enterprises must have a new development and breakthrough, must be shuffled in this big wave. To this end, this article summarizes some of the events related to the development of green building materials, together with the aftertaste.

After the 2013— 2016 reshuffle stage, the green building materials industry is moving towards the center of the stage. Looking back on 2017, the changes in the building materials industry are gratifying, and the development of green building materials has also reached a new level.

As we all know, in the market economy, the rule of survival of enterprises is the survival of the fittest. This kind of competition is more intense after the building materials industry enters the reshuffle stage. Since the industry entered the shuffling stage, some enterprises have made achievements in the market, and some enterprises are still in the process of continuous efforts, and some enterprises have been submerged in the torrent of elimination.

In this regard, some insiders pointed out that today’s green building materials market is not as hot as it was a few years ago, the market cake is not easy to eat, enterprises must have new developments and breakthroughs, must be in this The shuffling upgrade was carried out in the big waves. In the building materials industry in 2017, the weaker out of the situation, the stronger phenomenon just confirms this point: innovation seeks to become a breakthrough in the enterprise’s keynote, individual companies in the product, business model and other aspects of innovation, leading Industry development; there are also some companies still holding a constant development model, entering the list of market out of the market … … 2017 and “green” related things are endless, change, let us reminisce.

Environmental Storm and Green Concept

The country’s major political judgments on the transformation of major contradictions in the new era of society have far-reaching significance for promoting the construction of ecological civilization. In the course of nearly 40 years of reform and opening up, the building materials industry as an important basic industry of the national economy, some long-term accumulated structural contradictions have gradually become prominent, and there is also a contradiction between rapid development of quantity and scale, green development, and insufficient development of resources.

In the “Building Industry Development Plan (2016~2020)” issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the building materials industry is an important support for improving human settlements, managing the ecological environment and developing a circular economy. Therefore, the green development of the building materials industry is of great significance and worth exploring.

It must be recognized that the major contradictions in our society are historical changes in the overall situation and put forward many new requirements for the work of the country. Based on the principle of reduction, reuse and resource utilization, and improving resource utilization efficiency as the core; taking resource conservation and comprehensive utilization of resources, and cleaner production as the main method, vigorously developing circular economy is conducive to improving the efficiency of comprehensive utilization of resources in China and promoting energy conservation and reduction. row.

Especially in the traditional industries such as energy consumption and resource consumption, such as steel, building materials and coal, the contradiction between industrial development and resources and environment is still very prominent, and the task of green transformation is more urgent.

According to statistics, from the current energy consumption situation, China consumes more than 5 billion tons of building materials every year. However, in the process, it consumes 230 million tons of standard coal. Exhaust a lot of harmful gases and dust. Even so, China’s construction industry still has to deal with the lack of building materials, the low recycling value of building materials and the handling of a large amount of construction waste. In particular, construction waste is actually composed of a variety of discarded building materials, including a large number of bricks, concrete, wood and metal materials, which simply wastes a lot of building materials.

If these construction wastes can be converted into recyclable building materials resources, construction construction costs can be reduced and construction materials can be alleviated, and the environmental and ecological damage of construction can be greatly reduced.

VR marriage and home decoration

In the past two years, “innovation and upgrade has become a hot word in the home industry. But unlike the emergence of slogans in the past, the industry began to feel the pressure to innovate. The high cost of labor and the restrictions on production emissions are becoming more and more strict. Most manufacturing companies are under pressure to upgrade their production technology. The emergence of new technologies such as VR and smart home has also brought exciting points for innovation and upgrading in the industry.

VR technology is a hot spot in the industry last year. Regardless of the decoration company or the home brand, we hope to present more realistic product effects to consumers through VR technology. “WYSIWYG is a term that has been mentioned in the industry for many years, but it has always lacked technology to really present it. The emergence of VR, so that consumers have a more real experience, has become the standard for more and more brand stores. Insiders have asserted that in the future, similar to VR technology will become the infrastructure of the home industry.

Also with VR is smart home technology. Although the related products have not been widely spread, many homes have more or less smart home facilities. Among them, remote control and alarm systems are the most common. Smart home technology is rooted in many technologies and product platforms such as home, home appliances, and the Internet of Things, attracting many capital and brand layouts. Similar to VR, smart home, the technology innovation technology used in the home industry will be more and more, changing the products of the home industry.

In recent years, a large number of enterprises in Beijing have also moved to the industry. In an environment where government departments are increasingly strict in regulating pollution emissions, reforming production technologies, abandoning traditional auxiliary materials, and reforming production management systems have become inevitable choices for many industries. This change is for the company &lDquo; hurts and bones, but in the long run it has to be done. The enterprises that took the lead in reforms also have more say in the industry and become leaders and representatives in the industry.

New retail thinking

C2M mode abbreviation “Customer-to-factory, subverting the traditional retail thinking from factory to user, driven by user demand, manufacturing companies no longer rely on Intermediaries, agents and distributors dominate sales, but direct supply, how much the user orders, and how much the factory produces, completely eliminating the inventory costs of the factory. This model is not only the main push of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, but the parallel interaction between industry and network is the best way for traditional industries to change their destiny. In the stormy eye of rapid changes, the bosses of the home building materials industry have clearly felt the fact that as China’s economic growth enters the structural adjustment period, the home building materials industry has also changed from high-speed growth to medium-low growth.

According to the latest report, as of June 2016, the number of Internet users in China reached 710 million, and the number of mobile Internet users reached 656 million, an increase of 36.56 million compared with last year. Interpret the omni-channel strategy, and according to the characteristics of the home industry, put forward the omni-channel model and retail model suitable for the home industry. Home-experienced consumption combines scenes more closely, and the core of the experience generated by the scene has become the first rule of our judgment of all business activities and entrepreneurial activities today.

After a series of thinking collisions at the remodeling of the industry chain value system conference, the home dignitaries who came to the scene raised their own reverie about the future home. Keywords such as e-commerce, big home, seamless links, and model innovation outline the future of the home industry and portray the future of the home.

The rise of a new generation of consumers

In 2017, after the 8090, which pursues fashion, publicity and enjoys the connotation of life, it has become the main force in the workplace and has certain economic capabilities. They have become the main consumers of competition in various industries. With the high demand for their wedding decoration, the building materials companies have tried their best to rob them.

But not all companies are willing to get their “hearts,” consumer survey data shows that after 8090, young consumer groups said that they are on home furnishings, “will not, will prefer high-end home improvement brand .

The so-called high-end brand, first of all, is the development of products in the forefront of the industry, the first to propose a number of conceptual designs and productization; secondly, advanced production processes to ensure its quality and performance; in addition, market promotion and Brand building is also the key to winning the market for high-end brands.

It is undeniable that with the development of the building materials industry and the changes in the market consumer, the market demand is already gathering at the high end, and the market’s expectations for high-end positioning enterprises are also increasing. This also poses a greater challenge to high-end brands, where consumer groups are there, and whether they can snatch or maintain their inherent leading position depends on the ability of these companies.

Building materials companies continue to “touch the network”

In the Internet era, e-commerce channels mean greater business opportunities, and smart building materials companies will naturally miss this opportunity to strengthen the company. With market activity, more building materials companies have entered the e-commerce field in the past two years.

In the past double eleven, many home building brands such as Gujia Home, Shengbao Luo’s overall doors and windows, Op Lighting, Dongpeng Ceramics, etc. have achieved outstanding results. In addition to the gratifying sales, these big brands have earned the attention of hundreds of millions of people through live broadcasts, posters, and texts. The sales and brand promotion have been promoted in both directions, and the corporate reputation has been continuously improved.

However, logistics, distribution, after-sales service, etc. are still shortcomings of large home furnishing companies such as doors and windows and floors. In this regard, enterprises can adopt the combination of online and offline, on the basis of free measurement, free transportation, free installation and other after-sales services, more outlets in the country, let the dealers, encourage them to actively cooperate with after-sales service, let the enterprise electricity The road to business is getting better and better.

The times are changing, and the green building materials industry is also advancing with the times. But all the changes have the same result: higher efficiency, better products, richer industrial chain, higher attention, and increased consumer awareness. Of course, this also raises higher for building materials companies. The requirements, only continuous efforts, continuous innovation, in order to keep up with the pace of change, in order to have more sustainable development.

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11 Chongqing Tourism Raiders

Chongqing is in the mountains and mountains, and the rivers and rivers are heavy, and the mountains and the fog are always the well-deserved names. As a mountain city, here, the road is only up and down, there is no west, the uphill and downhill is an indispensable thing in Chongqing, and the indistinguity of direction has also led to the mystery of the city of Chongqing.

Now, on the eve of the 11th holiday, friends who are interested in playing in Chongqing want to find the essence of this magical 8D city in Chongqing, then follow the author to look down.

Must go:

One: Chongqing Jiefangbei

Jiefangbei is one of the landmark buildings in Chongqing, located in the Yuzhong Peninsula in Chongqing. Standing under the Jiefangbei, in addition to the surging crowds and towering modern buildings, you can perfectly appreciate the symbiosis between Chongqing’s new era and the old times, and feel the deeper level of persistence in the hot and strong character of Chongqing. . In the evening, the raging crowds receded, reflecting the bustling street lights, and the Jiefangbei had a different kind of sexy.

2: Hongyadong

Hongyadong is built with traditional architecture "Hanging House" The style is the main body, depending on the mountain, it is built along the river. When night falls, Hongyadong is full of brilliance, as if it is the soup house in “Spirited Away”, this time Hongya Cave can satisfy all your imagination. Standing on the Qianmen Gate Bridge and looking at Hongya Cave, it is the essence of Chongqing’s night scene.

Three: Ciqikou

“ A stone road, the Millennium Ciqikou. Chongqing Ciqikou Ancient Town is located on the bank of Jialing River. It is the mute button of Chongqing. It is here that a cup of tea can cover all the cockroaches and rafts in Chongqing. Being in it can help you to get rid of this sultry urban style in Chongqing. After you calm down, you will slowly taste the texture that Chongqing has brought from history.

Four: Lushan Park

The Red Star Pavilion on Lushan Park is Chongqing One of the commanding heights, looking down, the north and west of the East and West can be seen in all directions, so there is a famous saying in Chongqing: “Look at the night view of the mountain city, Dengshan Park.

Five: Chaotianmen Wharf

Chaotianmen used to be the 17th ancient city gate in Chongqing One of them built the Chaotianmen Wharf on top of this. The Chaotianmen Wharf is located in the confluence of the Jialing River and the Yangtze River. It is also one of the wonderful experiences to see the blending of the two rivers in different colors.

Must eat:

One: 渝味晓宇老火锅

渝味晓宇老火锅 is an authentic old hot pot in Chongqing and a business card in Chongqing. In the “China 2 on the tip of the tongue”, Zhang Pingtong’s scene of smashing the ingredients was photographed. The rich aroma of the enticing ingredients in the stir-fry swayed the hearts of the people across the country. As the representative of the hot pot culture of Chongqing Dock, Yan Wei Xiaoyu fully inherits the taste of Chongqing hot pot spicy and spicy. The so-called “drinking spicy” is the authentic, this spicy match with the taste of Xiaoyu’s selected ingredients, one entrance You can eat the full flavor of Chongqing.

2 : Fat Girl Faces

Chongqing Fat Girl Noodle House is the famous noodle shop in Chongqing, and has even become synonymous with Chongqing Xiaobian. Their homes are delicate and delicious, and the beef is soft and smooth. It is full of Chongqing’s rivers and lakes, so Chongqing Xiaobian is also one of the must-see snacks in Chongqing.


Spring Water Chicken is a traditional local dish in Chongqing. It belongs to Chongqing cuisine. It is characterized by unique materials, spicy taste, fresh and crisp. Nanshan Street is a spring chicken, but the most authentic is the old spring chicken.

Four: Iron Cake

Iron cake is also the most representative of the taste of old Chongqing One, with the development of the city, street snacks have gradually been replaced, and it is difficult to see the iron cake in Chongqing. So go to Chongqing to eat iron cake, eat the feelings of old Chongqing.

V: Zeng Laoyu Yuzhuang

The postal squid is a special feature of the fish farm. The fish are all eaten in one piece, and they are numb and spicy. Watching the night in Chongqing and adding a bottle of mountain beer, this is the standard for Chongqing nightlife.

The mountains and waters are heavy and the clouds are heavy and foggy. The three irrelevant elements of the mountain city, the fog, and the hot pot add up to form the magical 8D city of Chongqing.

This is Chongqing, this is the mountain city of fog.

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Difficulties or opportunities, how does Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang stand on the cusp of the industry?

“Flourishing, but chaotic, the agarwood industry is now facing a best and worst stage.

With the upgrading of consumption, the awareness of national spiritual consumption has risen, and the return of agarwood culture has satisfied the psychological needs of consumers. The market of agarwood is very good. The recovery of the investment market, the rapid development of the industry, the diversification of products and the expansion of the scale of transactions have made the entire agarwood industry regain its vitality. However, the fake goods are rampant, the development of the company is uneven, and the market supervision is weak, but it also pushes the agarwood industry to the forefront.

Crisis and opportunities coexist. Who can establish a standardized business model in this mixed industry, who will be able to kill a bloody way and lead the industry’s next slogan. All successful companies around the world are all.

Hainan Xiangshu agarwood, deep ploughing industry for more than ten years, through standardized base production, product technology innovation, fragrant culture The empowered “three-step strategy” created the first “China Agarwood”, which led the next slogan of the agarwood industry.

staking the land: seize the resources and establish industry barriers

As a typical representative of the resource-based industry, Aquilaria is known as “the gold in the wood, the production resources are precious, and the agarwood The reserves are the core competitiveness of industry practitioners — who has enough high-quality agarwood reserves, who has the right to speak in the industry.

On the one hand, the agarwood tree is extremely demanding on the natural environment. It is mainly distributed near the Tropic of Cancer and south of it. It is a hot, rainy, humid tropical and southern subtropical monsoon climate. In China, Aquilaria is mainly produced in Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, and Xishuangbanna, Yunnan, and these places have become a must for the Chinese agarwood industry.

On the other hand, the formation of agarwood is the result of nature’s unintentional interaction with time, slow fragrant and low yield, coupled with the market’s awareness of the health benefits of agarwood in recent years. The increasing demand for it makes the aloes wild resources less and less, and the high quality agarwood is increasingly difficult to find.

Under such a background, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang preemptively took Hainan Island as the core, radiating two major producing areas of Guangdong and Guangxi, forming the agarwood planting base circle of the Iron Triangle, and occupying the strategic commanding heights of the industry. Through more than ten years of staking, using the model of self-built planting base + farmer cooperation + research institute, the production chain of the agarwood industry of one sea and two wide has been integrated, and the integration of core resources has been completed.

First of all, Hainan Island, as the first core battlefield of Aquilaria, has irreplaceable strategic significance. Xiangshu Shenxiang takes Hainan as the base camp, and conducts concentrated research on the white wood fragrant tree resources of Hainan Island. Through screening, the best quality white wood fragrant tree seedlings are selected for key cultivation, and their own white wood fragrant tree planting base is established. Now Hainan Xiangshu The agarwood base that was planted by Aquilaria has spread all over Hainan Island and has been enriching its own resource reserves.

Secondly, for Hainan’s local family-type agarwood growers, Hainan Xiangshu Agarwood adopts a cooperative model to integrate these small and beautiful agarwood resources.

Finally, through the exploration of the scale of agarwood production in Hainan Island for more than ten years, Xiangshu Shenxiang will extend the mature development model of “company + base + cooperative + farmers” to Guangdong and Guangxi for replication and expansion. And from the selection of seedling & rarr; standard planting & rarr; scientific research, production and processing & rarr; health tourism & rarr; product sales throughout the industry chain to upgrade.

Nowadays, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang already owns the largest and best quality agarwood planting base in China, and has completed the core resource reserve in the world and established its own unshakable industrial barriers. .

Extreme innovation: research and development of product technology, layout of a large health market

Since ancient times, agarwood has been an important medicinal material in the prescription of Chinese medicine, and its medical value is extremely high. However, as they enter the modern society, people realize the value of agarwood, and exploit the wild agarwood, which leads to the increasingly rare agarwood, and the rising value of the water, making the application of agarwood in medicine gradually reduced.

The demand for agarwood medicine is strong, but the agarwood that meets the medicinal standards is getting less and less, despite the industry facing With such a dilemma, Xiangshu Aquilaria still faces the difficulties and rebounds. It not only re-enters the medicinal agarwood market, but also participates in the revision of the national Pharmacopoeia 2015 edition, the national forestry industry “Agarwood”, Hainan Province “The agarwood quality grade” local standards and other standards have been developed, but also entered the field of big health.

The biggest pain point in the agarwood industry has always been the improvement of the incense technology. The traditional natural way of aroma can not guarantee the standardized industrial production of agarwood, making the commercial development of agarwood always tepid.

is both a challenge and an opportunity. Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang actively seeks change, seeks cooperation with national scientific research institutions, and overcomes the problem of fragrant incense through research and development techniques, and finally realizes the standardization, scale and industrialization of agarwood production.

It takes 8-10 years for the white wood to grow from planting to fragrant, in order to really gain. The scientific aroma technology of Hainan Xiangshu Agarwood has greatly improved the quality of the aroma production. This industrialization upgrade has greatly broadened the operation space of Hainan Xiangshu Aquilaria in the business model.

After the fragrant technology was solved, on the one hand, the production of agarwood began to enter a virtuous circle, and the supply chain entered the routine. The agarwood produced by Hainan Xiangshu Agarwood entered the Chinese medicine market with high quality standards and became a domestic Well-known medicineLong-term supplier of agarwood Chinese herbal medicine.

On the other hand, as the quality of agarwood is improved, its effectiveness is greatly enhanced. Hainan Xiangshu Agarwood extends its tentacles to the big health field ——Starting from the long-standing aromatherapy, the French top cosmetics and perfumes are the highest standards, and the products are mainly aromatherapy, including essential oils, incense, and car. And portable USB incense and so on.

In addition, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang has also actively expanded its cooperation with Hainan’s local scenic spots to create high-end tourism gifts in Hainan and develop Hainan’s signature handwritten letters. In the future, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang will also develop more new products involving big health, tourism and cultural and creative.

In order to scientifically develop and improve the product industry chain, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang invested a lot of financial and material resources, and at home and abroad. Well-known scientific research institutions and institutions of higher learning have comprehensive cooperation, both in product development and scientific research, are at the forefront. Xiangshu Shenxiang is also well-received, such as Hainan Province’s top ten independent enterprises, Hainan Science and Technology Awards, and Hainan Province’s leading enterprises in science and technology innovation. And its agarwood series products have been rated as the Boao Forum for Asia for three consecutive years, and won the praise of the leaders of various countries.

Cultural Empowerment: Passing the Fragrance and Creating the First Brand of Agarwood

The fragrance culture of China has a long history and is vast, and the agarwood culture plays a pivotal role.

The formation and growth process of agarwood and the role that modernity has been developed actually contain many Confucian and Taoist ideas in ancient China, and this embodiment has transcended the value brought by Agarwood itself. .

For example, agarwood must undergo trauma to form agarwood, whether external or internal, which is a prerequisite. Just like people nowadays, you must have a wealth of experience, whether it is frustration or pain, to grow and mature. Many Taoist masters, masters of Buddhism and Ascots like to smoke and burn incense in the meditation and enlightenment to reach the realm of the gods and distractions. This is also the embodiment of agarwood in spiritual values.

Comprehend the incense and benefit from the incense. In the creation of the agarwood culture, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang has stepped out of its own road of creation.

With the revival of the agarwood culture, the local government actively promoted and built a Hainan’s largest agarwood culture industrial park in Yanfeng Town, Haikou. The park brings together the outstanding agarwood products from Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and Southeast Asia. In the Agarwood Cultural Experience Center, it displays a series of agarwood products from Xiangshu Shenxiang Company. At the same time, it will provide aromatherapy, fragrant performance and colorful agarwood. The combination of cultures creates Hainan Xiangshu Aloes Ecological Industrial Zone, which combines health, well-being, leisure and high-grade.

In addition to leisure, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang invites local friends and poets to the Aloes Culture Hall. In the middle, the poetry and literary recital will be held, and the aroma will be used to make a fuss.

The display and dissemination of the agarwood culture requires a professional fragrant artist to perform, and Hainan Xiangshu Aquilaria also has an original system in professional training. In 2016, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang organized a large-scale fragrance artist training program for the whole country. While inheriting the traditional Chinese fragrant culture, it also trained more than 300 outstanding fragrant artists. These excellent fragrant artist resources have finally become the core strength of Hainan Xiangshu Aquilaria on the cultural journey.

Culture is the most effective way to demonstrate the value of a company’s brand. Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang knows its roots. The troubled agarwood industry, in addition to the lack of an industry standard, lacks a voice that leads everyone, and Hainan Xiangshu agarwood has been making its own voice through its own way.


The most moving place of agarwood is its “sinking”, which contains calm and restrained qualities. In fact, whether it is to do business or to spread culture, it is necessary to “slow the temperament & mdash;— In the agarwood industry, which is immature and needs time to test, Hainan Xiangshu Shenxiang goes very step by step. “Stable, it is not necessarily the fastest one, but it must be the one that goes the furthest. .

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After “Tip Tip 2”, Yan Wei Xiaoyu Zhang Ping was highly recognized by the Hot Pot Association!

Some people say that the most high evaluation of a person is called “artisan.” In China, there is always an old saying that the working people are the most glorious, and the craftsmen play the role of the working people here, but they are more careful and more responsible than ordinary people!

The craftsman spirit is thousands of human beings. A spiritual culture that has accumulated in the era of handicraft industry. The definition of craftsman that we talked about most of the time consists of two parts: the pursuit of the ultimate spirit and the original creativity. What the author wants to share today is a story about “hot pot artisan —— Zhang Ping’s story. “The tip of the tongue” to the legend of the hot pot industry.

2014 In the year, “China 2 on the tip of the tongue” once again appeared in the public’s field of vision through two years of preparation and shooting, and Zhang Ping, as a representative of Chongqing hot pot artisans, is also the protagonist of this season. In the program, his scene of deep-selling speculation was lingering in the minds of many viewers, and his sincere smile with his wife Xiong Xiaoyu was deeply imprinted in the audience.

Shizhu red pepper, Hanyuan pepper, Hebei butter, special bean paste, Yungui yellow mouth ginger, these simple ingredients, in the gentle hand of Zhang Ping, and then through the fierce The fire of the fire was tempered, and all the fortitude and tenderness of Chongqing were melted into the bottom of the pot.

As mentioned in “Tip Tip 2”, “For more than a decade, Zhang Ping only believed in his own Hands and countless late-night shovel have become Zhang Ping’s fixed labels, and Zhang Ping has always insisted on the original heart and ingenuity of the hot pot bottom material, using only the highest quality ingredients to make the most authentic Chongqing taste! In my own words, it is: “If I have chosen to be a hot pot industry, then I have an obligation to do it well. I only do one thing in my life. I don’t believe it is not good! It is this kind of hot pot.” “ Stubborn, let Zhang Ping become the representative of the food craftsman in “Tip Tip 2”.

From 2014 to the present 2018, after four years, Zhang Ping once again won the hot pot industry Recognition. In the 10th Chongqing Hot Pot Festival just past last month, Zhang Ping once again worked tirelessly on the hot pot and won the recognition of the hot pot association at the scene. He became one of the few “hot pots and craftsmen in Chongqing”. .

Of course, this time is not only an individual, but Zhang Ping represents Xiaowei Xiaoyu, and he also has the attitude of authentic Chongqing old hot pot.

On Zhang Ping personally, many people think it is a legend, but in my opinion, Zhang Ping is just a little more careful than others! And this one insists on it for more than 20 years, this It is difficult for many people to do, and Zhang Ping did it, so he succeeded. He used his ingenuity to make hot pot, and he was tireless in his life to interpret the word “hot pot artisan!”

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Through the cloud technology debut at the Asian Functional Beverage Show, innovative beverage industry marketing and access solutions

On September 20, 2018, Shanghai, the 2018 Asian Functional Beverage Innovation Summit was held in Shanghai today. Leading one-and-one-code solution provider, Through Cloud Technology demonstrated the “scan code marketing and “distribution management products” for the beverage industry, and brought a number of customer application cases. By giving each bottle a unique QR code, the company’s solution provides marketing and distribution management tools for functional beverage brands, along with data insights, to help brands easily deploy scan code marketing campaigns and manage merchandise access processes, and keep abreast of them. The effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The market for functional beverages is promising and competitive. According to the forecast of the China Business Research Institute, the retail sales of functional beverages in China will exceed 45 billion yuan in 2018. In the next five years, the functional beverage market is expected to have a compound growth rate of more than 12%, and the market potential is huge. At present, China’s functional beverage market is “super-strong and strong”. According to the Prospective Industry Research Institute, in 2017, Red Bull has a 58% share of the Chinese functional beverage market. In addition, Yibao’s “Magic and Wang Sicong Investment” Local brands such as Ai Luo also joined the competition in the functional beverage market in 2017.

In the face of increasing market and increasing competition, Turbo Technology brings exclusive solutions and cases to beverage marketers, providing new options for innovative marketing and distribution management of functional beverage brands. .

Through the cloud booth, the booth attracted the audience.

Scan code: Line Time, location, consumer and product information for consumption

Scan code marketing can capture consumer offline purchase behavior data, help brands understand the impact of the event, and provide a basis for secondary marketing. After the consumer scans the code, the brand can obtain the time, place, product, consumer and other scan code data to understand the effect of the marketing campaign, and optimize the marketing plan according to the interactive effect.

Jianlibao, one of the participating brands, has already interacted with consumers in the marketing campaign of “Dynamic Power Vitamins Fortified Beverages” through the scanning code marketing of Turbo Technology, effectively enhancing the products. Sales. During the event, Yuan Dynamic flexibly adjusted the number of prizes and the winning rate, optimized the effect of the event, motivated consumers to participate, and ultimately improved the consumer experience.

With the brand and the consumer, the brand and the consumer realize deep online and offline interaction

& ldquo; one thing and one code to help the brand association to buy offline behavior and online Social, consumer scan code will be diverted to the brand WeChat public account, associated consumer offline purchase and online social behavior data, providing an analytical basis for marketing activities. At the same time, through emotional and material incentives, the brand directly enhances communication with consumers in addition to scanning code marketing.

The interactive function has been applied in the cooperation between Yunyun Technology and many well-known beverage brands. In the Lipton milk tea’s “helping friends, in the love heating scan code, we invite friends to help warm up. Win the form of points, encourage consumers to share, form community marketing, and thus expand the influence of the event. The material incentives of the points redemption and the emotional incentives of interaction with friends, not only stimulate consumers to repeat purchases, but also communicate with consumers directly and in high quality.

Product Assignment and Reverse Registration for Distribution Management

Through the “One Object and One Code Assignment”, you can track the production and circulation of each product. Help beverage brands manage inventory and distributors at all levels. The whole process of product circulation from production to distributors is tracked, and it can also help beverage brands to carry out product anti-smuggling and protect distributors’ rights and interests.

In the production inventory management process, the code can track the product in the production process, help the inventory management, and understand the product in and out of the warehouse through the mobile APP, view the inventory of the warehouse, and compare the inventory count. Form a profit and loss statement, etc.

In the channel inventory management process, the rebate activity provided by the through cloud technology solution encourages the sub-distributor or store to input the information of the superior distributor, complete the supply chain from the bottom up, reduce the stock, and ensure the product is in the Smooth distribution of each distribution area. Beverage brands can also carry out promotions between distributors and stores, and reward them by scanning code to maintain loyalty.

In June of this year, Turbine Technology implemented a channel marketing project for Yinqiao Dairy, which applied mobile packaging with variable QR code for the product, giving each product a unique QR code. Brands track product flow through mobile auditing tools, and first-tier dealers can easily scan for receipts. Based on the company’s distributor management service platform, the company has helped Yinqiao Dairy to implement the anti-smuggling mechanism based on one-to-one code, and monitor and evaluate the entire activity through background data analysis.

Scanning data for better business decision-making

Billion counts show that scan volume is positively correlated with market spread. Through cloud technology provides enterprises with integrated consumer big data analysis platform, obtaining first-hand consumer scan code data, helping brands to portray consumer portraits, providing real and reliable insights for brands to develop precise marketing strategies for market segments. . The cloud-based technology system is based on the cloud architecture development of public cloud and private cloud, providing a financial system-level defense mechanism to protect data security.

Tuanyun Technology has experience in collaborating with more than 100 well-known brands in China and abroad, including Hengda Ice Spring, Nestle, Mengniu, Guangming and other beverage companies. Many beverage companies have used consumer scan code data as a reference for observing the effectiveness of distribution and the effect of online communication.

Turbine Technology staff introduces business and case to professional audience

Mr. Xie Zhen, CEO of Tsinghua Technology, said: “Tuoyun Technology combines information technology and marketing innovation to provide beverage companies with innovative solutions for scanning code marketing. Through cloud technology also provides process service consulting for fully automated code-production lines, from code production, distribution management, marketing activities to data insights, to help beverage companies make better business decisions.

About Turbo Technology

As a leader in the application of one thing and one code, Through Cloud Technology is committed to creating a unique QR code for each product. The boundaries of communication with each existing consumer. With the help of one thing, the company will be able to create an ecosystem that is centered on every consumer. Based on consumer behavior analysis, companies continue to improve the individual interaction between consumers and brands, and continue to enhance consumer loyalty to the brand, companies can also gain more business insight through the data accumulated by scanning code.

About Turbine Technology Group

China Turbine Technology Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: HK01332) is principally engaged in the design, development, production and sales of packaging products and sales terminal display products. The group now has a number of QR code printing patents, and provides product QR code printing services and one-stop innovative digital marketing solutions for Chinese product manufacturers; Group product packaging innovation QR code technology & ldquo; The combination of technology and marketing innovation provides companies with integrated solutions including code scanning marketing, distribution management, flood prevention auditing, and product traceability.

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The living room floor color material can not be ignored. How to choose?

First, the color Traditional Feng Shui also pay attention to the color of the ground, the home environment is bright and dark, the color of the floor of the hall should be more light and light, such as beige, light yellow, etc., avoid using too dark shades. Too deep and dark ground not only makes the occupants’ feelings heavy and heavy, but also makes the hidden dirt on the ground not easy to be found; the polishing degree of the ground is not suitable for too large, because the emitted light is too obvious, which will affect the home. Visual harmony. Second, the floor and floor tiles Floors are mainly divided into three categories: solid wood flooring, solid wood laminate flooring (reinforced flooring) and laminate flooring. The environmental protection of the solid wood flooring is the best among the three, followed by the parquet. Floor tiles are inherently radioactive. The color and softness of the floor are good, the affinity is very good, and the floor tiles are relatively stiff; in terms of heat preservation, the floor has advantages, while the floor tiles are relatively fast due to heat conduction, and the insulation performance is relatively poor, especially in the whole living room in winter. The feeling of giving people will be very cold and uncomfortable. If the living room is facing north, the situation will be more serious. For families with children and the elderly, due to the inconvenience of the elderly and the naughty and lively of the children, it is easy to fall and rub the small accident. In the choice of living room decoration, the damage of the floor tiles to the elderly and children is undoubtedly much more serious than the floor, so families like this kind of structure may choose the floor. The floor has two choices of rigid and soft in the graphic design. A pattern featuring a combination of straight lines such as squares, rectangles, and polygons, with masculine gas, is more suitable for shops that use male goods, and is a combination of curves such as circles, ovals, sectors, and geometric curves. It is a store that is soft and suitable for women’s products. Third, the elderly and children’s room floor decoration precautions Children’s room floor is best to lay natural wood flooring, because it is safe and easy to clean. Avoid using stone paving, consider the effects of radioactive materials contained in three materials that have not been certified, and do not place carpets. Although the safety of carpets is high, children who fall off are not easy to attach too much. Dust, long-term use can cause children with bronchitis and respiratory diseases. In the central area of ​​the house, the ground should be leveled. In a lot of homes, the owners built the building level in the living room, artificially causing the ground ups and downs. The design similar to Westernization is novel, but it is not easy to use. The traditional Feng Shui is more of a disadvantage, especially for families with old people and children. It is easy to be stumbled by accident. Some people put gravel in the doorway of the house to enhance the taste, but the floor is not flat, but it brings trouble to their own access.

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How to clean pvc carpet?

1. On weekdays, just use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and a special mop.

2, if spots or stains can be sprayed directly on the stain with general household cleaners, soapy water, etc., brush with a nylon brush, wipe the foam with a rag, then wash with water, and finally with a rag Or wipe the mop.

3, about 3-4 times a year to clean the carpet machine with a wheel brush, water and detergent for deep cleaning, the number of cleaning depends on the use of conditions and color. No waxing is required after cleaning, and a little bleach can be added to the water for sterilization. Pollen contamination and gel removal can be gently wiped with a damp rag and loose perfume.

4, do not use strong chemical and strong acid and alkali solvents, such as toluene, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, industrial alcohol, banana water and so on.

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2018 Golden Mango Geographical Indication Products International Expo enters the countdown

Quality life, starting with geographical indications!

On December 21st, Changsha Mango Hall, you and I will meet treasure hunt

China’s land and resources, a variety of geographical indication products derived from this land. They are not only the precious wealth given by nature, but also the wisdom of the working people. Guizhou Maotai, Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, Wuyishan Dahongpao, Anhua black tea, Wuchang rice, Ningxia 枸杞 … … a well-known name has long been known to thousands of households, and more GI products are still in the squat People do not know, there is a need for a broader stage to show and achieve brand value.

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the relevant central conferences, give full play to the role of intellectual property rights, rely on geographical indications to cultivate and strengthen characteristic industries, help precision poverty alleviation, serve rural revitalization, and build beautiful China provides better support, supported by the State Intellectual Property Office, supported by the Hunan Provincial Department of Commerce, the National Intellectual Property Operation Public Service Platform, China Intellectual Property Newspaper, China Intellectual Property Development Alliance, Hunan Radio, Film and Television Group and other units co-hosting “Gold Mango” The International Exhibition of Geographical Indication Products (referred to as the Fair) is planned to be held once a year and will be settled in Changsha, Xingcheng. The first Expo will be held at the Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center (Mango Hall) from December 21st to 23rd, 2018.

This is China’s first national industry event with the theme of “Geographical Marks”, which will become an important milestone for IP to promote green sustainable development. The extension of the foreign trade industry and the full play of geographical indications will play a profound role in promoting local economic development and precision poverty alleviation.

Exhibition Contents

The Expo will rely on the many influential media led by Hunan Satellite TV and China Intellectual Property News to promote the promotion of geographical indications and strengthen the brand of geographical indications. Intellectual property awareness, increased communication and cooperation, will achieve the following platforms:

1. Brand communication platform for GI products

2. Facing major purchasing groups and consumers Operation and sales platform

3, niche landmark products have become the incubation platform for well-known brands

At the same time, the local expo will break away from the single exhibition mode and open the Chinese geographical indication cultural element. year. In line with “cross-border, multi-dimensional, innovative ideas, brand activities will be updated:

1. Geographical Indications Special Press Promotions

2,2018’China Geographical Indication Industry Summit Forum

3, Golden Mango good landmark TOP list selection start

4, “Landmark ray – the first GI product micro video contest started

5, open up & ldquo Taobao live e-commerce with goods program & mdash; promote the brand, drive sales

6, during the exhibition free of charge for the exhibitors who need to produce WeChat small program, the new year will detonate sales, online and offline all open.

Landmark culture, multi-party interpretation!

Multi-party power interpretation, creating the first year of geographical indication culture: It is planned to pass the landmark product micro video exhibition contest, popular section A series of propaganda measures such as deep grafting, rural revitalization news interviews, and multi-dimensional marketing breakthroughs helped the “Gold Mango Land Fair”.

The reality of the exhibition is tangible!

The first “Golden Mango. The Expo will be based on the display and trading of landmark products, with “Village Revitalization,” “Precision Poverty Alleviation For the connotation, with a series of activities as a carrier, to provide a stage for the performance of outstanding landmark products. In the end, we will create a government support, public participation, expert hot reviews, and media attention to the “landmark culture”.

&ltquo;Gold Mango. The cultural brand of the Fair. It will become a platform for the promotion of landmark products at home and abroad; it will become a hall for popularizing landmark culture for all people; it will also become a catalyst for China’s geographical indication products. Going abroad and going to the wings of the world!

It is reported that a large-scale sweepstakes will be held at the exhibition site, and multiple gifts will be delivered. Don’t miss it!

Geographical Indications

Geographical Indication Products are those in which the quality, reputation or other characteristics of a particular geographical origin are essentially dependent on the natural and human factors of the origin, and are reviewed and approved by the geographical name. The product.

At present, thousands of landmark products in China involve alcohol, tea, fruits, flowers, handicrafts, condiments, Chinese herbal medicines, aquatic products, meat products, etc., covering more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government. .

Geographical indications are both a mark of origin, a quality standard, and an intellectual property right. As an international intellectual property protection system, the protection of landmark products has been adopted by many countries and is the world’s popular international brand protection system.

Many people equate landmark products with souvenirs. This is a misunderstanding! If a good native product is likened to a crown, then the landmark product is the crown jewel.

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