Wood flooring actually has a lot of colors.

Wood floor color selection principle:

  1, wood floor color should be selected according to room lighting:

   wood floor color selection first To consider the problem of room lighting, the lighting conditions of the room limit the choice of floor color. The range of rooms with good lighting is large and shade. For rooms with low floors and insufficient lighting, pay attention to the choice of floor materials with high brightness and suitable color, and avoid using darker materials as much as possible.

  2, the color of the wooden floor should be selected according to the size of the room:

   warm color is the expansion color, cold color is the contraction color. Therefore, the floor of a small room should choose a cool color of dark color, or a simple and bright floor, which gives people a feeling of expanding the area. If you choose a warm color floor with a strong color, it will make the space appear narrower and increase the feeling of depression.

  3, the color of the wooden floor should be selected according to the function of the room:

  such as the living room is the most open place in the home, as well as daily activities and reception guests The main place, therefore, it is better to use a clear and natural wooden floor with soft colors to create a clear and harmonious atmosphere. It is important to pay attention to the wear resistance of the solid wood floor used in the living room. The surface of the paint must have wear-resistant particles of Al2O3.

  The bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation. The solid wood floor with warm or neutral color should be used to give a quiet and comfortable feeling.

   If you are willing to highlight the features of the study, you can enjoy some unexpected effects with some parquet flooring, like the elegant book.

  4, wood floor color should be selected according to the decoration style:

   wood floor color selection, decoration style is also an important factor to consider One. Different decoration styles, if the wooden floor is not properly selected, not only can not play the finishing touch, but also can make your original unified style be destroyed.

   idyllic, European, classical style, suitable for naturalistic fresh and beautiful solid wood.

  simple, modern, Japanese style, suitable for minimalism, practical and supreme.

  5, the color of the wooden floor should be selected according to the age of the owner:

   people decide the appreciation of things at different ages Small age, like the floor full of color and strong color impact, so that it looks energetic and in line with their youthful atmosphere; middle-aged people are mature, have their own aesthetics, and most of them prefer the color in the bright tone. Light and quiet floor; people who are older are like thick, solid and luxurious floors.

  6, the color of the wooden floor should match the color of the furniture:

  The color of the ground should match the color of the furniture and be calm and soft The main tone, because the floor decoration is a permanent decoration, in general, it will not be replaced frequently, so choose a more neutral color. In terms of color, light-colored furniture can be combined with wood flooring in shades of color, but the combination of dark furniture and dark wood flooring should be extra careful to avoid the feeling that the whole room is too dark and depressing.

Wood floor color selection tips:

  1, choose white instead of gray white

   There are many families who like to use white flooring, and hope to have a quiet home atmosphere. However, the white floor is more troublesome to take care of. It is recommended to use a lighter color such as grayish white, which is easy to give a feeling of tranquility, and does not cause the wall color to be lighter and lighter.

  2, yellow floor with green walls

   Some families prefer to use a slightly yellow floor, and the walls use “adjacent colors” The rule is to choose a green color adjacent to the yellow, which creates a very warm atmosphere.

  3, black brown floor with pink tone

   dark tone floor has strong appeal and expressiveness, with distinctive personality, such as The color of the red floor itself gives a strong feeling. If you paint the wall with a thick paint, it will look uncomfortable. However, choosing an ivory color with a pink hue will create a sense of unity with the black-brown floor.

  4, dark brown floor with beige white

  If white wall and dark brown floor match, this will make the floor look very dark. However, if the wall is replaced with other colors that are also brown, the color of the wall and floor will be easier to access and the space will be larger.
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Plastic steel window PK aluminum alloy window

At present, wooden windows and steel windows have gradually withdrawn from the historical arena ,plastic steel windowand aluminum window Starting to play a major role. So, which is better for plastic steel windows and aluminum alloy windows? How to buy home windows? The following small series will detail the advantages and disadvantages of plastic steel windows and aluminum alloy windows, to help you decide, which is better for plastic steel windows and aluminum alloy windows?

1. The difference between plastic steel window and aluminum alloy window

1. Plastic steel window

Advantages: not only beautiful and durable, but also the lowest thermal conductivity. It is far superior to wood windows, iron windows and aluminum alloy windows in terms of energy saving, and is the most effective sealing method. Ordinary plastic steel is moderately priced and economical. The high-grade plastic steel window has good heat preservation and is resistant to aging and is not easily deformed.

Disadvantages: Sealability, Safety, anti-theft and ventilation quality are not satisfactory. The reason is that the plastic steel material lacks the high-quality hardware used in the matching, which causes the current high-grade profile to match the disharmony state of the low-grade hardware, and the plastic (PVC) can not be degraded, and the discarded plastic steel window is difficult to handle, which is unfavorable to environmental protection. There are voids that are easy to rust, sound insulation is slightly poor, ordinary plastic steel windows are easy to deform, and high-grade such as imported is expensive, thousands of yuan per square meter.

2.Aluminum window

Advantages: corrosion resistance, It has strong fire resistance and long service life (50-100 years). It can be recycled and reused after being scrapped without any pollution. colorful. The inner and outer surfaces of aluminum can be of different colors and different patterns. High-grade broken bridge aluminum alloy can not only be insulated, but also can be separated from cold. Light weight, high strength, long service life, good fire resistance and good lighting performance.

Disadvantages: using metal materials Valuable, high thermal conductivity, poor thermal insulation and thermal insulation, and high energy loss. Insulation is one of the basic requirements for material selection of windows.

2. Plastic steel window and aluminum alloy window contrast

PK Project 1: Which price is more affordable

Result: Plastic steel window suitable for working class

Intuitively judged from price Plastic steel doors and windows are generally between 200 yuan and 300 yuan (per square meter), double-layered at more than 500 yuan, aluminum alloy doors and windows are basically above 190 yuan, and the good quality is at four or five hundred yuan or even thousands of yuan. Due to different materials, the prices of the two are of course different. The price of plastic steel doors and windows is more affordable for the working class, while the aluminum alloy doors and windows are installed at home, and the price is better for middle and high income families.

PK Project 2: Which is better for thermal insulation

Result: Plastic steel doors and windows wins

When the thermal insulation performance is mentioned, the aluminum alloy window is compared with the technical parameters of the material base. The main component of the plastic steel door and window except the steel core is PVC material. Under the same conditions, in terms of the heat resistance of the material, the PVC material is the thousands of aluminum materials. Times. As long as the steel doors and windows are regular products that meet the national standards, they will surely achieve the desired insulation effect.

Aluminium alloy is relatively poor However, in recent years, broken aluminum technology has appeared. The broken aluminum alloy doors and windows are made up of two different sections through energy-saving insulation strips. Its main function is to disconnect the heat transfer channels and prevent rapid heat and cold conduction.

PK Project 3: Soundproofing Which is better?

Result: Plastic steel doors and windows wins

The sound insulation effect of plastic-steel windows is relatively better than that of aluminum alloy windows. To achieve the same noise reduction requirements, the distance between buildings with aluminum windows and traffic trunks must reach 40 to 50 meters, and the installation of plastic steel windows can reach about 20 meters.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows The year is also constantly innovating, and its sound insulation effect is also constantly improving, but relatively speaking, it is better to have a plastic steel window.

PK Project 4: Anti- Which is safer?

Results: Aluminum alloy doors and windows win

For high-rise tenants, wind resistance is a problem that must be considered when purchasing windows, because The higher the floor, the bigger the wind. The elasticity and tensile strength of the plastic steel material are not as good as the aluminum alloy, but the quality of the steel doors and windows should be no problem. However, if the quality of the steel doors and windows is not enough, the internal steel lining and hardware are not too hard. It will cause trouble to consumers. Therefore, it is recommended that high-rise households should use regular aluminum alloy doors and windows.

The two materials can be said to have their own characteristics in the market. The steel profiles have won the consumers’ environmental protection, energy saving and corrosion resistance. Love; aluminum alloy profiles have been highly sought after by users because of their good stability and unique metal texture. Which one is better, the key is to look at personal preferences. But no matter which product you choose, you must To buy from regular manufacturers.

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Look at these when buying copper chandeliers

All copper chandelier selection tips

1. Look at the surface: The surface treatment process of copper lamps is complicated, and each process has its existence value. The surface is evenly and densely attached with a protective film. This layer of fine protective film not only can block the air, but also avoid the oxidation of the surface of the copper part, and can also increase the gloss of the surface of the copper part to make it more beautiful.

2. Look at the color: The surface treatment of most copper lamps is polished, sealed, and coated to give the original color. In order to create a more colorful color, some of the surface of the copper lamp will be specially treated, such as red bronze, green bronze, or even black.

3, touch the surface: After seeing the appearance, if the copper lamp can still make you satisfied, we can proceed to the next step, touch the surface of the copper lamp, copper The surface of the lamp has been carefully polished and polished. There are no burrs and can make your hands feel uncomfortable.
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a cabinet light, so much

Install cabinet lights, no need to cut vegetables in the dark at night.

The most important considerations in the use of cabinets are practicality and safe operation. The cabinet lights are lamps dedicated to the cabinets. According to the different parts of the cabinets, the lamps of different shapes and functions are designed, and the lighting limitations of the kitchen main lamps are also compensated.

I believe many people have such troubles, the daytime light is better, When the day is dark, even if the lights are turned on in the kitchen, the light will be blocked by the low cabinets. The operation area is dark. When washing vegetables and cooking, it is impossible to see. With this cabinet light, at night No more cooking in the dark.

As for the installation location, the decorator said that this convenient light can Installed above the kitchen sink and gas stove. Through local lighting, it is more convenient for washing and cooking operations. Convenient lamps are usually directly milled in the bottom of the cabinet, and then the embedded LEDs are controlled by the inductive radar to achieve no light during the day. At night, the light is dim, and the human body is automatically turned on when it is sensed, which is convenient and does not waste electricity.

Now there are people who can install an integrated chandelier directly. If your home is doing integrated ceilings, you can reserve a line in advance when decorating, and then let the decorator open two holes in the corresponding position later, and install the chandelier.


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In the winter, your home curtains should be changed.

After entering the winter, it was also at the time of the home improvement season. The curtains that are usually not eye-catching have just a reason to change clothes at this time, and the colorful curtains are now the favorite objects of Changchun fashion white-collar workers. Let’s decorate your home and make your home the most gentle place in the world.
Warm color is most suitable now

“As the weather gets colder, people will unwittingly like some warmer colors. At this time, the decoration will often take the whole home. The atmosphere is warmer, and once in spring and summer, the warmer colors are less pleasing. So choose neutral colors and use soft decoration to adjust the theme. Autumn and winter decoration should try to avoid the autumn and winter atmosphere. Sensory causes illusion and misinformation, and must objectively examine your tendency to purchase building materials.”

Curtains are one of the important elements of winter interior decoration style. According to the designer, warm colors such as red and orange are the preferred colors for winter fabric curtains. For fabrics, thick woolen cloth should be used in winter. The thick and warm curtains will keep the outside cold from the window, and the interior will naturally become Very cozy and comfortable. Especially in the bedroom, you need to create a romantic and warm atmosphere, but also need absolute environmental protection, it is recommended to use shading, anti-UV function, softer texture cloth, so that the owner wants to sleep late, not afraid of the sun.

Winter curtains are popular in four styles

Windows are the first step in the season conversion. A warm and inviting curtain can quickly raise the temperature of the home. Outside the window, two worlds, two feelings.

According to reports, French romance, modern fashion, European palace, American pastoral is currently the more popular four curtain styles.

The warm living room is quiet and flowing, and the pieces of sunlight are gently and softly sprinkled in. I lean on the soft and spacious fabric sofa and look at the beloved books, enjoying the afternoon sun, warm, peaceful, and On the white coffee table, a self-grinding cappuccino exudes a thick heat. Romance is in the bit by bit of home furnishings, the details of this white furniture is more important.

Modern decorative art introduces the creative ideas and achievements of modern abstract art into modern interior decoration design, and strives to create a new and simplified decoration, which is simple, popular, fresh and closer to people’s lives.

European-style palaces pay attention to luxury temperament, European-style luxury style with lace, complex wrinkles, European famous furniture to create a luxurious style, soft bed, craftsmanship of crystal lights, constitute a rich European style gorgeous bedroom. The curtains are mostly designed with water-curved curtains, and the fabrics are shiny and elegant in light gold and white.

American pastoral style pays more attention to simplicity and simplicity, advocating freedom. Curtain fabrics are mainly natural flowers, natural stripes or pure white yarns. The style is simple and natural.
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Furniture rentals will be popular, what do you think?

Golden three silver four recruitment season just passed, many white-collar workers chose to re-rent in the vicinity of the new company after the job change. With the continuous upgrading of the economic level and consumer attitude, there are more and more young white-collar workers who believe that the house is rented, but life is not the concept of renting, which also drives the demand growth of the soft-packed market. According to the data of the people’s network. In the first quarter, the number of page views of the soft decoration sector increased by 23% year-on-year.

Renovation of a house is a key factor in the consideration of renting a young white-collar worker. According to the “Urban Youth Renting Time” Living Life Report, 61% of users are willing to add household items to enhance the comfort and well-being of the home, knowing that the house is rented. In addition, up to 73% of the surveyed users decided to choose a hardcover room far from the company under the same budget, rather than being in the old house near the company.

In the same location, the hardcover room is often 20%-40% higher than the simple room. With the increasing popularity of hard-wearing houses by young white-collar workers in recent years, homeowners have chosen to transform their simple-fit rooms into hardcover rooms.

As the market for hardcover houses continues to rise, the market for ancillary services is also on the rise, with the fastest change being furniture rental services. According to the data of the people’s network, the demand for rental and recycling of second-hand furniture sector has increased, rising by 13% in the first quarter.

Liu Changyong, who is engaged in the furniture rental industry, introduced that large intermediaries are the most popular customers. “People leasing many people can’t accept the high deposit. The settlement process of long-rental apartment developers is too long, and the payment can drag us down on these small and medium-sized enterprises.” Liu Changyong believes that the furniture rental market will follow the long-term rental market in the future. Prosperous development together, many furniture manufacturers are currently developing templating and detachable furniture, suitable for small-sized furniture in the big cities are getting better and better.

It is understood that there are already leasing companies in the market including some large furniture brands are also trying to recycle the lease of used furniture, open the shared furniture model, the furniture manufacturers provide finished furniture, the rental business is renting white-collar workers and houses The main provider of rental repair services to achieve furniture recycling sharing. Perhaps in the future, affected by favorable policies such as renting and selling, the furniture sharing model will gradually appear in more rental houses.


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What are the top ten teak flooring brands?

Teakwood is recognized as one of the best flooring woods in the world. Whether the material of the board is soaked in sea water or exposed to the sun, there will be no bending or cracking. Nowadays, there are many brands of wood flooring on the market. Which of the following is better? Top Ten Teak FloorsWhat are the brands?

What are the top ten teak flooring brands

1 What are the top ten teak flooring brands – Nature

Nature is our country Famous flooring brand, it is a well-known leading enterprise in the industry. After years of hard work, it has become a leader in the industry.

2, what are the top ten teak flooring brands – Anxin

Anxin China’s well-known trademark is also a top 500 brand in China. The brand’s professionalism is very high. It is the most popular because of its good quality, practicality and economic benefits. One of the flooring brands.

3, which are the top ten teak flooring brands – —圣象

Silver Floor is the floor brand certified by China’s environmental label. The biggest feature of the brand is safety and environmental protection, so its sales in the market is very good, and has won the recognition of many consumers.

4,Top Ten Teak FloorThe brand has Which – Yangzi

Yangzi is from Anwei, the brand is a national high-tech The technology enterprise has the most advanced production equipment and technology in the industry. After continuous efforts, the brand has occupied a large market share.

5, which are the top ten teak flooring brands – Kendia? Span>

Kentia is headquartered in Jiangsu, one of the most valuable flooring brands in China, the brand It has a high reputation and credibility in the market and is very popular among consumers.

6, which are the top ten teak flooring brands – Gloria

Gailai Pomelo China Exemption Product, is also one of China’s top ten flooring brands, is in the industry One of the most influential companies, the products are exported to many countries.

7, which are the top ten teak flooring brands – Lin Zhongying

Lin Zhongying is a well-known leading brand in China, a natural environmentally friendly flooring brand. This product has a unique artistic beauty. Just gotTo the favor and support of many consumers.

8, what are the top ten teak flooring brands – del

Del’s world-renowned flooring brand is also the floor product of China’s environmental label, which is in the industry. Leading position, the brand is very well known in the market.

9, what are the top ten teak flooring brands – good good

good Jiahao Floor is certified by China’s environmental labeling products. The brand is a professional manufacturer of laminate flooring, focusing on product development and design.

10, which are the top ten teak flooring brands – Filminger

Fillinger was founded in Germany in 1921 and is one of China’s top ten flooring brands. China’s iconic products, the most influential brand in the industry.


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Learn about several styles of children’s desks.

Children’s desks can be used to do homework and study for children, and the height and posture of the desk will affect the child’s vision, hunchback and so on. According to statistics, primary school students have a myopia rate of 28%, middle school students with a high rate of 60%, and high school students with a high rate of 85%. So choosing a suitable child-only desk is very important. Here are the children’s desk styles and how to buy a children’s desk.

Children’s Desk Style One

This is a Korean-style children’s desk with a contact surface for this desk. Smooth, wear-resistant, fresh and stylish, good weight bearing, durable, designed to integrate learning and storage, can provide a good learning environment, and can accommodate school supplies, very practical.

Children’s Desk Style II

This is a European style The children’s desk is made of ivory white, fresh and natural, and looks graceful. The carved pattern is exquisitely embossed, with high artistic collection value. The corner adopts deep arc anti-collision design with three open storage compartments. It is possible to place books or some handicrafts, etc., which is more practical.

Children’s Desk Style 3

This is a Korean pastoral Style-oriented children’s desk, this desk is not too much decoration, simple design, to give children a leisurely, comfortable, natural study, the warmth and romance of the room.

How to buy a children’s desk

1, use materials to be environmentally friendly

When you buy a children’s desk, you should not only choose to use it, but also choose to be green. It is best to choose a desk that uses plastic veneers and other non-hazardous paints, as it is very important for children to come into contact with them.

2, scientific size selection

can be selected according to size, children’s desk size should be combined with child height, age and system, so that they can benefit from their healthy growth, most It is good to choose a lifting children’s desk with adjustable height.

3, color coordination

Children’s desks are best to choose bright colors, according to scientific research For children with introverted and weak personality, it is best to use furniture with strong color; for children with more eager personality, it is best to use furniture with soft lines and elegant colors.


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Multi-layer solid wood flooring How to buy and install?

Multi-layer solid wood flooring is a kind of wood laminate flooring, which is a new type of flooring pressed by multi-layer wood processing, not only with The stability and wear resistance of the laminate flooring, but also the environmental protection and aesthetic features of the solid wood flooring. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the multi-layer solid wood flooring, how to install and maintain it? Let’s get to know everyone today~

Q1, what is multi-layer solid wood flooring?

Multi-layer solid wood flooring is based on multi-layered boards Material, select high-quality precious wood as the panel, after being coated with resin glue, it is made by high temperature and high pressure in hot press.

It is not easy to deform and crack, the dry shrinkage expansion system is very small, and it has a good ability to adjust the indoor temperature and humidity. The surface layer can show the natural wood grain of the wood, and the paving is simple and convenient. The price is higher than the composite floor, lower than the solid wood floor. Suitable for geothermal heating installations.

Q2, multi-layer solid wood flooring structure classification

1, single-layer floor: presents a visually natural and visual effect, which makes people feel immersive, but it does not have a taste. Whether it is in the living room or in the bedroom, it can add a touch of warmth and elegance to the living room. It is a classic in simple and rustic style.

2. Double-stitched floor: Its tone creates a warm and natural effect. The stitching shows a layered and refined taste. The overall color is simple and clear, the texture is straight and mixed with a beating curve. Delicate but not old-fashioned.

3. Multi-ply floor: It can be said to continue the noble lineage and reproduce the style of the leader. Each floor surface has subtle changes in color and rich layering. And reveal the sense of time, strong stability, not easy to deform, good ventilation.


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Copper tube convection radiator

The popular copper convection radiators currently on the market are meeting this requirement. The principle of using copper pipe convection as a convection radiator is at least 50 to 100 years in some countries in Europe and America. The long-term engineering test proves that the copper pipe convection radiator is quite energy-saving in the actual engineering application process. However, such a heat sink is technically demanding.
   China’s annual water shortage reaches 40 billion cubic meters, which is a drought-deficient country. The continuous development and popularization of more water-saving radiators is an important way to save water resources. The first major advantage of the copper tube convection radiator is that the amount of water is small, and a unique return tube device is used in the heating system, which greatly saves water resources.

   Copper tube convection radiators consume less copper than other radiators, but can dissipate high heat, which not only maintains the advantages of copper, but also reduces The weight of the traditional radiator saves the living space. In the direction of the development of the radiator certainly has a great advantage.

   Capgemini 08 new copper tube convection radiator heating core uses copper tube to make water channel, copper tube corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity; aluminum alloy as heat sink, not only guarantees good The heat dissipation effect saves heating costs. The cabinet is made of 1.5mm and 0.8mm steel plates for durability. The side water pipe connection adopts a hexagonal shape to avoid damage to the internal copper pipe during installation.

   Copper tube convection radiators were introduced to China after nearly a hundred years in Europe. After the design and renovation of Capgemini, it is more water-saving, safer, more environmentally friendly, more durable and more unique. DIY function and reasonable market price have become the first choice for white-collar workers who are pursuing fashion.

  High-quality copper tube convection radiators generate and exceed their added value, the use of unique design elements makes modern home improvement across the gap between energy conservation and environmental protection, enabling safe and humanized heating facilities complete in one step.
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