Why do people like to use wall art paint?

Nowadays, people’s living standards are constantly improving. Many people also want to make their own home decoration different. The wall art paint has become the choice of many people. What are the characteristics of wall art paint?
Wall art Paint is an art paint in interior wall paint. As a decoration, it is an inner paint. The texture paint has good artistic decoration effects. The types include: texture paint, art paint, wallpaper paint, magic paint, relief paint, sandstone, texture paint. Wait. Wall art paint is a water-based environmentally friendly latex paint with the latest high-tech materials. After special construction process, it forms a colorful and colorful wall decoration effect. It is an ideal wall decoration material for home decoration, hotel restaurant, restaurant tea house, company logo decoration.

Features of wall art paint:

1. Excellent physical and chemical properties The product is non-toxic, odorless and non-radioactive. Does not pollute the environment and has strong adhesion. Scrub resistant, acid and alkali resistant, no fading, no skin, no cracking, can be directly applied on the basis of latex paint and imitation porcelain paint.

2. Wide range of applications can be applied to home decoration, hotels, restaurants, tea houses, company logo decoration construction, the price of reasonable construction procedures are basically the same as interior wall coatings.

3. The quality of environmentally friendly latex paint The effect of high-grade wallpaper The satin effect can be formed on the wall decorated with the product to achieve hundreds of colors in various colors. Patchwork, mercerizing overflow, different angles can produce different colors.

The characteristics of the wall art paint will introduce you to this. In fact, the wall art paint and the wallpaper are very similar, and there will be a bumpy texture effect, but because it is still a liquid paint, construction The final result after going to the wall is called “Liquid Wallpaper”, which is popular in China and is loved by many consumers. It is the latest product of wall decoration and is a new type of art decoration paint.
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Different types of carpet cleaning methods are different

Carpets are the most common accessories in furniture life. They can bring a good atmosphere to a home. They can also add a lot of color to a home. They are elastic and resistant to dirt, especially when it has the function of dust storage. When it comes to the carpet, it is no longer flying, so it can purify the indoor air and beautify the environment.

But it is not easy to clean and care, so it is easy to accumulate dust and needs regular care. Unclean carpets tend to breed bacteria and accumulate dust. From this point of view, carpets are a strong allergen. Children play from the carpet and are also prone to inhalation of dust and pneumonia. So how to care for the carpet, make it beautiful and clean. From the first day of use, the carpet should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Do not wait until a lot of stains and dirt have penetrated into the carpet fiber and clean it. It is easy to clean only if it is cleaned frequently. Generally, when cleaning the carpet, pay attention to cleaning the floor under the carpet. If you accidentally spill water on the carpet, do not use a dryer or a hair dryer, and let it dry naturally.

For contamination with local minor stains, try using a towel to pick up a neutral detergent or a special detergent solution of silky hair to gently wipe the matte surface. After removing the stain, use the clean towel to clean the water. Clear the detergent residue. Can be repeated several times. Try not to soak the skin during the operation and dry it in a cool place in time. Different types of carpets have different cleaning methods and cleaning cycles. For example, carpets are divided into chemical fiber carpets, wool carpets, and carpets.

Chemical fiber carpet cleaning method

1, first use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove dust.

2, dilute the cleaning agent and sprinkle it on the carpet.

3, after 10-15 minutes, rinse with water.

4. If there is a water absorbing machine, it is natural to use a water absorbing machine to suck the carpet, or use a blower.

Picking method of pure wool carpet

1, first use a vacuum cleaner or broom to remove dust

2, use special cleaning agent for local stains Processed separately.

3, then dilute the high foam cleaner.

4. When cleaning, you can use a relatively large comb to clean the carpet.

5. After the carpet has dried, clean it with a vacuum cleaner or a clean broom.

Carpet cleaning special stain treatment method:
1, edible fat: remove with volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon chloride, and the residual part should be washed with alcohol.
2, soy sauce: first brushed with cold water, and then use detergent, that is, remove, aged sewage can be washed with warm water, detergent and ammonia, and then cleaned.
3, shoe polish: wipe with gasoline, alcohol, and then wash with soap.
4, urine stains: new stains can be washed with warm water or 10% ammonia solution, old stains are first washed with detergent, then washed with ammonia water, pure wool carpet should be washed with citric acid.
5, juice stains: first wash with 5% ammonia solution, and then wash with neutral detergent. However, ammonia water has a damaging effect on pure wool carpet fibers, so it should be reduced in use. Generally, it can be washed with citric acid or soap, and alcohol can also be used.
6, ice cream stains: wipe with gasoline.
7, wine stains: new stains can be washed with water. Aged stains need to be removed with an aqueous solution of ammonia and borax. If it is a carpet of wool material, it can be washed with oxalic acid.
8, coffee stains, tea stains: can be washed with ammonia. Silk and wool carpets can be washed with neutral detergent for 10-20 minutes, or washed with 10% glycerin solution.
9, vomiting stains: One method is to wipe with gasoline, then wipe with 5% ammonia, and finally washed with warm water. Another method is to vomit with 10% ammonia water, then wipe with alcohol-added soap, and finally clean with a neutral detergent.
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Keywords for furniture exhibition in 2018

In 2018, it was a year of blooming exhibitions, such as large-scale exhibitions such as furniture exhibition, Shenzhen Design Week, Guangzhou Exhibition, Shanghai Furniture Exhibition, etc.; local exhibitions include Chengdu Exhibition, Qingdao Exhibition, Suzhou Exhibition, etc.; There are custom exhibitions, kitchen and bathroom exhibitions; as well as the home of the Red Star Exhibition and the exhibition. It is not difficult to see that although the overall market for homes is not as good as one year in 2018, the number of exhibitions is increasing, the scale of exhibitions is getting bigger and bigger, and the positioning of exhibitions is becoming more and more accurate…

   In summary, the keywords of the 2018 furniture fair include a large number, large scale, customization, design, and intelligence.

   I. A large number, large scale

   As we all know, the spring of March is the gathering month of Guangdong exhibition. I have to mention the first Dongguan furniture exhibition, which has an exhibition area of ​​770,000 square meters. Not only that, the two-year furniture exhibition conformed to the changes in the market, and the custom furniture exhibition in autumn was added in August. The custom exhibition date in 2019 was adjusted to the summer custom exhibition in July. In addition, the three-time Guangdong International Machinery was held in the beginning of November. The material exhibition was successfully held at the Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center in Houjie. It can be seen that the previous Houjie exhibition has been increased from a spring exhibition to three furniture-related exhibitions a year, both in number and scale. Similarly, in March of this year, the first Foshan Longjiang Furniture Fair opened at the Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, with an exhibition scale of 100,000 square meters, with world-leading level. The construction of the pavilion will be expanded, and the scale of the single-stage exhibition will reach 250,000 square meters in the future. The plan will be expanded to two phases each year from 2019.

  After the South, let’s take a look at the North Show. In the first half of last year, the first Beijing International Home Furnishing Exhibition hosted by the Real Home Group and China International Exhibition Center Group Co., Ltd. exhibited an area of ​​120,000 square meters and eight major theme pavilions, attracting more than 500 domestic and foreign brands to participate in the exhibition, breaking the northern home. The status quo without exhibitions has promoted the integration of Chinese and foreign and North-South homes. Not only that, but in 2018, the “One City Double Exhibition” was launched, which is the four-day Beijing International Home Show and Smart Life Festival starting on June 17 and the Beijing Interior Decoration and Design Expo and the intelligent cloud living on September 27. Section. In 2019, the “one city and two exhibitions” will continue to be implemented.

  Unexpectedly, starting from the 2012 Shenyang International Home Expo in China, starting from 2018, in order to meet the market demand, China Shenyang International Home Fair will open two seasons in spring and autumn! Spring: March 30-April 1, Autumn: August 9-August 11, at the Shenyang International Exhibition Center. It is the fastest growing, highest level and most influential furniture professional event in northern China.

   Central China, in mid-June, the first Hangzhou Furniture Fair was held in Hangzhou G20 Pavilion—-Hangzhou International Expo Center, with a total exhibition area of ​​120,000 square meters. Hangzhou Furniture Fair and the 10th Suzhou Furniture Fair, which was fully upgraded on June 13, 2018, will be held in the same period to create the East China Double City Exhibition with a total area of ​​240,000 square meters.

  Southwestern region, in early June 2018, the 19th Chengdu Furniture Fair continued the “One City and Double Exhibition” model last year, with a total exhibition area of ​​300,000 square meters in Chengdu Century. City New International Convention and Exhibition Center and China Western International Expo City.

   It is not difficult to see that from south to north, from Central China to the southwest, the most eye-catching keyword for this year’s show is “a large number”, and the scale of the exhibition is also expanding year by year. The overall market of the home market is sluggish, the exhibition is not reduced, the market is not good, and there are more people seeking new models of new products. Or is the organizer of the exhibition to share the big cake of the exhibition?

  Second, custom

   Customized in the past two years is a hot spot in the home furnishing industry, naturally becoming a hot spot for the show, not only the major exhibitions There are separate pavilions, and professional custom exhibitions have also been added.

   At the end of March, the 8th China (Guangzhou) Custom Home Exhibition was successfully held at Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo Center. As the first exhibition of customized homes in China, it attracted more than 500 companies to participate in the exhibition. With an area of ​​60,000 square meters, about 200,000 people visited the exhibition, and assembled the top 100 custom-made brands. It also included various extended categories of customized homes.

  In early June, Chengdu Furniture Fair continued last year’s “One City Double Exhibition” model, Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center displayed a customized industrial chain with a total area of ​​100,000 square meters. The size of the rice expanded by 80% year-on-year, further demonstrating the new concept of the integration and development of the customized home field, and became the first exhibition of custom homes in the Midwest.

  In early August, the second “China (Dongguan) International Custom Home Exhibition” held by the famous furniture exhibition, this exhibition opened the industry first, leading the whole industry, custom industry trends, The launch of innovative exhibitions such as the MINI garden in the pavilion and the real habitable model house, as well as a wealth of exhibits, attracted a large number of well-known domestic real estate companies to come to the exhibition site to seek cooperation opportunities.

  In early November, the 2018 China North Whole House Customization and Woodworking Machinery Expo was successfully held at the Shijiazhuang International Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition covers an area of ​​more than 40,000 square meters and has more than 400 participating brands. The exhibition covers the whole custom furniture, cabinets, wardrobes and wooden doors.

   In addition to professional custom exhibitions, the Guangzhou Pavilion will be over 400,000 square meters in July, and it will be an event in the industry. Many of the whole house custom-made big brands have gathered and participated in the exhibition, which has become the biggest highlight of this fair. It can be seen that “customization” is another key word of the exhibition.

   III. Design

   This year’s major exhibitions have a higher emphasis on “design”, most of the designers are respected For the guest, the designer brand is placed in a very important exhibition area and location. In March, the famous furniture exhibition “Design + Manufacturing” was the key word of this exhibition; the Beijing Exhibition held in June and the Shanghai Exhibition held in September all had “Original Design Brands” exhibition hall;

   The “Beijing Interior Decoration and Design Expo” Red Dot Design Exhibition held at the end of September is one of the themes. It is designed to design the Creative Pavilion and the Red Dot Exhibition Area, and introduce the Red Dot Design Award for the first time. The building materials industry and Chinese design have special significance, and promote the transformation of the Chinese building materials industry to the pursuit of design, the development of internationalization, the introduction of excellent overseas design into China, and the Chinese design to the world.

   It is worth mentioning that Shenzhen Home Show continues the positioning of China’s high-quality commercial design exhibition, designed to be oriented, 160,000 square meters, 9 exhibition halls with different theme exhibition areas, More than a dozen original design events, dozens of design and industry forums, hundreds of design big coffee and international top brands, leading the trend of furniture, design and residential industry.

   Fourth, smart

  The future development of smart home industry is characterized by a large variety of intelligent hardware products, functions are increasingly perfect, smart home by smart items Sales go to the two directions of the overall solution combining the single product and the system.

  In June this year, the “Beijing International Home Furnishings and Smart Life Festival” sponsored by the Real Home Group was more than the theme of last year’s exhibition. In 2018, the word “smart” was added. The name of the museum becomes “Smart Home / Future Life Museum”, and each exhibition hall or AR, or IT, or AI… can be described as a home and future home scene experience field.

   Also in September, the “Beijing Interior Decoration and Design Expo and Intelligent Yunqi Life Festival” hosted by the Real Estate Group has set up an intelligent cloud-visual exhibition area with more than 30 domestic The leading top intelligent technology companies led the creation of a smart feast, thus building a complete industrial chain of home building materials. In the environment where the manufacturing industry encounters bottlenecks, market channels are squeezed, and dealers are facing difficulties, the exhibition will build a platform for efficient communication and cooperation between dealers and smart technology brands to achieve a win-win situation and jointly develop a new blue ocean.

   In addition, there are professional intelligent exhibitions, such as the “2018 Shanghai International Smart Home Expo” hardware exhibition held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center in early April to “smart innovation, change life.” “The theme is to present the latest smart home and intelligent hardware solutions, further highlighting the professional, authoritative and international features, and adopting various forms such as exhibitions, forums and promotion conferences to promote industry cooperation, development and win-win.

  At the end of June, Beijing International Intelligent Hardware & Home Expo (CEE) was held in Beijing as a well-known exhibition brand under the BUFSIN, the world’s largest smart One of the hardware & home and solution display platforms, and Asia’s largest intelligent hardware & home show, has been successfully held in Beijing for 16 consecutive years.
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What are the specifications for vitrified tiles?

When people decorate their houses, they choose vitrified tiles. It is one of the many types of ceramic tiles, and it is also a common one. It is usually used in bathrooms and kitchens. When buying vitrified tiles, many people need to pay attention to them, especially the size and thickness of vitrified tiles. So, do you know the thickness of vitrified tiles? Today, Xiaobian will take a look at it with everyone. What is the thickness of vitrified tiles and the choice of vitrified tiles!
What is the thickness of vitrified tiles?

1, common vitrified tile specifications are 400 × 400mm, 500 × 500mm, 600 × 600mm, 800 × 800mm, 900 × 900mm and 1000 × 1000mm. At present, the sales volume in the ceramic tile market is 600×600mm and 800×800mm.

2, there are six common specifications for vitrified bricks. For the three types of 600×600mm, 800×800mm and 1000×1000mm, their thickness is not the same. Typically, the thickness of 600 x 600 mm is 10 mm, the thickness of 800 x 800 mm is 12 mm, and the thickness of 1000 x 1000 mm is 15 mm.

How to buy vitrified tiles

1. Look: It is mainly to see whether the surface of vitrified tiles is shiny, with or without scratches, spots, leaks, and leaks. Grinding, missing edges, missing feet, etc., check the bottom mark mark, the product of the regular manufacturer has a clear product mark on the bottom of the product. If it is not or is particularly vague, it is recommended to choose carefully;

2, 掂: is the test feel, the same specification products, good quality, high density brick feel is relatively heavy, on the contrary, quality products feel lighter;

3, Listen: Tap the tile, if the sound is thick and the echo is long, such as the sound of the bronze bell, the tile level is high, the wear resistance is strong, the bending strength is high, the water absorption rate is low, and it is not easy to be polluted. The degree of melting is low (even cracks appear), the wear resistance is poor, the bending resistance is low, the water absorption rate is high, and it is highly susceptible to contamination;

4. The length deviation of the polished brick is less than 1MM. It is advisable that the diagonal deviation is 500*500 and the product is less than 1.5mm, the 600*600 product is less than 2mm, and the 800*800 product is less than 2.2mm. If it exceeds this standard, it will produce more effect on your decoration. The big effect, the best way to measure the diagonal is to straighten with a very thin line;

5, test: First, the test shop, random sampling within the same model range A number of products in different packaging boxes on the ground floor, stand carefully 3 meters away to check whether the color difference of the product is obvious, whether the gap between the brick and the brick is straight, whether the chamfer is uniform, the second test foot feel, look slippery Slip, pay attention to whether the test brick is non-slip and does not add water, because the more water will get wet.

Glass tile maintenance method

1, vitrified tiles must be cleaned regularly, because the surface of the vitrified tile is too smooth, it is easy In the face of dust, in order to maintain its beautiful decorative effect, it is necessary to carry out regular dust removal work to avoid accelerating the aging of vitrified tiles. The cleaning process can be wiped directly with a wrung wet rag. If it is dirty, it can be cleaned with soapy water.

2, must be avoided in the process of use, the surface of the vitrified brick is prone to long spots in the closed humid environment, therefore, the vitrified brick decoration should be away from the closed wet area.

3. Vitrified bricks must be protected from the sun. The surface of the vitrified bricks is prone to sun exposure for a long time. Therefore, it is usually necessary to avoid the sun being exposed to the vitrified tiles for a long time.

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What is the rise of the aluminum art courtyard door?

Now, with the diversification of the market, the outdoor copper door is gradually less popular, and the rise of the aluminum art courtyard door further divides the courtyard door market. So what is the difference?

(1)Bronze door: True copper door is 0.8-1mm thick, the internal structure is supported by steel, and the surface is glue sticky. The biggest feature of the product is the riveting process, and the entire copper door is still very beautiful. However, the copper door is not suitable for outdoor use. The chemical properties of copper are relatively stable. It does not react with oxygen in dry air at normal temperature, but in the humid air, the surface of copper slowly forms a layer of green copper rust. It is easy to react with oxygen to form copper oxide by exposure to high temperatures. Therefore, when the copper door is used outdoors, it needs to do some protection measures to make it as little as possible to contact with corrosive substances such as rainwater, otherwise the service life will be greatly reduced.  
(2)Tieyimen: The wrought iron door has certain craftsmanship, but the degree of sophistication is relatively low. Its benefits are very stable and the price is very cheap. The shortcomings are also very obvious, and it is easy to be rusted. Especially in the southern or coastal areas of China, it will start to rust in 1-2 years. If it is not rust-removed, it will be rotten in two years.  
(3) Aluminium Art Door: The aluminum art courtyard door is combined with some classical, modern and fashionable elements, and the craftsmanship is extremely strong. Especially in recent years, it is equipped with the surface treatment fluorine from the military-grade building materials. After the carbon paint technology, the surface of the door can be made smoother and brighter, and it is more magnificent. Among them, the aluminum art door is divided into cast aluminum door and aluminum carved door. Although cast aluminum and aluminum sculptures are solid aluminum, explosion-proof and stable, aluminum sculptures are more likely to achieve high-quality aesthetic requirements in the pattern process, making it easier to produce crafts. The fluorocarbon lacquer art mentioned above is also further painted for the beauty of the aluminum carving door. It has excellent color rendering effect, luxurious and elegant, and is known as the surface of the “aesthetic gecko”. The chemical structure of the fluorine content is much higher than the general fluorocarbon spray paint, which is repeatedly oxidized and solidified by 4 times of painting process, so that the paint surface has the gecko-like super adhesion, greatly improving the paint surface against UV rays and corrosion. The function guarantees the visual sense of the unchanging elegance for decades.
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The role of bathroom cabinets in the entire bathroom can not be ignored

The bathroom cabinet is an indispensable equipment for modern home decoration. In addition to the functions of ordinary basin and wash basin, it also has the function of storage and storage. Pots, towels, shower gel, shampoo and so on can be put into it. The space is used to make the bathroom more tidy and more convenient to use. In addition, it has decorative effects, and different materials, colors and patterns can also be used to embellish and decorate. When we buy a bathroom cabinet, we must first consider whether its color and style match the style of the bathroom. Of course, its function and service life are more important. We will talk about how to choose bathroom cabinets from three aspects: countertop materials, cabinet materials and mirrors:
     How to choose bathroom cabinet
  One of the bathroom cabinets: How to choose the countertop
  The countertop materials of the bathroom cabinet are mainly ceramic, and other artificial stone, glass and marble. The choice of countertops must first consider its anti-fouling ability, secondly whether it is easy to scrub, and shape. Ceramic and artificial stone are recommended. Ceramics should be the preferred material for bathroom countertops. It has high hardness, high water-repellency, and scratches in fabrics. The glazing process is not only bright and bright, but also difficult to hang dirty, and its craftsmanship is mature and its shape is varied, so it is very popular. Marble has been popular for its natural texture decoration, but its shortcomings can not be ignored: 1. Difficulty in processing, so the shape is single; 2. High water absorption, easy to crack; 3. Radiation is difficult to control; 4. Expensive. The artificial stone countertop overcomes all the shortcomings of marble. There are many kinds of flower samples, the price is also very suitable, the waterproof ability is super strong, the crack is of course not broken, and the processing shape is diversified. Disadvantages: Due to the large amount of pressed granular material (plastic component), the hardness is slightly inferior (easy to scratch), and long-term high temperature is likely to cause deformation. The tempered glass has high hardness, strong waterproof ability, and is not easy to be scratched, but the shape is single, it is easy to hang dirty, and it should be cleaned frequently.
   Bathroom Cabinet Option 2: How to choose the cabinet main material
   Cabinet is optional The important aspect of the bathroom cabinet, the material of the cabinet is the key factor in determining the grade of the bathroom cabinet, whether it is durable and the service life. The selection of high-end bathroom cabinets is mainly solid wood, PVC and MDF. It is recommended to use solid wood board, followed by PVC board, and MDF is not recommended. Although the price of solid wood boards is higher, it is more durable. To buy a bathroom cabinet with solid wood as the base material, we must first look at its construction process, whether the surface is smooth, smooth, whether the paint is wrinkled, creped, etc. The solid wood cabinets that are qualified for work are very resistant to moisture and mildew, and are not easily deformed. Followed by PVC sheet, the water resistance is undeniable. Because PVC sheets have a large amount of plastic components, their environmental protection and high temperature (heating) capacity are greatly reduced. Less suitable is the MDF. Since the MDF is made of wood shreds, the moisture resistance is weak. It is prone to mold, deformation and peeling in the humid air for a long time.
   Bathroom Cabinet Option 3: How to choose the mirror
   First, the quality of the mirror itself, this is very simple, take a photo, no discoloration, no polygons, and then see if there is a liner and back plate on the back of the mirror to prevent mercury wear. The second is to see if it is multi-functional, whether there are boxes behind the mirror and next to it, it can make the bath more convenient. If you want to choose a bathroom cabinet, the above three considerations are more important. As for the color, style, shape, etc., you can see your aesthetic ability and your aesthetic taste. As for the price, it is naturally a penny. Of course, you have to compare several to get less.
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Is the self-cleaning glaze that the shopping guide hangs on his lips really work?

   When buying a toilet, we often pay attention to how the toilet is pumping, saving water, and many people ignore the glazed problem. In fact, the glaze is good or bad, which directly affects the service life of the toilet. It is also related to the drainage and cleanliness of daily use. So, how to choose the glaze of the toilet? Is the self-cleaning glaze that the shopping guide hangs on his lips really work?

   toilet glaze selection, generally can be distinguished by two simple methods of touching the surface and listening to sound. When buying a toilet, you can touch the surface with your hand and feel smooth. The high-quality glazed hand is delicate and smooth, with no bubbles on the surface. If the glaze of the toilet and the body are rough and the color is dim, there are even small holes under the illumination of the strong light, which means that the glaze of the toilet is not ideal.

  The embryo body and glaze of the toilet need to be fired at a high temperature, and the quality of the toilet body is integrated , multi-layer glaze. When choosing a toilet, we can tap the toilet gently with your hand, and the sound of the quality toilet is crisp and loud. If the sound is dull and hoarse, there may be cracks in the toilet, or the firing temperature is not enough. It is not recommended to buy.

   When buying a toilet, the guide will often mention self-cleaning glaze. What is the principle of self-cleaning glaze? Really easy to use? The self-cleaning glaze is on the surface of the original glazed surface, and then covered with a layer of glass glaze. This material has an ultra-smooth texture and good antibacterial effect. After high temperature firing, it finally forms a smooth surface of the toilet, just like a lotus leaf. The surface is very difficult to adhere to.

  The high-quality glaze can reduce the water absorption of the toilet, and the sewage does not easily infiltrate into the toilet to produce odor. On the contrary, the toilet is easy to return. It takes a long time to get cracked and leaked. When we choose the toilet, we also need to pay special attention to whether the drain pipe of the sewage outlet has a glazed surface. You can touch it by hand and try it. Pipes without glaze are prone to water leakage and pollution. For a long time, not only is it difficult to clean, but it is also prone to blockage of the toilet.


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Matte marble VS ordinary marble, which one is better?

First of all, we need to understand what matt marble and ordinary marble are. Matte marble is a synthetic marble tile, and ordinary marble is natural marble. People’s concept is natural better than artificial, but it is different for matt marble and ordinary marble. Xiaobian for everyone to analyze matt marble and ordinary marble which is better?
matt brick

Matte marble is a kind of marble tile. The marble tile below 20° is matt marble, which has the natural decorative effect of natural marble and the superior performance of ceramic tile. A kind of ceramic tile that completely reconciles the natural texture, color and texture of natural marble. The product rejects all kinds of natural defects of natural marble, and is another new tile type after ceramic tile, polished brick, antique brick and microcrystalline stone tile.

It is an epoch-making innovator in the ceramics industry and a masterpiece of modern top-level tile manufacturing technology, and has developed into one of the mainstream products in the ceramic tile industry. Matte marble is a ceramic tile team that explores the trend of ceramic vitality, in-depth study of the trend of home decoration, based on the needs of customers, the beauty of nature into the humanities fashion, starting from the quality, introducing the unique craftsmanship of Italy, launching matt Marble, creating a “natural, stylish, simple” ceramic art. The marble tile category, which is the perfect substitute for marble and solid wood flooring, with the beauty of nature, to protect ecological resources, and to integrate into fashion art, will lead the new trend of the industry. The whole product development process and achievements have created the building ceramic industry. A benchmark for quality.

Marble International is collectively called marble, which is a metamorphic rock formed by the high temperature and high pressure of the original crust in the earth’s crust. With its natural and simple texture, the color is bright and bright, and each piece of marble floor tile texture is It is different, the texture is clear and curved marble, smooth and delicate, bright and fresh, like a visual feast for you again and again, installed in the living room, can make the room more elegant and generous, is widely used in the building Decorated with walls. Due to the looseness of the marble material, the softer water absorption rate is relatively high. There are many joint lines, so various pollution and warping deformation, easy loss of light and other phenomena are likely to occur during processing, transportation, installation and use, which affects the decorative effect.

How about matt bricks

Matte marble is not radiation, while ordinary marble is radiant; matt marble can mass produce the same color but ordinary marble can not; The development space of light marble is infinite and ordinary marble is limited; natural marble is a limited natural resource, with various natural defects such as large color difference, many defects, easy water seepage, difficult to handle, high price and long supply period. The matt marble abandons the natural defects of natural marble, and through the constant pursuit of realistic decorative effects and technological innovation, the “realistic effect of marble” and the “superior performance of ceramic tiles” are perfectly combined.

The above is a small series for everyone to analyze the matt marble and ordinary marble which is good, I believe everyone should see that you should know that. Matte marble is better than ordinary marble, because matt marble is the result of human wisdom and is the result of the efforts of the tile team.
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There are so many kinds of paints, do you make them?

The types of paints are:

  (1) according to the form of the paint, it can be divided into water-based paint, solvent paint, powder. Coatings, high solids coatings, etc.;
  (2) According to the construction method, it can be divided into brush coating, spray coating, roller coating, dip coating, electrophoretic coating, etc.;
  &3; According to the construction process, it can be divided into primer, medium paint (second primer), top coat, varnish, etc.;
  (4) can be divided into decorative paint according to function , anti-corrosion coatings, conductive coatings, anti-corrosive coatings, high temperature coatings, temperature coatings, thermal insulation coatings, fire retardant coatings, waterproof coatings, etc.
  (5) can be divided into architectural coatings, can coatings, Automotive coatings, aircraft coatings, home appliance coatings, wood coatings, bridge coatings, plastic coatings, paper coatings, etc.
  (6) Household paint can be divided into interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, wood paint, metal paint, floor paint.
  (7) According to the film properties (anti-corrosive paint, insulating paint, conductive paint, heat-resistant paint…)
  (8) according to the film-forming substance (alcohol Acid, epoxy, chlorinated rubber, acrylic, polyurethane, ethylene……)
  a) According to the type of base material: can be divided into organic coatings, inorganic coatings, organic-inorganic composite coatings. Organic coatings are classified into organic solvent-based coatings and organic water-based (including water-based and water-soluble) coatings because of the different solvents used. Common coatings in life are generally organic coatings. The inorganic coating refers to a coating produced by using an inorganic polymer material as a base material, and includes a water-soluble silicate system, a silica sol system, a silicone, and an inorganic polymer system. Organic-inorganic composite coatings have two composite forms. One is that the organic and inorganic materials are used together as a base material to form a composite coating; the other is that organic and inorganic coatings are combined in the decoration construction.
  b) Classified by decorative effect: It can be divided into: 1. Flat smooth surface coating (commonly known as flat coating), which is the most common construction method; 2. The surface is sand-like decoration The effect of the sand wall coating, such as real stone paint; 3. The formation of a three-dimensional decorative effect of the multi-layer decorative effect, such as relief.
  c) Classified according to the parts of use on the building: divided into interior wall paint, exterior paint, floor paint and
   ceiling paint.
  d) Classified by function: can be divided into general coatings and special functional architectural coatings (such as fire retardant coatings & emsp;   materials, waterproof coatings, mildew coatings, road markings) Paint, etc.).
  e) Classified according to the color effect: such as metallic paint, transparent varnish, etc.
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How about the beech flooring?

Solid wood flooring is the most popular floor decoration material for home decoration. Which solid wood flooring do you prefer? Today we are going to introduce you to the more popular eucalyptus flooring on the market. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of eucalyptus flooring.

  The advantages and disadvantages of eucalyptus flooring

  1. Introduction to eucalyptus flooring:

&emsp ; 榆木地板, as the name suggests, is the floor made of beech. The eucalyptus wood is tough, the texture is clear, the hardness and strength are moderate, the general embossed relief can adapt, the planing surface is smooth, the chord pattern is beautiful, and the pattern of “chicken wing wood” can be used for furniture, decoration, etc. Drying, shaping, carving and lacquering, can make beautiful lacquer crafts. Elm flooring material is beautiful in texture and thick in structure,

  2. Advantages of eucalyptus flooring:

  1. The floor hardness is good

   Because the strength of the eucalyptus is very high, the eucalyptus is very wear-resistant. Such a eucalyptus floor helps to prevent large objects from being deformed and deformed. The edge core material of the eucalyptus floor is clearly distinguished, the sapwood is dark yellow, and the core material is dark purple gray. The texture of the eucalyptus floor is very clear, the surface is very smooth, the curved surface is very beautiful and very durable.

  2. The appearance of eucalyptus solid wood flooring is beautiful

  The pattern of eucalyptus is very beautiful, and people in the industry generally put eucalyptus The pattern is similar to the cost of African chicken wing wood. It is believed that the pattern of eucalyptus is similar to that of chicken wing wood. Chicken wing wood is one of the few wood species known for its magnificent patterns. Therefore, the beauty of the eucalyptus floor is also One of the advantages.

  3. The eucalyptus solid wood flooring is cheaper

   eucalyptus is a common wood species in the north of China, and is known as the southern eucalyptus. North and South. A large number of eucalyptus trees are distributed throughout the entire north, so the price of domestic eucalyptus flooring is not high.

  Three, beech floor defects:

  1, beech flooring is easy to deform, a well-completed coffin The floor is not easily deformed, but the humidity of the eucalyptus floor is very high, so for the manufacturers of eucalyptus flooring, the drying of the eucalyptus floor becomes a big problem. Therefore, few manufacturers are able to completely dry the eucalyptus floor, which makes many eucalyptus floors that consumers buy easily deformed.

  2, beech flooring is prone to long worms, the floor is prone to long worms and shrinkage is a common feature of solid wood flooring, because eucalyptus flooring is an environmentally friendly floor like all solid wood flooring. For this kind of natural solid wood flooring, it is inevitable to be loved by nature’s creatures. Long worms are inevitable, naturally. The most common occurrence of long worms is the old eucalyptus floor.

  3, the humidity of the eucalyptus floor is large: the humidity of the eucalyptus itself is large, so the eucalyptus is very troublesome when it is dried. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to pay special attention to whether the eucalyptus floor has been thoroughly dried. Some merchants will cut corners and buy the eucalyptus flooring that has not been thoroughly dried. This kind of floor will be deformed and bent during daily use, so you must pay special attention to this aspect when purchasing.

   matching method of eucalyptus flooring
   color matching of eucalyptus flooring:

  in climate When it has become the focus of the world today, the environmental performance of household products has become more and more important. When selecting the floor, first check whether the environmental indicators of the product meet the standards specified by the state, especially pay attention to whether the volatilization of harmful gases such as formaldehyde exceeds the standard, which will be the key to ensuring the health of the family. When purchasing solid wood flooring, you should carefully observe the following aspects: see if the wood is tough, see if the texture is clear, and see if the hardness and strength of the material are moderate, depending on whether the surface of the floor is smooth or not. Xiao Bian especially recommends the floor made of eucalyptus wood. The floor made of eucalyptus not only has a good paving effect, but also the natural pattern is more natural. Users who prefer rural style home design may wish to refer to it, which will bring a warm and natural fresh atmosphere to your loved one.

   The light-coloured, straight-textured ash wood flooring is popular among small-sized owners.

  The ash floor is tough and elastic, with wood color and slightly dark gray, straight texture, moderate weight and hardness, high strength and good wear resistance. Add a lot to your overall home. The wooden furniture with white background is the favorite of many young generations. It is economical and practical. It also reflects the sense of freshness and elegance. The use of ash flooring in the decoration is also a classic of modern minimalist decoration style. Solid wood flooring can be called the best in the floor in the sense of foot, choose the light ash floor to bring comfort, but also add a warm feeling to your cabin.

  The space of the eucalyptus floor:

  maintain the humidity in the room, because the eucalyptus floor does not like the humidity too much, pay attention to the floor Dry, smooth, usually open window ventilation, exchange air, letThe floor has a good environment. But don’t let the sun shine for a long time, and the temperature rises or falls sharply and hurts the floor. In order to maintain the appearance of the eucalyptus floor and prolong the service life, it can be waxed twice a year, with a uniform layer of floor wax to make the floor smooth and bright. In normal life, avoid hard objects such as metal sharps, nailed shoes or glass tiles to scratch the floor surface. Do not throw cigarette butts, chewing gum, etc. on the floor, and do not allow the floor to touch the water for a long time. Regularly clean the floor and place a doormat at the door to reduce or prevent sand or abrasive dust from being carried into the room. Do not wipe the floor with corrosive liquids. After the floor is clean, a diluted floor polish should be applied. If the floor usage is relatively frequent, the concentration of the polish can be appropriately increased. In general, the living room can be maintained once a month, while the kitchen, living room, etc., which are frequently accessed, need to be maintained weekly.
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