Including high, medium and low floors, the business of making money is still afraid of no one doing okorder

For the dealer Mr. Zhao, choosing the agent low-priced floor brand means another spring sale. The choice of floor type depends largely on the dealer. The purpose of the dealer is very simple. To have good sales, make money, and satisfy the preferences of consumers, he will choose to operate the floor that meets his goals. The dealer will never be willing to make a loss.

Encourage the expansion of profitable space in high, medium and low grades

The market for flooring industry is becoming more and more clear. The market welcomes the most complete product categories: from solid wood to strengthening to multi-layer solid wood, various series of marketing, the most systematic price. System: The complete product category has high, medium and low price ranges to maximize consumer demand at different levels of consumption.

In the economic downturn or the downturn, product prices and values ​​occupy a major position in the consumer’s purchase process. In 2009, the mid-range price of laminate flooring products was the most popular among consumers; in 2010, the mid-to-high-end products looked up; in 2011, the high, medium and low-grade flooring brands became the choice of merchants’ compatibility.

Insiders joked that floor manufacturers now need solid wood, solid wood composite, laminate flooring, and product categories as much as possible to expand dealers’ profit margins. It should be noted here that the laminate flooring products that take the high-end route have a lower market share than solid wood flooring.

Floor market stability at the beginning of the new year price increase

Of course, merchants choose low-priced floor brand, more beneficial to pursue cost control and low risk, and the association experts reminded that can not be lower than 70 yuan / square meter, otherwise low There are few markets for low-quality floor products with low quality and low environmental protection.

On the other hand, merchants who choose low-cost floor brands in the agency must pay attention to the fact that ‘low price’ must be closely coordinated with the market, and the marketing method of achieving the goal of ‘expanding influence and attracting attention’ in a short time is coming. The more abandoned the industry, the only way to understand the market, understand the psychology of consumers, and master the status of competitors, in order to achieve sales purposes. The so-called ‘the collection of the hundred family’s long is used by me, so that it is not outdated; diligent thinking, often summed up, no one has me.’

The dealers realized that the flooring industry, with more or less the Chinese manufacturing industry, has not completely escaped from the ‘winter’ intention. Local flooring companies pay more attention to the shortage of resources and labor by cultivating talents and strengthening technological innovation and other ‘excellent strategies’ to lead the national flooring market.

According to media reports, the price of flooring in some large building materials market has shown an upward trend since the beginning of 2011, with a price increase of 5%-10%. Some insiders believe that the price increase of the floor has little impact on consumers due to the rigid demand; in addition, the floor with the building materials to the countryside has undoubtedly spurred the rural consumer market, and also expect high-quality low-cost flooring to patronize farmers. According to the current reality, whether the peasants need to lay the floor to rebuild the new house, how much the price floor can be accepted, whether the floor business can launch the floor that truly benefits the farmers’ high quality and good price, this needs further observation.

Channel sinking network promotion to network sales

Some experts analyzed that the current living conditions of floor dealers, due to the expensive rent in first-tier cities, ‘eight stores in the same brand in the same area’, the situation in first-tier cities is very serious. In the face of fierce competition in the first-tier cities, the second and third-line situation is still not clear enough. The promotion of flooring brands through the network can effectively solve the difficult problem of channel development.

First of all, the channel development investment is the pain of the industry’s ‘cone heart’ in the key markets. The shop is small, the shop is not good, the store is not making money, the dealers are more and more unbearable, such as the experience store is not It must be located in the large-scale home building materials market. As long as the location is convenient, it is not a problem to stabilize the primary market by taking advantage of the combination of online and offline.

Secondly, the problem of channel sinking can also be solved through the network. You can use the network to develop dealers. As long as there are orders, the business that makes money will be done by others. If you make profit distribution, you will not be afraid of no partners. In time, online marketing may become the main sales channel for the industry, and manufacturers should look beyond the longer term.

Release date: 2011/12/6 11:16:13

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Analysis: Basement plugging construction measures okorder

Basement plugging construction measures: According to the importance of the project and the requirements for plugging in the basement during use, determine the basement plugging level of the underground project, and use the combination of ‘anti-discharge, discharge, interception and plugging’ for different parts of the project. Soft and harmonious, adapt to local conditions, comprehensive management. 1. Anti-discharge combination The underground foundation pit is supported by the cement-type mixing pile gravity retaining wall to form a water-stop curtain around the foundation pit, and the deep-water precipitation point is arranged in the supporting foundation pit through the design of the precipitation. Basement plugging Before the earthwork excavation in the basement, the well group pump is started to carry out the precipitation, so that the groundwater level is kept 30cm below the basement plugging layer during the construction of the underground basement. The ground water around the foundation pit is discharged into the surrounding open ditch, which ensures that the basement structure basement is blocked during construction without water and mud. 2. Rigid basement plugging Determine the impermeability level of the basement plugging in the basement project. The structure is sealed from the basement. The pumping UEA is used to compensate for the shrinkage enthalpy. The UEA blends a large amount of 8% to 10% of the cementitious material. The limiting expansion ratio of UEA is 2~4×104-4, which can increase the strength of bismuth by 10%~30%, increase the impermeability by 2 times, and improve the freeze resistance and sulfate resistance. It has no rust effect on steel bars. There is also the advantage of retardation, which can compensate for the temperature difference shrinkage of bismuth. The combination of retarding and water reducing agent is one of the best measures to reduce the cracking of large volume bismuth. It can effectively suppress the void ratio inside the sputum and increase the porosity. The interface is dense, so as to achieve the purpose of plugging in the basement. The integrity of the basement plugging large volume 砼 foundation is high, so the raft should be layered and stratified (typically 30cm ~ 40cm). The basement of the basement plugging cement base is required to be smooth, clean and moist, with sufficient strength, and the yin and yang angles are rounded. The liquid material and the powder material are used in a ratio of 1:1 and fully stirred, and the prepared paint should be used up in time; the construction sequence is the additional layer reinforcement treatment such as the first yin and yang angle, and then the façade construction. During the construction, if the base layer is too dry, it is necessary to use a dilution material to make a base. The first coating should be thinner and uniform when applied. Generally, it is 3 to 5 times, and the dosage is (3 to 5) kg/m2. After the first coating film is dried, the second coating can be performed, and the second coating direction should be perpendicular to the first pass. After the same, the thickness of the coating reached 1.5mm. The paint contains cement components and is easy to bond with cement materials. Therefore, the protective layer of cement mortar and masonry materials can be directly applied to the coating, but it needs to be carried out after the basement plugging layer is dried. After the underground outdoor wall completes the underground chamber plugging treatment, the gap between the foundation pit and the outer wall is backfilled with cohesive soil to change the soil layer environment, artificially reduce the permeability of the soil layer in the foundation pit, and then achieve the purpose of plugging the basement. 3. Post-casting with basement plugging treatment The post-casting belt is the junction of the second stage and the first stage, which is a weak part of the basement plugging function, which is very likely to cause leakage, and should be paid special attention. Therefore, in order to prevent the occurrence of vertical cracks, on the basis of the original design drawings, a plurality of telescopic post-casting belts are additionally added to ensure that a post-casting belt is disposed every 30m to 40m. A long closed steel plate waterstop is arranged in the middle of the back pouring strip thickness, and the joint is fully welded to improve the quality of the basement plugging of the post-casting strip. Before the construction of the post-casting belt, first remove the wooden molds or fine wire mesh on both sides, clean the surface of the loose concrete, the surface is chiseled, wet for more than 48h, and check whether the template leaks. A post-basement plugging coating shall be added to the post-casting zone, and a layer of 100-thick 1.4 m wide crucible cushion shall be added to the back-casting strip of the bottom plate according to the design requirements, with a bidirectional reinforcing mesh. The construction interval between the post-casting and the cast-in-place concrete on both sides shall be at least 2 months. The post-casting construction temperature should be lower than the temperature of the cast-in-place concrete on both sides. This is to reduce the temperature gradient between the inner and outer crucibles, thus reducing the crack caused by the shrinkage deformation under the restriction. The ground guarantees the construction quality of the post-casting belt. After the final condensation, the sack is covered and watered for maintenance, and the curing time is generally not less than l4d.

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The flooring industry is misunderstood. Sustainable environmental protection is facing strong challenges. okorder

In 2011, it was designated as the International Year of Forests. In this year and day, which is quite different for the flooring industry, the World Flooring Conference was held in Shanghai. Sustainability has become a hot topic in the industry at this conference. It is not only applicable to the protection of forests, but also to the future development of China’s flooring industry.

Is the flooring industry really ‘misunderstood’?

‘Forests have been on Earth for 380 million years, but do we really understand trees? At the World Flooring Conference, Jim Gould, president of the American Institute of Ground Materials Research, broadcasted such a video, with a variety of beautiful forest images that alternated and flashed, and this rarely mentioned problem was thrown at the beginning of the film. This short film called Forest and People was specially filmed by the United Nations to promote the 2011 International Year of Forests. At a annual event in the flooring industry, where raw materials are supplied to deforestation, it seems that some of the short films on forest protection topics are out of date.

JimGould is not persuading listeners to give up their industry, but to advise entrepreneurs in the flooring industry, ‘If we want to grow in this industry, we must educate consumers around the world: if we manage deforestation well, the floor The industry is actually good for the world. Every producer and seller of wood needs to do his job and change the misunderstanding of consumers. ‘

The chairman of Nature Floor, Yan Xuebin, said that as a boss of the timber industry, he was always asked how many trees the company had cut. In fact, flooring manufacturers have replanted trees as a common means of floor marketing. Yan Xuebin said, ‘Every time I cut a tree, I promise to plant ten trees. Cutting trees and planting trees is not a contradiction. What needs to be considered is how to source legal timber globally to achieve more environmentally friendly goals. ‘

Ye Kelin, vice president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, also defends the low carbonity of the floor. ‘Afforestation is to absorb carbon dioxide to release oxygen, but if the wood is not used, it will eventually return to the atmosphere if it rots. . Therefore, it is necessary to use wood in large quantities, store carbon in wood products, and let the carbon delay the release time. Under the premise that the amount of growth exceeds the amount of use, it is not only one-sided emphasis on forest protection. ‘

Sustained development faces strong demand

’13 years ago, China was only an importer of laminate flooring, and now it has become the largest producer of laminate flooring. Although great success has been achieved, past successes do not represent future success. ‘This is a warning from Thomas Baert, Senior Development Consultant, China International Flooring Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition.

In the face of this kind warning, ‘reflection’ has become the word repeatedly mentioned by many speakers at the floor conference. And the challenge is everywhere. Ye Kelin, vice president of China National Forest Products Industry Association, listed the factors that are not conducive to the development of the industry, such as shortage of timber, rising prices, rising production costs such as manpower, tightening of real estate and financial policies, and upgrading of wood quality requirements. He concluded that it is no longer feasible to rely on the growth of resource consumption and capital accumulation.

Leading companies in the industry are also aware of this. Weng Shaobin, president of Shengxiang Group, said that China’s flooring companies are labor-intensive from product production, marketing to after-sales service. He once made a calculation. If the icon is to achieve sales of 3 to 4 billion yuan, the company needs to invest more than 10,000 people including production personnel, sales personnel and installation service personnel. Weng Shaobin believes that such high labor intensity is sustainable in the flooring industry and worth considering.

The road to transformation is not smooth, and the domestic flooring industry is fortunate that they have an increasingly large domestic consumer market compared to their foreign counterparts. During the ‘Twelfth Five-Year Plan’ period, there will be 2.4 billion cubic meters of new buildings and 42 billion cubic meters of old buildings. This has great potential for the flooring industry, which has a 30% market share in floor coverings, Ye Kelin said.

Release date: 2011/12/12 10:33:48

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Analysis: How to choose a safety floor? Whether environmental protection depends on the quality of glue okorder

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/201708021815321606.jpg”>

How to choose a safe and secure floor for consumers </ 煞 网上 网上 网上 网上 安 安 安 安 安 安 安 安 安 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上 网上Gan Chao, an expert in the Chemical Building Materials Center of Jiangsu Provincial Quality Inspection Institute, was interviewed by this newspaper to teach you how to buy safe and environmentally friendly flooring.

Hot bubble floor measurement of formaldehyde? Reasonable but not reliable


The Internet broke the Anxin ‘Poison Floor’ incident, Vanke Real Estate announced that it will thoroughly investigate all the buildings using Anxin Floor. Although Vanke and more than 40 cities across the country issued a total of 163 re-examination reports on Anxin Floor, except Vanke Foshan The floor of formaldehyde in a building is out of the standard, and the rest of the test results are in line with national standards.

The quality of the floor in the market is uneven, how to buy a safe and reliable floor, and let the consumers take pains, online A simple method of measuring formaldehyde: ‘take A small sample, soak it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes after going home, smell it with no irritating taste. Good floor due to low formaldehyde emission, generally won’t smell pungent odor. Once it smells more exciting The strange smell, even the eyes feel uncomfortable, basically can be determined that the floor formaldehyde is exceeded. ‘

Is this method of measuring formaldehyde reliable? Jiangsu Provincial Quality Inspection Institute chemical building materials expert Gan Chao said that there is a certain However, the test results are not reliable. ‘Formaldehyde is soluble in water, and its aqueous solution is formalin.’ Gan Chao explained that formalin will emit a pungent odor, and the floor of formaldehyde exceeding the standard will be soaked in boiling water. There is a pungent odor. However, this test method is very rough, and the irritating odor does not necessarily mean that the formaldehyde in the floor exceeds the standard. It is possible that the formaldehyde emission of the floor is below the critical value and is still qualified.

Formaldehyde standard The inspection shall be carried out under the specified conditions, and the procedures, tools, environmental conditions and inspectors shall be required to be strict. Like the formaldehyde test, there are extraction methods and dryer methods. It is unlikely that the citizens will meet these conditions when they self-test. The method is also difficult to play a reference role.

‘Poisonous’ floor formaldehyde comes from? The use of glue difference leads to formaldehyde exceeding the standard

common floor has 4 kinds: solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, reinforcement Laminate flooring and bamboo flooring. The recently-reported ‘poisonous’ flooring mainly refers to laminate floorings with excessive formaldehyde emission.

Gan Chao introduced that laminate flooring is generally composed of four layers of structure. The surface of the floor is a wear-resistant layer, mainly composed of aluminum oxide, which has strong wear resistance and hardness. Then there is a decorative layer, which is a layer of paper impregnated with melamine resin. There is also a base layer, the main structure is Medium and high density fiberboard, treated with high temperature, high pressure and gluing. Finally, the balance layer, which is a layer of kraft paper, has a certain strength and thickness, and is impregnated with resin to prevent moisture and floor deformation. The solid wood composite board is made of plywood and the veneers are bonded together.

Strengthening the floor and solid wood composite floor by adhesive bonding, will produce formaldehyde, less adhesive, poor drainage performance of the floor; the more formaldehyde, the higher the adhesion fastness, the floor contains formaldehyde It is inevitable in itself. Gan Chao said, ‘Urea-formaldehyde glue and phenolic glue are commonly used in floor production. The content of phenolic rubber is low, but the price is high. ‘The quality of the glue used in the production enterprises is uneven, and the poor quality glue will produce the floor with excessive formaldehyde emission.

How to buy a floor? Reaching the environmental protection E1 level

Many citizens put the formaldehyde and ‘poison’ on the equal sign. In fact, low-concentration formaldehyde is common in nature, and there is trace amount of formaldehyde in clothes, apples and other foods. It is a normal phenomenon that wood products contain formaldehyde. The key is to release the amount in a reasonable manner, and the formaldehyde control should be closed in the wood product without dissipating.

Gan Chao introduced, the national mandatory standards stipulate that there is a formaldehyde emission requirement for solid wood composite flooring, laminate flooring and bamboo flooring. The commonly used testing method is the dryer method. At present, the release of formaldehyde from wooden floors is carried out by the mandatory national standard GB18580-2001, which stipulates that the formaldehyde emission of artificial board products is 1.5mg/L, which is E1. The formaldehyde emission of 0.5mg/L reaches the E0 level, which is a recommended standard.

How do people buy safe and secure floors? Gan Chao said that it is not appropriate to excessively pursue high standards and high standards. It is enough to choose E1 products. At present, the brand of wood flooring on the market is dazzling, and three products are everywhere. When consumers buy, try to find the floor with high reputation and brand ring in the market. Regular flooring companies have printed or branded clear Chinese logos, such as manufacturer name, site, implementation standard number, product name, specification, wood name, grade, quantity and batch number, etc. The information can be considered as inferior floor or three no floor, and the possibility of ‘toxic’ is greater.

Gan Chao said that the public can also let the seller present the recent floor test report when purchasing, to see if the report is issued by a nationally recognized statutory authorized testing agency; The tested product batch is the same batch as the one you purchased.

Anti-formaldehyde tips:

caused indoor air pollution in home decoration is often not only caused by excessive formaldehyde in a single material. Paints, paints, furniture, etc. may contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde during the decoration process. Sometimes the formaldehyde content of a single product is not exceeded, but the qualified products in the house are used much more, and the cumulative amount will exceed the standard. While paying attention to the environmental protection indicators of individual materials, the public should also pay attention to the indoor air pollution caused by excessive use of formaldehyde in the home decoration materials.

Release date: 2012/4/9 10:09:52

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Find the market fault, small and medium floor brand development space okorder

From 2011 to 2012, various concerns of the industry in the flooring industry are gradually becoming a reality. The real estate industry is facing cold, inflation, rising raw material prices and increased labor costs. These factors continue to cause far-reaching problems for the flooring industry. Impact. In such a depressed market atmosphere, large brands and large enterprises with strong strengths can still be difficult to support, and many small and medium-sized flooring companies are even more deadly, and they can only seek new ways.

So, under the circumstance of the group, where is the way out for small and medium-sized floor companies? What do small and medium-sized floor companies rely on to fight for their own world? To this end, the author has explored the entire industry through his own years of experience in the flooring industry. The entire market has been systematically sorted out, hoping to find the answer to this question.

Market faults leave space for small and medium-sized flooring companies

In my opinion, at present, the flooring industry has not yet formed an oligarchic enterprise, and the leading brands have established a market leading position. Strong brand influence, but they are not out of reach, and far from the monopoly of the entire flooring industry, although the overall pattern of most first-tier markets has been divided and occupied by these enterprises, but in the actual market size and market capacity More huge second, third and even fourth-line markets, these well-known flooring brands are actually on the same starting line as small and medium-sized flooring companies. In addition, there are still many blank areas in the division of various market segments of the flooring industry. These areas together with the second and third-tier markets of the floor constitute a large market fault zone, which also leaves a huge space for development for many small and medium-sized enterprises. .

Although these market faults have left enough room for small and medium-sized flooring companies to develop, how they will eventually develop depends on the brand’s own skills. The most urgent task for small and medium-sized flooring companies is to do ‘four good’–good product quality, good production technology, good service capability and good product prices.

Product Quality

Quality is the foundation of production. If there is no good quality guarantee, no matter how good the brand promotion is, everything will be in vain. Running a business is like building a house. Product quality is the cornerstone of the company. Only with the guarantee of quality can everything else be possible. In order to develop in the long run, flooring companies must enhance their sense of responsibility and mission, strictly control raw materials, and strive to produce high-quality products for consumers.

Production Process

Process and quality are in fact complementary, good products, single quality is not good, single process is not good, both are indispensable. Good product technology, first, the need for advanced equipment, and second, the need for high-tech talent. Ai Yage implements each process responsibility system in the process, that is, each process is equipped with responsible persons, refining responsibility and refining management. At the same time, the reporting system is implemented, so that every employee becomes a supervisory manager and reduces the error rate.

Service Capability

Dealers value the company’s service level when selecting a brand. Good service not only attracts new dealers, but also retains old dealers. A company’s service to dealers mainly includes three aspects: marketing services, daily communication and after-sales service. Marketing services are mainly reflected in several aspects of site selection, decoration and opening promotion. Daily communication is the most easily overlooked problem for the company. After the dealer opens, it ignores it, causing a large gap in the dealers and no sense of belonging. Therefore, daily communication services must be done well.

Product Price

Price setting is a science, companies can not take it for granted when setting prices for products. Liu said that before formulating product prices, sales personnel must conduct in-depth market research, listen to dealers’ opinions, and collect competitors’ product price information to ensure that the final product price can satisfy both dealers and consumers. The company gets enough profit.

Although there are still many uncertain factors in the flooring market, for small and medium-sized flooring brands, as long as the production and marketing work is done well and the enterprise development plan is well done, of course, the key is to make a good brand positioning for itself. Find the exact entry point of the corresponding market, I believe that you can still lay a piece of your own world.

Release date: 2012/4/28 8:57:49

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Analyze the cause of moisture deformation of solid wood flooring okorder

Generally speaking, there are more phenomena in the use of the floor in the form of tiles or arching. This is because the floor is damp. The reasons for the dampness of the floor are as follows: (1) Moisture in the air (for example, Huangmeitian). (2) The floor is not dry, and the keel is reinforced with cement. (3) The keel, the floor is too wet. (4) Use water-based glue. (5) The damp environment such as the first floor is not specially treated for moisture. (6) The section where the stone floor meets the floor is not closed. (7) Blisters (such as water pipes rupture, balcony water reflow, etc.). In addition, the product itself and improper construction will also cause arching. For example, improper drying treatment, insufficient health, low water content, shallow back groove, insufficient expansion gap in construction, and too tight laying.

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Investigation and analysis of the mentality of floor brand consumers okorder

Nowadays, if you go shopping at any floor store, you will find that the products are full of shelves, and the countless brands make your eyes basically unstoppable. It seems to be submerged into the sea. At this time, when you make a purchase choice, you can only follow the direction of the navigation mark in the boat sailing in the sea. This navigation mark means that when you buy, you will choose the brand’s ‘unique’. Brands that don’t have the ‘Avionics’ may only lie on the shelves to send lonely days, and you won’t pity their loneliness to buy! Brands that lack differentiated features don’t show their own uniqueness and are overwhelmed The danger is greatly increased.

Differentiation comes from the matching name

When you have a different concept, it does not mean that you have already succeeded. At this time, you have already got the ticket, and you To truly enjoy the wonderful, you need to be featured around this differentiation.

You need to show your differentiated features in packaging or display, not in line with the packaging of similar products, to stand on the opposite side, such as the packaging of competitors is big, then you have to do very small In order to establish a clear distinction, visually form your characteristics.

In this era of equal importance to content, the external packaging not only directly gives consumers the experience and experience of the product, but also highlights the differentiation and supports the characteristics you emphasize.

In the increasingly fierce market competition, business operations are under even greater pressure. It is not easy to open the pockets, not to mention any products that are different. Can it be noticed by consumers when placed on the shelves? Of course, your corporate brand can be different, and it is the best strategic choice to achieve enterprise differentiation.

If you need to give up if necessary

Sometimes ‘less is more than ‘. The danger of the floor brand being overwhelmed is that the business managers lack the courage to give up and become afraid to give up when they need to give up. You think that more products will always make more money. You think that more sales points will always be better than one. You think that it will always be better for all consumers than for a certain group of consumers. Anyway, in your world, more is better.

Differentiation is based on the mind

Not all differentiation can achieve the effect of ‘less’ or ‘more’. To truly differentiate, it must be recognized by the mind of the consumer. Knowing that ‘the difference is different’.

This differentiation has two properties. The first nature is that others do not, or others have, and are not really established in the consumer’s mental cognition. Another property is that you pioneered it yourself. Once the differentiation is first occupied by others, how can you get rid of it is useless, but instead help people to consolidate this differentiated position. Self-created must also be based on the consumer’s mind, the difference is really not the market facts, but the consumer’s perception, the consumer has the final say. The best way to find the consumer’s mental cognition is to select competitors, screen out your real competitors, find out the true strength of the competitors, combine the characteristics of the products, and build the weaknesses of the competitors in the strength of the competitors. It is the perception that consumers really need.

Release date: 2012/2/16 11:40:26

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What should I pay attention to when laying the floor? What brand of flooring is good? okorder

It is often said that the floor is a three-point quality, seven-point pavement, and the quality of the pavement is especially critical for the later use of the floor. A comprehensive inspection of the paving environment before paving is an important part of ensuring the quality of the paving. If the floor is laid in a situation where the environment is not up to standard, the floor will be prone to various quality problems after a period of use. The so-called speed is not up, so before we start paving, let us first fully understand what environmental conditions can meet the requirements of paving the floor.

Measuring the water content of the ground

The moisture content of the ground is measured by a moisture content tester. The standard requirement for ordinary ground is <20%, and the standard for geothermal floor is <10%. If the moisture content is too high, the floor will easily swell and swell, causing problems such as arching, drumming, and noise. If the moisture content exceeds the standard, dehumidification should be carried out to avoid problems in later use and regret.

600){this.width=600}” align=center src=”/userfiles/20170802171727921.jpg”>

Check if the environment is

Termites are not easily found by people and are often overlooked until they are destroyed by the day. Carefully observe the surrounding areas and furniture for termites. Be sure to check and prevent termites before floor covering. Otherwise, the whole Floors and even all wood products in the house are seriously damaged.

Check the ground levelness

Place it on the ground with 2M feet and check with a 3mm thick feeler gauge If the ground is not flat, it needs to be leveled with a blade, and the situation must be re-leveled or self-leveling. If the flatness is not up to standard, it will cause chipping, lifting, arching. Problems such as sounds.

Check if the ground is solid.

Pull the ground with a screwdriver handle or a hammer to check if there are holes or flaking on the ground. If there is a hole in the ground or peeling off , you need to re-treat the ground. Otherwise, after laying the floor for a while, because the ground is not solid, then There will be noise, which will affect the service life of the floor.

Whether or not to make waterproof measures

The floor is afraid of water, and it will cause problems such as foaming, degumming and deformation after water intrusion. Therefore, it is necessary to check the waterproof measures before paving, if there is any leakage in the house, and if there is any treatment, please lay the floor.

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What should I do with the damage on the laminate floor? okorder

First, against stubborn fouling

For qualified laminate flooring, stubborn stains can be easily removed with a damp rag due to its skin-resistant surface properties. For floors with a solid surface, it is a little difficult to handle. For example, if the surface of the paint or wood structure is damaged during the treatment, a maintenance agent or repairing agent is needed to repair the surface wound.

Second, handle lifting or falling off

For individual positions to pick up or fall off, first distinguish whether it is a product quality problem or Later caused by man. A large amount of product or contact with water for a long time will cause the water to be partially lifted. The water should be quickly dried and the window should be ventilated to reduce the humidity in the room, and the product will have different degrees of deformation recovery. If it is lifted or peeled off due to external force, the repair of laminate flooring and multi-layer parquet should be determined according to the degree of damage. Solid wood flooring and three-layer solid wood flooring can be repaired with special repairing agent due to the thicker surface wood. In the normal use of such problems, it is best to get in touch with the manufacturer who sells the floor, and the professional will operate after the cause of the problem is identified.

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Three, choose cleaning and maintenance products

Laminate flooring does not require any cleaning or maintenance of daily chemical products. For flooring with solid wood flooring, what kind of daily chemical products should be selected according to the surface treatment process, such as surface layer It is a paint surface treatment, and it is necessary to choose a maintenance agent containing paint ingredients; if the surface layer is treated with natural oils, it is necessary to select a maintenance agent containing vegetable oil ingredients. It is best to use the cleaning and maintenance products sold by the floor manufacturer. Recently, there are many sales. Unscrupulous manufacturers who clean and maintain daily chemical products often use the floor manufacturer’s banner to make phone calls or door-to-door product sales. Consumers must check with the floor manufacturer to avoid being cheated or to damage the floor without claiming a door.


As long as it is not specially treated by hand, the laminate flooring with natural properties of wood can not be in contact with water in large quantities, because one of the natural properties of wood is easy to absorb and swell and can only be used. Twisted dry, A rag with a small amount of moisture is used to wipe the tool.

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How to choose a floor with floor heating? okorder

Home decoration is a big project for ordinary people, and many people hope to be in place at one time to meet the needs of life in the next few decades. So now more and more families will choose to warm themselves in the cold winter. The quality of the floor heating is not only the quality of the floor heating product itself, but also related to whether the floor product selection is correct. What kind of floor is best for warming? Today’s floor selection class will answer this question for you. The wooden floor itself is relatively soft and has good anti-slip properties. It is safer for the elderly and children, but its heat dissipation is relatively poor, but it also means that the wood floor has better insulation effect, especially the solid wood floor. Conductive is very good, it is also a suitable floor decoration material for floor heating. At present, there are many kinds of wooden floors on the market. Not every floor is suitable for floor heating, but in general, the floor that can be used for floor heating should meet the following three conditions: 1. Environmental protection, it will not contain harmful gases. Floors used for floor heating, if they contain harmful gases, are not good for people indoors. Once the floor heating is turned on, the high temperature will exacerbate the volatilization of the body and cause more damage to the human body. 2, good waterproof. Floor heating has the distinction of plumbing and electric heating. In most of the country, the use of plumbing accounts for the majority. It uses water pipes to achieve heating. Therefore, the humidity on the ground will be relatively high. If the waterproofness of the wooden floor is not good enough, it will be easily deformed, causing a lot of trouble. 3, good stability, will not change because of the alternating heat and cold. Although any object will change due to alternating heat and cold, the rate of change of the wooden floor used for floor heating needs to be controlled within a certain range so as not to damage the entire floor level. Conclusion: At present, the composite floor with good stability is more suitable for floor heating, but now it is also used for floor heating solid wood flooring products. Consumers can choose according to their own consumption ability when purchasing.

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