Create a new ecological interconnection of all things, how things will reconstruct traditional industries?

Today, the Internet has become the exchange of communication between people, passed a bond information, the Internet technology has already become quite mature. Based on this, whether we can do and things can even exchange information between physical objects? So, based on Internet technology things came into being. As early as 1999 CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , China has put forward the concept of analog networking, was called “sensor network”, and became one of the five major projects focus on the Chinese Academy of Sciences. ITU (International Telecommunication Union) in the 2005 World Summit on the Information Society, first cited the “Internet of Things” concept, has challenged some of the early things related technologies and face. By 2009, national leaders speak about the “Experience China” in the field of research and application development of China’s Internet of things to a climax. Today, things gradually integrated into our daily lives and industrial manufacturing, small indoor temperature and humidity sensor can automatically adjust the intelligent air conditioning, large factories in the machine intelligence, industry data and the high degree of integration of the Internet, embodies all things are interconnected thought. So how did it all interconnected? RFID technology, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology in the IOT “allows the article to speak” in the art, some of which may have the target RFID tag and read by a radio signal identification data, without the need for mechanical or optical contact with the target be identified. By a radio signal, the RFID tag on an article in the relevant information is automatically collected into a central system to identify the article implemented. By RFID technology, we can track where the merchandise warehouse, installation can automatically recognize and pay in the car. The main difficulty of this technology is how to select the best frequency and confidentiality confidentiality.
sensor technology sensor technology is responsible for receiving content “talk” items IOT. Many signals in nature, such as temperature, pressure, light, gas, gravity, etc., can be detected by a sensor, and alternately capture, and optical signals into electrical signals and to achieve the information obtained by converting, processing, storage and transmission and other requirements. Things often in the natural environment, the sensor will be tested in harsh environments, so will be more strict and demanding requirements of the sensor.
Since the wireless network is the Internet of technology, it is inseparable from the network.The Internet is the foundation of things, in addition, there are a number of wireless network technology in which information plays the role of porters. We are familiar with such as Bluetooth and infrared technology, as well as short distance, low complexity, low-power, low-rate, low-cost two-way wireless communication technology –Zigbee. Advent 5G technology will bring higher speeds, wider bandwidth, and more widely, the Internet of Things will also inject new energy. Under the environment of things, the more closely the links between individuals, any are likely to spread to a wider range of individuals against cyber attacks. Therefore, one of the things is to maintain network security wireless network technology is very important work. From industry to industry networking was the Internet in various scenarios of things, the consumer application seems most of the attention, but the real largest cake from industrial and business networking applications. GE company has said in a report ( “Industrial Internet: Pushing theBoundaries of Minds and Machines”) in that: the traditional industries (covering manufacturing, natural resources development, construction, utilities, etc.) and transport and healthcare together CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , 46% of the global economy or global output of $ 32.3 trillion, will benefit from the Internet industry; with the development of the global economy and the industry, this figure will continue to rise. By 2025, the industry is expected to broadly share will grow to 50% of the global economy, or accounted for $ 82 trillion of global output in the future. Specifically, the industry refers to the things of things in industrial applications. On the one hand, industry is a matter of things intersect with the Internet service network system. On the other hand, industrial automation and things breakthrough is the depth of integration of information technology. Things have general industrial things features, yet non-ordinary networking applications CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , require very low latency interconnection between the devices, high reliability, time of casting having high reliability and the indicator, a need to provide millisecond end delay for users and service reliability approaching 100% guaranteed. Especially in the field of data communication, low-power industrial things, wide coverage, low latency, high reliability requirements,Things generally well above technology upgrade requirements.
2018, to implement the “State Council on promoting things orderly and healthy development of guidance,” and “information and communication industry development plan things Volume”, accelerate the construction of industrial system with international competitiveness, the State Ministry organized things integrated innovation and application integration project collection work around applications, breakthroughs in key technologies, building security system networking service areas of focus was to collect a number of things innovative projects, creating a grid Eastern wisdom to create a “smart things based on industry production monitoring and quality testing project “was selected. After the adoption of the project, the integration of East-record grid of Things industry and industrial intelligence applications, create a connection machine, material, people, information systems, data base systems network, intelligent change in the existing production plant and equipment to achieve a comprehensive perception of industry data, dynamic transmission, real-time analysis, closed-loop control, so as to form a complete-based intelligent production solution things to support scientific decision-making and intelligent control of production and a substantial increase in production efficiency of resource allocation and product quality, reduce product cycle time and costs. The concept of the Internet industry in fact proposed by the interconnection of all things foreign (Internet of Everything Control Engineering Copyright , will combine people, processes, data and things together, making the network connection becomes more relevant, and more value) concepts are similar, the equivalent of the industrial enterprises of all things Internet. Internet industry’s future development strategy, industry and the Internet is you want to be fully integrated in all stages of design, development, manufacturing, marketing, services and so on, in order to improve the operating efficiency of the entire system. Internet industry is actually the entire Internet-based industrial processes, with emphasis on the digital enterprise information. Overall, the Internet industry is a huge physical world by the machinery, equipment group, consisting of a network of facilities and systems, at a deeper level and can connect capability, large data, digital analysis of the combination CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , its essence is the Internet of things, cloud computing fully used in industrial areas such as information technology and big data, and ultimately the reconstruction of the global industry. The revolution is in full swing of things profoundly changing the lives of everyone, of all things in the wave of the Internet, the Internet of Things has become the largest market in the future of the information technology industryGrowth, winning a lot of things have become the driving force behind the continued growth of innovative companies. 2017 global total of things to 84 million units, a figure which by 2020 will grow to 20.8 billion. According to international market research firm IDC released a report, as of 2022, China Internet of Things market will reach 300 billion US dollars, accounting for a quarter of the global market of more things, surpassing the United States as the largest market of things. This means a lot of things for businesses, not only the best opportunities for development and growth, but also the survival of the biggest challenges, because if you do not seize the opportunity, will most likely drown in the tide of things.

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