Listed more than a year, Foxconn’s Internet industry how well?

Head “Super Unicorn” foot “IPO green channel”, when industrial Farrington listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in June last year, the bell CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , can be described as high-profile, the “36 days is too will “and” more than 270 million fund-raising scale “and became famous. August 13 evening, industrial Farrington semi-annual report released in 2019, this carries Foxconn founder Terry Gou’s Internet industry dream ship, recently how to behave?
According to official information, during the reporting period the company total revenue was 1,705.08 billion yuan, up 7.24 percent, while including the 5G network equipment, including cloud and Internet industry R & D investment increased by 49.94% in 5G and industrial technologies such as the Internet under the power, at this stage the company is to achieve interoperability factory and total factor upstream and downstream industries. Clouds, building industry Internet platform with the continued integration of all things Internet technology and manufacturing, industrial ecology competition is expanding from the ICT sector to manufacturing, industrial Internet platform is becoming an important direction of the global new round of industrial revolution. Following the introduction of GE Predix, Siemens launched MindSphere, ABB, Schneider, SAP and other international giants also launched its own platform products. At the same time, a number of domestic manufacturers to be outdone, speed up the layout of the industry based on the Internet their own advantages. “Foxconn is no longer a foundry, Foxconn to build the Internet industry, Foxconn also walk in the forefront of technology, including a column of artificial intelligence, big data and so on.” Gou in industrial Farrington occasion of the IPO had said this. Lei Feng network learned that the current industrial industry internet platform architecture includes a core layer of USI (effective micro-nano-critical data collection), based on the universal cloud IaaS, PaaS and cloud Foxconn industrial APP SaaS four levels. Wherein, Core Pro Foxconn Fii Cloud part comprises plant data acquisition platform, machine control / monitoring, industrial gateway, the core layer operation and the like.
“clouds”, USI industrial hand to Fii Cloud cloud platform, on the other hand, in order to fog the cerebellum as a support for the production line with the nearest edge of the intelligence services. The overall work of the system is based on a cloud platform Fii Cloud and fog cerebellum, a collection of broken neckDomain of technology, solutions, face common problems arise job scene and build a complete ecological Micro Cloud (professional cloud) is. Fog cerebellum. With sensors as a basis for the establishment of the model will be produced by AI algorithms field engineer years of experience in technology converted into a self-learning capability, intelligent real-time control and worry-free production. By bringing together computing, networking, storage, and application service capacity and AI at the edge, the edge nearest to provide intelligent services to the production line, and form an effective complement cloud. Fii Cloud. Fii Cloud cloud platforms is the design, manufacture, and sale of the whole industry chain solutions in one of the industrial Internet platform, through design, components, SMT, intelligent manufacturing, testing, and intelligent set of shipping to the end customer supply chain management system , intelligent factory of rapid deployment. Micro Cloud (professional cloud). To cover tools, dies, stamping, industrial robots, automated guided vehicles, six streams, molding, SMT, CNC, fire, and saving factory service monitoring systems twelve scenes, by introducing the sensor and AI technology to assist manufacturers the production and business links were chained, and then reached the transformation and upgrading of industries.
Lei Feng network learned that, although the profession cloud market is mainly for domestic small and medium enterprises, but there is actually executed on the floor, most institutions are still mainly inside the Foxconn Group, in addition to the core of the F / G sub-group engaged in the development of precision molds C and D sub-sub-group Group currently has a cooperation program in progress. Lights factory factory industry USI is not no cloud platform based on industry Fii Cloud, Micro Cloud and fog through the cerebellum and other technology to create the “lights out factory”, has been piloted in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Taiyuan, and so on. Farrington Shenzhen Longhua industrial park as an example of a project, the entire project into 108 sets of automated networked devices. After the whole project is completed, it can save 88% of the manpower, improve efficiency is 2.5 times the original. “Lights factory”, by definition, do not need to turn on the lights. There may be a lot of people are wondering how to turn the plant without production activities to be carried out? It is understood that the plant is not no lights factory, is to get the job done into the front-end decision-making, and the specific operation of the entire plant for each production line, the whole is completed by the AI ​​robot. Can liberate the workers from the assembly lineOut, so that the interconnection between the machine and the machine, through interaction and signal processing will be able to complete a series of productive activities. Much less a “great industrial data for the prediction and analysis of fault tolerance is much more than a large Internet data. When a large Internet data forecasting and decision making, just consider the association between the two properties is statistically significant, which the difference between the individual and the noise can be ignored when the sample size is large enough, the prediction accuracy of the results thus given will be greatly reduced, but in an industrial environment, if only given the statistical significance of results , even if only one mistake can have severe consequences. “in addition to the factory floor lights, industrial Farrington of the hottest current 5G also studied, Lei Feng network. (public number: Lei Feng network) has learned that USI has developed industry the 5G common modules, small base stations, CPE (customer premises equipment), in which the CPE has entered volume production shipments, general modules, small base stations have access to core customer orders. Their joint China Mobile to provide the minimum specifications for the 5G 5G M.2 common module notebook , the future of the Internet or for industrial field. “Commercialization 5G, like a repair information highway. When repair the highway, based on its use of the device, such as cloud network end device to re-replacement, 30% of global cloud network end devices we are to do so in the process of repair of the highway, we have a great opportunity, this is the first one. this highway repaired later, what car to run on it? I wanted to run the first car should be the industry internet, because the application of industrial applications 5G is the best scenario, the internet industry new hardware and software systems, and platforms until the contents of the platform, we are providing. “Lee described the new flag 5G opportunity to bring industrial lianfu . Soaring road, road resistance and long Internet industry, is a large enough market. According to research firm Markets and Markets Statistics show that in 2017 the global industry Internet platform market size of $ 2.57 billion, in 2018 preliminary estimates will reach $ 3.27 billion, is expected in 2023 will grow to $ 13.82 billion, an average annual compound growth rate expected 33.4%. Currently, many traditional industrial technology solutions company has launched its own Internet platform industry, such as aerospace cloud network, seaSeoul, interconnected roots, Huawei, Ali, Baoxin, wave, purple and so on; in addition, there are large manufacturing business incubators in independent operating company focused platform operators, such as Foxconn, Xugong, TCL, Zoomlion and so on. Although the Internet industry is very hot, but this road is not good to go. US industrial giant GE as an industrial Internet “pedigree”, which has been the situation since people uneasy. Lei Feng network learned, in 2018, GE due to the performance of the doldrums, the stock has shrunk to be released from the Dow Jones Industrial Average, had even heard of large-scale sale of assets, including the industry was regarded as the originator of the world’s first industrial internet platform –Predix .
Finally, in the outside world a variety of concerns about the Internet industry, GE selected for Predix and digital assets wholly owned subsidiary, things just come to an end. Looking back at it today, GE’s predicament is not all it seems because Predix caused other business segments also makes the downturn dragged down the entire company. Foxconn, a subsidiary of “industrial Farrington,” billed as the world’s leading communications network equipment, cloud service equipment, precision tools and industrial robot design and manufacture of professional service providers, the Internet industry to create a global leader in the road. According to its semi-annual report key financial data shown out in the first half of this year, industrial USI achieved operating income of 170.508 billion yuan, up by 7.24 percent, double the growth of this semi-annual report to show revenue and net profit growth, does not seem to difference. However, industry sources believe that, with its aura of unicorns, and high pricing, financing 27.1 billion and ultimately successfully to get the highlight moment of IPO approvals, due to its high market expectations, the current growth is still less than ideal . “Since its IPO listed on the secondary market price decline of performance is not incomprehensible , but during the company’s share price fell below the issue price of 13.77 yuan / share more than 20%, even later rebounded, date of 13.49 yuan / share, is still in a break in. “Farrington industry since its launch last June, in order to reshape the original” Internet industry “dream, and boost the performance of the company, since the second half of last year, the industry USI changes in senior management positions intriguing. ● 2018 Nian 9 26, former director of industrial Farrington Mao Yunan resign from the Board, elected as vice chairman and newly appointed director Li Jie. Li Jie former US Xinxin TiThat Distinguished University Professor, and also served as the US National Science Foundation as chief Intelligent Maintenance Systems Research Center, American McKinsey & Company senior consultant, author of “Industrial Big Data”, “from big data to smart manufacturing”, “CPS” and “industrial intelligence on the cloud” and other works. ● 2018 Nian 10 26, industrial Farrington again usher in a major personnel changes, Lee served as chairman of the new Board of Directors flag. Announced that Tim Chen, the former chairman resigned due to job transfers apply chairman, directors and other positions, he served as chairman of the board of directors Li flag when the Board of Directors elected new Board of Directors, added as members of the strategic decision-making committee. Li flag, born in 1969, graduated from the University of Tokyo, Japan, a PhD in mechanical engineering and a longtime industry benchmark USI subsidiary of Precision (Huizhou) Co., Ltd., chairman and general manager, is the head of Hon Hai tool business. The end of June 2019, on the first anniversary of the industrial Farrington listed gala dinner, Li Jie and Li flag and CEO Zheng Hongmeng debut in the form of “iron triangle” of. It is understood that Zheng Hongmeng has served as director of industrial Farrington, after he was general manager of Hon Hai Precision FG (cloud network technology services) sub-group. Li flag, “said Li Jie responsible for theoretical research, Zheng Hongmeng open up the main market, and he put the theory into practice.” In addition, industrial Farrington incumbent Vice President and Chief Data Officer, Zong long he served as Beijing days Ze Zhi Yun Technology Co., Ltd. co-founder and chief technology officer control Engineering Copyright , and the University of Cincinnati Center for intelligent maintenance (IMS) research assistant. The main research interests include: industrial large data modeling physical systems analysis and information technology (CPS), as well as in industrial systems operations optimization, equipment health management, intelligent high-speed rail maintenance, application in the field of intelligent operation and maintenance of wind power and smart ships. Lei Feng network learned that the current industrial Farrington’s business is divided into three categories, namely, telecommunications network equipment, cloud service equipment, precision tools and industrial robots. Industrial USI is committed to providing Internet as the core of industrial product design, manufacturing and technical services to assist the transformation of intelligent manufacturing industry, to create “intelligent manufacturing industry + Internet” new ecology. Whether it is from personal experience, the degree of management or organizational structure to optimize the new chairman of view, are undoubtedly the industrial USI depth strategic plan to promote the Internet industry, an important part of the company to accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and strengthen their own advantages, but combined with theThe key data semi-annual report, can not say, soaring “Industrial Internet” leading global road , road resistance and long.

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