Adding “a win plan”, and Schneider Electric to build industrial digital ecosystem together

To join Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), Lenovo, Tsinghua University, co-sponsored by the Global Institute industry “to create ecosystem, industrial Build dream – green intelligent manufacturing a win plan” was officially launched today by Schneider Electric. At present, the Chinese industry is accelerating the digital transformation, intelligent green manufacturing has become a trend in the future, rich scenarios to bring a bright future for the production of digital, networked and intelligent. The face of numerous innovative IT and OT technical expertise, how to plan, floor concurrent dug to provide convergence solutions partner program is imminent. With deep insight and industry expertise of industrial production, operations, Schneider Electric green intelligent manufacturing concept as a guide, to join hands ecosystem partners to launch the “green intelligent manufacturing a win plan”, through the integration of ecosystem resources industry, to get through digital transformation “last kilometer” build open, integrated and innovative industrial chain platform and digital solutions. ” ‘Green Intelligent Manufacturing, a win plan’ selection of typical industrial application scenarios, set the power of the ecosystem of enabling SMEs to help them develop creative, valuable, promising digital solutions CONTROL ENGINEERING China All Rights Reserved , in order to promote related industries in the digital transformation of the ground. “Schneider electric senior vice president, head of the industrial automation business in China Pang Xingjian said,” rooted in the Chinese market more than thirty years control Engineering Copyright [123 ], Schneider electric is willing to share experience in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, rich, extended digital ecosystem Chinese industrial sector. “ multidimensional power, enabling SMEs to enhance the value of industrial production is inseparable from the growth of digital ecology line of digital manufacturing solutions. It is only because of the lack of this part of the digital transformation of many industries fall in times of adversity. “Green Intelligent Manufacturing a win plan” precisely in order to launch the padded ring, ecological resources through the integration of upstream and downstream industry chain, and tap the potential and spawned a number of innovations in the field of intelligent manufacturing-oriented enterprises, give training and certification in terms of technology, market, investment, etc., to help them enhance the ability to integrate technology and programs, technical and commercial barriers to break through, and ultimately promote and enhance digital, intelligent and innovative level of the entire ecosystem of intelligent manufacturing. Also becauseHere, in the digital transformation “last kilometer”, the master with cloud computing, big data, networking and other new digital technology and automation technology expertise to small and medium concern, its development, growth and prosperity of industrial digital transformation acceleration and landing will play an important role. To better enabling these SMEs, Schneider Electric will combine their experience in energy and digital double transformation in order to open technology architecture EcoStruxure basis, through product interoperability, three-tier architecture edge control, analysis and application services help enterprises and production of the product life cycle through fusion. In addition, Schneider Electric innovation and investment services department will provide excellent acceleration enterprises, supporting different dimensions of financial, business model innovation. To help SMEs build intelligent manufacturing solutions, AWS will rely on global accumulation of successful practice to provide technical guidance and training in selected enterprises to help them use the world’s leading cloud services and technology, and foster start-ups through specialized “Yunchuang plan “assistance in the application of free cloud services resources. The winning project will receive worldwide AWS Partner Network (APN) to provide business, technical, marketing, and support a wide range of market access. “Cloud computing has become the new norm .AWS committed to providing customers the depth and comprehensive cloud services to quickly accelerate the pace of innovation of its digital transformation”, AWS ecosystem, general manager and partner of China Ministry Yong Wang said, “small enterprise is the industry solution of important builders, we are pleased to work together to create value for the digital transformation of the industrial sector through participation in ‘green intelligent manufacturing a win plan’. “vice president of Lenovo Group, Legend data intelligence business Group products and eco-general manager Tian Hui day, he said: “Lenovo will provide large data, networking, artificial intelligence technologies and products support industry as the core, and an open platform for internet industry association for companies involved in learning and training for more eco-industrial users, small and medium businesses and developers to provide one-stop full-service online applications and scenarios links to help them better integration of iT and OT technology, the development of a viable solution. “crucial front-line industrial scene, in order to point to accelerate the industrialization process of the digital industry as the national economy pillars, and its all-encompassing category of Health Complex production processes. Therefore, to enhance the digital transformation level, we must be targeted to select target industries major breakthroughs. The “green intelligent manufacturing a win plan” in the target industryThe selection of scenes from the needs of the typical representative of the industry, and a professional attitude and perspective on digital transformation of enterprise difficulties in finishing the analysis
Control Engineering Copyright , eventually forming a viable green intelligent manufacturing solutions Program. With the first-line digital solutions continue to be verified, applications, targeted industry production and operational problems will be gradually solved, but will also greatly improve the intelligence level of the target industry. As co-organizers of the event, Vice President of Tsinghua University, Dong Hung global industry that “green intelligent manufacturing a win plan” will help SMEs to technological progress, improve the management and implementation of the digital transition. “Research Institute of Tsinghua University research team will focus on the global industry to provide expert guidance in activities to support CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright ,” Dong Hung said, “Only the combined force of the ecosystem , to every industry, every scene, every needs are resolved one by one, industrial digital transformation to earth, steady progress. “with the” green intelligent manufacturing a win plan, “the official release, the event will officially enter the application stage, SMEs by Schneider electric official website, the official micro-channel registration information submitted online. According to event planning, participating companies also need to be approved, accelerated phase (PoC build and verification, speed up the training and visit and assess the demand side, a win plan), as well as the results of the assessment and verification display and promotion stage. Ultimately, the winner will manufacture ecosystem partners with Schneider Electric intelligent and green together, work together to accelerate the process of China’s industrial digital, promotion of industrial energy and digital double transformation contribute.

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