360 ° color display with new state VEGA limit and pressure gauge

Recently, VEGA introduced a new impedance level switches and pressure transmitters VEGABAR VEGAPOINT two series of products, improve its product portfolio in the full range of measurement used in food processing and pharmaceutical production areas. The new series of compact instrument is perfectly tailored for the standard instrumentation applications, in terms of quality and hygiene requirements while also followed the industry’s highest standards.

360 ° color status display operation process is clear
The new series of instruments having a bright spot is 360 ° colored status diaphragm [123 ] , can be selected from 256 colors to be displayed in an arbitrary color; full switch status display, can see the various switching states from various directions; even in visible daylight can be secured, whether the measurement during normal operation? are the instruments switched? process is faulty? all at a glance! hygienic design to infiltrate every detail in order to achieve a stable and sterile application conditions, the new series of compact selection of a specific instrument the materials, their performance in compliance with FDA and EC1935 / 2004 standard
CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , and a variety of appropriate and necessary certification and licensing; at the same time the instrument meets European EHEDG hygienic design and North America 3 -A health standards certification. In addition, the meter having embedded flush with the surface of the process connection and sealed and rugged housing (IP69K). Thus CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright , even during continuous operation, it may be at a temperature of 135 deg.] C, with almost all kinds of cleaning agents, CIP / SIP Cleaning 1 hour. Unified Health System Mezzanine new series of instruments and adopt a unified standard process connector adapter system, the flexibility to choose, so as to minimize the workload and improve system availability. With end-to-concept allows easy integration and fast maintenance, which can effectively reduce inventory, reduce downtime. IO-LINK flexible and efficient connection to the IO-Link to establish a unified communication standard
through the pilot portCopyright Engineering , thereby ensuring smooth quickly connected CONTROL ENGINEERING China Copyright on a system with a , thereby efficiently meter reading and parameter settings. ▍ VEGAPOINT novel series impedance level switch comprising: VEGAPOINT11 / 21/31 (compact) and VEGAPOINT 23 (with extension tube) ▍ compact VEGABAR pressure transmitter series comprising: VEGABAR19 / 29/39 (metal film measurement sheet) and VEGABAR 18/28/38 (ceramic measuring diaphragm)

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