Do you need to replace the doors and windows installed by the developer? okorder

The windows and doors installed by the developer do not need to be replaced? How to judge the quality of doors and windows? Let the experts come to you with a detailed explanation.
Do you need to change the doors and windows installed by the developer?


The first choice is to determine whether the door that the developer has installed for you is not a security door, or how his anti-theft level. According to the strength of the security door, the security door is divided into four levels: A, B, C, and D. Class A is the highest, these grades will be stamped on the side of the security door. If the door without a stamp is definitely not a security door, it must be replaced. Previously, there was news that the security door installed by the developer was the same, and the lock of the neighbor’s house could open the door of the house. In fact, all the same door locks have a “interchange rate” problem, which refers to a probability that different locks can open each other. The higher the general door lock level, the lower the opening rate, which is also the safest.

2, window

The windows installed by general developers are mostly aluminum alloy windows. For this kind of window, the thickness of the profile directly determines the advantages and disadvantages of the aluminum alloy door and window. In addition to checking the thickness of the frame and the tightness of the glass coating on the front side, it is also necessary to check whether the sealing strip on the door and window glass is flat, without curling, without grooving, with or without welding defects, open welding, and leakage welding. If they are not, and the switch is smooth and normal, there is no need to replace it.

How to replace doors and windows is more cost-effective?


In fact, for security doors, the safety factor of the lock is an important criterion for determining its anti-theft index. If the quality of the door panel is ok, just change the lock. The safety level of the lock is divided into three levels: A, B, and C. Among them, the C-class anti-theft performance is the highest, the B-class is the second, and the A-class is the lowest. Therefore, we should choose the B or C level when choosing the lock, the safety will be higher, and the living will be more assured.

2, window

For windows, it is generally a complete set of direct replacement, currently used on the market by doors and windows by material Classification, there are aluminum alloy doors and windows, solid wood doors and windows, stainless steel doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows, broken aluminum doors and windows. Try to choose a well-known brand of products in order to achieve the effect of sound insulation and insulation.

Now, for the door and window installed by the developer, it should be replaced. I believe everyone has counted it. For those who decide to replace the doors and windows, it is best to buy them in advance before starting construction. If you want to customize, it is best to advance one month in advance so that the mason can be kept there. After this is installed, the mason can repair the wall around the door and window to achieve a better sealing effect.
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How the safety valve works okorder

When the pressure of the container exceeds the design specification, the safety valve is automatically opened to discharge the high pressure inside the gas reducer to prevent damage to the container or the pipeline. When the pressure in the container drops to the normal operating pressure, it is automatically closed to avoid exhausting all the gas due to overpressure of the container, resulting in waste and production interruption. The safety valve is mainly composed of a valve seat, a valve disc (spool) and a loading mechanism. The valve seat is integral with the valve body, and some are assembled with the valve body, which is in communication with the device.

The valve flap is often attached with a valve stem that snaps onto the valve seat. Above the valve disc is the loading mechanism, the size of the load can be adjusted. When the pressure in the device is within a certain working pressure range, the force acting on the valve disc by the internal medium is less than the force exerted on the valve by the loading mechanism, and the difference between the two forms a sealing force between the valve flap and the valve seat. The valve flap is pressed against the seat and the media of the device cannot be discharged. When the pressure in the device exceeds the specified working pressure and reaches the opening pressure of the safety valve, the force exerted by the internal medium on the valve is greater than the force exerted by the loading mechanism on the valve, so that the valve flap leaves the valve seat and the safety valve opens. The medium inside is discharged through the valve seat. If the displacement of the safety valve is greater than the safety relief of the equipment, the pressure inside the equipment gradually decreases, and after a short period of exhaust, the pressure drops back to the normal working pressure. At this time, the internal pressure acts on the valve flap and the force exerted on the valve is smaller than the force applied by the loading mechanism. The valve flap is pressed against the valve seat, the medium stops discharging, and the device maintains normal working pressure and continues to operate. Therefore, the safety valve is closed or opened by the force of the medium on the valve flap and the force of the loading mechanism to prevent the device from overpressure.


(1) Safety valve for air and other gases (usually represented by type A48Y) according to the medium used for steam (usually A42Y type) Representation) Liquid safety valve (usually represented by type A41H)

(2) Low pressure relief valve according to nominal pressure: Safety valve with nominal pressure PN≤1.6Mpa Medium pressure safety valve: Nominal pressure PN2.5-6.4Mpa safety valve high pressure safety valve: Nominal pressure PN10.0-80.0Mpa safety valve extra high pressure safety valve: nominal pressure PN> 100Mpa safety valve

(3) Temperature sub-low temperature safety valve: safety valve of t ≤ -100 ° C low temperature safety valve: -100 ° C < -40 ° C safety valve. Normal temperature safety valve: -40 °C < ≤ 120 °C safety valve Medium temperature safety valve: 120 ° C 450 ° C safety valve In particular, in view of the actual situation of domestic spring manufacturing, when the safety valve is used above 350 ° C In most cases, the radiator is used or the bonnet is made into a flower basket type, so that the spring can better dissipate heat, so that the spring can always work below 350 ° C to ensure the rigidity of the spring, so as to ensure the correct opening of the safety valve and Back seat and other performance requirements.

(4) Connect the flange to the safety valve according to the connection method. Safety valve inlet and pipe connection flange form, flexible export form. Threaded safety valve. Safety valve inlet and pipe connection thread, flexible export form. Weld the safety valve in succession. Safety valve inlet and pipe connection thread, flexible export form.

(5) According to the structural form, according to the structural characteristics or the ratio of the maximum opening height of the valve flap to the seat diameter (h/d), the safety can generally be divided into the following types: lever weight safety valve. Spring-loaded safety valve. A safety valve that uses the force of the compression spring to balance the pressure of the flap and seal it. See, for example, the A42Y16C safety valve. Pulse safety valve. Pulse safety valves are also known as pilot operated safety valves. It designes the main valve and the auxiliary valve together, and drives the main valve through the pulse action of the auxiliary valve. This type of construction is commonly used in large diameter, large displacement and high pressure systems. Pulse safety valves such as the WFXD type. Micro-open safety valve. The opening height of the valve flap is 1/40∽1/20 of the valve seat diameter, such as A27W-10T and A47H-16C safety valves. Fully open safety valve. Such as A47H-16C safety valve. The opening height of the flap is 1/4 of the valve seat diameter. Fully enclosed safety valve. Such as A47H-16C safety valve. Semi-closed safety valve. Such as A48Y-16C safety valve. Open safety valve. (A48Y-16C safety valve is also open) pilot operated safety valve. Such as WFXD type safety valve.

(6) According to the classification of the seal pair, the cemented carbide is used to seal the carbide. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure applications, especially high temperature and high pressure superheated steam. 2Cr13 pairs 2Cr13r sealing pair. Used in general conditions for saturated steam and superheated steam, or for containers or pipes with temperatures below 450 °C. The seat sealing surface is 2Cr13, and the valve sealing surface is made of cemented carbide. It is used in high pressure steam and other media with a relatively high flow rate and easy to flush the sealing surface. The sealing surface of the valve seat is alloy steel, and the sealing surface of the valve disc is PTFE. Applicable to oil or natural gas media, sealing requirements are strict, but the working temperature is lower than 150 °C. The sealing pair is austenitic stainless steel. The valve body of the safety valve, the valve cover is mostly austenitic stainless steel, and is applied to a medium containing corrosive components such as acid and alkali.

(7) Classify direct-acting safety valves according to the principle of action. Directly relying on the force generated by the medium pressure to overcome the mechanical load acting on the valve flap to open the valve to the safety valve. Pilot operated safety valve. It consists of a main valve and a pilot valve, mainly relying on a safety valve that is driven or controlled by the medium discharged from the pilot valve. With a supplementary load safety method. There is always an additional force to enhance the seal before the inlet pressure reaches the opening pressure, which is a safety valve that is reliably released when the valve opening pressure is reached.

(8) Classification proportional action safety valves according to the action characteristics. A safety valve that opens with a gradual change in pressure as the pressure increases. Two-stage safety valve. (Jump action safety valve). The opening process is divided into twoIn the first stage, at first the valve flap opens proportionally with the increase of the pressure. After the pressure rises to a small value, the valve flap rapidly opens to the safety valve of the specified height when the pressure is almost no longer increased.

(9) Ann opens the highly classified micro-opening security method. Open the safety valve with a height of 1/40-1/20 flowing into the diameter range. Fully open safety valve. Open a safety valve with a height of not less than 1/4 of the flow to the diameter. Zhongkai type safety valve. Open the safety valve between the micro-open and full-open.

(10) With or without back pressure balance mechanism, the back pressure balanced safety valve is classified. The use of a bellows, piston or diaphragm to balance the back pressure of the original, so that the valve open high front back pressure on the upper and lower sides of the valve to balance the safety valve. Conventional safety law. Safety valve without back pressure balance original.

(11) Classification of heavy hammer or lever heavy duty safety valves according to the valve loading method. Use a heavy hammer to load directly or use a heavy hammer to load the safety valve through the lever. Spring-loaded safety valve. Safety valve loaded with compression springs. Air chamber safety valve. Safety valve loaded with compressed air.
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Several considerations before the purchase of led lamps okorder

The current lamps are basically led, and the advantages of such lamps are environmental protection and energy saving. However, the use of such led lamps in the previous period, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it is also easy to damage, only pay attention to the maintenance of the lamps, in order to extend the service life. Then, let’s introduce to you how to choose led lamps and what are the advantages of led lamps.
How to choose led lamps

1, consider the color tone of the light

Depending on the area, choose a cold or warm led lamp.

2, consider the effect of the light

According to the size of the area, select the power and lighting effect of the lamp. For darker places, you can choose the LED lamp with stronger lighting effect.

3, consider whether the style of the lamp is matched with

led lighting style should be matched with the decoration style, so the overall effect is more harmonious and beautiful.

4, the shape and grade of the lamp

led lamp shape and grade can not be chosen too dull, to show the atmosphere, elegant effect.

5, the strength of the light should be moderate

led lamps should be moderately strong, not too dark or too bright.

What are the advantages of led lamps

1, environmentally friendly lamps

led lamps are green and environmentally friendly, lamps do not need mercury It also contains no lead and can be said to be recognized as green lighting.

2, less heat phenomenon

led lamps have less heat, which converts electrical energy into light energy, and there is no waste of energy.

3, no noise

led lamps have no noise, more suitable for libraries, offices and other occasions.

4, protect the eyes

led lamps without flicker, can better protect people’s eyes.

5, no mosquito troubles

Because the LED tube does not produce ultraviolet light, and less heat. So unlike traditional luminaires, there are many mosquitoes around the light source.
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Teach you to choose sanitary products that combine beauty and wisdom okorder

Sanitary ware generally includes basins, toilets, bathtubs, etc. Their presence facilitates people’s daily bathing. It can be said that people’s daily life is basically inseparable from these sanitary wares. Today, Xiaobian will explain some basic common sense of sanitary ware purchase for everyone, I hope I can help you.
Sanitary Ware purchase instructions

Sanitary ware is an indispensable part of the interior of modern architecture. It is necessary to meet the functional requirements as well as the new stage of energy saving and water saving. There are many kinds of sanitary wares, but the common requirements are smooth surface, impervious to water, corrosion resistance, cold and heat resistance, easy to clean and durable.

The current common sanitary ware has the following types:

(1) Washbasin: can be divided into hanging type, column type, and table top three. In addition to the shape of the basin, everyone should pay attention to the quality of the glaze, because the glaze is good, not dirty, the surface is easy to clean, and the long-term use is still bright and new. When selecting, the light can be viewed from the side of the ceramic from multiple angles. The good glaze should be free of stains, pinholes, blisters and bubbles, and the surface is very smooth.     

(2) Toilet: It can be divided into two types: flushing and siphoning. According to the shape, it can be divided into two types: conjoined and separated. The new toilet also features insulation and cleansing. The first thing to pay attention to is the wall distance of the toilet (the wall distance of the toilet, which refers to the distance from the center of the pipe sewer to the back wall). Standard wall spacing is generally divided into 305mm and 400mm. In addition, you should pay attention to the flushing method and water consumption when purchasing toilets. There are two types of flushing methods, such as direct flushing and siphoning.     

(3) Bathtub: There are many shapes and shapes. According to the bath washing method, there are bathing and lying baths. A bath with a washable chassis. There are bath tubs and jacuzzi by function. The materials are divided into acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub, cast iron bathtub and so on. Generally speaking, the ordinary steel plate bathtub is easy to clean and has a simple shape; the acrylic bathtub is rich in shape, but the life is shorter, and it is not easy to clean after aging; the cast iron bathtub has a long service life, high grade, high price, and is troublesome to handle and install.     

(4) shower room: consists of a door panel and a bottom basin. The shower door panel is divided into three types according to the material: ps board, frp board and tempered glass. The shower room has a small footprint and is suitable for showers. In general, the hinged open shower door is simple and stylish, easy to clean, long in life, high in grade and high in price. When choosing a shower door, be sure to choose a glass that is tempered, so that even if the glass is broken due to improper use, it will not cause harm to the human body.     

(5)Hardware accessories: The form patterns are different. In addition to the sanitary ware accessories mentioned above, it also includes various faucets, glass brackets, towel racks (rings), soap tanks, toilet paper cylinders, shower curtains, anti-fog mirrors, and the like.     

Xiaobian reminder: choose sanitary ware to pay attention to its ceramic quality. The high-quality sanitary ware has a smooth glazed surface, no pinholes, bubbles, deglazing, uneven gloss, etc.; the ceramic sound is relatively crisp by hand. Inferior sanitary ware often has blisters, bubbles, glaze, and even slight deformation, and the sound produced when tapping is dull.
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The charm of custom cabinets okorder

Since the cabinet is composed of cabinets, electrical appliances, gas appliances, and kitchen functional appliances, people have little selectivity in each combination. Therefore, in order to have the ideal perfect cabinet, more and more people will choose to customize. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of custom cabinets, you know?

Advantages of selecting materials:

We all know that the traditional base materials used for hand-made furniture are mostly wood core panels, veneers, wood core panels on the market, Many products such as veneers are inferior in level, and it is difficult to meet the standards in environmental protection and deformation resistance. If it is tailor-made, it will be much better. After all, it is all for home use, and it will not choose inferior materials.

Advantages of the production process:

The homemade whole cabinets are generally carried out on site when the house is being renovated. The construction personnel generally do not know much about the various requirements for making the whole cabinet. Rough, large error, little knowledge of the ergonomics and engineering materials involved in the whole kitchen, often there is no space reserved at the bottom of the console to accommodate the toe, and the height of the console is not adjusted according to the height of the operator. Reasonable phenomenon. The whole cabinets produced by professional cabinet brand manufacturers are all industrialized. From the cutting, polishing to installation, there are strict specifications. The high-temperature and high-pressure edge sealing is adopted. After sealing, the appearance is neat and firm, and the product process is of course far superior to the self-made products.

The advantage of price:

In fact, as far as the market of the cabinet market is concerned, the price of furniture made by itself is higher than that of the whole cabinet manufacturer. Some people may ask, why is it cheaper to order than to ask woodworkers? Because large brands use group procurement in procurement, coupled with factory-based batch production, the cost is greatly reduced, rather than a single high profit. The top ten manufacturers of cabinets, Dasen as a whole cabinet manufacturer, also have an advantage in price.

The advantage of the service life:

In fact, many people think that the cabinets they use are long-lived. In fact, the life of custom cabinets is also very long. Better than the finished product, many of the finished materials or designs are not in place, and the appearance is beautiful. Like some finished bookcases and shoe cabinets, the door will fall off or the plate will be deformed after being used for a long time. If it is an experienced designer, it will be in the human body. Engineering and mechanics have carefully selected the matching hardware, and the cabinets made are relatively strong.

The quality of life of a family is not only reflected in the living room, bedroom ring, the quality of the kitchen environment is also an important indicator of the quality of the home, and the cabinet as the finishing touch of the kitchen decoration, A beautiful and practical cabinet has become the focus of most people’s kitchen decoration.
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Bathroom shower and floor drain okorder

The shower is a common shower in the bathroom, and it is not only the most efficient but also the most energy efficient. Showers can be divided into multiple product types according to the water discharge method, installation height, and style. When choosing, pay attention to choosing the most suitable one.

How to choose the shower: When buying a shower, first check whether the spray effect is good; secondly, see if the surface coating is bright and smooth; then see if the shower valve core is made of ceramic material, smooth and frictionless Finally, see if the shower accessories are appropriate and the quality meets the requirements.

The floor drain is an important interface between the drainage pipe system and the indoor floor. As an important part of the drainage system in the house, its performance directly affects the quality of the indoor air and controls the odor of the home. Very important.

Floor drain purchase method: The floor drain on the market mainly consists of stainless steel floor drain, PVC floor drain and all copper floor drain. Among them, the copper floor drain has a large market share due to its excellent performance; the stainless steel floor drain has a beautiful appearance, but the cost is high, and the plating is thin, so it is inevitable rust; while the PVC floor drain is cheap and the odor-reducing effect is good, but the material is too brittle. Easy to age. At present, the most copper chrome floor drain is on the market. It is thickly coated, and it is better to clean even if it has a long time.

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Growth space in the home building materials industry okorder

The home building materials industry is a sunrise industry, or a sunset industry, how much room for growth?

   Which sub-sectors have more room for growth? What other sub-sector ceilings have arrived?

  Oversized research believes that it can be considered to compare with developed countries. Generally speaking, economic income improvement and consumption desire The impact of various factors, including the demonstration effect of life in developed countries, may drive domestic consumption changes, and the home building materials industry is no exception. Like home textiles, condensing wall-hung boilers, water-based paints, smart homes, and self-contained sanitary wares, compared with the penetration rate of developed countries, there is still a relatively large room for growth in the domestic market. First look at the situation of the home textile industry, in the Luolai Life 2017 financial report, there is such a paragraph: According to the 2016 data released by Euromonitor, Chinese residents spend $12.6 per person per year on bedding, while the United States is 34 dollars, Japan 24.46 dollars, the United Kingdom 20.16 US dollars. Here Euromonitor, which is Euromonitor International, was established in 1972 and is influential in the field of market information, research and data analysis. With the goal of the industry consumption standards of the above countries, the home textile industry, which mainly consists of bedding, has at least doubled its market space. According to the large-scale research, double the market growth space, at least means that many first- and second-tier companies such as Luolai, Mercury, Mengjie, Fuanna, Duo, Vosges, Violet, etc., will have double the growth potential, after all, influence. Large, sales outlets, customer appeal, and maintained a relatively high growth rate. If you count the merger and other factors, Luo Lai, Fu Anna and other former strong, the first to break into the 10 billion scale is still relatively large. Looking at the situation of the fireplace, there are data that Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Austria and other countries have installed condensing gas water heaters at home in the 1970s. It has been more than 40 years old.
   So far, the prevalence rate is about 49% in the US, 67% in the Nordic, 47% in the UK, 58% in France, 62% in Germany, 32% in Australia, and 45% in Japan. In China’s coastal areas, it is about 16%; the inland is lower, probably less than 1%, and there is still a big gap between the penetration rate and the developed countries. The growth space is very imaginative. The large-scale research noted that there is a data in the industry online, the sales volume of gas fireplaces is 4.272 million units, an increase of 161.4% year-on-year, of which 363,000 units of condensing products, the total number of wall-hung boilers is not high, the comparison may require wall hanging For the family of the furnace, there is still a lot of room for popularization. In addition, the China Civil Engineering Society Gas Branch Gas Heating Professional Committee also has its own data. They concluded that in 2016, the total sales volume of gas heating and water heaters in the Chinese market was 2.1 million units, of which condensed sales volume was 143,000 units. , a year-on-year increase of 68%. There is still a monitoring of the industry online. From January to June 2018, the total sales volume of gas fireplaces was 1.048 million units, down 6.3% year-on-year, mainly due to the weak engineering market, and many coal-to-gas projects have slowed down. However, the growth of the retail market is still long-lasting, achieving a growth rate of 26.2%. In addition, the condensing furnace type wall-hung boiler maintained a steady growth of 12.8% in the first half of 2018. According to the analysis of large materials, there are two kinds of strengths behind it. One is that the traditional gas fireplaces are replaced by condensing ones. The other is the addition of engineering and retail customers, such as the awareness of heating in the South, which has the potential to drive the consumption of condensing fireplaces.
  Smart home has more imagination. China Industrial Information Network has a smart home penetration rate. In 2016, North America was 5.33%, Europe 0.61%, Germany 1.21%, and UK 1.02%. Japan is 1.29%, Sweden is 1.3%, Norway is 1.2%, and China is likely to be 0.1%. It is expected that by 2020, the penetration rate in North America may increase to 17.23%. Although China started late, it is very fast. There are many companies engaged in this field, including some technology giants, which are also increasing their investment. The space for the future is very large. After all, smart homes can bring a good experience, and the popularity in the country is worth looking forward to. However, several prerequisites are needed. First, the price will drop and most people can afford it. Second, the technology is mature, the quality is stable, and the safety of use is ensured; the third is to become a consumer trend and hotspot.
  The whole bathroom is also a very worthy market. According to the research of large materials, it probably came to Japan in the 1960s and was introduced to the country in the 1990s. According to an analysis by GF Securities Research and Research, in 2014, the market penetration rate of self-contained sanitary ware in China was only 0.15%, corresponding to a market space of about 1.2 billion yuan. Japan’s self-contained bathroom penetration rate is relatively high, a saying that the penetration rate is more than 90%, TOTO has an announcement that as of March 2018, their home’s installed bathroom has sold more than 10 million sets. Putting it into the country, even if it is calculated according to the penetration rate of the bathroom market of 10%, the scale is still 100 billion. If a company achieves the level of TOTO, it will not be worse than Wrigley, Huida and Jiu Mu.
   Finally, look at the market situation of water-based paints. According to reports in 2016, the penetration rate of water-based paints in developed countries in Europe and America is as high as 60%. In the case of architectural coatings, water-based paints account for 93% in Germany and 60% in Norway. The water-based industrial coatings are also very obvious, accounting for about 40%. A research institute called CHEM gave a description of the European coating product category, which mentioned that in 2017, the proportion of waterborne coatings in Europe was 50%, that of solvent coatings was 39%, and the proportion of powder coatings was6%, solvent-free coatings accounted for 5%. Referring to the information of the coating industry, in 2017, Japan’s solvent-based coatings accounted for 34.7%, water-based coatings accounted for 25.9%, and solvent-free coatings accounted for 5.84%. From the domestic situation, by 2016, water-based industrial paints accounted for about 10%; in 2014, water-based wood coatings accounted for less than 5%. According to reports in 2016, the popularity of water paint in Beijing has reached more than 20%. The policy is to promote the popularization of water-based paints. At the same time, the entire industry is accelerating the research and production of water-based paints. In the first half of 2017 alone, the proportion of water-paints in the coatings industry under construction, commissioning and construction projects exceeded 70%. It is predicted that by 2022, water-based paints may account for more than 50% of the domestic market, and the current pattern of coating competition will undergo tremendous changes.
   In the above-mentioned home market where the growth space is still huge, many large companies have already laid out, such as Chenyang, Sanshu, Jiren Gaoxin and other companies in the water paint market; Seagull live , Keyi, squatter and other companies bet on the whole bathroom. From the perspective of 200 companies that focus on large-scale research, about 80% of listed home furnishing companies have the ability to seize opportunities in industries with large growth opportunities. After all, they have already placed heavy gold and have acquired technology, products and marketing. A certain score. So, for small and medium-sized companies, is there any chance to take advantage of the situation? Or is there a new opportunity to cut in so that you can get some benefits in the growth of the industry? According to the large-scale research, there must be some, but it is necessary to take the differentiated route, and distinguish it from the top 5 and even the top 10. Even if it is a small and beautiful brand with characteristics, it is possible to break through. Find your position. After all, there are still so many opportunities for market growth. If you are there, it depends on how you grab it. There are two market opportunities with the most business opportunities, one is to take the high-end route, high quality, high-grade; the other is the popular product with the main price and affordable.
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How do the camel glazed tiles distinguish between true and false? okorder

Camel glazed tiles are a kind of ceramic tile that many people choose. They are more favorable in price, suitable for ordinary people, and can play a very good decorative effect, so they are very popular among consumers. But for camel glazed tiles, many people are not very familiar with it. Today, I will introduce you to the camel glazed tiles, and how to identify the true and false glazed tiles for the first time.
How to find camel glazed tiles

1, camel ceramics is a big brand located in Guangdong Province, its production base is relatively large, reaching 1200 acres, and the production equipment owned by them is Very advanced, it is said that the investment in equipment has reached 800 million.

2. The second production base of the camel brand is also located in Guangdong Province. The area is much larger than the first production base, reaching about 2,000 mu, and the investment here has reached 10 Billion.

3. The glazed tiles produced by the camel brand are rich in color, and the texture and specifications are clear and uniform. This can meet the needs of more consumers and create more personalized home themes.

How to distinguish glazed tiles for the first time?

1, the biggest difference between glazed tiles and polished tiles is the process of glazing on the surface of glazed tiles. Adding a layer of beautiful glaze to the surface can enhance the different requirements for color in the room; after the polished brick is burned, it is a product that is directly produced without a second process, so it is not like glaze. The tiles are used in a variety of colors.

2, if you want to buy glazed tiles, you only need to observe the surface of the glazed tiles. If it is a real glazed tile, it is easy to see that the tile is divided into two layers, the upper layer of the color is more, it looks very beautiful; and the polished tile surface color is not too much performance, very single .

3. When producing glazed tiles, the manufacturer will polish the surface, but the glazed tiles produced will have poor wear resistance. Therefore, it is suitable for use as a floor decoration in a kitchen or a bathroom, so that in the future use process, it can have a good antifouling effect, and it is very convenient to clean; and if the polished brick is different, the polished brick is different. There are a lot of pores on the surface, which becomes a hiding place for stains. It is very difficult to clean, but the abrasion resistance of the polished tiles is very high, so it is more suitable for the decoration of the corridor floor.

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Realistic problems facing the stone carving industry okorder

Recently, the Chinese sculpture art market is very hot, but the contemporary sculpture art is regressing. The cultural heritage is not deep, the value standards are missing, and money and utilitarianism are the real problems faced by the Chinese sculpture art industry.
  Understanding cultural heritage is not deep and the value standard is lacking

   The first point is that most practitioners only master a technology to make a living, without a profound cultural heritage, fundamentally Unable to conduct in-depth research, you need industry leaders to contribute to cultural heritage. In addition, many art creations have many misunderstandings, such as blind innovation and excessive westernization. The ancient Chinese art is full of profound connotations. Pursuing the gentleness of the material can reflect the philosophical thoughts of the ancient literati. However, many practitioners in the contemporary era inherit the traditional culture too superficially and criticize, but the collectors do not understand the value standard. Effectively constrain practitioners.

  The retrogression of contemporary engraving art

   The creation of traditional Chinese arts and crafts is produced by the cooperation of collectors, literati and artisans. The person asks for and provides resources, the literati designs the “style”, and the craftsman is responsible for the specific operation. However, Chinese contemporary arts and crafts lack creativity, and the technologists are too dependent on “styles”. They cannot be created without the “style”. This is also the root of the more sculptural expressions. The craftsmen lack creativity and creativity. By relying on copying and copying, they can see what they see, and “realism” is the source of their “style”.

   From the rough of the Qin and Han Dynasties to the fine and complex of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it is a process of gradual characterization from the abstract, and the development direction of the art of the East and the West is completely opposite. From the beginning of the ***, Western carvings only regarded stone as a carrier, and gradually realized the beauty of stone. They believed that stone has its own language and can communicate with people. Traditional Chinese art originally advocated the unity of nature and human beings. Too much pursuit of figuration, performance is complex, ignoring the natural expression of stone.

   Professor Gong Jiyu of the Central Academy of Fine Arts is outspoken and directly points out that from abstraction to figuration is the retrogression of Chinese contemporary engraving art, extremely dissatisfied with the current domestic engraving level, wasting a lot of precious materials. And pointed out that the creation of Chinese contemporary arts and crafts depends on the integration of resources, that is, the cooperation of collectors, literati, and craftsmen. There is no way out in the circle of masters of arts and crafts.

  Money and Utilitarian

   Art history is based on arts and crafts, Chinese contemporary sculpture can not be separated from other art categories, each category needs to learn from each other Take nutrition, but you can’t rely on imitation, you have to have your own artistic language. Artistic creation requires solid basic skills, wonderful theme creations, and wonderful artistic effects. All need to be supported by wonderful technology, and basic learning cannot be ignored. In addition, the current social environment provides artists with a very superior material foundation and social status, but the achievements of art are often born in the process of creation from simple to quiet without utilitarianism. In such an environment, artists must correct art and money. relationship.

   In the current situation of the chaotic industry, where is the development direction of Chinese contemporary stone carving art? How to find a way to rise the Chinese contemporary stone carving art, still need to explore, It is a long-term and complicated issue.
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Guangdong and Hong Kong Models Brings Black Technology to the 2018 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair Opens Modular Smart Lighting okorder

HKTDC Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair 2018 (Autumn Light Show), hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 27 to 30. The HKTDC Hong Kong International Outdoor and Technology Lighting was held concurrently with the same period. Expo 2018, a worldwide network of lighting and lighting products.

  Guangdong-Hong Kong Mould Branch was invited to participate in the exhibition of modular black technology lighting products independently developed by the company. Any combination and independent splicing of lamps will bring people’s imagination to the extreme, attracting The attention and onlookers of many buyers and exhibitors. With nearly 100 independent patented technologies, Mould breaks the product architecture of the semiconductor lighting industry for 20 years and carries out subversive innovation. The “modular semiconductor lighting products” developed by the company are 4-6 times more efficient than existing products. Increase by 10%-25%, reduce volume and weight by 60%, and reduce cost by 60-70%.

Medical foreign trade personnel introduce products to customers

Foreign trade personnel exchange with foreign friends

Foreign trade personnel and customers交流

Sun Yatao, head of the marketing department of Mould, introduces products to customers

Sun Yatao, head of the marketing department of Mould, discusses cooperation with customers

  Modular technology gives space and furniture more attributes, allowing people to interact more with space and furniture, making the space inhabited by humans full of more spirituality, fun, Plasticity and convenience.

  Modularity creates diversity and creates modular technology for recyclable modularity. The first is to decompose and refine product functions to form a single functional carrier module, and then through the function Connect modules to achieve on-demand assembly of products. According to the model, there are only stereotyped functional modules in the future, and there are no finalized products.

  About Guangdong and Hong Kong Models

   Guangdong-Hong Kong Mould is mainly engaged in the development, production and sales of modular semiconductor lighting products. . In the Changde National High-tech Industrial Park, the company has built a modular semiconductor industrial park integrating scientific research, production and network operation. It has broken the patent barriers of foreign industry giants with nearly 100 independent patent technologies. Mould is the only company in the world that specializes in the research, development, design and manufacture of modular new materials based on modular technology.

  At present, there are four product series, which are large-scale decorative board standard parts and supporting products, flat semi-stereo personalized quick decoration products, and three-dimensional structure personalized quick loading. Furniture and home products, three-dimensional structure personalized landscape sculpture products.

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