Floor category and price range introduction okorder

The first category: solid wood flooring

   it is also known as the log floor, which is usually natural wood. It is formed by drying and processing. It has the advantages of environmental protection, warm winter and cool summer, strong insulation, good touch and elasticity, but on the other hand it is not wear-resistant, the gloss is easy to lose, and it is not suitable for humidity change. Strong premises, generally more suitable for laying solid wood flooring is the bedroom, living room and study. The price range is generally between 150 and 400 yuan.

Second category: laminate flooring

   It is also called impregnated paper laminated wood flooring, mainly consisting of four layers, namely wear layer, decorative layer, High-density substrate layer, balanced (moisture-proof) layer. It has a variety of patterns, anti-fouling and acid and alkali resistance, wear resistance, mildew resistance and insects, but its foot feel is worse than solid wood flooring, not easy to repair, but also release a certain degree of formaldehyde, usually compared Suitable places for laying are ordinary houses and public places. Its price ranges from 90 to 200 yuan.

The third category: solid wood composite flooring

   it is cut into a variety of monolithic pieces by high-quality solid wood, then dehydrated and pressed and pressed at high temperature There are three layers and two layers. Such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, mildew resistance and insects, sound insulation and strong insulation are his advantages, but it also has the disadvantage that once the quality of the glue is not good, it is easy to produce degumming, and The surface is quite thin, and the maintenance must be done very well. It is generally suitable for laying in the bedroom, living room and study. Its price is almost 100 to 300 yuan.

The fourth category: bamboo flooring

   It is formed by splicing bamboo boards together with an adhesive and then forming at high temperature and high pressure. It has the advantages of strong decoration, small color difference, environmental protection and all seasons, but it is easily deformed due to climate change. It is generally suitable for laying in ordinary houses, hotels and office buildings. The price in the market is generally around 100 to 400 yuan.

Category 5: Cork flooring

   It is a floor made of cork products made from the bark of oak. In general, its elasticity and anti-slip properties are relatively strong, and it is insulated and can also isolate noise. However, because its price is relatively expensive in the market, there are not many people who buy it. Its price range is between 200 and 700 yuan.
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Anti-static floor covering, find out okorder

Anti-static floor tiles are generally divided into anti-static tiles, rubber floor anti-static series, PVC anti-static floor and anti-static floor.

1, anti-static tile

In the process of tile firing, anti-static powder is added for physical modification, so the anti-static performance is very Stable, the resistance value is between 10 and 10 ohms, and the construction is convenient, and ordinary mud workers can shop.
PVC surface white gray pattern
PVC surface white gray pattern

Adding aluminum foil or copper foil under the floor can better enhance the conductivity.

2, PVC anti-static floor

Use sheet (usually 600×600mm) or roll directly to cover, fast installation speed (but need professional installer Will be installed, otherwise there will be arching and blistering), anti-static performance is relatively stable, but easy to aging, anti-pollution ability is slightly worse.

3, anti-static floor

a, anti-static effect is excellent and durable, not affected by time, temperature, humidity, etc.;

b, Made of solvent-free high-grade epoxy resin and high-quality curing agent;

c, smooth surface, beautiful, moisture-proof, mirror-like effect;

d, acid, alkali, salt Corrosion of oil medium, especially strong alkali resistance;

e, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, impact resistance, certain elasticity

Folding raised floor
Anti-static raised floor is generally divided according to the substrate and the veneer material. The substrate has a steel base, an aluminum base, a composite base, a particle board base (wood base), a calcium sulfate base, and the like. The veneer material is anti-static tile, melamine (HPL), PVC, etc. In addition,
ceramic anti-static floor
ceramic anti-static floor
there are anti-static plastic floor, OA network floor. The following is a brief introduction to several types of flooring commonly used in the market.

1, ceramic anti-static floor

Anti-static ceramic tile is used as the surface layer, composite all-steel floor or cement particle board, and the surrounding conductive strip is edge-sealed (no glue The ceramic floor of the strip is easy to drop porcelain when it is bumped). It has the advantages of stable anti-static performance, environmental protection, fire prevention, high wear resistance, high service life (more than 30 years of service life), high load capacity (average load of 1200kg/m2 or more), waterproof, moisture-proof, good decorative effect, etc. Class room. The disadvantage is that the floor itself is heavier (15kg or more on a floor), which has a certain impact on the load on the floor; in addition, professional installation workers are required to install it, otherwise it will be installed unevenly.

2, all steel anti-static floor

(non-standard type and national standard type)

It is high wear-resistant melamine HPL fireproof Board or PVC as the surface layer (Northern area due to gas
all steel anti-static floor
all steel anti-static floor drying, not easy to use HPL fire board veneer), steel shell structure substrate In addition, depending on whether there is a black strip or not, there is no edge and edge.

The advantage of all steel floor is that it is convenient to construct, there will be no gap problem after installation, and the replacement is convenient. The disadvantage is that the surface layer material is not wear-resistant, the life is short, and it is easy to pick up the corner. After several years It is necessary to replace it.

3, aluminum alloy anti-static floor

The product is made of high quality cast aluminum profile, stretched, the surface layer is high wear-resistant PVC or HPL veneer, conductive adhesive It is made of paste and has the effect of permanently using the substrate without rust for many times, thus effectively solving the product defects of the composite floor and the all-steel floor, and tailor-made high-grade anti-static floor, but its cost is too high.
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Flexible filament, a new generation of safe LED lighting source okorder

As a new generation of safe LED lighting source, the flexible filament can achieve 360-degree full-circumference, very close to the traditional tungsten light distribution, and stand out in the market of new and old exchanges and scientific research. In addition, with the rapid development of the economy and society, the feelings have become more and more important. The retro-style flexible filament lamp has become the protagonist of commercial scene lighting and ambient lighting, and has been eagerly pursued by consumers.
   With the implementation of the global “ban”, the classic incandescent bulbs and their filaments are gradually becoming smaller. Due to technological advances, regulatory requirements, and so on, LED lights are gradually sweeping the world of lighting in residential, commercial, and industrial environments. Despite this, there are still many people eager to retain the luminous effect of this filament bulb. The reasons are different: for some people, this symbolizes a nostalgia of their young age; for others, this is a popular retro style; others believe that this luminescence is almost original Reminiscent of the fire element. Therefore, the filament lamp that has a similar appearance to the incandescent lamp is popular. Due to the advantages of traditional incandescent lamps, full-angle illumination, high color rendering, and high luminous efficiency, filament lamps have received wide attention in the industry in recent years, or will become the largest LED lighting products. According to data from the Institute of Advanced Industrial Research (GGII), the sales volume of LED filament lamps in China will be nearly 400 million in 2017, with sales reaching 4.54 billion yuan. It is expected that China’s LED filaments will be 2018. The sales volume of lamps will reach 700 million and the sales will exceed 6.5 billion yuan. GGII expects that the global LED filament lamp market will continue to grow rapidly by 2020.

   Although the filament lamp may become the LED lighting product with the largest speed increase, it is mainly based on decorative applications, and the application scene is limited, and it is popularized to general lighting. The price/performance ratio must be raised to the same level as the patch bulb. Therefore, LED companies want to seize more market share in the field of LED filament lamps, and need to continue to upgrade products and make features. As a new generation of safe LED lighting source, the flexible filament can achieve 360-degree full-circumference, very close to the traditional tungsten light distribution, and stand out in the market of new and old exchanges and scientific research. In addition, with the rapid development of the economy and society, the feelings have become more and more important. The retro-style flexible filament lamp has become the protagonist of commercial scene lighting and ambient lighting, and has been eagerly pursued by consumers.

   As we all know, the traditional LED filaments have a fever after a dozen hours of continuous operation, and the current technology does not solve the technical problem of rapid heat dissipation. The emergence of flexible LED filaments has changed this situation. The substrate material of the flexible filament is made of a highly flexible polymer material, and the production process of the flip-chip LED lamp bead has high requirements on the heat resistance, light transmittance and deformation resistance of the substrate. As a company that laid out flexible LED filaments earlier, combined with the current demand for filament products in the lighting market, this year successfully developed a new product flexible filament and brought it to market. It is understood that the new flexible filament of Smect is made of copper foil-coated polymer film (FPC, BT, PE, etc.) as the base material. It is soft and plastic, and can be freely shaped. In addition, compared to the traditional hard filament, the flexible filament uses flip chip technology, which reduces the traditional wire bonding process, improves product reliability, and saves process costs.

   Although the flexible LED filament has achieved many breakthroughs, the overall market volume has not risen. For the reason that the flexible LED filament does not really start, Zhaochi Energy Saving Huangbo believes that “for the moment, the flexible LED filament technology itself does not have any problems. The main problem is that the price is expensive and the overall cost performance is not high. In fact, the price of flexible LED filaments has dropped by more than 30% compared to last year, but it is still more than twice that of the same type of porcelain filament lamps. According to Zhang Luhua, general manager of Smide, “the high cost of flexible filaments is mainly reflected in two aspects. On the one hand, the cost of the core column and the hand string is high; on the other hand, the cost of the flexible filament is high. Next, the Smect will Cost optimization of the flexible filament, through the flexible filament self-setting and the use of smaller size flip chip to reduce costs, the subsequent price will have the opportunity to fall to within 2 times the same type of porcelain filament lamp.” Out of The flexible filament market is optimistic, and Smax will continue to strengthen its layout. It is reported that the monthly production capacity of Smex flexible filament has reached 2 million, and it is planned to reach 3.5 million next year. At the same time, Smect will increase the layout of flexible filaments in the lighting and decoration market. In addition to Smect’s optimistic view of the flexible LED filament market, Zhaochi Energy also expressed its expectation for the flexible LED filament market and made a corresponding strategic layout. In fact, Zhaochi Energy has been in the field of filament lamps for a long time. Since 2017, it has been continuously exerting force. As of September this year, the filament lamp business has initially reached 100 production lines, achieving a leap in less than one year. Sexual progress.

   All the time, the specifications and research and development direction of Zhaochi energy-saving filament products have always been market-oriented, keeping pace with the international manufacturers of filament lamps, realizing the “gold” of raw materials, solutions and products. combination”. At present, Zhaochi energy-saving filament products are mainly based on three series of economical, standard and high-standard models, covering the full range of customer prices and program requirements. According to Huang Bo, “Because mega energy-saving lighting has a lot of flip-chip and filament products, and has already achieved mass production. We use the experience and equipment in flip-chip applications to develop and produce flexible LED filaments, which are expected to be before February 2019. Some products are officially introduced to the market. In terms of the market, the current filament lamp is still based on low power, which is also an important reason for the use of filament lamps as lighting sources. However, with the continuous breakthrough of filament lamp technology, automated scale production continues to reduce overall cost, flexible LEDThe filament will also usher in a large-scale use.
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High-grade paint-free eco-board gradually recovered its popularity okorder

Visiting the wood-based panel market has revealed that the recent high-end paint-free eco-board has gradually gained popularity. According to market sources, although many high-end renovation projects near the end of the year are coming to an end, many engineering designers are still very strict in material selection. However, the high-grade paint-free eco-board is not only waterproof and beautiful, but also very suitable for decorating high-end places. Therefore, it has won the favor of many designers. At present, some high-grade paint-free eco-board manufacturers in Guangxi have already filled orders. At this stage, the Guangdong market 1220 × 2440 × 18mm ecological board business offer 150-200 yuan / Zhang.


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Wall color, advanced and modern style okorder

Pantone, the color authority of the popular color wind vane, recently released the popular colors of 2019. These distinctive colors are irresistible. Whether it is used for makeup, fashion or home decoration, it is high-grade yet Modern style. Then, in 2019, which colors are popular in wall coatings, let’s take a look at the ~


The pink is a soft and unforgettable Color, whether men or women, you can always find a pink fashion item from the tide of TA. The pink space is full of femininity and princess style, which makes many men who want to approach pink to be discouraged. In 2019, the color authority organization made a proper change in pink. So, presented in front of the public is a modern and nostalgic millennium powder. Millenium powder is very inclusive, sweeping through the fields of make-up, home accessories, fashion items, etc. Men can also get along with them. Especially when it becomes the color of the wall, the whole space is precipitated in a retro but romantic feeling, full of charm.

02 Mustard Yellow

The yellow line often appears in exotic homes, such as Mediterranean-style homes, with its regional features. Furniture and decorations make the style more harmonious and unified. In 2019, mustard yellow was recommended as one of the most popular paint colors of the year, and it began to involve more styles of space, including modern minimalist homes. The dazzling yellowness and clarity give a feeling of vitality. The background wall of the restaurant is yellow, which helps to increase appetite; the reading space is yellow, and the mood of the warmth is… The yellow brings the vitality of nature and the confidence is multiplied.


The green system has always been one of the preferred colors for the wall of the home, but the grass is green and the color is bolder, which makes the living space look more vibrant. It is also expected to become the popular color of paint in 2019. Grass green has a breath that is close to nature, healthy, lively, natural and fresh. It is the color that represents vitality, makes life full of hope, relieves stress and relaxes body and mind.


Farewell to the fog blue, deep sea blue is ready to re-master the color of the wall paint, take us into the deep, long, quiet time tunnel. The deep blue is elegant and mature, and it is mature and durable. Living in such a space can make people feel peace of mind and worry-free. For a long time, the deep sea blue has captured the fashion people from all walks of life with its steady gas field. Whether it is makeup or fashion, even the main color of the family space, the deep sea blue can bring a noble and elegant atmosphere.

05 lilac purple

The mysterious purple has always been the usual color of the mature boudoir. Nowadays, the lilac purple is finally turned from private to open, and the decoration is more generous. More dream space. In the traditional Chinese concept, purple is a noble color, and the Forbidden City in Beijing is also known as the “Forbidden City”. In the West, purple is the favorite of the nobility and the special color of the ancient Roman royal family. The unique position of purple is recognized worldwide. When purple becomes the main color of the home, it has another more important meaning. Purple represents eternity and symbolizes the stability of family members, just as amethyst symbolizes eternal, pure love.


Milk Apricot has a warm color, which is one of the preferred paint colors in the home space with its own softness, atmosphere and tolerance. In 2019, the apricot yellow lived up to expectations, once again being promoted to become a popular color, it is also one of the favorite colors of fashion items. Apricot yellow is suitable for all spaces, with a variety of colors of furniture, decorations. The warm-colored milk apricot can also create a homely atmosphere of warmth and warmth, which makes people feel intimate and let the family present a harmonious scene.


Coffee brown belongs to the earth color system, it has a simple and stable artistic conception, and it is willing to be close to it. Coffee brown is a neutral warm color. It is elegant, simple, solemn and elegant. It is a relatively subtle color and never goes out of style. This is one of the reasons why many people are willing to decorate their walls with coffee brown. Because it is always in the forefront of the fashion, so coffee brown is not unexpected in the 2019 paint color.
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In the winter, your home curtains should be changed. okorder

After entering the winter, it was also at the time of the home improvement season. The curtains that are usually not eye-catching have just a reason to change clothes at this time, and the colorful curtains are now the favorite objects of Changchun fashion white-collar workers. Let’s decorate your home and make your home the most gentle place in the world.
Warm color is most suitable now

“As the weather gets colder, people will unwittingly like some warmer colors. At this time, the decoration will often take the whole home. The atmosphere is warmer, and once in spring and summer, the warmer colors are less pleasing. So choose neutral colors and use soft decoration to adjust the theme. Autumn and winter decoration should try to avoid the autumn and winter atmosphere. Sensory causes illusion and misinformation, and must objectively examine your tendency to purchase building materials.”

Curtains are one of the important elements of winter interior decoration style. According to the designer, warm colors such as red and orange are the preferred colors for winter fabric curtains. For fabrics, thick woolen cloth should be used in winter. The thick and warm curtains will keep the outside cold from the window, and the interior will naturally become Very cozy and comfortable. Especially in the bedroom, you need to create a romantic and warm atmosphere, but also need absolute environmental protection, it is recommended to use shading, anti-UV function, softer texture cloth, so that the owner wants to sleep late, not afraid of the sun.

Winter curtains are popular in four styles

Windows are the first step in the season conversion. A warm and inviting curtain can quickly raise the temperature of the home. Outside the window, two worlds, two feelings.

According to reports, French romance, modern fashion, European palace, American pastoral is currently the more popular four curtain styles.

The warm living room is quiet and flowing, and the pieces of sunlight are gently and softly sprinkled in. I lean on the soft and spacious fabric sofa and look at the beloved books, enjoying the afternoon sun, warm, peaceful, and On the white coffee table, a self-grinding cappuccino exudes a thick heat. Romance is in the bit by bit of home furnishings, the details of this white furniture is more important.

Modern decorative art introduces the creative ideas and achievements of modern abstract art into modern interior decoration design, and strives to create a new and simplified decoration, which is simple, popular, fresh and closer to people’s lives.

European-style palaces pay attention to luxury temperament, European-style luxury style with lace, complex wrinkles, European famous furniture to create a luxurious style, soft bed, craftsmanship of crystal lights, constitute a rich European style gorgeous bedroom. The curtains are mostly designed with water-curved curtains, and the fabrics are shiny and elegant in light gold and white.

American pastoral style pays more attention to simplicity and simplicity, advocating freedom. Curtain fabrics are mainly natural flowers, natural stripes or pure white yarns. The style is simple and natural.
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You have to pay attention to these shower rooms. okorder

The shower room has the characteristics of small footprint, rich shape and convenient installation. It can also achieve the purpose of dividing the space and distinguishing the functional areas, and become a key project for the decoration of the bathroom. Because people lack understanding of it, neglecting a lot of details when purchasing and using, it brings a lot of trouble to daily life, and also has doubts about its practicality and safety.
Material determines the safety of the shower room

The glass has the characteristics of transparency, moisture resistance, good processing performance and small footprint. It is suitable for space division of the bathroom. Therefore, the shower room It is usually made of glass or plexiglass. Due to the poor performance of plexiglass in terms of aging resistance, strength, and abrasion resistance, shower rooms made using it are becoming less and less. Ordinary glass is poor in rigidity due to its poor rigidity and fragility. When consumers choose a shower room, from the perspective of safety and durability, we must choose products made of tempered glass.

The shape depends on the layout of the bathroom

The shower room mainly has several shapes such as a circular arc, a right angle and a straight shape. The shower room should be installed in a vertical corner, and the shower area should be divided into a corner of the bathroom. It is suitable for a bathroom with a slightly larger area and a roughly square shape.

Do not neglect the role of the sealing strip

The main function of the shower room is to block the splash of water during bathing to achieve the effect of dry and wet separation, so pay attention to the choice when choosing Whether the purchased product has a sealing strip at the junction of glass and glass, glass and wall. If not, it is difficult to block the splash of water from the shower when the shower is in use, and the effect of the shower room is greatly reduced.
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Tips for selecting interior wall paints okorder

Interior wall coatings are the ones that must be used in home improvement coatings. The most common ones are latex paints. However, with the development of technology, interior wall coatings are not only one type of latex paints, such as new imitation porcelain coatings, artistic colorful coatings, Texture coatings, etc., although the variety of uses, but the fundamental use is to decorate the wall, but the variety of interior wall coatings, how to choose? Today, I teach you 5 tips for choosing interior wall paint to help you choose the right interior paint.

1. Observing the concentration of interior wall paint

The interior wall coating not only has the function of decorating the wall of the home, but also the function of protecting the wall surface, even the advanced interior wall coating. It also has the functions of fireproof, waterproof and anti-corrosion, but there is a premise to achieve the above functions, that is, the paint needs to be firmly attached to the wall surface, and the adhesion of the interior wall paint is determined by the concentration of the inner wall, and the viscosity of the inner wall is affected. The adhesion of the coating, the concentration is too high, affecting the construction difficulty of the coating. If the coating is too low, the adhesion of the coating is poor, and it needs to be controlled within a certain range. Therefore, the concentration of the interior wall coating should be observed at the time of purchase.

2, check the inspection report of interior wall paint

The technical indicators in the inspection report directly indicate the indicators of interior wall paint, we need to compare the standards issued by the state, Check whether it is qualified, among which the most important indicators are: volatile organic compounds (VOC), contrast ratio (white and light), scrub resistance, formaldehyde content, heavy metal proportion (soluble mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium), coating Drying time, low temperature stability, alkali resistance, etc.

3, check the hiding power of interior wall paint

The interior wall paint decorative wall needs to cover off the original color of the wall, so that the wall can be renovated after the new color And show different styles, so interior wall coatings have high requirements for hiding power. Inferior interior wall paints with low prices often do not cover the original wall color for many times, resulting in uneven color of the painted walls. Therefore, when selecting interior wall paints, you need to check the actual effect map of the paint, according to the actual The effect is to choose interior paint.

4, check whether the interior wall paint has scrub resistance

Whether the interior wall paint has scrub resistance is also an important criterion for testing the quality of interior wall paint. After good quality interior wall paint is applied to the wall and dried, the wall surface can still be washed with water without fading. This ability to withstand washing and wiping is called the washability of the paint. The method of verifying the scrub resistance of interior wall coatings is simple: soaking the coating in water, the better the performance, the longer the coating will resist water erosion. Therefore, everyone must check the washability of the paint when purchasing, try to buy the hard-painted interior wall paint to avoid damage to the wall due to the wet weather in the future.

5, check the shelf life of interior wall paint

Every interior wall paint has a shelf life, so be careful not to be spoiled by the interior wall paint when you buy it, but Some interior wall coatings during the shelf life will also have quality problems, because the harsh storage environment will also cause the paint to deteriorate, so be sure to open the cover to check the coating to see if there is accumulation, mold, agglomeration and so on.
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Titanium crystal door plate okorder

What kind of door panels do you usually use in the cabinet? In addition to introducing several conventional door panels, we will introduce you to a high-tech new product, the titanium crystal door panel, and dig deep into the advantages and disadvantages of the titanium crystal door together with Xiaobian.
What is the material of the cabinet door panel

The porcelain door panel

The porcelain door panel is a relatively high-grade product in the door panel material, the surface feels the feel of the glass, the reflection It can also be used as a mirror in the state, with resistance to discoloration, no aging, and new surface.

Mirror resin board

Its characteristics are similar to those of baking varnish. It is more fashionable, has more colors, and has waterproof performance. However, the surface is easily scratched and maintenance is difficult.

Multi-frame door panel

The frame-type door panel is more fashionable and more personal, belonging to the MDF. It is easy to clean, not deformed, etc. It is also one of the choices of modern people for cabinet materials.

Metal texture door panel

Metal texture cabinet door panel is very popular in foreign countries and is a popular material. The processing of this door panel is specially oxidized, finely brushed and polished, and the surface can form a protective layer.

Crystal door panel

The color of the crystal door panel looks more romantic. The material of the panel is made of white fireproof board and acrylic, which is environmentally friendly and three-dimensional.

Blowout door panel (pvc molded plate)

The plastic plate belongs to the MDF, the color is uniform, and it has the characteristics of no cracking and deformation, and can resist scratch, heat and resistance. It is one of the more suitable materials for cabinet door panels.

Trihydroiamine veneer type

The cabinet panel has many colors, and the texture of the panel is mostly different. The surface is relatively flat, it is not deformed, and it has wear resistance and erosion resistance. specialty.

Solid wood

The solid wood cabinet door has natural texture and is more environmentally friendly. The surface of the solid wood door can be embossed and painted. It looks more upscale. .

Fire door panel

The color of the fire door panel is brighter and has many characteristics. It is wear-resistant, high-temperature resistant, scratch-resistant, etc. It is also easy to clean, moisture-proof and fade-free. Etc.

Painted door panel

The paint board is rich in color, the surface is bright, and easy to clean, waterproof, moisture-proof and fireproof.

Kitchen cabinet

Titanium crystal door cabinet concept

Titanium crystal door is a door made of transparent material like titanium crystal-like drawing pattern Titanium crystal is one of the crystal group of titanium crystal inclusions. The titanium crystal with excellent yield and excellent appearance is one of the most precious crystal gems of today. Titanium crystal door plate mimics the hydrophobic, dust-proof and self-cleaning principle of natural lotus leaf. It uses the binary synergy of the nano-material to match the leaf-leaching mechanism, combined with high-tech nanotechnology, with very low surface tension and strong adhesion in titanium crystal. The surface of the board forms a unique molecular-scale nanostructure that is highly resistant to dust, grease and dirt.

Titanium crystal door cabinet advantages and disadvantages:

Stain resistance: Titanium crystal door panel unique anti-dust, anti-grease and anti-dirty ability, even in the harsh unless It is also very easy to clean in the environment, greatly reducing the cleaning power and time, and shortening the cleaning cycle.

Water resistance, deformation resistance: The panel and substrate of the titanium crystal door panel are very stable even in harsh environments, completely waterproof and never deformed. Antibacterial property: The unique anti-fouling property of nano-glass makes the titanium crystal door plate dry for a long time. Combined with the high-density material of titanium crystal door plate, bacteria and viruses are difficult to stay in the titanium crystal door plate, and there is no survival condition.

Anti-destructive: The utensils used in the kitchen can not cause damage to the titanium crystal door panels, because the titanium crystal door panels and other wood material door panels are incomparable in hardness. The titanium crystal door plate fundamentally eliminates the common problems such as lacquering, falling off, blistering and scratching of the wooden material door panel.

Fire resistance: The whole of the titanium crystal door plate is made of high temperature resistant material, especially your glass. The surface layer has a high temperature resistance of more than 1400 degrees, which makes it have very good flame retardant ability.

Titanium crystal door cabinet advantages and disadvantages: shortcomings

Since the manufacturing process of titanium crystal door panels is exquisite, the materials are more precious, so the price of titanium crystal door cabinets is relatively high, and the general material Compared with the price of cabinets, the cost is relatively high for ordinary people.
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Bathroom anti-skid pad purchase method okorder

How to buy bathroom mats

1. The anti-slip mats used in toilets are for Block the water in the toilet to enter the living area. Generally, this place suggests that you choose a cotton non-slip mat because the cotton mat absorbs water well.

2, the anti-slip mat placed in the toilet is mainly to absorb water, generally choose cotton or microfiber anti-slip mat, especially the kind of microfiber material The method of the floor mat, when the person step on it, it absorbs water quickly, and the touch is very comfortable.

3, when choosing non-slip mats, you should choose according to your own needs. For example, if the toilet mainly uses water-absorbing anti-slip mats, then it should be based on water absorption when selecting. A stronger anti-slip mat to choose from. When you choose non-slip mats, don’t just listen to the seller’s introduction, you must clear your needs to buy.

4, the non-slip mats generally placed at the door as long as it is used for sanding, decontamination, to prevent dust from being brought into the room to cause pollution. Therefore, when selecting, you can choose a non-slip mat that is better in decontamination and easy to clean.

5. Generally, when selecting the method mat, it is recommended that you choose a mat with a deeper color, because the dark anti-slip mat is dirty, it is not easy to see. . The size of the anti-slip mat placed at the door is generally: 40cm × 60cm, 50cm × 80cm, 60cm × 90cm, and the size of the mat placed on the bedside and the entrance is: 50cm × 150cm, 85cm × 115cm.
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