The latest ranking of world-class steel companies’ competitiveness okorder

Industry analysis agency World Steel Dynamics Co., Ltd. recently released the latest ranking of world-class steel companies, and South Korea’s Pohang Steel has been ranked the world’s most competitive for the fourth consecutive year since 2010. Steel company. Compared with 2012, this year’s list of world-class steel companies’ competitiveness rankings has changed slightly, compared with 35 in the previous year. Among them, Australia BlueScope Steel Company has withdrawn from the ranking, and Nippon Steel merged with Sumitomo Metal Industries Co., Ltd. After reducing one, India’s Jingdele Steel and Energy Company was first selected and ranked in the top ten.

World Steel Dynamics has evaluated and published 23 projects, including steel production scale, profitability, technology innovation, bargaining power, cost advantage and financial status, once or twice a year since 2002. Rank of steel enterprise competitiveness. Posco scored high on technical worker proficiency, technological innovation capability, and production of high value-added products. It only scored relatively low on raw materials and energy costs, and downstream business development. Posco topped the list with a weighted average of 7.73. And compared with last year, the gap between the second and the second is further widened. Russia’s Xavier Company and the US Nucor Company ranked second and third.

In the latest ranking, there are 5 finalists in China’s steel companies, namely Baosteel (ranked 11th), Shagang (ranked 22nd), Angang (ranked 28th), and Wuhan Iron and Steel (ranked) 30) and Ma Steel (ranked 33rd). In 2013, China’s highest ranked Baosteel ranked sharply down, and has already withdrawn from the top ten, from the fifth place last year to the 11th place. Other Chinese steel companies also generally perform poorly, basically at the middle and lower reaches, which is related to China Steel. The industry’s overall profitability is relatively low.

It is worth noting that the German ThyssenKrupp company has completed the divestiture of stainless steel assets due to serious losses in its operations, and is striving to sell its American steel assets, and the process of steelmaking is constantly advancing, and its competition The power ranking also fell from the 24th place last year to the 34th place, ranking the last one of the finalists.

ArcelorMittal, the world’s largest steel company, is only ranked 26th, down 10th from last year’s 16th. Although no other company can incite its dominance in terms of scale, the competitiveness of a company is obviously not only the scale of production, but the scale is only a relatively important factor. This also shows that the competition of enterprises in today’s world lies in the competition of comprehensive strength, relying on technological innovation ability, cost-cutting ability, etc., and the era of relying on scale to win is obviously gone. This also reminds Chinese steel companies to focus more on innovation rather than simply pursuing scale expansion.

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China’s steel industry faces an increasingly difficult international trading environment okorder

The reporter was informed yesterday that a number of steel mills, including the US Steel Corporation, have applied to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) for anti-dumping investigations on certain steel pipes imported from various countries and regions in Asia. Involved in India, South Korea, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and so on. Although this time does not involve the Chinese mainland, the domestic steel industry is undoubtedly the biggest victim of international trade protection.

It is reported that US steel mills require anti-dumping duties on steel pipes from the above countries and request countervailing duties on steel pipes imported from India and Turkey. Xu Xiangchun, director of the information network of my steel network, told the Beijing Business Daily that in recent years, the trade protectionism in Europe and the United States has obviously warmed up, and it has strictly controlled the import of steel from many countries and regions around the world, especially pointing to China. In March of this year, US steel mills also called on ITC to take action on steel from China. In fact, the United States has imposed anti-dumping duties and countervailing duties on most steel products in China.

What is more noteworthy is that in March last year, the US federal court ruled that the non-market economy countries had violated the law, and the US Congress initiated the legislative process and quickly completed the counter- The amendment of the Subsidy Act retains the power to levy taxes on goods that are subsidized by the government such as China. The US revision of the trade law has given domestic steel mills more protection, while China, the world’s largest steel producer, feels the cold.

When the industry’s loss is close to 80%, the frequent encounters of international anti-dumping and countervailing “double-reverse” investigations have undoubtedly worsened the survival of Chinese steel companies. According to the latest data, there were 9 trade remedy cases against steel products in mainland China last year, showing explosive growth. In 2012, China’s cumulative export of steel products was 55,732,100 tons, an increase of 14.02% compared with 2011. But the main varieties are involved in the “double anti” vortex.

“If the coated steel plate is subject to countervailing duties, it will cause the domestic steel industry to face a huge impact.” Lange Steel Network analyst Wang Guoqing pointed out that “not only domestic steel enterprises will face more High taxes have also paved the way for European companies to apply for higher import tariffs on steel industries such as Chinese household appliances and automobiles. & rdquo; For this reason, many people in the industry have called for the steel industry to follow the footsteps of the photovoltaic industry. (Reporter Xiao Wei)

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The most common 8 kinds of floor tiles on the market, get to know okorder

The floor tiles are a kind of decoration that many people pay attention to. After all, the floor tiles are chosen, and your home decoration is half successful. However, in the investigation, it was found that there are very few people who can really buy the floor tiles for the floor tiles, and most of them buy the wrong stickers, which is a pity. So how to choose the floor tiles is the most correct? Xiaobian lists the most common 8 kinds of floor tiles on the market, and talks about the difference between them.

The floor tiles are made of clay and can be divided into materials according to the material:

1, glazed tile:

The glazed brick is the surface of the brick that has been glazed brick. Glazed tiles are divided into ceramic glazed tiles and porcelain glazed tiles according to raw materials. According to the gloss, it is divided into matt and bright.

Pros and cons:

Generally speaking, glazed tiles are rich in color and pattern, and have strong anti-fouling function.

But because the surface of the glazed tile is glaze, the wear resistance is not so good.


Glazed tiles are generally suitable for bathrooms, balconies, etc. In addition, bright glazed tiles are suitable for the kitchen.

2, whole body brick (also called non-slip brick)

The whole body brick is The surface is not glazed, and the material and color of the front and back are the same (so called the whole brick, the whole body!)

Pros and cons:

The whole body brick is more wear-resistant and the anti-slip performance is better.

But the colors and colors are more general.


It is widely used in halls, aisles and outdoor walkways, and is generally used less on walls.

3, porcelain tile

natural stone crushed and chemically bonded The agent is pressed and then calcined at a high temperature.

Pros and cons:

High flexural strength, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no discoloration, and long life. Freezing and thawing at -15 ° C – 20 ° C, cycling 20 times is no problem (the millennium old demon is simply!). But color and color, you don’t ask so much. Moreover, the porcelain tiles themselves are very rough.


Exterior. It is specially used for wind, frost and rain.

4, parquet

is to cut the fired tiles After assembling, the tiles are assembled into various patterns to serve as a decorative effect.

Benefits and disadvantages:

More patterns and colors.

But the price is expensive and expensive.


Some places that require special decoration, such as entrance porch. (However, for local tyrants, you can use anywhere, as long as you like!)

5, polished tiles:

Polished tiles are bricks that have been polished and polished.

Pros and cons:

The polished brick surface is much cleaner than the whole brick. This brick is very hard and very wear resistant. If you use the oozing technique, the polished tiles can make a variety of imitation stone and wood-like effects.

The polished brick is not resistant to dirt, non-slip, and the colored liquid is easy to penetrate and cause discoloration of the brick surface.


In addition to the bathroom and kitchen, most of the indoor space can be used.

6, vitrified brick:

The vitrified brick is made of quartz sand The mud is fired in a certain proportion, then polished and polished but does not need to be polished. The surface is as smooth and translucent as the glass mirror, which is the hardest of all the tiles.

Pros and cons:

Water absorption, edge straightness, flexural strength, acid and alkali resistance are superior to ordinary glazed tiles, polished tiles and General marble.

But the vitrified brick is not perfect. Its defect is that after the grinding, the pores are exposed, and dust, oil and the like are easily infiltrated.


Glass tiles are suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, walkways, etc.

7, Mosaic:

The mosaic is also called paper brick. A small piece of tile used to form a variety of decorative patterns on the building (feelingIt’s a bit like a mosaic, except that the mosaic is a whole, and the mosaic is a small piece and a whole.)

Pros and cons:

There are many kinds of colors, and the decoration is very strong. Basically, it can be described by high-end atmosphere.

But the mosaic has a fatal flaw that is not resistant to dirt. In addition, the price is also a little expensive.


Mainly used for paving or interior wall decoration, or for exterior wall finishes.

8, antique brick:

Antique bricks belong to ordinary tiles, and porcelain The film is basically the same, the only difference is that during the firing process, the antique bricks are imitated in the old style, which is essentially a glazed porcelain brick, which attracts people’s attention with the unique charm of the classic. The vicissitudes of the years and the heavy history, the antique bricks create a nostalgic atmosphere through style, color and pattern.

Pros and cons:

There is a thick layer of glaze on the surface of the antique brick, which has good antifouling ability; good retro style, no loss of fashion; texture design Good, generally not outdated; small size, can do a variety of modeling on the effect of making a mosaic or paving effect; good slip resistance; rich colors.

Because the surface of the antique brick is a layer of glazed surface, it is not easy to do chamfering, edging and other deep processing, the hardness is lower, the water absorption rate is higher, and the brightness is not high.


The living room floor, kitchen, bedroom, balcony, etc. can be laid, and the wall can be considered.


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What is the problem with the modulation of the color of the paint? okorder

The color modulation of the paint is very complicated. In the process of paint production and construction, the problem of floating color is often encountered. When the paint has floating color, the color difference between the color and the standard plate makes the coloring difficult, which wastes the pigment and does not color. Precisely, at the same time, the canning effect of the coating is very poor, and the color of the coating film after the coating is dried is difficult to be uniformly applied. One of the phenomena of dynamic separation of the genus genus: the pigment is separated in the horizontal direction, so that the color of the coating film is uneven and the flowering occurs. The floating color is the color that changes vertically. One or more pigments separate during the film formation and drying process. One pigment floats to the surface and the other pigment moves to the bottom or sinks to the bottom.
How do you observe and judge the phenomenon of floating color in the laboratory?

You can start from two aspects:

Static floating color in the tank: After the paint is evenly dispersed and left in the tank for a period of time, one or A phenomenon in which a plurality of pigments are separated and floats on the surface. For example, after storage for a period of time, after opening the can, the surface of the can appears to appear black, indigo or white.

The dynamic floating color of the coating film: the phenomenon that the pigment particles are separated during the drying process of the coating film is called dynamic floating color, and the dynamic floating color pigment separation is divided into two cases: one is the coating film fading surface. The color is uneven, and the other is that the surface of the film is uniform, but the surface layer is different from the color of the bottom layer. Use finger to spread to identify the floating color. First, pour or coat the paint on a glass plate or black and white cardboard. When leveling, rub the finger until the film begins to become viscous, and the pigment particles no longer migrate and separate. If the paint has floating color, the unhoned surface and the honed surface are different in hue. During the honing process, the pigment is easily separated and filamentous streaks appear. After the coating film is dried, the honed surface will have an angular vortex pattern. The degree of discoloration of the finger 随 varies with the conditions of the finger test, and the length of the honing time or the weight of the honing action and the drying speed of the film have a great influence on the degree of color change.

There are many factors in the floating color of paints, the difference in particle size of pigments and fillers, the difference in surface tension of various substances in the system, and the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB), emulsion and color paste of each substance. The compatibility and the like have a great influence on the floating color of the latex paint, and are discussed in detail below.

1, the effect of the particle size of the pigment particles on the floating color of the paint

During the drying process, with the volatilization of the volatiles in the paint, these volatiles It also carries a part of the pigment and filler to bring them to the coating film. When these pigment and filler particles are transported to the surface, the finer particles with higher surface area are easy to transport, while the coarse particles with relatively low specific surface area are hindered. In sports, when the latex paint film is dried, the more hydrophilic substance tends to evaporate quickly. If the white pulp is more hydrophilic than the color paste, the white pigment particles are more hydrophilic than the color paste. Pigment particles are more hydrophilic and they are more susceptible to being brought to the surface by highly polar volatiles. In addition, the particle size difference between the pigment and filler particles is too large, so that the compatibility between the pigment and the filler becomes very poor. Due to the above reasons, the color paint prepared by using the pigment is not suitable for construction, and the paint floats during construction. Severe, and the film appears to float. It is difficult to adjust the dark paint on floating white, and it will cause waste of paint. The solution is to carefully select the pigment and filler to match the particle size of the selected pigments and fillers; thus avoiding floating and fading.

2, the effect of surface tension difference on the floating color of the paint

In the usual coloring, it is often found that some color paste is difficult to disperse evenly in the white base paint. After the dispersion of the colored paint for a period of time, there is a phenomenon of color separation or floating color, or the canning effect of the paint is not good. In the process of painting, the preparation of white pulp is different from the preparation process of color paste. Anionic dispersant or ionic polyelectrolyte dispersant is often used for making white pulp, while non-ionic dispersant is used for color paste, or part of it. The anionic dispersant is used in combination, and thus the white pigment and the color pigment particles have different surface properties due to adsorption of a different wetting and dispersing agent, and the hydrophilic and lipophilic values ​​are different, and the surface tension is also different. Generally, the ionic surfactant has a larger surface tension than the nonionic surfactant. They are all nonionic surfactants. Because of their different molecular structure at the hydrophobic end, the surface tension is also different, and the outermost link in the hydrophobic end structure of the molecule contributes the most to the surface tension. A molecule with a low surface energy means that the force between the molecules is small and the surface tension is also low. From the viewpoint of thermodynamics, substances with low surface tension are easily adsorbed and transferred to the interface, which makes the system stable. The decrease in surface tension weakens the tendency of the liquid shrinkage surface and the droplets to coalesce, and reduces the additional pressure difference of the curved liquid surface. Conducive to the stability of the liquid surface and dispersion system. Therefore, if the surface tension between the white pulp or the color paste differs greatly from the surface tension difference of the system, the paint disposed with the slurry is more likely to have a floating color.

3, the compatibility between the system

The compatibility of the emulsion and the color paste is good, the floating color of the paint and the coating film will be much better, the emulsion on the color paste If it is wet, the color development of the paint is also good. Anionic and nonionic surfactants are often used as wetting and dispersing agents in aqueous coatings. Inorganic pigments with polar and ionic surfaces in water systems can react with polar groups or ions of added ionic surfactants. The effect is to form a two-layer adsorption layer. In the aqueous pigment slurry, the surfactant particles are adsorbed on the surface of the pigment particles to form a protective layer, but the interaction between the protective layers is intermolecular force and electrostatic force, so the force between them is different, when the above color paste When mixed with various types of emulsions or latex paints, the dispersion stability of the color paste is different. When the surfactant on the surface of the pigment particles has a high affinity with the surfactant adsorbed on the surface of the emulsion particles, that is, an emulsifier or water, The surfactant adsorbed by the pigment particles is peeled off, so that the protective layer on the surface of the pigment particles is thinned, causing flocculation of the pigment, thereby causing floating coloration of the coating film. Of course, when the emulsifier outside the emulsion particles is compatible with the surfactants other than the pigment and filler particles in the color paste.When the emulsion is wetted by these pigments and filled particles, the color development of the whole color paint is good, the color is bright, and the color is not floating.

4, the effect of hydrophilic-lipophilic balance on floating color fading

Hydrophilic lipophilic balance (HLB) is a very sensitive problem, often in the production of coatings Use a variety of materials: emulsions, pigments, fillers, solvents, cosolvents and various additives. These materials all have their own hydrophilic-lipophilic balance (HLB value). The hydrophilic-lipophilic balance of each material matches the performance of the coating system. The floating color, hair color, water distribution and other phenomena will be get over. Of course, after the emulsion and pigments we use, the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance value, that is, the HLB value, cannot be changed, but the HLB of the whole system can be adjusted by carefully selecting the auxiliary agent, that is, wetting and dispersing agent, thickener, and the like. The value balances the HLB value of the entire system. We know that the lipophilic substance has a small surface tension at the lipophilic end, and the paint is stored in a container storage tank. These lipophilic substances are easily floated onto the surface. From a thermodynamic point of view, the energy of the whole system is lowered and the system is stable. When the latex paint produced is in a static state, it floats in the container, not only the canning effect is not good, the construction performance is not good, and the coating state is not good. If the paint floats white, it means that the HLB value of the white pulp is relatively small, and the white pulp is relatively oleophilic. Therefore, the white pulp should be made hydrophilic when producing the white pulp; if the paint floats the color of the color paste, it indicates the white pulp HLB The value is relatively large and relatively hydrophilic. When producing white pulp, the white pulp should be made lipophilic to prevent the paint from floating.

The matching of the hydrophilic-lipophilic balance value (HLB value) can be accomplished by careful selection of the wetting and dispersing agent. The ammonium salt dispersing agent with a hydrophobic group in the anionic dispersing agent is more lipophilic than the sodium carboxylate dispersing agent, and the HLB value is small, and the ammonium salt dispersing agent with a hydrophobic group also greatly improves the floating color of the latex paint film. Because when the pigment particles are wrapped with this type of dispersant, there are not only electrostatic resistance around the pigment particles, but also steric hindrance, and during the drying process, as the water evaporates, the ammonia in the ammonium salt also volatilizes. To make such dispersants more hydrophobic, so that the pigment filler particles encapsulating such dispersants are more compatible with the film-forming materials, and the steric hindrance makes the structure become bulky, so that the coating film is in the drying process. The floating color of the middle coating film, that is, the floating color during the dynamic process is also suppressed.

5, the effect of thickener on the floating color of latex paint

some pseudoplastic strong associative thickeners and surfactants with larger HLB values The great affinity makes it desorb on the surface of the pigment, causing the pigment to aggregate and flocculate, which in turn causes the coloring power of the system to decrease and produce a floating color. In the system of mixing organic and inorganic pigments, especially when titanium white is used in combination with cyan, cyan and carbon black pastes, a weakly plastic associative thickener can be used to obtain a latex paint with satisfactory color and good leveling. Sex.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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Choose a switch socket, learn to see, test, smell, 掂 okorder

I want to see, test, smell, and 掂

I don’t know where to see the manufacturer’s selection of switch sockets. I think it’s very good. Very suitable for consumers, it is a look, two trials, three news, four.

Look at the look – first buy the look and feel, can Match it with the decoration at home, and then see if there are flaws, black spots, burrs on the switch surface, whether it is smooth or not, you can judge whether the material is good or not.

Try it is a test feeling – Generally buy a switch need to press the button to try the feel, if the continuity is crisp, the sound is crisp, there is no feeling of stagnation, the switch is very important is the test feel, some are very hard, some are very soft, some buttons are long, there are Short, although each takes what is needed, in general, you must choose the pass and break, the feel is not too hard or too soft.

Smell smells – – Many people know that buying a switch over the back to smell it, in fact, is to look at the material of the back seat, nylon 66 has a strong plastic taste, the general manufacturers have not used this material or low-end series will be used, ABS will also With a slight odor, the PC material is colorless and odorless.

掂 is naturally a component, the most important material in a switch socket is The current-carrying piece is the copper piece that everyone says. The thicker the copper piece, the heavier the weight, the better the toughness is. The more the insertion and removal times are, the more flexible and durable it is. Although it can’t be said absolutely, it is good, but it is consumption. A relatively straightforward judgment of a standard, some manufacturers are too potent, the entire socket is very heavy, but the weight of the plastic parts, the copper is not heavy, and the plastic parts are still very heavy black.

Insert the classification of the socket here

There are strong electric sockets and weak electric sockets according to the current intensity: the voltage above 36V is called strong electricity, and the voltage below 36V is called weak electricity. Telephone plug, computer plug, and network data plug are classified as weak. The shape of the plug is roughly divided into three types:

(1) flat plug; China, the United States, Canada, North America, and the like.

(2) Square plug; Hong Kong, China, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, India, Pakistan and other countries in Oceania.

(3) Round inserts; mainly in some European countries.


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The purchasing of imported flooring is miserable? okorder

In recent years, with the rapid development of the purchasing industry, driven by the interests, some people have started the purchase of imported flooring, and some consumers who are greedy “cheap” have been unknowingly flicked to the “pit” of purchasing the floor. In the end, the end result is often dumb to eat berberine, miserable.
Before you get to the point, let’s share a case with you:

Recently, Xiao Cheng (name), who was just in the new house, encountered troubles about the floor. Half a year ago, Xiaocheng began the renovation of the new house with joy. Because it is intended to be used as a wedding room, Xiaocheng is very concerned about the quality of home improvement. Seeing that the decoration is going well, the problem is on the floor.

The original Xiaocheng is a veteran Haitao family. Usually, many clothes and shoes are purchased from abroad. So in the purchase of the floor, Xiaocheng Lingji also thought about the foreign trade from foreign countries, and found a foreign trader to do a certain imported floor purchase, and inquired about the installation of the package, which can make Xiaocheng music broken, I thought I earned it. As a result, the house has been renovated for a long time, and the floor is still late. There is no news. Xiaocheng can’t sit still. From the online inquiry once a day to a few phone calls a day, I finally waited online every day. After several twists and turns, I finally waited for the floor. In the past two days, several young men claimed to install the floor. After opening the floor packaging, they began to lay the pavement. When they were halfway through, they found that the floor had a color difference. So Xiaocheng called the foreign trade company to negotiate, and the attitude of the foreign trade company plummeted. Can not afford the goods; Xiaocheng in the case of helplessness, can only continue to lay the floor, a large area of ​​color difference makes Xiaocheng have the suspicion of fakes. .

Who ever thought that Xiaocheng had a problem with the floor after a few months of staying – many places have different sizes, and some floors even have drums because of squeezing, which is even worse. Yes, Xiaocheng once again suspected that the floor might be a fake.

Indignant Xiaocheng went to find the theory of foreign traders. As a result, the other party repeatedly shirked responsibility: “The floor has been inspected face to face, the installation is just an additional service, there is no charge, and the purchase is not “Providing after-sales service”, but the true and false of the goods is not mentioned. And this kind of purchasing behavior, Xiaocheng can not get the protection of the law, and finally Xiaocheng had to swallow his voice, he felt unlucky, only hated himself for a moment to play smart and did not go to the formal domestic operators to buy the floor.

Xiaocheng’s business is a microcosm of many disputes caused by floor purchasing. So why is the floor not suitable for purchasing? The following small series first talk about the “pit” of purchasing floor.

Pit 1: Speaking of smallpox, delivery is not reliable

Floor purchaser in order to win the trust of customers, obtain customer orders, often put their own procurement channels It is very reliable, even saying that he has a perfect procurement “system”, there are hundreds of physical stores in the country and so on. But the reality is that there are two major obstacles that determine the delivery of the purchasing floor can never really be reliable.

The first obstacle was set by the brand floor manufacturer. There are exclusive flooring brands in mainland China, such as Italian Giant Floor (GIANT), German Hano Flooring (HARO), and Austrian Weitzpark (WEITZER PARKETT) and Indonesian Teka Floor (TEKA). Maintaining market order, regulating market operations, ensuring service quality and ensuring long-term healthy development of the brand will not only refuse purchasers’ orders, but also set up various obstacles to prevent purchases from getting goods from their foreign distributors. This allows the purchaser to look for the goods after getting the order, and finally the purchase is not even at the expense of the real, the difference is left.

The second obstacle comes from the transportation of the floor itself. Due to the material of the floor and the shape of the product, importing from abroad usually requires the entire container to be shipped in order to ensure that it is not damaged. The purchase orders are scattered, usually shipped in the form of bulk cargo containers, resulting in high transport breakage rate, which has buried hidden dangers for the entire single delivery.

Pit 2: Listening to special offers, not cheap

The reason why imported floor purchasing can attract individual consumers is because of its claimed “price advantage”. Since there is no physical store rent for purchasing, there is no brand promotion fee, there is no professional paving after-sales team, and even few employees have to pay for their wages. They play purely “karate”, so there is a lot of flexibility in price, especially those. This is especially true for purchases that are imported into furniture by entrainment. But all of this comes at the expense of the customer’s delivery risk, paving risk and maintenance risk.

It is understood that the price of imported floor purchasing is usually 6 – 7 fold of the market price. In order to highlight its price advantage, Purchasing usually first reports the price of the origin of the floor to attract customers, and then talk about it. After the customer is interested, add other seven-eight-eighth fees, such as freight, customs duties, customs clearance fees, etc. In this way, the price that sounded particularly cheap is much higher. If you take into account various problems and hidden dangers that customers don’t know, it is really not cheap to buy the floor, and it is not very worry-free!

Pit 3: Everywhere on the bottom line, the customer is at risk

Imported floor purchasing in order to obtain the trust of customers to obtain orders, often ignore the legal and moral bottom line, and ultimately the customer is Unconsciously taking risks.

As we all know, purchasing is usually not a physical store. However, individual purchases use fraudulent means to make false publicity on the Internet or through WeChat. The national chain store of the exclusive brand of the floor brand is said to be its own physical storefront, allowing customers to see samples, copy the goods, and compare prices. In order to achieve the purpose of shamming, some purchasers use the registered trademarks and product images of brand flooring manufacturers in an unauthorized manner, giving customers a genuine and intuitive feeling. Still purchasingBecause they cannot obtain the certificate of origin of the manufacturer and cannot import it, they simply use the means of forgery to get through. What’s more, individual floor purchases are often smuggled into the furniture because their main business is imported furniture. This eliminates the trouble of the certificate of origin, saves freight and avoids customs duties. This may be the price of a special floor purchase can be a special discount “诀窍”? But all of this is at the expense of the customer’s risk. Because of this operation of the bottom line, once the east window occurs, the delivery of the floor ordered by the customer becomes a big problem.

Pit 4: Unprofessional paving, maintenance is not seen

In the industry, people know that the floor is actually a “semi-finished product”, from the beginning of the color selection and design to the scene Measurements and accessories are reserved. Only with professional paving and thoughtful maintenance services can customers really enjoy the floor. But for the general purchasing, because there is no professional paving and after-sales team, and there is no relevant professional knowledge, so after getting the order and “trying to” get the goods, the method is nothing more than two: one is If you just look for someone to shop, you will finish the job. The case of Xiaocheng in front is like this. The second is to find the brand shop’s paving workers to do “private work”. The former often suffers from installation errors or even damage to the floor due to the fact that the pavers do not understand the special requirements of the brand floor, while the latter cannot provide long-term floor maintenance services because they are secretly dry. This is the reason why purchasing floors often have problems.

Under normal conditions, branded wood flooring can be used for ten or even decades. During this period, due to environmental changes and wear and tear during use, the floor needs to be regularly maintained and repaired in case of problems. Where can I find those purchases at this time?

In summary, although purchasing as an emerging service industry can provide customers with convenience and seemingly price concessions, not all products are suitable for purchasing, especially those Specially rely on professional installation and after-sales services, such as wooden floors.

For imported flooring, for the protection of the brand and the market and the protection of customer service, foreign manufacturers with exclusive operators in China cannot support purchasing, this is the purchase The scheduled delivery poses a huge challenge. The real good brand and good flooring are usually promoted and operated in the Chinese market in the form of exclusive agency. After all, even if you get the original floor, you may not be able to enjoy the quality of the imported. Only by combining with the professional services of the exclusive agent and regular maintenance, can you truly enjoy the high-end quality experience brought by the imported floor.
(provided by Shenyang Building Materials Network) <

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April New Zealand port radiata pine prices fell okorder

As the cost of transportation increases and the uncertainty of the Chinese log market, at Wharfgate, New Zealand, the average price of logs shipped to the ports around New Zealand in April is Jasm3 dropped 7 New Zealand dollars. Although the demand for logs is at a record high level, there is an imbalance between the import of logs and the domestic wholesale price in China. On the routes from New Zealand to China, some log ships do not have a confirmed letter of credit. Chinese log buyers are Use this opportunity to try to reduce the price of logs.


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What color is good for kitchen sliding doors? okorder

The kitchen is where we cook three meals a day, and there are a lot of things to be aware of when decorating. The color and size of the kitchen sliding door have a very important influence on the kitchen feng shui. Which is the best color for the kitchen sliding door? What is the size of the kitchen sliding door? Let’s take a look at it together.
First, the size of the kitchen sliding door

The kitchen door is generally 90. There are uncertainties in the size of the sliding door of the kitchen and the size of the folding door. The kitchen sliding door is only designed to have a high degree of mastery, and the width and the number of the door must be properly designed before being customized. However, the size of the kitchen sliding door is described in the article “Regular Size of Interior Design of Residential Space”. The common dimensions of sliding doors in modern home space are width: 600-900MM, height: 1900-2400MM.

The thickness of the sliding door is: large push-pull 50MM, 75MM, 100MM, most of them are 100MM; small push-pull 50MM, 40MM, 35MM, most of them 40MM. This is the current conventional kitchen sliding door size. In actual kitchen renovations, the size of the kitchen sliding door varies with the specific situation. In combination with Lu Banji, it is best to: Caizhi, Jinbao, Xingwang, Liuhe.

Second, kitchen sliding door color

1, wooden door from nature, absorbing the essence of trees, there are other souls that the door does not have. But the kitchen door is not suitable for wood, because the kitchen is too strong, it will bring safety risks to the kitchen. For the feng shui problem in the kitchen, it is not recommended to use the color of the wood attribute.

2, the kitchen is fire in the five elements, so it is not suitable to use the red door. In Feng Shui, the fire is too big, which will lead to the temper of the family. It is also not suitable for black doors. Pure black is a big fire, and it is a fire. Using blue and green for a small fire can also help to vent the fire in the kitchen, which is more useful for people with bad temper.

3, the color of the kitchen sliding door should be matched with the home style. If the room environment is warm, the kitchen door can also choose the corresponding warm color, which is more conducive to creating a good home feng shui. You can also choose clean, pure white, giving people a good sanitation, no need to worry about the safety of the use. White also helps to dilute people’s emotions.
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What is the current status of the original home market? okorder

“Use beauty to create life for you”, this romantic slogan creates an atmosphere like a person who is placed in a sonnet. And this sentence is a major slogan in the direction of style positioning and propaganda of most domestic original design home brands. However, “beauty” is monotonous and destined to be “beautiful”.

There is a shortage of “beauty” Qualification makes “beauty” lose memory points

In addition to the rapid development of the economy to drive production capacity and spending power, Followed by people’s pursuit of quality. In this environment, in recent years, the domestic original home furnishing brand has become an increasingly important part of the layout of many home furnishing enterprises. Their outstanding brand style meets the requirements of the Chinese market and the public aesthetics. Designers also bring their own brand to the aura of quality and ultimate aesthetics through their own personal creativity.

This concept has won the favor of a large number of consumers. Today, the price regulation of consumption in China has gradually faded. People The product will be measured by a more multidimensional perspective such as quality style and practicality. This situation has greatly enriched the diversity of the Chinese home market, as long as you are different enough to get a place in this main battlefield. Many domestically produced original home brands have also taken this point, but they have also lost this. They have experienced a period of rapid development, followed by the hidden development bottleneck in the fierce competition – product homogenization.

The phenomenon of homogenization is becoming more and more obvious, and the degree of product differentiation and new product development time are becoming more and more limited. As far as domestically-made original homes are concerned, different brands, from production and sales, product styles to styles and colors, are all the same. Even some similar products are like twins. It’s beautiful to watch each one, but how do you put them together? Can’t let consumers remember. The same phenomenon of the product itself makes it easy for consumers to experience aesthetic fatigue. The heat gradually diminished, but there is no good way to maintain the wind. The situation of the original home brand is inevitably a bit embarrassing.

It’s not hard to see that the difference between the two brands of sofas from design layout to layout is not obvious. The overall style lacks recognition due to similar design. In the above situation, we analyzed the following two reasons:

Brand positioning makes the cost of innovation increase significantly >

Different from traditional home furnishing companies, pay attention to the overall style of the overall mix, the pursuit of 1+1 is greater than 2 expressions, original home brand More attention to the design of the single product, not to overlook the details of each style. As a result, development time and costs will increase dramatically.

Large companies talk about efficiency, talk about execution, talk about linkage, and original homes need more time because of scale and style. In terms of setting and style design, in terms of efficiency, it has been dropped a lot on the planning side. The speed of product change in the home market is accelerating, the rhythm of the enterprise update will be disturbed, and the problem will accumulate and realize the ability. Gradually weakening, in the long run, this series of chain reactions will have a negative impact on corporate development. Coupled with the original home brand is mainly led by the designer, this factor is too subjective to quantify, opaque features will also set more roadblocks in the future.

The above reasons also make the original product innovation of the original home products greatly reduced at the execution end, thus losing its biggest operating selling point, consumers The patience will not last long, will not wait for you to “grow up”, lost the “timeliness” and “design innovation” original home, it will lose its own gold signboard, business risks come one after another.

Survival can’t rely solely on “romantic”, a hot and humid ice market

Lack of a systematic business framework and industrial marketing chain, just relying on the “pursuit of beauty” is a difficult place in the home market Steady foothold, brand management is not an art creation, just walk through the clouds to laugh at the end, and then the great artistic inspiration to implement the product also needs to “land” in time. The domestically produced original home furnishing brand, which seems to be full of art, seems to be unaware of this development and is farther and farther on the road of petty bourgeoisie.

The market is not the artist’s canvas, but the product, marketing, and channel are all in line with the development of the puzzle, each ring is equally important. Only by winning the product, it is able to gain eyeballs for a short time, but the market is changing and the industrial structure is also Constantly shuffle and reorganize, every home enterprise is trying to explore, transforming and innovating, for fear of being eliminated, but many original home brands seem to be not “cold”. You change your position, I don’t move, just tight Grasping the product’s pulse, mainly highlighting the sense of design, this feature is enough to give me a share. The back-end marketing network’s paving and operation, the control of the market pace is not the main consideration.

If every brand is developed according to this number of roads, then the road will be “blocked” on the wide road. Only bet on product design This feature will become the biggest barrier for enterprise development. If enterprises do not find a breakthrough in the homogenization shadow, eliminate the homogenization of various channels and formulate a “differentiated” strategic policy, thus embarking on the difference. The road to brand building, then the original home furnishing company is very likely to be cleaned out in the wave of industry shuffling.

but overall Look, the emergence of original home brands is gratifying for the entire industry. Their emergence has led more companies to pay attention to product design. Original design has gradually become the foothold of industry and brand development. Design itself is no longer available. No paper talks about it, but it is truly integrated into our lives. This makes the product style of the domestic market no longer a copy of foreign brands. It increases the range of consumers’ choices and also stimulates the Chinese home market. Further development. What kind of action will there be in the domestic original home furnishing brand in the future?


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Tungsten halogen lamp and halogen lamp, the difference between the words, the gap is very big okorder

Since its inception, halogen lamps have been favored by consumers and businesses. The light they emit is strong and ‘cold’, which means that the intensity of the light emitted by the halogen lamp is much higher than that of the incandescent lamp, which makes the color of the object more dazzling.
   The most attractive thing about halogen lamps is that it makes the surface of the object more vivid and gives off a fascinating sparkle. Because the size of the lamp is very small and exquisite, and the variety of specifications, from narrow to wide to choose from, providing a large creative space for professional lighting design. Halogen lamps are particularly ‘bright’ in terms of economy. For example, an incandescent lamp consumes 75 watts of power to achieve 960 lumens of light, while a halogen lamp requires only about 50 watts.

   In 1879, Edison invented the first incandescent lamp (carbon filament incandescent lamp) and began the first human lighting source technology revolution. Incandescent lamps have a short life span, low halogen lighting, but high color rendering. The second-generation lighting source is a halogen lamp that emits light at a much higher intensity than incandescent lamps, while energy consumption is reduced by about a third.

  The metal halide lamp is named after the bulb is filled with metal halide. The basic structure and illumination principle are similar to those of fluorescent tubes. The difference lies in the arc discharge lighting, which generates high heat and metal. The halide sublimates into a vapor, directly emits visible light, and saves 80% to 90% of energy. It is a third-generation illumination source.

  The metal halide lamp is the third generation of green lighting source in the world after the incandescent lamp and halogen lamp. It has the advantages of high luminous efficiency, good color rendering and long service life. It is not only the first choice for high-end cars, rear-projection TVs, etc., but also widely used in military, expedition, underwater operations, field search and rescue. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps, metal halide lamps have amazing energy-saving effects and huge market space. Metal halide lamps are developing rapidly in developed countries in Europe and America, with a penetration rate of nearly 40%. However, in China, there were 8 billion bulbs, and the proportion of metal halide lamps was less than 2%. Due to the lower power, the higher the technical requirements, the domestic production of metal halide lamps below 50W is still blank.

I.Where is the halogen halogen lamp used?

   As the star of the third generation lighting, the tungsten halogen lamp should be used in the illumination requirement. Places with good color rendering or dimming, such as gymnasiums, town halls, and banquet halls. Its color temperature is especially suitable for studio lighting of color TVs. Due to its high operating temperature, it is not suitable for dusty, flammable, explosive, corrosive environment, and places with vibration. Quartz concentrating tungsten halogen lamps are used in spotlights or returnlights for film, television and stage lighting.

   Lighting opening and closing is frequent, need to be quickly lit, need to dim or need to avoid high-frequency interference to the test equipment and shielding room, etc., should use halogen tungsten lamp.

   Halogen-tungsten lamps should be used in places where color recognition is required, illumination requirements are high, or long-term intense vision work is required.
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