The luxury of the Ritz-Carlton okorder

A stunning view, that endless, then still palm trees, lush vegetation and relaxing beautiful scenery; you are in the lovely town Breath Palm Desert, California, next May will be inaugurated just the 17th new hotel The luxury brand The Ritz-Carlton overlooks the wide valley of Palm Springs.

The new resort hotel will feature more than 244 rooms with extra comfort and luxury suites covering nearly 400 Ten thousand square meters, the second phase of the residence, and even the SPA in one area have developed an area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters, and can enjoy almost 360 degrees of the entire valley. With such an amazing point of view, it has been sought through the use of natural elements such as wood, stone and fire, so this reflects the landscape and cultural colors that create an architecture.
The Ritz-Carlton offers many services in which the edge restaurant specialises in fish and meat menus, where you can relax and enjoy a special view from others as it hangs over the valley, then again the terrace and fitness center, too Including the district, enjoy the complete harmony of delicacies and the surrounding nature. Then guests can enjoy their tennis and golf courses, as well as a range of activities, including bicycle trails and even shopping malls.

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Qinda Group helps the University of Exeter to refurbish okorder

The Qinda Group will begin a £10.5 million investment in the St. Luke campus of the University of Exeter this month for the construction and upgrading of research and learning facilities. The project includes the addition of a new construction floor in the South Corridor and the construction of a four-tier extension.
Hugh &middot, director of real estate development at the University of Exeter; McCann said: “This is a very exciting project, which honours the university’s commitment to continue to provide the best learning experience in St. Luke. . We will work closely with the Qinda Group and work side by side with our teachers, students and local residents to ensure that we are able to make everyone aware of the project and minimize the impact on the surrounding residents.
The Chief Executive of Qinda Group, Allen, said: “We are very pleased to be the preferred contractor of the University of Exeter in the UK to develop the campus of St. Luke. ” As a company based in Exeter, it naturally became part of the university’s expansion plan, and also provided good news for local employment and subcontractors in the region.

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Eastman’s new building materials products unveiled at the architectural exhibition okorder

Esman Chemicals has a long history of construction and construction, and its products include high quality coatings, adhesives and sealants, asphalt compounds, floor finishes, glass materials and roofing products. At the 2014 International Architecture Exhibition, the company demonstrated their excellent products and technologies that make building products cleaner, more environmentally friendly, more durable and easier to use.
Representatives of Eastman Enterprises introduced the building market to the guests at the booth. The interactive display and installation demonstrations helped reflect Eastman’s innovation. “We are committed to the construction and construction industry, where we solve the most challenging problems in the market and the development of innovative material solutions. & rdquo; Eastman marketing and sales of Tim & middot; Dell said. The products and technologies represented at the show include: Eastman Cerfis technology, interior and wood products, window films, insulating glass, non-phthalate plasticizers and binder resin polymers. Among them, Cerfis technology is a revolutionary coating system that combines process, equipment and chemical creation with unparalleled precision, consistent quality, and durability.

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Old-fashioned wood stove: a way to keep warm okorder

Although indoor or outdoor wood heaters used by many people have relatively low fuel costs, soot and toxic pollutants produced from old wood stoves increase air pollution and pose a serious health threat. Soot, also known as fine particle contamination, has become a potential source of health problems, including heart attacks, strokes and asthma.
The US Environmental Protection Agency issued the latest announcement: Using an environmentally-certified wood stove can reduce wood consumption by one-third, and reduce air pollution by 60% if the heat generated is the same.
EPA experts also said that hydraulic heaters are less efficient than other household electric heaters. Some water heaters produce excessive amounts of smoke that may affect the lives of neighbors. Therefore, the EPA has set up a program where manufacturers have to make cleaner versions of hydraulic heaters. The new model produced from this program is about 90% cleaner than the old one. The EPA said at the press conference that there were about 10 million wood stoves and more than 240,000 water heaters in the United States, and the bureau also issued recommendations for updating new stoves and heater standards. Under the implementation of these programs, the next generation of home appliances will increase the cleanliness by 80% compared to current home appliances.

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The International Building Materials and Building Product Design Grand Prix is ​​about to be completed. okorder

The 4th International Building Materials and Building Product Design Awards are coming to an end. The award is the most prestigious design award and plays a pivotal role in international architectural design and development. Participating companies will be invited to submit their best building products to compete. It contains the most design products owned by manufacturers of construction products all over the world.
Entries will be judged by famous scholars, international media, professionals in the field of architecture and design to judge the products. Any building products, building materials, building components, building systems, decorative materials are eligible. Get reward. In addition, there are exclusive awards for architects and interior design project designers, and real estate developers also have a special award category.

faucet” style=”height: 273px; width: 449px” src=”/Upload/Other/Entries-closing-soon-for-International-Building-Materials -and-Architectural-Products-Design-Awards-416499-xl.jpg” />

Winners will receive a publication yearbook, design, and a special 3D printed metal trophy to honor honors And was invited to the party and the products were exhibited in Italy.
The design award gave an encouragement to the development of international building materials and building products, and manufacturers of building materials and building products proved to be energy efficient. Eco-sustainability and socially responsible products. The awards are designed to create the future, and it is believed that safer, more durable, smarter and more environmentally friendly building materials and building products will emerge.
Awards for entries The list will be announced on April 15.

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Integrated coffee table design with four hidden chairs okorder

If you are looking for a smart coffee table design that offers you a modern, minimalist interior plan integration, here is an idea. Around the fashion, the project is made up of a rectangular table in lacquered wood with four hidden chairs underneath. Each of them can be a comfortable seating unit if necessary. Contained in cotton fabric and dark grey padding to make them ultra-light.

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Better investment in the bathroom: choice of bath and shower okorder

A high-end spa shower may be more valuable to buyers than a bathtub. On average, the money spent on upgrading the bathroom resulted in a return of about 84%. This is more than just using it in almost any other room, only the kitchen is about to approach this amount of money. This is true, whether you install a bathtub or shower separately, but the exact amount of the return may vary depending on which one you choose.
Uniqueness, lack of value

Install only one shower, the effect of your home’s resale value Depending on whether there is another bathtub available in your home to a large extent. If you remove the only bathtub in your home, your risk is eliminated. The fewer buyers available, the greater the risk, you will have to lower the final sale price.

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The shortcomings and disadvantages of porcelain bathtubs okorder

The porcelain bathtub was originally introduced as an alternative copper and zinc lined bathtub in the 19th century and is popular due to its smoothness and maintenance. In recent decades, lighter weight and cheaper materials, such as acrylates and fiberglass, have created a competition for porcelain bathtubs. Despite their vintage appeal and long-lasting durability, the attractive elements, cost, maintenance and safety of porcelain bathtubs remain a concern for consumers.
Type of porcelain bathtub
Unless you buy an old-fashioned porcelain bathtub, you can’t buy a solid porcelain bathtub. Solid porcelain pools have proven to be expensive and time consuming to produce, and they tend to be too heavy and fragile. Instead, most porcelain bathtubs today have a frame of enamel. The frame is usually stainless steel or cast iron. Ceramic-coated stainless steel bathtubs tend to be lighter and cheaper than cast iron, but cast iron frames make a longer lasting bathtub. The specific disadvantages of porcelain barrels depend on the type of pool.

The choice of the weight of the bathtub is one of the primary considerations. The solid porcelain bathtub is extraordinarily heavy, even if it is not filled with water. Ceramic-lined bathtubs are lighter than solids, but Biaco or fiberglass is still much heavier. The weight not only makes the installation more challenging and the bathtub is more expensive, but it can also be a safety concern.

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New Cement Plant: Construction Demand in Zimbabwe okorder

According to local media, Chinese company Zhongxin is preparing to build Masvingo in Zimbabwe, where it manufactures limestone, which is located in a $50 million cement plant. Construction of the facility will begin in the first half of 2014 and will create approximately 400 temporary positions. Negotiations are currently underway and can begin as companies must comply with all localization and empowerment laws and regulatory permits before construction.
The cement market is expected to grow in Zimbabwe due to new infrastructure projects in the region. Cement demand is expected to increase significantly in the medium to long term as a result of a backlog of approximately $14 billion in infrastructure. According to the socio-economic sustainable transformation of the Zimbabwean agenda, the government invests in utilities such as water and sanitation infrastructure, public facilities, ICT, energy and electricity supply and transportation.
The main threat to the construction industry is still the lack of international finance and foreign investment in the country.

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High-performance composite fence is worth having okorder

Using steel mesh cement, this is a more difficult type of construction, often used to quickly build a solid concrete fence in building applications. The finished product of this type of cement does not have to be as thick as a conventional cement structure. This is a very dense cement. The application of wire mesh cement includes fences, domes and other types of buildings. They are durable structures that are widely used around the world. Use wire mesh and rebuild your own wire mesh fence. This type of metal will keep the cement where it is because of its properties.
1, you have to build your fence on the ground. The main support of materials such as cement will be held. Hold your back to re-level to make sure it is vertical. Space 24 inch steel mesh.
2, cut your 4 inch screen to 24 inch wide strips, so they are equal to the height of the erected bars.
3, the square on both sides will match your screen. Collar the mesh to a 4-inch mesh 12-inch vertical center to keep it away from the grid. This is your fence.
4, through the beginning of the grid and the first layer of wire mesh at the bottom of the fence frame. Continue to fill the cement into a mesh until all the mesh is covered with cement and then smooth the finished appearance of the cement.
5, by spraying with a hose and sunlight, cast twice a day, three times a day to keep the cement wet for 10 days.

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