Secondary solve water pollution daily life

Secondary solve water pollution daily life, most people think that to boil water can kill all the bacteria, so drinking water is very safe, in fact, this is a wrong point of view. In some cases, the long-distance transport of water through the pipe, vulnerable to secondary pollution, contains sediment, rust, heavy metals, volatile substances and bacteria corpses and other issues. Therefore, people used to boil water for drinking, but this does not completely eliminate these harmful substances. Instead likely to do the “bad things” to increase the concentration of harmful substances, and the water boiled, not softened water hardness, very easy to form a large scale, reducing the oxygen content is not conducive to human metabolism.
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Water purifier manufacturers only innovation can make the water purifier brand invincible

whether water purifier brand or another brand of TV or other brands, the most important is consumer acceptance of the brand, good water purifier brand is not just consumer acceptance of the product price, but also It reflects consumer satisfaction with household water purifier product quality. Innovative products sought after by consumers, not only limited to household water purifier products, trademarks or packaging, it is a collection of after-sales service complex, household water purifier manufacturers to build their own water purifier brand, must have its own It features. Looking at the world, all walks of life is not no big brands have their own characteristics, and constantly develop new products include their own business characteristics. Features can be said is a sign of brand products, innovation is the driving force of the water purifier brand products. The more big brands, the more focus on product innovation.

Water purification agents franchisees and manufacturers need to identify marketing ideas

all walks of life today if you want to advance to a bigger market, must have innovative thinking, only to meet consumer demand for the product only attractive, in order to obtain consumer recognition and support, water purification agents can be achieved Sustainable Development Strategy. Consumer demand change, this time the water purifier manufacturers marketing ideas have to change with it, “a change to the status quo.”

Water purification technology behind the development of water purification industry to become a major "pain" points

[ is ] people’s pursuit of health is such that the water purification industry has great potential for future development. Despite the influx of business in recent years, but serious homogeneity, not product innovation, technological development backwardness has become the industry pain points.

The development of anything changing to go through a tortuous process. Development of water purification industry with other industries, has gone through several ups and downs before, though, domestic penetration rate is still relatively low, far less than Europe and America, Japan and South Korea and other countries more than 70% of water purification equipment household penetration, the country that number is less than 8%. water purifier penetration rate is low, is not no domestic demand, not without the capacity supply. From the consumer’s point of view reflect the situation, did not demand, but “fear”! Overall, the low penetration of water purification products, mainly due to three factors: fuzzy

consumer awareness, drinking habits difference

Although there are more and more people started to pay attention water purification equipment, but on the whole, people overall consumer awareness of water purification products is still fuzzy cognitive stage. The current water purifier market situation there is consumer demand but none can really meet the requirements. European and American developed countries, the number of years of habit is a direct drink unboiled water, while Chinese tradition to drink boiled water. In the eyes of Europeans, tap water you can drink water directly, and the European drinking water standards are uniform, whether tap water or bottled water.

producers surged, good and bad

As optimistic about the prospects for the industry in recent years, more and more companies entered the water purification industry. Our country now has more than 3000 water purification products manufacturer, this number will increase in the past two years, competition among enterprises is more and more intense. And many enterprises do not have R & D and technological innovation, product homogeneity serious, no modern testing equipment, limited ability to control product quality, after-sales service can not keep up and so on, these issues become a problem faced by the dealers to join.

water purification technology is relatively backward

Although China’s water purifier manufacturers has exceeded 3000, but most of the technical development of enterprises is relatively backward, truly independent research and development capability to fully grasp core manufacturing technology companies too small.

Although the water purification industry competition gradually intensified, But the number will continue to be reduced, but not only does not reduce the intensity of competition in the water purification industry, but will follow growing. Mainly in the following reasons:

1, the water purification industry has now developed to a certain stage, the market competition has become a major brand of clean water each battleground, and more advanced marketing model has become occupied market a powerful weapon. In the future, the water purification industry will gradually develop a large number of professional marketing, market planning team, which brand can pre-empt these attracted professional team, we will be able to a solid talent pool for future development foundation. It turns out that at this stage the water purification industry, if the water purifier brand has a professional marketing team and planning team, will occupy a significant initiative in the competition.

2, can survive in the melee business or brand, all have a certain strength, and no one will have the strength to give up easily get a good position to attract consumers’ attention and enhance their own brand the opportunity to influence; this is the inevitable choice for the development of the industry, only increasing internal competition, survival of the fittest can continue to complete the development of the industry in general law. So the future competition not only does not weaken, but will be more intense.

Water environment deteriorating reverse osmosis water purification value?

[ is With the enhanced awareness of people’s health and the deterioration of the global water environment, water management is imminent. However, serious water pollution of drinking water, in order to meet the daily water needs of a large population, large-scale water plant using disinfectants, bleach and chlorine which generates disinfection by-products became the new hazardous substances, so green and healthy family POU by common concern.

reverse osmosis (ReverseOsmosis) technology as a purely physical principles purification past two years, quickly leading water purifier market. The Orville cloud network (AVC) monitoring data show, 2017 Jan-Jul online reverse osmosis (RO) technology accounted for 70.8%, and the percentage was 16 years was 58.6%; 2017 1 – In-line July Reverse osmosis (RO) technology accounted for 89.2%, 88.7% over the same period in 2016.

then the core strengths of the technology in the end what is? Why can become a household name? Here Seagull drinking from the start. When early American scientists found that gulls skimming the sea, each will play a big mouth and sip water, every few seconds and then spit out a mouthful of water, but on land animal lungs can not be as drinking water of high salinity, like seagulls. Later research has shown that there is a position seagull crop structure is very sophisticated film, the water can be filtered potable fresh water, while the water contains impurities and a high concentration of salt outside the mouth then spit out, which is the prototype of the principle of osmosis. Nowadays we have the technology successfully applied to the water industry, and through technical innovation and reform, grand plans in the water area of ​​health.

Reverse osmosis technology is a pressure-driven membrane separation process is applied to a required pump saline solution or wastewater to produce a reverse osmotic pressure in use, pressure to overcome the natural osmotic pressure resistance and that the film water permeability a reverse osmosis membrane, the salt is dissolved in water to prevent impurities or contamination on the other side of the reverse osmosis membrane. The core of this technique is that the film, voids are typically less nanoscale semipermeable membrane only allows water and other small molecules. Under natural conditions, the solution is a multi-diffusion from the high concentration region to the low concentration region to a concentration equal to the steady state, but because of the presence of the semipermeable membrane, organic matter, bacteria, heavy metals, colloids and the like by not requiring an external side in tap water pressure, avoiding the right reverse water flow into the left side of the high concentration region of the film, if the film is larger than the pressure on the left side of the right side, the natural water molecules through the membrane, and then filtered tap waterImpurities, to obtain purified water, and therefore most of the market RO water purifier is required to provide a pressure pump.

RO membrane there are some problems, such as the water pump leakage problems, has become a factor to consider when purchasing consumer. In addition, water purifiers often need to flush the reverse osmosis membrane in the course, whether it will inevitably fall into the province to discuss the hot water. Of course this is one of the most critical is the quality of the filter element, realized that many of the companies are long-lasting and highly reliable large membrane painstaking research, for example, in May this year, Haier water purification released six years does not change film products HE-RO ; Shanghai water show in June AO ​​Smith introduced MAX5.0 large flow technology patent can be raised to clean water aquatic 3L / min, filter life up to 5 years.

Further, the intelligent things brought, but also so that the user of the highly perceptible while the diversification of product functionality higher demands. Water is an integral part of the composition of life, closely related to our health, on the road to pursue a higher quality of life, water purifiers being in the role of Venus leads us access to new healthy journey!

How to lead the consumer to upgrade the water industry opportunities to achieve industrial upgrading

[ is ] at the moment of consumption upgrade, in the eyes of traders everywhere can be described as business opportunities. Taking into account the current development of urbanization, the increasing pollution of groundwater eyes, poor water and environment, and the situation for water quality and health requirements getting higher and higher, and therefore, the water purification industry is expected to be welcome in the consumer upgrade push to a wave of development opportunities.


In addition, although our bottled water also occupy a very high market share, even in some areas to exceed the quality of water supply, water vending, but years ago by consumers attention to secondary pollution bottled water, buckets and other material issues, but also to the development of the bottled water industry is full of uncertainty. Therefore, under the impetus “for barrel movement”, he added the prospect of a certainty.

Furthermore, although the layout of previous water purifier manufacturers focus mostly concentrated in the commercial field, but with the rapid rise of the Chinese consumer market, water purifier will like into the common people like color TV, refrigerator. This trend, in recent years, sales data from the water purifier can be seen.

According to statistics, in recent years, water purifier sales rose steadily, this year will reach 23 billion yuan.

Although the current overall consumer electronics market is more sluggish, and the water purifier is regarded as a meteoric rise, investors naturally want to take advantage of. However, it is understood that the total retail sales of water purifiers home appliances accounted for only 1.8% of the overall market, it is still at a low level.

In general, water purifier penetration rate in the market is still not high, compared to the US and Japan and other developed countries, these countries penetration rate has reached 70%, while China still less than 15 %, which shows that our water purifier industry’s future development is vast. But for water purifier manufacturers, in today’s industry homogenization serious competition in the background, users want to win the favor of the difficulty is not small.

Moreover, now that foreign companies have also incoming, all eyes on China, the world’s largest. How to compete with domestic enterprises, but also trip from the city.

domestic water purification industry frequent chaos, of varying quality, brand clutter, industry concentration is not high, and the service can not keep up. These all affect the domestic consumers buy water purifier enthusiasm. Therefore, enterprises are to the fore in the water purifier market, or to create a positive brand image, change the negative consumer market for water purifiersFace recognition, starting from the quality, technology, after sales, to promote the healthy development of the industry.

Overall, the prospects for the development of water purification industry is still worth optimistic. As the market clutter this phenomenon is the high-level attention, water purifier industry standards has become more perfect. Earlier water purifier was included in the list of green consumption, “water efficiency leader action plan” also released on schedule, “reverse osmosis water purifier water efficiency and water efficiency rating limit” for approval, are harbingers of water purifier industry toward standardization, standardization of development, companies that have the core technology to produce high-performance water purification products, it will also get full support.

Product homogeneity serious need to buy water purifiers have eyes

[ is In recent years, with the improvement of the level of economic development and enhance the quality of life of the people, the water purification industry has entered into the fast lane, water purifier has been the last pot of gold is known as the home appliance industry. However, compared with developed foreign countries, China’s water purification industry still lacks standards, product homogeneity is very serious.

In recent years, with the improvement of the level of economic development and enhance the quality of life of the people, the water purification industry has entered the fast track of development, also has been known as a water purifier the last pot of gold appliance industry. However, compared with the development of water purification industry abroad, China’s water purification industry still lacks standards, product homogeneity is very serious, extremely conducive to the healthy development of the industry. Then, water purification industry is facing the problem? In the end the election or domestic water purifier it?

import safety do not fly

the choice of water purification products, must choose whether imported brands ? “imported water purifier in product design, process quality is indeed better than most domestic brands, the performance of the filter, it may be superior to domestic brands in the same kind of filter, such as activated carbon filters, which may be better than the domestic activated carbon adsorption effect As a result, domestic activated carbon over 2 tons of water may need to be replaced, while imports of over 3 tons of water only needs to be replaced. “but National Standards Commission purifier experts believe that,” from the point of view of local conditions, domestic brands may be more the advantages of overseas water purifiers generally can not for the specific situation in China, and our vast water complex, with varying degrees of pollution, for example, differences in water hardness in Beijing and Guangzhou on a lot next. this case, the use of domestic brands water purifier may be more durable. “

Second, water purifiers imported brands are not necessarily qualified products, recently, a group of Foshan, Inspection and Quarantine of imported household water purifier Carry out random testing, found that the total number of colonies exceeded the goods, there is a big safety and health risks. This is the first detection of Foshan imported household-type water purification product failure, inspection and quarantine departments for the implementation of the goods returned.

It is understood that these water purifiers from a well-known brand in Germany, a total of 60 units, valued at $ 7419. After the goods arrived in Foshan Port, inspectors conduct on-site inspection and sampling from Guangdong Inspection and Quarantine Technology Center project safety and health inspection, found soaked by water purifiers purify dipSoaked “total number of colonies” test results exceed the limit requirement of mandatory standards, not only in the course of purification can not play, but water pollution, harmful to the health of consumers. Inspection and quarantine departments in accordance with relevant provisions of the “People’s Republic of China Commodity Inspection Law” and its implementing regulations, prohibition of entry the goods, the implementation process of the goods returned.

domestic water purifier brand cottage in groups

If the inlet water purification products may not be reliable, it is not the support from domestic water purifier does, in fact, the phenomenon of domestic water purifier is chaos plus chaos. Face hundreds of billions of market space and commercial blue ocean, the water purification industry to survive the current status of each company is not optimistic: the current annual sales revenue exceeded 10 billion water purifier company handful; poured into the net water industry business development for decades have not exceeded 100 million, 300 million ceiling; just entered the water purification industry after completion of from 0 to 50 million, 100 million yuan sales volume of large enterprises breakthrough soon face growing ceiling.

Over the years a lot of water purifier industry to foreign companies who describes a blue ocean market and business opportunities, the industry also led to a “Fortress Besieged effect.” It is called “outsiders want to come in, which people want to go out” their own thoughts and yet have difficulties.

Clearly deep water. While many companies see is after this piece of future prospects and market opportunities, we ignored the hidden in the industry and market development, the prevalence of “low barriers to entry”: Tun Town can be upset in the market: ” intense competition “: companies compete in the market up to thousands, typical of the extensive development:” product marketing and promotion of high degree of homogeneity “: in addition to business than the concept, than speculation, than Fudge, very dare than the real power in the product .

The current water purifier before all companies the biggest confusion lies in the low barriers to entry, as well as intellectual property protection is weak, highly homogeneous high degree of homogeneity of product performance caused channel technology, as well as a marketing tool, marketing planning etc fall into the quagmire high degree of homogeneity. When a water purifier company’s innovative products appear, but a large number of imitators will appear in just two weeks time. And many companies marketing and business promotion measures, there have been imitation, plagiarism and follow-up.

In fact, whether domestic or imported, have to have a good water purifierBad, because we can not see the negative news on the rejection of the entire product, when the need to buy water purifiers keep their eyes open, careful selection, but also pay attention to water quality problems, different regions, different water quality, water purifiers also buy to remedy.

Business is war water purification agents not to win strategic thinking

[ is ] “strategic thinking seek overall, dialectical thinking worries difficult to systems thinking cohesion to the bottom line of thinking borders, innovative thinking and increase vitality,” Art of War says, “Ming Xiu large, stealing a march “, more surprise move. These strategic thinking, business plan hinges on the road, for the who is undoubtedly worth learning, doing business as if to fight, not to win, is the best policy. Down of the market advantage over your competitors, then why not, this should be the water purification agents of choice for the development of strategic policy. Is to go the high road, high road or the low road, water purification agents were first on the industry to do a thoroughly understand after, then go to the selected brands.

As we all know, compared to Western Europe and developed countries, China’s water industry started late, but in 2016 the domestic water purification industry has made development a “blowout” type, water purification popular rise in the domestic industry, many of my friends have seen the dividends water industry, and I want to get involved grab a piece of the United States. But faced with the vagaries of the shopping mall, there are a lot of people hesitate, not to act rashly, also do not know the water industry in 2017 was not a good choice.

exactly 2017 entry in water purification agent is not a get rich carve machine do? Choose to invest in 2017 to be sure, can not lose. Of course, that’s not lose, to see if you feel thoroughly this huge water purification market, to see whether this is still in the early stages of development but riddled with industry, whether a clear understanding of industry trends, are clear to serve as the fundamental nature of how drastic if awakened from a plan to break, something about that water purification agents, and today just like to share some.

1, how the water purifier market prospects proxy

how the market prospects of water purifiers? Water industry over the next decade, is a value of over 50,000 million gold, Europe and Japan and South Korea have more than 80% penetration rate, China developed areas north of Guangzhou less than 10% year on year in 2016, domestic demand in 2017 will rise 37%, we can see, water purification agent market prospects are very spectacular.

2, water purification agents how to profit

water purifier industry is a service-oriented business vertical development, with regard to manufacturers, agentsThe best choice for business accessories, supplies, machine manufacturers have their own production, so that in case of quality assurance to keep costs to a minimum, in the same configuration, the company’s products is definitely lower than those who are not their own production outsourcing accessories . At the same time with their own complete production line, we are able to ensure that their agents get real prices, the only way to reach a very large profit margins.

3, water purification agents how much money to invest

can see the current channel water purification industry investment model is divided into municipalities, provincial capitals, prefecture-level cities, county and township market area, and most of them are regional exclusive system, based on the size of the investment to be Acting regional.

4. There are no geographical restrictions proxy

water purification agents are no restrictions, as long as you want.

By the "drink" era to the era of net water purifier to become a sunrise industry

[ is ] air pollution, water pollution problems have become increasingly severe, people have also begun to pay attention, for people to be able to drink a glass of healthy water is an urgent need.

According to the data indicate that China has nearly 25.5% of people drinking water quality is poor, there are 28 million people are drinking water hardness is high, there are 50 million people are drinking high fluoride water quality. Misplacing chaos industrial wastewater discharge increased problems, serious pollution of natural water and groundwater, leading to unclean drinking water of the population continues to grow, this series has become a problem of the rise of water purifier industry opportunities.

clean water than bottled water is safer

a lot of families with drinking water companies, many of bottled water, bottled water and therefore occupy the mainstream market, the data showed that nearly few years, the bottled water industry’s growth rate of 40% to 50%. However, due to the lower threshold of the bottled water industry needs, there is a lot of flooding the market with fake black bottle of water, resulting in people began to bottled water hygiene and safety concerns.

as well as some bottled water production date, many users continue to be consumed in drinking water than the production date Shihai, a great impact on the body. The user is not using drinking fountains for regular cleaning, which is very likely a large number of residual bacteria harmful substances, even though the water quality of bottled water are no problem, flows through such dirty drinking can also cause secondary pollution, drinking is also bad for your health.

all kinds of problems for bottled water, home appliance industry veterans who are said that “water purifier safer than bottled water.”

to install water purification machines, rest assured security

do not trust tap water to drink, but bottled water and there are health risks, then how are we to do?

Here I recommend using a water purifier, there are many families and businesses are to use the water purifier, and many are based on the lease.


water purifier believe I do not have a detailed explanation, its biggest advantage is to purify water, people drink safe and healthy water.

Low cost

The cost of using the water purifier is more inexpensive than the use of bottled water, the water purifier used by the user will find in the use of bottled water, if all aspects of life, each months down will be spending a small fortune, thePerennial drinking bottled water costs more cost-effective than water purifier.

In addition we mentioned earlier, many users are using the model lease, lease water purifier certainly be cheaper than buying, and when the water purifier problems, rental businesses can immediately come forward to solve, no warranty the term. This is undoubtedly also save a lot of money, a lower cost.

water purifier show explosive growth trend

sales in 2013 to the year 2104 the water treatment industry were 7.2 billion yuan, 12.1 billion yuan, while in 2015 it reached sales 19.2 billion in fast-growing year by year, in which the proportion of drinking continues to decrease, the share of sales ratio is only 10%, so it can be seen domestic water appliance is being used by “drink” Time to “net” era. Our water purifier industry will become a sunrise industry, rapidly growing.

After the water purification industry will sell 2017 era what model is the most popular?

[ is ] 2017, water purifier industry has entered a reshuffle, conference marketing model water purifier become the bottleneck of the development of the industry, water purification industry lecturers have quit, began to return sales of health care products, wine, cosmetic products and so on.

did not decadent, depressed industry, only people negative thoughts; there is no weak market, only weak concept, successful people of a determined only in an industry so long, so long, and you can become the industry the real expert and authority.

on 2017, Which water purifier sales model is the most popular? After many contacts and people in the industry and repeated practice, 2017 is the year of the rise of the brand, is the industry set off a wave of reshuffle years, the brand has a lot of fans, and improve after-sales service and professional sales team, will win the final say over the market, the old users will thank mode (precision hotel will) certainly fire.

The so-called old users will thank mode (precision hotel will), is a model of cross-border integration, brand manufacturers to combine their strengths and resources, and building materials industry, appliance stores, insurance companies, direct marketing companies, etc. integration of resources, an occasion lecturer advantage water purifier industry, cross-border cooperation mode.

a certain brand of cross-border integration of case:

the highest single-game one-signing 49, the highest single-day signing 70 single

Even the best mode, not for you, not for the market, not suitable for the brand is not a good model. Suited to their mode must learn to integrate, learn to work in 2017, cross-border water purification industry consolidation, change in the win, not only will the sidelines waiting for missed opportunities, but the brand will lose, lose the future.

2017 must be in the water industry brand, winner, we’ll see.