Artificial intelligence TV enters the 3.0 era, Changhong voiceprint recognition realizes thousands of people face TV

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Once, Changhong artificial intelligence technology will rewrite the commercial layout and historical process of the global color TV industry.

On October 12th, “I heard the voice of Changhong CHiQ TV Q5K, which was broadcasted in Chengdu, and immediately attracted the attention of the market.

As the world’s first voiceprint recognition artificial intelligence TV, Q5K is officially launched, bringing artificial intelligence TV into the 3.0 era. It can recognize the voice of every member of the family, so that everyone has their own exclusive Personality recommendation.

From the output of the product to the standard output, behind the emergence of Changhong Q5K, the world’s first personal smart TV technology system officially entered the scale and commercialization. As the first mature core technology system in the world, Changhong artificial intelligence TV technology system enables TV to further realize strong interaction, grow, think, and cooperate with other intelligent devices to provide users with more and more intelligent and more and more Convenient and personalized products and services.

In the era of artificial intelligence almost in wholesale, the artificial intelligence TV technology system launched by Changhong has distinctive features: especially in the home-based database construction, speech recognition, and true personality. And other aspects have epoch-making significance.

Front Runner: The World’s First Thousand Faces TV

The voice, the content that is usually visible in novels, movies, or virtual video material, has been Changhong became a reality.

Imagine the scene application: “Guess who I am, when you are blindfolded, the familiar voice behind you is the basis for your response; in the family, the child and the mother All said, “When I want to watch the TV, the smart dad can understand that the child wants to watch cartoons, and the mother wants to catch up with the latest hits.

Interpreted in technical language, this phenomenon is called voiceprint recognition. This new technology gives smart TV a key to the future home smart voice assistant, like Jarvis in Iron Man, who can identify who is the owner, who is the guest, and who is facing the different people. Direct instructions to make the right response.

Another way to interpret and measure the future development of a new technology is to consider at least the macro and micro levels to gain insight into its future market value.

At the macro level, the positive impact of the Changhong voiceprint recognition project on the industry is self-evident. Wen Haolei, researcher at the Institute of Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Industry at Tsinghua University, said that the use of voiceprint recognition technology on television will redefine the interaction between TV and home and users, and the experience of the scene, inspiring families and users. A greater interest in television. Voiceprint recognition technology will promote human-computer interaction more convenient and safer to protect household user information, which also gives artificial intelligence TV a new positioning in the Internet of Things era.

At the micro level, this new technology helps to quickly identify family members’ voices. Changhong applies international leading edge I-vector technology to model voiceprints, and with the help of cloud computing platform, it establishes a unique voiceprint database for each family member, enabling family members to identify and identify quickly and accurately in a home application environment. The rate is over 90%.

So far, the so-called artificial intelligence homogenization phenomenon in the global color TV industry is serious. But Changhong Q5K’s innovation lies in the fact that through the voiceprint recognition model, the role played by consumers is more and more intelligent, and can achieve true personalization.

As the first TV in Changhong that can realize thousands of people, the biggest difference with other artificial intelligence is that with the accumulation of data, the voiceprint recognition model will be updated automatically, so As users’ usage time increases, the recognition rate will become higher and higher, and TV will become more and more understandable to consumers. Through the combination of voiceprint recognition technology and content retrieval system, CHiQ TV has been able to realize the personalized video content recommendation of thousands of people.

Leader: Artificial Intelligence TV Changhong Sample

Globalization of Changhong has taken root in Europe, and artificial intelligence TVs have steadily climbed in Europe. From the performance of Changhong in recent years, the biggest change is that from the past output products to output standards and brands, it is the artificial intelligence technology innovation that has enabled Changhong to build a more complete value chain.

Smart home and home solutions are another distinctive feature of Changhong in the Internet of Things era, but this puts higher demands on Changhong. New technologies must be quickly used in the market and technology iterations to accelerate to the top of the technology and the high end of the value chain.

In fact, in the artificial intelligence TV innovation, Changhong’s innovation speed has a demonstration effect. In July last year, Changhong launched the world’s first artificial intelligence TV, bringing the global TV industry into the era of artificial intelligence. At the same time, Changhong’s intelligent transformation also entered a new stage of artificial intelligence.

Just after Changhong launched the world’s first artificial intelligence TV, the color TV industry ushered in new development opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence. Internet companies such as Xiaomi, LeTV, and Storm, as well as old-fashioned color TV manufacturers such as Hisense, Skyworth, and TCL, have laid out artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing fields. The Chinese color TV market has shown a scene of blooming.

Since then, the further development of artificial intelligence technology and its application to products and the promotion of iterative upgrade of artificial intelligence appliances have become one of the important tasks for the implementation of Changhong’s intelligent strategy.

& ldquo; As the pioneer and leader of the world’s artificial intelligence TV, Changhong must adhere to the leading industries of artificial intelligence technology and products, providing users with increasingly smart products and increasingly personalized services. ,achieve&Lsquo; Product + Service + Content & rsquo; maximize the value. Li Wei, general manager of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co., Ltd. said.

Navigator: Artificial intelligence system successfully passed the exam

Since the launch of the world’s first artificial intelligence TV in July last year, Changhong seems to have an addiction to artificial intelligence. In fact, this is the DNA that an innovative company must have in a global enterprise.

Changhong’s breakthrough in artificial intelligence, relying on the industry’s highly competitive big data operation capability and artificial intelligence technology accumulation, based on the successful listing of CHiQ artificial intelligence, from platforms, algorithms, protocols, etc. The dimensions have improved and optimized the artificial intelligence TV technology, and launched the industry’s first personal smart TV technology system.

This system relies on a powerful data platform, with four major algorithm systems: semantic understanding, retrieval, recommendation, and data mining. It is equipped with multiple connection protocols such as device control and basic application management to achieve strong TV. Interactive, growable, thinkable, and widely harmonized with other smart devices to provide users with increasingly smart and increasingly personalized products and services.

This CHiQ TV, which is more young and more in line with young people’s appeal, can really be integrated with them. According to Chen Keyu, product manager from Changhong, the artificial intelligence TV technology system includes hardware, algorithms, data platform and media resources. The hardware level Changhong CHiQ uses an integrated array microphone to achieve far-field voice collection within 5 meters. Realize functions such as power on/off, on-demand video, and timed reminders. Based on tens of thousands of characters, awards and other tags, 130,000 semantic keyword terms can realize fuzzy search by role search, accurate error correction, etc., to provide users with a more interactive experience.

In the face of technological innovation in the future, young consumers have the inertia of relying on technology and the active participation and awareness of technological innovation.

For example, fuzzy snippets and precision corrections are important for interactive experiences. Sometimes the user wants to watch a show, but only remembers the wrong title or the name of an actor, such as “Dakang Secretary, the system will play for the user” in the name of the people; for example, the user said “Beijing met Seattle, the system Ability to automatically correct errors for users to play & ldquo; Beijing meets Seattle. Reducing the difficulty of users, the user’s acceptance will be higher.

The famous economist Guan Yijun pointed out that with the launch of Changhong’s new generation of artificial intelligence TV Q5K, this is not only to refresh China’s new technological height in the field of artificial intelligence in the world, to establish a new technology for artificial intelligence TV. Benchmarking. More importantly, Changhong expands the market application boundary and commercial development space of the traditional color TV industry with original technology, and redefines the functions and experiences of TV in the living room scene, which is expected to give traditional color TV companies traditional hardware and software. In addition to the content competition system, a new technological innovation engine has been opened up, which has truly opened up a new path for the development of the world color TV industry.

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