Anwar Tiles interprets the five trend words of 2017

Today, “Live Green, “Be happy,“People set free, “Nothing is unwise,” “Playing things is determined by the five major trend words in 2017, clearly defining the upgrade of contemporary social consumption. The ideal life connotation. The top ten brands of ceramic tiles, Anhua Tiles, are here to interpret these five trend words.

Anwar Stone is still following the five major trends of 2017

Trend One: Plaything is determined

The rapid development of new life aesthetics Rise, people are no longer satisfied with basic clothing, food, housing, and travel. Anwar Stone is still following the trend and fashion, and playing an ideal life from the love of good things.

Anwar Tiles 2017 new non-slip marble series shocked the market


Trend 2: People are free

If the tile is the clothing of the home space, then Shi Shangmei is the inner style and stone taste of the set of clothes. Break the “street” of life, just to live the way you want.

Anwar Tiles 2017 New Sandstone Series

Trend 3: Lohas Green

Advocating beauty comes from nature and comes from life. Anwar Stone still returns to the source of life with a new attitude towards life, and uses life aesthetics as a trend guide to create more warmth and touch for home.

Anwar Tiles 2017 New Yunjin Series

Trend 4: Nothing is wrong.

Intelligent for Anwar Shishang is to create a better life. Every innovative cross-border design is presented in our home life with the most humane and refined attitude.

Anwar Tiles 2017 New Whole Body Marble Series

Trend 5: Self-satisfaction

Breaking the existing living conditions and pursuing a high standard of living, Anwar Stone creates Anhua with the borderless concept of gathering the essence of the world. Unique “stone still life concept.

Anwar Tiles 2017 New One Stone Six Edition

As the top ten brands of Chinese ceramic tiles, Anwar Tiles relies on the highest quality materials, the most advanced equipment, and the most advanced technical team to make the best tiles, so that each marble tile contains unimaginable fine carvings. The art and the rich artistic heritage provide consumers with a perfect interpretation of the life experience of respecting nature, enjoying luxury and respecting freedom.

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