Aisworth protective isolation spray to lead the summer new fashion

As the saying goes, the most beautiful April day. However, the weather in April is warm and fast!

People who have been in the winter for a cat are in the spring. Spring tour, enjoy the bright spring. But when I opened the closet, I found a beautiful dress and looked at the dressing table and felt that there was still a bottle of protective spray with high protection value!

Sunshine is so good, with it, spring, travel and travel again Not afraid of tanning or sunburning the skin.

Aiswo Hydrating Protective Isolation Spray, 2017 has been on fire for a summer, 2018 and then new skin protection new fashion, with super high value and sun protection, bursting milk design, let more Many small partners are favored, plus super affordable prices, this is the best choice for this summer.

The botanical extract formulation of its ingredients is mild and non-irritating, not only for long-term exposure to UV rays. It has a good protective effect and can also moisturize and protect the skin from drying due to sun exposure. It is rich in moisturizing essence, which replenishes moisture to the skin, relieves dry and rough skin after sunburn, creates soft and beautiful skin, clears nature, nourishes layers, and repairs both inside and outside, giving skin full-day protection.

Since its launch, Aiswo Sunscreen Spray has been favored by many small partners, not only because it Efficient sun protection, it also has its own unique charm.

First, refreshing and not greasy

Aisworth sunscreen spray has a high degree of hydration. During the smear process, you can see drops of water floating on the skin~

Second, sunscreen and skin rejuvenation

Aiswo sunscreen spray with other combinations of skin rejuvenation effect is also awesome, can improve skin tone, let your skin color close to the color of natural skin, both sunscreen It is refreshing.

Third, easy to use and carry

Aiswo sunscreen spray because the bottle is small, easy to carry, if you go out shopping, you can put it in the bag, every 2 -3 hours to make up once, super convenient ~

Fourth, waterproof and sweatproof

The waterproof performance of Aiswo sunscreen spray is super good, when playing outside, Don’t worry that your delicate makeup will be spent, play all day, go back or beautiful~

Aiswo sunscreen spray, it can protect your skin and enhance your confidence and charm!

Aiswo sunscreen spray makes you beautiful in spring and summer, you can face the sun and show your own Beautiful! (Articles and images from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete)

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