Air conditioning in the summer, the new wind can make the comfort and upgrade

The hot summer days have already come to the surface. The days when you are eating air-conditioning and eating watermelons are always very pleasant. However, the feeling of each air-conditioned room is very different, some are relatively dry, some are very comfortable and pleasant. The difference comes from the fresh air system, an artifact that has become popular in the home improvement market in recent years.

What is the fresh air system?

The fresh air system has been popular in China in recent years, but the history of retrospectives has been in existence for decades, initially from Europe and America. The family has begun to spread. Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to air quality problems. About 80% of people’s lives are spent indoors. Long-term in a non-ventilated environment, the human body is prone to oxygen deficiency and other phenomena, and the fresh air system is solving this problem, and the air in the air-conditioned room is more comfortable by increasing the indoor oxygen content.

For families with central air conditioning or floor heating systems, indoor air circulation is a dilemma. Opening windows does not save energy, but closing the windows is too dry and stuffy. With the fresh air system, this dilemma can be solved because the full heat exchanger can complete the indoor and outdoor air circulation while retaining the temperature and humidity in the air. At the same time, some fresh air, such as Vernon’s products are equipped with F9 filter, which enhances the effect of air purification and effectively removes harmful pollutants.

How much difference does it take to open a new wind in the summer?

First, come from comfort Look, the filter function of the fresh air can effectively filter the impurities emitted by the air conditioner and the dust, PM2.5, etc. in the room to keep the air fresh. The indoor and outdoor air convection function of the fresh air can achieve long-term 24-hour ventilation while closing the window. The confined environment can cause discomfort to the human body, such as dizziness, headache, eye swelling and other physical diseases, and also become the best living space for fungi, bacteria, mites and microorganisms. This is a good contrast. In terms of air humidity, the new wind also plays a huge role. Especially women who love beauty, often worry that the air-conditioned room is too dry, causing dry skin and makeup, while the fresh air system can quietly maintain a good humidity value for the air-conditioned room, so that the comfort can be upgraded again.

Secondly, the impact on the air conditioning refrigeration effect. In the past, some customers worried that the opening of fresh air in air-conditioned rooms would affect the cooling effect of air conditioners. This pain point is indeed common in some fresh air systems because of the thermal efficiency of new fans. It is understood that the thermal efficiency of the German original imported fresh air system of Vernon is as high as 92%. In comparison, this value can ensure that the cooling effect of the indoor air conditioner is not affected, and the air-conditioned room is comfortable and healthier.

How powerful is the function from the Vaughan Fresh Air System in Germany?

The recoVAIR full heat exchange new fan is imported from Germany and comes standard with F9 particulate filter, which can effectively remove PM2.5, formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC, bathroom odor and other air pollutants in the air. In addition to the uninterrupted operation of the Vaughan fresh air system, the heat recovery rate of the heat exchanger is as high as 92%. The intelligent control system can help the VECO recoVAIR full heat exchange new fan to automatically control the ventilation volume to ensure a suitable indoor content. Oxygen content. 24h*7 days of timing programming function, can automatically run according to their own schedule, switch back and forth in multiple modes. Last year, Weineng introduced a new style of decentralized rooms, which means that families that have already been renovated can also install such a new air system to bring more comfort to quality life.

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