After the water purification industry will sell 2017 era what model is the most popular?

[ is ] 2017, water purifier industry has entered a reshuffle, conference marketing model water purifier become the bottleneck of the development of the industry, water purification industry lecturers have quit, began to return sales of health care products, wine, cosmetic products and so on.

did not decadent, depressed industry, only people negative thoughts; there is no weak market, only weak concept, successful people of a determined only in an industry so long, so long, and you can become the industry the real expert and authority.

on 2017, Which water purifier sales model is the most popular? After many contacts and people in the industry and repeated practice, 2017 is the year of the rise of the brand, is the industry set off a wave of reshuffle years, the brand has a lot of fans, and improve after-sales service and professional sales team, will win the final say over the market, the old users will thank mode (precision hotel will) certainly fire.

The so-called old users will thank mode (precision hotel will), is a model of cross-border integration, brand manufacturers to combine their strengths and resources, and building materials industry, appliance stores, insurance companies, direct marketing companies, etc. integration of resources, an occasion lecturer advantage water purifier industry, cross-border cooperation mode.

a certain brand of cross-border integration of case:

the highest single-game one-signing 49, the highest single-day signing 70 single

Even the best mode, not for you, not for the market, not suitable for the brand is not a good model. Suited to their mode must learn to integrate, learn to work in 2017, cross-border water purification industry consolidation, change in the win, not only will the sidelines waiting for missed opportunities, but the brand will lose, lose the future.

2017 must be in the water industry brand, winner, we’ll see.

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