Advantages and disadvantages of Hardy board siding

Hadi board siding has become more and more popular due to its natural, anti-corrosive, anti-mildew and fire rating. Hardy board siding has always been a lot of people looking for, low maintenance and long-lasting advantages. What is the perception of the actual meaning from a siding contractor rather than from a typical marketing company? The advantages of Hardy board siding here, see why it is highly regarded.
Advantages of Hardy Board
1, long life – When it comes to external cold-resistant siding, Hardy Industries offers one of the best guarantees on the market, a 50-year limit on the warranty of the transfer. When a company offers a huge guarantee, it’s hard to say without their siding options.

2, siding appearance – another great quality is that it can make look like any type of wood The house siding is on the market. You can have the appearance of cedar shingles, siding, etc.
3, fire resistance – fiber cement wallboard ” is made of more than 90% of sand and cement, making it resistant to fire. ”.

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