A woman who lost her love was eaten alone and was accompanied by a “single dog” doll to eat hot pot. Unexpectedly, she met her ex-boyfriend.

In order to upgrade the service, the hot pot restaurant proactively purchased a batch of dolls and accompanied a person who was eating hot pot to eat. This was a good thing, but it was self-defeating because of the purchase of dolls. Yesterday, a microblog caused a lot of big V attention. When a Chongqing girl went to a hot pot restaurant to eat alone, she was accompanied by a single dog doll. The unfortunate thing was that this scene was being seen by the ex-boyfriend who had just broken up. Seeing the ex-boyfriend glamorous and bright, and calling friends, she only had a single dog doll to accompany the hot pot. The girl was ashamed to anger and burned. She sent a lawyer’s letter to the hot pot restaurant and asked the hot pot restaurant to apologize for her. And asked the boss WeChat to change to a single dog photo for a month. Yesterday, the reporter visited the parties to the incident and resumed the incident.

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“ The single dog was eaten by the ex-boyfriend.

The girl roared at the hot pot restaurant to apologize

The 28-year-old Ms. Wang is an employee of an e-commerce company. A few days ago, she went alone to a hot pot restaurant in Jiangdongzui Sandongqiao. After sitting down, the waiter took out a doll and said that she felt that Ms. Wang was too lonely and placed a doll to accompany Ms. Wang.

“Not much thought at the time, because many hot pot restaurants have similar services. However, when I looked closely, the doll turned out to be the shape of a dog. Ms. Wang told the reporter that it seems that she is afraid that the customer can’t understand what the image of a dog means. The store is also embroidered with the dog’s body.

“ I have seen so many stores, most of them are bears, but it’s really the first time I’ve seen a single dog come out to eat. Because a person comes to eat, it would be very strange and lonely. When you put a single dog doll on the opposite side, it feels like you are in the mirror & rsquo;

In the face of Ms. Wang’s question, the clerk told him that the doll was very popular in the store, and that only Ms. Wang was there that night, and no other tables were available. “Listen to him, I have thoughts in my heart, but I haven’t insisted. During the whole meal, I saw no more than a dozen passers-by come and photographed me. It was already very uncomfortable.

What Miss Wang did not expect was that when Ms. Wang concentrated on eating, she even saw someone greeting her. After careful inspection, she discovered that she was her ex-boyfriend and one of his friends. “They looked at me and looked at the single dog doll sitting across from me. The face was calm and greeted, but the face was laughing. Ms. Wang said that she had been breaking up with her boyfriend for more than three months. They thought that they would be hit by such a sly scene. I felt very embarrassed and left the store after a hasty checkout.

& ldquo;Afterwards, my friend told me that the ex-boyfriend sent me a photo of the dinner with the single dog to the circle of friends, with the text & lsquo; I know that you are not good, I am relieved & rsquo;, also special I blocked some of my friends with us, but I missed a girlfriend. She saw it and forwarded it to me. In this regard, Ms. Wang said that she was very angry. She did not choose to go to the ex-boyfriend to settle accounts, but she thought that it was the curse of this hot pot restaurant. So, after two days of psychological struggle, she chose to send a lawyer’s letter to the store, and used the trumpet to scream at the store on Weibo.

Weibo roar hot pot restaurant

Ask the boss to change the avatar head into a single dog for a month

“A person eats hot pot? I pay normally Why do you want to use this wonderful service to humiliate customers? Why should I bet on the dignity in front of my ex-boyfriend to pay for your mistakes? In Weibo, Ms. Wang questioned this store and gave it a photo. The lawyer’s letter asked the store to apologize publicly, and the boss’s micro-signal, to use the single dog head for a month to show sincerity.

In response to this, the hot pot restaurant & mdash; — Wang Cangqi hot pot Sandongqiao store owner said very innocent. He said that the introduction of dolls to accompany the food is not the first of the store, but also learn from peers. However, the store manager felt that the funny single dog doll was more in line with the aesthetics of the young people, and the doll was replaced by the original bear to a single dog. I did not expect to encounter such a thing, completely irritating the customer.

“We will admit our mistakes. The owner of the store told the reporter that at present, the store is actively negotiating with Ms. Wang, willing to refund Ms. Wang’s meal expenses, and publicly apologize, hoping to make up for the damage brought to Ms. Wang.

User Voice

Former boyfriend is someone you can never afford to lose

Being accompanied by a single dog doll, he even met an ex-boyfriend. Yesterday, Ms. Wang’s roaring microblog was released by many netizens. Netizens have started to eat the melon and vomit mode, and it’s a pleasure.

Netizen “Miss Snail said: The difference between a girl’s treatment of her current boyfriend and her ex-boyfriend is that one must be weak in front of him, and one must be strong in front of him.

Netizen <; Wang Duyu’s girlfriend said: Hot pot restaurant is a big disaster! Do you know that for girls, ex-boyfriend is someone we can never lose! One person has nothing to eat, Your single dog is swaying, instantly dispelling the girl’s gas field, and the image of the cold that may have been hard to maintain for several months has been destroyed.

Of course, there are also some netizens who spit the hot pot restaurant. It is really amazing to think that it is a single dog to accompany. “In fact, I have always rejected the statement of single dogs. How is it single? As long as you are happy, single life can be very exciting. A netizen said in the message. (*This article has been labeled with source and source, copyrightReturn to the original author, if there is any infringement, please contact us)

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