A trader’s rewind: How do I detonate 1919 and famous products?

11 seconds, 100 million yuan; 3 minutes and 01 seconds, 10 billion yuan; 9 hours, 16 minutes and 20 seconds, 100 billion yuan; all-day trading volume reached 168.2 billion yuan … … Tmall double eleven new height .

It is worth mentioning that this time, many Tmall brands have realized the online and offline delivery methods, which is consistent with the new retail proposed by Ali. In the future, retail will realize online and offline integration, optimize supply chain and consumption scenarios through big data and Internet technologies, and provide consumers with a variety of service scenarios with diverse scenarios and needs. Suning’s “Smart Retail, Jingdong” “Borderless Retail Concept is also exactly the same.

However, a few years ago, 1919 and Mingchuang Youpin had broken the boundaries between online and offline, optimized the supply chain, and provided consumers with fast-moving, high-quality and low-priced goods. The rise of the situation.

As the brand trader in the early and mid-term of the two projects, the Dean of the Business Marketing Communication Institute (WeChat public number: yxcb008) has conducted in-depth research on 1919 and famous products, leading the team to sort out the innovative model. It has been shaped as a benchmark for business model innovation and an innovator in the retail industry, which has sparked discussions in various sectors of society.

So, how does the Wenjun Navy conduct brand planning?

1919, liquor direct supply platform, self-purchasing, self-built warehousing, and achieve omni-channel sales, to “low-cost genuine,” “19 minutes delivery to the door for sale, become alcohol One of the two tigers of the direct supply platform.

Famous products, products are extremely simple and aesthetically pleasing, and the products are directly from the factory to the store, so that it is cheap and high-quality, and opened in the winter of the store, with an annual turnover of 5 billion.

Both have risen strongly, but they have had a lot of trouble before.

The low price of 1919 touched the interests of traditional wine companies and was banned by industry giants; Mingchuang’s products were questioned by low-priced products to achieve high quality. The Wen Hai Navy is in the eyes, anxious in the heart, thinking about how to help companies gain industry recognition and win consumer trust.

He found that 1919 and Mingchuang products can achieve low price and high quality, because they directly docked factories and consumers, and flattened the sales channels, which would hurt the indulgence of traditional retail-level distribution. Channel costs are returned to consumers. More importantly, the two use big data and information technology to optimize the circulation of goods, making commodity turnover faster, category updates faster, and greatly improving the efficiency of the supply chain.

He realized that the two are really close to the essence of retail, which will have a subversive significance for traditional retail. Once the image of its subversives is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it will inevitably seize the minds of consumers and trigger industry changes.

& ldquo; In the future, when it comes to enterprise transformation, it is impossible to circumvent 1919 and famous products. This brand effect is the ultimate goal I pursue. Therefore, to break through the dilemma, the brand must stand up first.

Creating a combination of boxing

After using the “Benchmark” and “Subversive” labels to form a gap with other brands in the market, Wen Hai immediately launched business models, story packaging and leadership shaping. Combine the boxing and enter the stage of shaping the brand. In this way, consumers can deeply penetrate products and brands, increase consumers’ trust in brands, and at the same time, they can sublimate their changes and attract high attention from the industry and the media.

Under the planning of the Business Marketing Communication Institute (WeChat public number: yxcb008), the two magazines, “Business” and “Business Review”, have published a series of articles to comprehensively interpret the business model of 1919. The “Business Review” is based on the title “1919: O2O exploration sample, a special report on the 1919 business model, and an in-depth analysis of the innovation and development potential of the 1919 business model.

At the same time, the “Business Review” reporter took two years, several times in-depth corporate research, and went with a team of experts to observe and study 1919 from multiple angles, and finally gathered the research results into a book, published The book “1919: O2O Success Law” summarizes the observations, research and research results of enterprises over the years, and carries out national sales with the distribution channels of magazines to shape the successful image of the company.

And “Business” magazine, “The Truth of Famous Creations,” tells the story of the founder Ye Guofu deep cultivating the retail industry, breaking the price of the high curse, and returning the cheap quality to the consumers. Let the famous brand of high-quality products be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; then, the new media in the business use a lot of articles to deeply reveal the explosion strategy of the famous products, the price, the low price and the global thinking, so that consumers can further generate trust. .

With the continuous reading of several important articles in the business media, the 1919 and the innovative models of Mingchuang have received unprecedented attention, and more than 100 domestic media have forwarded them, becoming a phenomenal level of smash hit. As the brand is well-known, the performance of both has also exploded.

Detonating TNT Explosives

After 1919 and Mingchuang’s products have been highly recognized by the market, and then, how to continue to exert strength and detonate the brand? /p>

Wen Hai believes that detonating a brand is like detonating TNT. When the explosive pack is ready, just ignite the fuse, it will be fired, and the brand tipping point is the bombing method of online and offline activities and the use of marketing.

In 2015, 1919 and Mingchuang Products won the best at the Best Business Model China Summit. Business model awards, presented by the business media and a number of authorities.Designed to discover and explore the business models and business logic of high-quality Chinese companies. At the summit, 1919, Mingchuang’s excellent products followed by Didi Chuan, NetEase, and Handu Yishe, and received reports from hundreds of media across the country. Their innovative image and industry status further established. stand up.

In terms of marketing, the Wen Haijun is also well-versed.

At the 1919 Global Sourcing Conference in Shanghai, 1919 founder Yang Lingjiang and Maotai, Wuliangye and other upstream manufacturers smiled and enemies, reached a strategic partnership, and the new media in the business group “Issued with imperfections 1919, Maotai For the first time, the marriage with O2O e-commerce was reported as a topic of interest; when Ye Guofu said at the Lianhe.com meeting, “traditional department stores are a nonsense business model, the new business media seized this topic and made incident reports. This way of marketing has brought a large area of ​​network exposure to both.

Nowadays, 1919 and Mingchuang have entered the fast lane of development and become the giants of their respective industries. When reorganizing its marketing strategy, Wen Haijun keenly summarized it as “Blasting Marketing Theory, whose core is brand focus, brand building and brand detonation.

“Blasting marketing theory is planned from multiple dimensions such as business stories, hot topics, business models and leadership shaping, and is used to detonate brands through activities and market-based marketing. He has successively packaged successful cases such as Tan Carpenter, Jiang Xiaobai, Rehabilitation Water and Vision.

“Business Blasting Marketing Mind” https://adm.kanshangjie.com/v1/ClickAd?id=243 advocates full-scale stereoscopic value communication, seizes the time window, conducts saturated marketing attacks, and quickly Occupy the minds of consumers, let companies find a leap-forward development in the complex business world.

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