A fire broke out in the Russian market in Oyrkutsk. No one is currently injured.

Original title: No fire casualties in the fire in the Russian market in Oyrkutsk

Xinhuanet Vladivostok February 10 (Reporter Zhu Yushu) China in Russia On the 10th, the Consul General of Irkutsk, Guo Zhijun, confirmed to Xinhua News Agency that a Chinese market in the center of Irkutsk, Russia, had a fire on the night of the 9th. There were no casualties.

Guo Zhijun said that the fire occurred in a region where Chinese businessmen were concentrated. The coffee house opened by a Kyrgyz people was caused by inadvertent use of gas. Three Chinese merchants, including a lingerie store, were affected. And two warehouses. There is no news that the Chinese are injured in the fire, but the loss is still unclear.

The Russian News Agency also reported on the 10th that the Chinese market in the center of Irkutsk, Sofia · Perovskaya Street (commonly known as the Shanghai market) local time at 19:40 on the 9th A fire broke out and the area of ​​fire was 250 square meters. A spokesperson for the Irkutsk State Emergency Bureau said no one was injured in the fire.

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