a carpet | determines the quality of the home

Step into the house

What do you want to be surrounded by

The fragrance of the fragrant green plants

still a refreshing room full of cleanliness

Or is it just an eternal comfort

Let you forget the fatigue and dust outside

I just want to unload Armor is lying on the sofa in an unguarded state

No matter which form the home is in

In short, start with the key to open the door

“Home” will greet you in your own way

So a pleasing home decoration is always necessary for life

Depending on personal preference or following current trends

The decor is always in Micro-reflection of the quality of life

in all the embellishments in the living room

Carpet is the most inconspicuous

How much atmosphere do you want to present

largely depends on the style of the carpet in the center of the living room

Either the generous and simple style

Or exquisite luxury style

A carpet can tell everything

It is the finishing touch of green leaves with safflower

living room

Living room

If the back of the sofa is a well-structured window

The carpet can be decorated with geometric lines

A landscape that complements the window frame

The beauty of the line unintentionally decorated the entire room

Respond to a wall frame or a sofa pillow

Even a single color tone

Respond to the color of the coffee table or sofa bench

is also a practice of unintentional surprises.

and if you are walking the low-key silence of the dark wind

or quaint and natural pastoral style

The color of the carpet is preferably a plain monochrome

It is more silent than the whole

Like a pool of silent lakes, quietly setting off the overall style

If you love romantic exotic colors

The carpet can choose rich and heavy colors

Compatible with the same mid-tone furniture

Shows a colorful style like oil painting

The heart of a girl must have a warm fluffy carpet

Pure and soft white fluff is the most luxurious texture

Stepping barefoot on it is like getting the most secure hug

Sweeping out the troubles outside the window



It’s glamorous and glamorous

just take off your coat and go back to the bedroom

Always healed

The bedroom environment makes people unconsciously return to their original state

Enjoy and relax without warning

So one of the bedroom carpets

There are often plush styles with warm textures

Clean white or elegant grey is a common shade


With the warm atmosphere of the bedroom

Distribute low-key warmth

Design for design

Geometric line carpets are still the best choice

It can be your journey from a distant place to come with you

Also can be carefully selected fabrics in the furniture market

In general, it appears on the floor of the bedroom

It must be quiet and low-key

If you step on it, you want to be a good dream that doesn’t wake up



Colorful carpet like food

is the most beautiful decoration in the kitchen

It can stimulate the taste buds

Arouse the most primitive desires of people

and enthusiasm for food and life

So most people will choose bright colors

A large number of carpets are laid out in the kitchen

In kitchen utensils filled with gold, silver, copper and iron

Colorful carpets can’t be exquisitely decorated

To create a warm and stylish home

Start with the selection of carpets~

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