5 Jackson fans get 1 euro per person "emotional injury"

China News Service February 12, according to BBC Chinese network news, a French court ruled that five pop stars Michael Jackson’s fans each received 1 euro compensation as a symbolic of their “emotional injury” Compensation.

In this case, 34 fans filed a lawsuit against Jackson’s private doctor, Murray, on the grounds that they were mentally injured after Jackson’s death.

The court in Orléans, central France, ruled that five of the 34 people proved that they had suffered mental harm.

Murray suddenly died on June 25, 2009 due to a fatal dose of anesthetic to Jackson.

Murray was sentenced to four years in prison by the California court in 2011 for his fault of killing Jackson, but he was released in prison last October after two years in prison.

Last month, a US court rejected Murray’s appeal to overturn his conviction for manslaughter.

Of the five fans who received a €1 compensation, two were French, two were Swiss, and one was Belgian, all of whom were members of a French Michael Jackson fan club.

The five-person lawyers said they used the witness’s statement and the hospital’s medical record to prove their mental suffering.

The lawyer told AFP that, as far as he knows, this is the first case in the world to win a claim for mental damage related to pop stars.

The lawyer also said that these fans were ridiculed by people, but now the court is serious about the mental damage they have suffered, and he is gratified.

He also said that the compensation of 1 euro per person is only symbolic, and the five plaintiffs will not go to Mureso for 1 euro.

And the five fans said they hope the court’s ruling will help them enter Jackson’s cemetery in Los Angeles, which is not open to the public.

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